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Astrology Forecast April 2024: Leap of Faith!

With Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus, an Aries Total Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, April is wild... Expect the unexpected!

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April is here, the most breathtaking month of 2024, and it’s time to take a leap of faith!

With Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus and a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, April is a breakthrough month with great momentum building toward truth and freedom.

It’s left to the rebels, madmen and outsiders of this world to break the dam and lead the way, with Mercury retrograde providing a brave speech platform to all disowned and vilified voices. The time has also come to face our demons, both in here and out there, thanks to a deep, dark Scorpio Full Moon. April packs a real punch, so let’s have a closer look at this month’s key events!

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April 2024 Astro Summary & Timeline

Time to bravely step back, review and reconsider.

Venus conjuncts Neptune on April 3rd putting out some deeply romantic vibes into the ether and the Sun conjuncts the North Node on the same day, pointing us all due North. By April 5th-6th Venus enters Aries and sextiles Pluto, kickstarting April’s powerful events and joining a throng of Aries planets chomping at the bit to get started!

The party kicks off with a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th, clearing space and opening doors to the unknown.

This is a wipe-out of sorts, as Mars conjuncts Saturn in Pisces by the 10th slowing everything down and demanding that we go within to recharge. Spiritual discipline is required now as this could be a tiring period.

The Sun is exactly conjunct Chiron at this Total Solar eclipse, whose symbol looks like a key that unlocks doors, if we are prepared to bring back and reintegrate hurt and fragmented parts of our soul. This is a mystical and magical moment. Pause and think before you choose which door to walk through! The time to consider alternatives and make a conscious decision.

Watch out for the next two weeks April 8th-21st. For we have a chain reaction of conjunctions between Mercury-Sun (12th), Mercury-Chiron (15th), Venus-North Node (17th), Venus-Mercury (19th) and Venus-Chiron (21st).

April 8-21 is an incredible time of healing, as news and relationships pull us like a magnet toward some collective destiny. 

Taurus season enters amid all that, on April 19th - Happy Birthday Taurus! With the Sun square Pluto by the 21st, a season of transformation is upon us!

And so we come to the most important date of the year, April 21st when Jupiter conjoins Uranus.

This could be a real turn for the books, as a global movement of truth and freedom now peaks and breaks the dam!

The time has come to ditch old beliefs and see things in a new light. Take a chance! For this is a super lucky aspect.

Last but not least, a dark and broody Scorpio Full Moon arrives on April 24th just as Mercury Stations Direct on the 25th. Uncomfortable truths could come to light now, pulling us toward a new destiny, And as crucial information hits the scene, a light is shone in the shadows.

Time to face our demons, individually and collectively.

Come April 29th Mars conjuncts Neptune, and down the rabbit hole we go. Mars is asking us to commit to our dreams and ideals, no matter what it takes, and become true spirit warriors! Just in time for Venus to enter Taurus (29th) and Mars to enter Aries (30th), their respective signs of rulership, and now we’re ready.

May enters under a new flag, and firing on all cylinders!

April 2024 Key Astro Events:

It’s a firecracker of a month! Check out April’s key events in greater depth…

…or check out your April 2024 Horoscope!

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus April 21st: Stand Your Ground for Truth and Freedom!

On April 20th-21st giant Jupiter aligns with whacky Uranus - a once in 14 years event - and a once in an 83 year event in the sign of Taurus in particular. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at 21:49 degrees at 03:36BST / 02:36UT of April 21st but we can feel their influence already.

This conjunction is like rocket-fuel for truth and freedom movements the world over - a freedom-loving, revolutionary energy that can change our conceptual framework in a flash! 

More so as Mars sextiles this firecracker of a duet, adding fuel to the fire. It is time to take a leap of faith. For this is a lucky aspect. And the Universe is full of surprises!

Jupiter-Uranus last met in Aries and Pisces in 2010-2011 where they brought us the Arab Spring! (And WikiLeaks!)

Now, in Taurus, this movement concerns our very physical survival and sustenance - the most basic aspects of our being: our land, food, energy, money and resources and ultimately ownership of our body. For without these things we cannot exist on this plane.

Jupiter and Uranus are the two most technologically progressive, truth-seeking and freedom-loving planets. Yet Taurus is the most stable, traditional and change-resistant star sign - a fixed earth, “no thanks” and “I budge for no one” kind of energy. Earth-shattering stuff literally needs to happen to get Taurus to mobilise, let alone protest on the street! Yet this is exactly what’s going on right now and we should pay attention.

The last time Jupiter and Uranus met in Taurus was May 9th 1941, during World War II - a year that many historians describe as the key turning point in the war effort.

It was the year that America entered the war, initially through a massive aid package to the allies, then finally entering the fight directly. It was also the year that Germany invaded Russia, a crucial event leading to eventual defeat (the Axis powers having been delayed that very same Spring at the pesky Greek war front, a serendipitous event). Finally, and in true breakthrough fashion, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of May 9th 1941 coincides near to the day with the British Royal navy capturing a German U-boat and getting their hands on the famous Enigma machine and codes - a crucial event which turned the tide by allowing for the decoding of enemy movements. Talk about important events in history!

Are we at another crucial juncture?

The Sabian Symbol* for this conjunction is highly evocative: “a white dove flying over troubled waters.” A symbol of hope!  And hope, in Taurus, takes the guise of our physical rights and freedoms.

Such as ownership: ownership of our own bodies (as opposed to slavery); ownership of property or land (as opposed to feudalism); ownership of money and resources (as opposed to centrally controlled money systems and CBDCs), and ultimately collective ownership of the earth, which is the only way we are ever going to take care of our planet! There is no freedom without ownership. No sovereignty. Only subservience and decay. Only when you feel something is “yours” do you truly take care of it. No one ever plunders their own land. We need more personal ownership in this world, not less of it. And it’s time to stand up for these most basic freedoms.

The worldwide farmers’ movement could well reach its peak now as it is deeply representative of this conjunction in Taurus. Perhaps it is also no surprise that Bitcoin has been reaching new highs, leading the revolution on the money front. And much more, no doubt, will come to pass as a result of this conjunction, much of it currently unimaginable! But it’s happening. Let's pay attention!

Total Solar Eclipse New Moon Supermoon in Aries April 8th : Calling Forth Unlikely Heroes!

April 8th brings the most dramatic eclipse of the year, a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon Supermoon in Aries (19:24 degrees) at 18:20UT / 19:20BST. 

This is a North Node Eclipse, pulling us to our collective destiny, to our true north. It asks us to bravely venture into unfamiliar ground, for only there can we find solutions to our present dilemmas.

As the sun is swallowed and regurgitated, the world falls silent, creating an eery vacuum that drains out the past to make space for something new. This eclipse brings a new beginning, a quantum leap. As the light re-emerges so do we also begin seeing things in a new light. As this eclipse is also a Supermoon - at its closest approach to the earth - it is sure to make a big impression!

This eclipse is visible in its totality across the USA, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. It lasts about 4.5 minutes at its max, with perfect totality in a number of American cities (check out its path!). We can expect events and revelations to particularly shake up that part of the world, much as the eclipse is of global import. It’s common for a figure - usually a male figure - to be “eclipsed” or become the focus of sudden developments out of the blue.

We have a powerhouse stellium in Aries conjunct this eclipse, involving the Sun, Moon, Chiron, North Node, Mercury retrograde, and Eris, as well as widely Venus in Aries conjunct Neptune in Pisces, adding a dreamy quality to it all. Lilith and the South Node oppose the Eclipse from Libra - a symbol of imbalance with legal and judiciary systems turned upside down, revealing civilisation’s rotten side…  The time for negotiating (Libra South Node) is over. It’s time to take the initiative (Aries North Node) and bring forth the hero within!  Mercury conjuncts Eris, planet of discord, urging us to speak up, even if it ruffles up some feathers. Aries is the warrior sign after all.

With the North Node in Aries until early 2025, standing up for ourselves is the most important theme of 2024.

What’s most peculiar about this Total Solar Eclipse is that it is exactly conjunct centaur Chiron. Chiron's symbol looks like a key, opening up secret portals to our inner world and all that we have disowned within it.

This could be like the opening of Pandora’s box, unleashing all the hurt, pain and anger that we’ve been keeping boxed in. But Chiron is also the planet of healing, calling disowned and fragmented parts of our soul back for reintegration.

Chiron represents the mavericks and scapegoats of this world and it's down to them to lead the way. But it's also a symbol of awakening, calling us to beat a heroic path through the thicket of our fears and open to their teachings. The Sabian Symbol* for this eclipse is “a young girl feeding birds in winter”, symbolising the overcoming of great odds through initiative and tender loving care, just when it is most needed.

Mars, the ruler of this Total Solar Eclipse approaches conjunction with Saturn in Pisces (April 10th). Any initiative we now take will require discipline and long term commitment. This energy could be quite draining, causing some kind of wipe out. Mars-Saturn in Pisces could also symbolise military manoeuvres in the sea (or even in space!).

On a deeper level, something serious is crystallising. There are important spiritual lessons to be learned. And when we feel lost and disillusioned, surrounded by chaos, it’s time to turn within.

Commitment to a spiritual practice can help now, especially as this eclipse carries great potential for inspiration and flashes of insight. It belongs to an extremely inventive family of eclipses (a Saros Cycle*) bringing forth intuitive leaps and flashes of genius. The seeds we plant at this Total Solar Eclipse, and over the next six months, will be in full bloom by the time we reach the early 2030s.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries April 1st-25th: No More A Fool!

Embracing all these all-important events this month is Mercury retrograde in Aries, hitting crucial high points all around the Aries Total Solar Eclipse, Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Scorpio Full Moon. Mercury retrograde is divided in three key phases:

Mercury Stations Retrograde April 1st:  Rethink Everything!

Mercury stations retrograde on April 1st 23:14BST (22.14UT) at 27:13 degrees Aries - and how apt an image that is! Mercury stationing on April Fool’s Day in the most foolhardy sign of all cannot help but conjure images of some universal joke!

Wherever we have been foolish (or feel like we’ve been played for a fool), it’s now time for an urgent pause and reappraisal of the situation - especially as Mercury creates a magical space in which to welcome this month’s powerful Total Solar Eclipse, which could change everything!

Mercury has been treading uncertain ground since March 18th- 19th, when he conjoined Chiron and urged us to express old hurts and initiate difficult discussions. As he now stations retrograde, he will backtrack over all the ground he covered since March 18th-19th. 

Mercury now urges us to bravely review sensitive, raw and difficult material, to speak up, listen, and honestly face what most ails us.

Watch out especially for April 15th (and later May 7th) when Mercury conjoins Chiron again, urging us to go back again and again and face ugly truths that may be hard to admit.

Mercury Inferior Conjunction April 12th: A New Idea is Born

Mercury’s Inferior conjunction, which is when Mercury retrograde meets the Sun, arrives at midnight at 22:32 Aries (00:02BST of April 12th / 23:02UT April 11th), planting a powerful new idea in our minds.

With Mercury at is perigee, its closest approach to the earth, the idea that's now planted is big news!

We have a powerhouse conjunction of planets in Aries right now (a “stellium”) involving the Sun and Mercury, Chiron, Eris, the North Node and Venus.  This is like a laser beam of will and determination, an irresistible magnet tugging on our individual and collective destiny.

Chiron and Eris both represent all that has been exiled, censored and vilified - all the things we refuse to acknowledge or accept or that are too painful to see. With Mercury conjunct Eris on the 8th and Chiron on the 15th, all that is now voiced and brought to light.

Venus also gets in on the action, conjunct the North Node on the 17th, Mercury on the 19th and Chiron on the 21st, emphasising the importance of staying true to our values and of honest, healthy and authentic relationships in our life. Something important rides on all this and it’s crucial that we speak up about it. Venus also represents what we love and value most, our relationships, our finances, our principles and sense of self-worth, adding a passionate element to our speech and convictions!

The Sabian Symbol* for Mercury’s inferior conjunction is “a pregnant woman in a light summer dress” symbolising that something long in coming is very near to fruition now, with barely a thin veil to cover it up, and that the initiatives we're now taking will fall on fertile soil. So it's all the more important that we are brave and go there, even if it hurts!

Mercury Direct in Aries April 25th: Crucial Truths Come To Light!

Mercury stations direct on April 25th at 13:54BST (12:54UT) at 15:58 Aries, almost exactly conjunct the North Node. This is the eclipse point that pulls us all toward the unknown, toward growth, toward embracing the future.

Expect crucial information to come to light now that may totally change your perspective and decision making process.

Mercury’s direct stations are highly unstable, as we try to cross over from the magical perception of reality back to some kind of normal functioning. It’s always best to keep a light schedule around Mercury’s stations until you begin to see the new lay of the land.

While Mercury turns direct on April 25th, it won’t be until May 13th that Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow and begin to cover new zodiacal terrain. That's also when we are free to move on mentally.

This entire period mid-March to mid-May is an excellent time for therapy, healing and inner soul-work, as well as for airing resentments and healing relationships personally and on a social level. Self-honesty is key!

The Fruits of this Mercury Cycle: An Honest Appraisal

The next time Mercury will meet the Sun will be on June 14th in Gemini. This will be Mercury’s Superior Conjunction with the Sun, when Mercury is direct and strong and will shed light on much of what has been going on for the past four years. Longer-term, the new ideas planted this April won’t be fully manifested, understood and assimilated until 2028, which is the culmination point of this current Mercury retrograde cycle. (Mercury retrograde produces eight-year long cycles with seed and culmination points at four year intervals. This is why it’s so important that we keep track of what’s going on, and resist developing goldfish memory-syndrome!)

Scorpio Full Moon April 24th : Face Your Demons

Finally, the month ends with a Darth Vader of a Scorpio Full Moon - a Micromoon at 04:17 Scorpio and the first non-eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio ever since the spring of 2021.  It was the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio of 2021-23 that brought us the Ukraine War, alongside energy rising prices, the cost of living crisis, and a total breakdown of trust in the system. The eclipses are now past and these crises now appear like old news - although their devastating effects are still all too real!

This Scorpio Full Moon shines a light on the world’s underbelly, illuminating a whole host of perhaps rather unsavoury things.

There is something dark and brooding about this lunation as both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio are tightly square to Pluto in Aquarius, ruler of Scorpio, pulling at the strings.… The pull of the dark side is palpable now - as we could get locked into power-struggles and obsessive compulsive behaviours - but so is the potential for personal empowerment and transformation through facing our shadow. Time to shine a light into the darkness.

It’s crucial that we face our demons now and remain fully present, neither running away in fear, nor lashing out or freezing and letting them hollow us out from the inside.

Mars, the other ruler of Scorpio is between a rock and the raging sea - i.e. between Saturn and Neptune in Pisces - an uncomfortable place to be. This perfectly reflects the Sabian Symbol* for this lunation - “a massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea” - symbolising the dark and deep-rooted inertia of all institutionalised procedures. As Mars approaches conjunction with Neptune, it points to fishy business on the one hand, as well as calling forth inspiration in action, turning us into a spirit warrior of sorts, in the fight to realise our dreams.

This is a subversive, secretive and powerful Full Moon with great transformative potential.

With Venus about to enter Taurus and Mars soon to enter Aries on April 29th and 30th, May will arrive firing on all cylinders!

April 2024 Zodiac Sign Horoscopes

So let’s see how April’s breakthrough energies divvy up across the great big sky pie - a.k.a the twelve slices of the zodiac… Read your Sun sign and Ascendant for the meat and potatoes and your Moon sign for the wine…

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Aries April Horoscope

With a Total Solar Eclipse in your sign, it’s all systems go for you, dear Aries. Time for a major overhaul: Your sense of identity, your approach and what you want out of life, with Mercury retrograde you’re rethinking the lot. Especially as you sense a great opportunity for renewal coming your way. The doors are opening for you to enter a more authentic way of being, allowing you to just be who you are without caring what anyone else thinks. This alone can effect great healing as you step into your naturally powerful and independent self. See what April’s energies bring in and take your time to make decisions, at least until after Mercury goes direct and travels to the ends of your sign. For you will learn, uncover and understand much during that period so you can make the right decisions. The decisions you now make could affect the direction of your life for the next decade to two. A cycle that began back in 2005-6 is now coming to an end and you’re setting off on a whole new life journey. Enjoy!

At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus are bringing great financial opportunity your way. Ultimately, whatever happens now will be liberating, generating greater self reliance - a radical confidence boost! And it may well be unexpected. The key is to open up to the possibility of a financial bonanza through ways and channels that you may never have considered before. These may involve technology or it might just be a totally groundbreaking and innovative thing you can do with your money, talents, and resources. This is a lucky time so take a chance!

With a Scorpio Full Moon on April 24th, finances are doubly highlighted this month. For just as you are rediscovering how wonderful you truly are and what you have to offer, complex financial entanglements may come to the fore to be resolved: issues of interdependency, intimacy, and bonding, as well as trust and power imbalances, but also banking matters, debts, taxes, loans, grants or joint finances, and all sorts of financial ties, obligations and dependencies. Events originating six months ago may now reveal their purpose. At the same time, your community is rapidly changing and it is important that you adjust to these new power dynamics.

With your ruler Mars next to Saturn and Neptune, you’re toughening up psychologically and reworking any deep trauma that may be lurking underneath. April is a good month for healing, therapy, RnR, meditation and all kinds of spiritual work. Some sort of spiritual discipline will serve you well now, keeping the energies flowing so you can prevent them burying deep in the unconscious and blowing up when you least want them to. This is a good time to work behind the scenes, get creative, delve under the surface or even tackle tricky political matters. Above all it’s a time to let go of the past so you can step into the incredible future that awaits!

Taurus April Horoscope

April is a month of great personal and spiritual breakthrough, dear Taurus! With a Total Solar Eclipse in the most unfathomable part of your chart, there are deep workings behind the scenes, helping you heal old wounds and effect a miraculous recovery. Be ready to let go big time! Ancestral hurts, subconscious resentments, painful events that still hold a part of your soul hostage - all these can now be healed almost in one fell swoop! These are the powerful energies the eclipse opens up for you, a portal so wide that going through it could effect a quantum leap forward in your soul and spirit, leaving much of your old concerns behind. With Mercury retrograde, and your ruler in Aries too, it's crucial that you take enough time-outs to let your subconscious do its thing. Don’t overload your schedule. For there are wheels turning and enormous energy diverted to clearing space for something new deep within the recesses of your mind. Take time out to meditate, journal, embark on a course of therapy, record your dreams - whatever you feel is the right method for you. The last time you had a chance to let go of the past like this was back in 2005-06. And the healing you receive now could be decisive for years to come.

The biggest news of course, is that Jupiter and Uranus meet in your sign this month! Get ready for the unexpected! Whatever situations have felt stuck in your life could be shaken loose in the blink of an eye, leaving you with plenty of room to totally reinvent yourself! You’re normally a stable sign but, after two years of tiring eclipses, you really need some positive excitement to blow away the cobwebs. And this is an incredible bonanza - like winning the lottery - removing every care in the world and delivering you to freedom. Take a chance, innovate, expand your horizons, try a new approach! You’ll feel this energy even more if you are born around the 11-12 of May (or 8-15 more widely) or have planets or points around 21 degrees Taurus.

At the same time, important developments are taking place in your relationships, thanks to a Scorpio Full Moon on the 24th. This is an area that has been under enormous pressure of late, with all sorts of rewards coming your way, but also chickens coming home to roost. Events that took place six months ago could now reveal their meaning. You are ready for changes on the career front and that might lead to power struggles or require readjustment on the relationship front - both in your personal relationships as well as professional partnerships, clients work and collaborations.

Despite the deep need for personal space this month, your community will also take some of your energy. With Mars, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, you may be given an opportunity now to serve your community in some way, by promoting cause or working to realise a dream and make your contribution. Friendships could also be tested now. With hard work and discipline, you could achieve lasting results now.

Gemini April Horoscope

There are huge shifts happening all around you, dear Gemini, in your club, community or circle of friends, and the whole thing may make you feel like a real misfit, the odd one out. This Total Solar Eclipse in Aries could cause you to realise how far you’ve moved away form the mainstream but that is not a bad thing. Rather than trying to fit in - or worse, insist that everyone else be a certain way to hang with you - this is an incredible opportunity for authentic social interaction. Give yourself permission to be yourself in social situations, whether it is with friends, at your local club or on social media - and let everyone else be their own authentic selves too. With your ruler Mercury retrograde, this is a golden opportunity to reconnect with friends and old acquaintances, and to totally rethink how you fit into the greater world, and what you ideally want your contribution to be. Time to relaunch yourself in your social circles as someone different to how you used to be, embrace meaningful causes and to enjoy building more real and authentic friendships. Think back to 2005-06. How did your social interactions change then? This is the end of that whole cycle and the beginning of something new. Decisions you make from here on in will affect how you interact with society for years to come.

All this at a time when inspiration could come to you in a flash! For Jupiter and Uranus light you up spiritually, creating an opportunity for a liberating download, a ‘eureka’ or enlightened moment! This is kundalini awakening! Watch your dreams, take time to meditate, be creative, journal, speak to your therapist or spiritual mentor and generally listen to your intuition. It’s right brain activities that will enhance your reception powers now, allowing for intuitive leaps and lateral thinking. And you have something big and exciting trying to come through to liberate you and cut any ties with old and boring concerns. This could also be an outpouring of creativity, or even a moment of notoriety! Enjoy this deeply revelatory moment!

Come April 24th, and the Scorpio Full Moon, your attention is drawn back to your work, health and overall lifestyle. Pressures that have been building may now break the surface, shedding light on concerns that may go back six months. Legal and international matters might create complications, or it could be a religious or moral dilemma, an an official matter involving publishers, academics, medical specialists or other officials that can give you their stamp of approval that comes to a head. You’re entering a phase when you need to rethink the bigger picture of your life, expand your horizons and decide what it is you truly believe.

You can do a lot to promote your career this month with Mars, Saturn and Neptune at the top of your chart. Hard work, self-discipline and sacrifice is key now as you try to raise your profile and try to establish yourself on a new perch, higher up the ladder. This is a good month to focus on your work and career. Tireless work, dedication and discipline can help you achieve lasting results now.

Cancer April Horoscope

This is a breakthrough month when it comes to your career, dear Cancer. The Aries Total Solar Eclipse at the top of your chart is wiping the slate clean and creating vast space at the top where you could potentially step in. Even if you are an outsider. For what’s needed now is authentic leadership. Someone new and different at the helm. Any authority figures you’ve looked up to could now be revealed for the flawed people they truly are, or leave your life altogether, but that is as it should be. Whatever career path you now choose, it should be because it fits your goals and allows you to step into a more authentic life path. The eclipse opens a six month portal for great changes in your career, social status, public image and overall life direction, while Mercury retrograde presents you with alternatives urging you to think carefully before embarking down one path or another. Look back to 2005-2006. Those may have been less unusual times but still: what major career change did you experience back then that set you on a whole new path? That cycle has now come to a close and it’s time for a new beginning, albeit this time, you are not allowed to not be yourself! Professional decisions you make past this point will be operative for one to two decades to come.

At the same time, you have great excitement building in your social community. Something truly unique is coming together all around you, celebrating you, giving you the freedom and the platform to pursue your dreams and ideals and to make a unique and inspiring contribution. Jupiter and Uranus could bring great surprises and opportunities through your friends and acquaintances. So this is definitely a time to socialise and network, especially if you are looking for the next big thing that’s going to open doors in your life! Expect excitement, great rewards through your circles and serendipitous connections that you have no way of knowing where they could lead. Don’t go it alone!

You’ll also see a creative, speculative or romantic endeavour reach culmination this month - or matters to do with children - all thanks to the Scorpio Full Moon of April 24th. Events originating six months ago are now revealing their purpose, but there’s also an older history and some toxicity in this area. Perhaps you’ve been through some tough and joyless times, or you’ve had to deal with a lot of karmic material coming up for resolution during the eclipses of the past couple of years. A sense of betrayal or trust being broken, or perhaps of things becoming slightly too messy, up close and personal, could be to blame. Or there could be a desire for a sound investment on your part or a past of messy financial entanglements and business misgivings that need careful handling. Power struggles could ensue that reflect your own desire to take your power back, master your own energies and improve your finances.

With Mars, Saturn and Neptune in the most high-minded part of your chart, you have some important matters to be getting on with. This could be your studies and research, legal or immigration matters, international business and travel or a project involving publishing, marketing or broadcasting rights. This is a good month to pour your energies into research, publishing or broadening your mind and your base of operations. Your faith is also being tested so you can find your why. Hard work, sacrifice and intellectual discipline can ensure lasting results now, whatever it is that you are learning, putting out there or making official.

Leo April Horoscope

This Aries Total Solar Eclipse could shake up your belief system and outlook on life, dear Leo, urging you to let go of judgment and opening up new perspectives. It creates a temporary vacuum allowing new opportunities for expansion, adventure, and intellectual recognition to flow in. It is a great new beginning for any international projects, travel or immigration, or for any marketing, publishing or broadcasting endeavours where you want to reach lots of people. The same goes if you are studying toward a degree or other accreditation, as well as for legal disputes and all other official and high-minded matters that need some happy resolution. With Mercury retrograde, it’s important to take time to assess the situation, review your life’s bigger picture, and decide where you stand. Letting go of dogmas that no longer serve you is the idea. Rather than trying to fit in with an already established approach, you’re better off reserving judgment and opening up to alternative views and perspectives. This could be a time of great healing when it comes to moral or religious decisions that can allow you to live a more authentic life. The last time you opened up your mind (and your world) like that was 2005-06. That adventure cycle is now ending, and a whole new adventure begins. And although this time there is something strange in the air, the decisions you now make could decide your outlook for years to come.

Jupiter and Uranus are opening vast doors professionally for you! Get ready for a career breakthrough - even if it comes from unexpected quarters! The time has come to try something new, put yourself forward and take a vertical leap upwards, even if it makes you nervous. You can break through any glass ceilings now, liberated from stale goals and allowed to define success for yourself. If existing responsibilities and obligations have gotten too much for you, you might be liberated from them too, freed to pursue new trajectories. These energies are so new that the best you can do is to remain open and see what flies in!

A toxic situation around your home, family or living situation could be reaching a peak at the Scorpio Full Moon of April 24th. Two years of eclipses have turned your home and family life upside down and it’s time for the dust to settle so you can see where you stand. A toxic living situation, or property, home or family matter that began six months ago now reaches a crisis point. A power-struggle with your partner could ensue and it’s important that problems are addressed before they get buried too deep. This is no time to tiptoe around others, especially as your relationship zone is only now beginning to heat up for some intense and transformative years ahead.

Joint finances continue to be a pain on your side. With Mars, Saturn and Neptune sailing close, you continue to have to make sacrifices and tighten your belt, due to financial pressures stemming from your partner, your family, or perhaps due to your bank, creditors, sponsors or the tax man. Careful financial handling is required this month and you may also have to pour considerable energy into figuring out how funds should be shared or disciplining yourself to pay down debt. Building relationships of trust is key to helping you get through this period.

Virgo April Horoscope

You are experiencing nothing short of a powerful inner transformation, dear Virgo. Huge energies are shifting in the most private areas in your life as the Aries Total Solar Eclipse opens powerful doors to healing. You may experience a major physical or psychological purge, as old pain and hurt comes to the surface to be seen in a new light so you can process it and move on. You may use your detective skills to delve deep under the surface and uncover secrets and truths that transform your approach to a problem. This is a good time to disarm whatever has been lurking in the shadows and zapping your energy. It is also a good time to ask yourself: where do you give your power away? Time to claim it back and decide afresh where and how you want to invest your energies moving forward. Besides the great potential for psychological alchemy now, you could also experience a bodily or financial transformation, especially where a health matter or a joint financial matter is concerned, involving family bank accounts, debts, taxes, backers and other such complex financial entanglements. Your ruler, Mercury retrograde, demands a special approach this month, where you don’t just take things at face value but dig deeper to get to the truth. Take time to review your deepest emotional, sexual and financial bonds and take corrective action where needed. The last time you experienced this level of emotional (and/or financial!) empowerment was 2005-06. Now, it’s time for a fresh start.

At the same time you’re achieving a breakthrough in your outlook on life. If there is something in your beliefs, judgments and morals that has been holding you back, you may suddenly find that it snaps, leaving you to develop a more adventurous attitude. Jupiter and Uranus could bring you luck in a number of areas such as immigration, travel and international affairs, publishing, broadcasting, marketing and outreach of all kinds, including blogging, vlogging and getting your message out there by any means, and finally it could bring luck in your research and studies, allowing you to break into new frontiers and get recognition for your innovative ideas. A legal breakthrough or stamp of approval could also liberate you now to live your life more in line with your own personal philosophy. Open your mind to the possibilities. This is a lucky break!

A writing or communications project also reaches a peak around the Scorpio Full Moon of April 24th. There could be some difficulty there, some toxicity that you are trying to get out of your mind and your day to day life. Paperwork could be involved and there may be difficulties with travel. The truth is that your lifestyle is about to change radically in the coming years and you can already feel the necessity for this, whether it is due to your work, your health or both. News you received six months ago could now be put into greater perspective. This could be an obsessive influence and it could be well spent deeply immersed in a work or comms project.

The toughest energies by far are in your relationship zone at the moment. There you'll pour a lot of your energy this month, thanks to Mars, Saturn and Neptune there - whether this is constantly doing things for others, collaborating with someone difficult, dealing with demanding agents, clients and contractors, or in open and direct competition in some great big marathon run. Sacrifice and self discipline are a constant relationship companion at the moment - whether this is because you are feeling abandoned and alone (with or without a relationship), or because you always have to put someone else’s needs first. This is a time of relationship lessons. If the relationship is worthwhile, then any energy you invest this month will stand you in good stead.

Libra April Horoscope

Time to meet new people and see the ones you know with fresh eyes, dear Libra! The Aries Total Solar Eclipse wipes the slate clean in your relationship zone and opens you up to fresh energies - and people - coming in. Time to go off the beaten track and be open to raising our vibration in how you interact with others and in the type of person you draw in. You could well meet an important teacher or mentor now or find that you become the elder or mentor in your relationship with someone. Mercury retrograde and your ruler Venus are both in your relationship zone this month asking you to carefully re-evaluate where how you want to approach this entire topic. This is not the time to rush into anything. Enjoy the wonderful new energies flooding in and take your time to review where a particular relationship is going. The last time you were having such a fresh relationship start was 2005-06. That cycle is now ended, leaving you free to explore new terrain. This is a crucial period in your life and the decisions you now make could affect you for years to come.

Are you due for a bonus, sudden payout or other financial windfall? You may well feel like you’ve won the jackpot, literally or figuratively, thanks to a lucky Jupiter and Uranus meeting in the sexiest area of your chart. These two could bring financial luck, empowering you and freeing you from entanglements so you can reclaim your power. You may get up close and personal with someone very quickly, or experience a sudden kundalini or sexual awakening - a psychological breakthrough to release you from your inhibitions. A cutting of ties, a revelation of secrets or even some sort of spontaneous healing could now occur to restore your trust in life. This is a potentially liberating and empowering time.

Finances continue to be a powerful theme this month as the Scorpio Full Moon of April 24th brings money matters to a head. Time to look to your own resources, how and what you earn, how you spend it - but also your priorities, values and principles. What and who do you think is worth your time, money and energy? And what are the things that give you strength, and a sense of security, self-confidence and self-esteem? You want to experience greater joy in your life - whether through the pursuit of a hobby, children or of love and romance - and you’re now obsessed with going to any lengths to make the most of it. Events originating six months ago may now reveal their why.

Work may well take it out of you this month, thanks to Mars, Saturn and Neptune, requiring discipline and sacrifice. Perhaps you are working long hours and are exhausted, or perhaps you are looking for work and the whole situation is tough psychologically and zaps your energy. Stamina and persistence, while letting go of the outcome, is key now. Your health could also be at issue here and you may need to pay special attention to your habits this month and get a good discipline going to get your health back on track. A spiritual discipline could work wonders for you now.

Scorpio April Horoscope

Time to review and reconsider your lifestyle, dear Scorpio - whether that is the work you do, your health and daily habits, or even all the staff, helpers and even the pets that keep you ticking over whilst also dictating the way you live. The Aries Total Solar Eclipse opens a portal to healing that could disrupt your daily routine and make you see what you do in a new light. This could lead you to find meaningful work that makes use of your authentic skills, or to take better care of your health. At the same time, Mercury retrograde demands that you consider your choices carefully and perhaps reconnect with old helpers and work colleagues. It’s time to raise your energy and make positive lifestyle changes. But you need to take it one step at a time and allow the eclipse energies to bring new opportunities as you rethink the situation. Something in the way you live and work calls out for renewal and that’s what this month is all about. The last time you experienced such a radical change of lifestyle or new beginning at work was back in 2005-06. That cycle is now over and it’s time to seek new avenues for a good day to day routine. Any work decisions you now make could play out in the years to come.

Relationships are a source of luck at the moment, as long as you are open to the opportunities others bring. Jupiter and Uranus promise exciting meetings and collaborations - and even when seen as a challenge, it is sure to bring out the best in you. This is no time to go it alone. Any publicity you receive now could go viral and a partner, agent or even a competitor could be lucky for you, opening great big doors of opportunity. Reach out, connect and let others pleasantly surprise you!

Last but not least, with an intense Full Moon in your sign, April sees something close to your heart culminate and come to a crisis point. You can now see the meaning of events that may have been set into motion six months ago at the Scorpio new moon and this kind of clarity is what helps you make a decision. Your family or living situation may be at the heart of the problem here and you can sense that radical changes are in store at a foundational level of your life. This is a deeply revealing lunation, and it could also cause power-struggles in your relationships. Above all, you are realising important things about what you want from here on in allowing you to make empowering decisions moving forward.

Your ruler Mars, Saturn and Neptune are jostling for space at this time, creating difficulties in your love life, creativity and personal happiness, as well as making for some tough decisions around your children or a creative project very close to your heart. A mature approach is needed now involving discipline, hard work and personal sacrifice. Matters of the heart bring spiritually maturing lessons at the moment and you may have to forgo immediate pleasure or ego-satisfaction in order to ensure long term happiness.

Sagittarius April Horoscope

A big portal is opening wide to let more love, joy and happiness into your life, dear Sagittarius. Life is meant to be fun. And that’s what this Aries Total Solar Eclipse is all about! Time to blow away the cobwebs and let the sunshine in - whatever this means for you. It might mean less work and more play, picking up a favourite hobby that got left by the wayside, or getting excited about a start up or creative idea. Or perhaps it’s time to leave old heartbreaks behind and find love again. The spotlight is firmly on initiatives you can take to maximise your own happiness and personal fulfilment. With Mercury retrograde too, you can take your time now to rediscover what makes you tick, what you’re looking for in love or what makes you happy. Creative and romantic notions that have been in the back-burner could now receive a new lease of life. Think back to 2005-2006 if it helps for that was the last time you got such a burst of creative energy. This is a golden opportunity to love yourself and focus on yourself and your own happiness and the decisions you now make could set the stage for years to come.

At the same time, you’re about to experience an amazing breakthrough at work or with your health and lifestyle. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. Jupiter and Uranus are about to liberate your daily routine, allowing you to be more carefree or open to adventure in your day to day living. This breakthrough could arrive at the hands of new technology that takes a load off your hands at work, or to technological innovations that can solve a health or lifestyle problem. The energies are quite disruptive to your schedule but it’s time for a shake up - it’s all for the best. This is your chance to experiment, make positive changes, try new methods and acquire new skills.

A difficult period, where you had to make many sacrifices, is finally coming to an end this month. The Scorpio Full Moon insists that you take some time to rest and recuperate and release any toxicity that’s built up in your system. You could learn of strange machinations at work now or achieve some sort of psychological or spiritual breakthrough. Realisations could now deepen your interest in a particular topic or cause you to overthink things. There could also be secret activity behind the scenes or you may be needing to take a back seat while a situation unfolds that has its roots six months ago or so.

It is your home and family life that requires the greatest discipline and sacrifices now and you’ll need to pour a lot of your energy into organising your space, your home and your family dynamics this month thanks to Mars, Saturn and Neptune. There is an inner psychological process of maturation now taking place within you and it does not escape you that you’re actively securing your foundations and setting the cornerstone of your future existence. So it’s worth working hard and making whatever sacrifices are required.

Capricorn April Horoscope

Expect big changes at home, dear Capricorn. Sudden events could turn things on their head, causing you to rethink the very foundations of your life: where you live, your home and family dynamics, as well as any property or real estate you own or wish to purchase. Above all, this Aries Total Solar Eclipse is a time of deep psychological renewal, when you focus on your inner world, open the windows and let fresh light beams flood your being. With Mercury retrograde too, take some time at home to review the last twenty years or so and put the past to bed. This is a time to make changes from the ground up, following your inner needs and dictates, not external considerations. Whatever happens around your home, family, living situation or private life is here to raise your vibration to a whole new level, open your eyes to inner truth and allow you to heal old wounds you may have been carrying for a while. Decisions to rejuvenate your home and psychological foundations now will have the power to set you on a new course.

At the same time, your creativity is flourishing thanks to Jupiter conjunct Uranus. You’re feeling frisky, excited, eager to have more fun in your life, pursue projects and creative ideas, indulge in a bit of romance or spend time with your kids. Anything that you can do for no other reason than the sheer joy of it! That’s what brings opportunity and luck now. Romantic encounters could be breathtaking and unexpected. Children are lucky for you, technology could free you to pursue creative ideas in new ways. and any risks you take will pay off in surprising ways! If you have a start up idea, this is the time to take the leap.

Your friendships and social circle have recently gone through many changes and you may wonder where you belong. Who are your people? Something is coming to a head this month concerning your community, followers, friendships and allegiances. Your values and priorities are changing and it affects your friendships. You are also entering a new phase financially - perhaps you know that change is imperative, or perhaps you can sense new potentially empowering possibilities to transform your financial situation. This Scorpio Full Moon will highlight your dreams and aspirations, revealing who your allies are and how you can best engage with your community. Social developments that originated six months ago may now yield their results.

April is a heavy month for all sorts of media, marketing and communications, as well as meetings, sales, paperwork and travel. We’re talking short distance travel here but there could be a lot of back and forth, thanks to Mars, Saturn and Neptune and it could tire you out. This is also a good time to get down to writing, if you’ve got a project in the works. You may have to commute for longer hours than usual or spend hours on the phone or at the computer. A situation with a sibling or neighbour could also require your attention now. Either way, you’re called to make some sacrifices, and put in the effort to keep the dots connected and make sure everything around you runs smoothly.

Aquarius April Horoscope

Something big is going down in your vicinity, dear Aquarius. The Aries Total Solar Eclipse could bring big news, revealing facets of reality and facts that you were not aware of, making you see things in a new light.This could involve a writing, comms or media project, a sibling, neighbour, your school or work place, contracts or paperwork, your commute network - anything that affects your life and movements every single day. With Mercury retrograde, it’s time to rethink your approach. Do not rush any communications or written material. Review your relationships with your network - like siblings, neighbours and peers. Go back to the drawing board and rework any proposals. Check your database. It’s important that you pay attention to detail now and double check everything in your comms or travel arrangements. Take time to see where the chips land before you make major decisions! Information you gain now could bring some powerful healing, allowing you to reintegrate fragmented parts of your life. Take time to clear on the facts. It's crucial that you broach sensitive topics now, have uncomfortable conversations and speak raw truths, listening intently and airing any grievances. Authentic honest talks are key now. This is ultimately a time of learning and exploration, somewhat reminiscent of a similar time in 2005-06. Whom you meet, how you network and what you learn, write or communicate now could affect your thinking for years to come.

At the same time, Uranus and Jupiter are shaking you up at your very foundations. Whatever private home and family problems - or inner psychological complexes - have been holding you back can now be shaken loose and even blown out of the quarry altogether, leaving plenty of space for new and exciting developments. This is an inwardly liberating time, as well as a chance to make a quantum leap around any problems you’ve been having with your living situation, home, family or real estate. Above all, this is a psychological breakthrough, allowing you to innovate from the bottom up and expand your base.

This is also quite a public month for you, thanks to the Scorpio Full Moon. A crisis may call you to step up to the plate and take charge. Or you could receive recognition for your work during tough times, and see more power and influence land on your person. There are some difficulties at the top, putting pressure on you. If things have been toxic in your professional life, with power-struggles and tricky political agendas, this Full Moon brings you clarity, explaining the events of the past six months, and allowing you to make more empowered decisions.

Your finances are going through a tough time and much of your energy will be poured into sorting out tricky financial matters this month, thanks to Mars, Saturn and Neptune in your money house. You’ve been making sacrifices and may have had to keep a close watch on your budget. Now’s the time to invest your energies into building your strength and confidence, investing where it matters and making concessions where necessary to safeguard what’s of greatest value to you. If your sense of self-worth and confidence is wobbly right now, remember that this is a test: what’s most important to you? Stick to your values and principles, honour your red lines and consolidate your assets.

Pisces April Horoscope

If you’ve been feeling unsure of yourself, dear Pisces, it’s time for a confidence boost! This Aries Total Solar Eclipse clears away baggage and breathes fresh life into your finances, allowing you to embrace your own authentic gifts and talents. It’s time to reset your priorities and find your own unique way to utilise your talents. With Mercury retrograde too, a review of your values and principles is called for. What’s more important to you? Make that a priority. It is by investing in what you deem important and by putting great store by what you have to offer that you can build a sense of strength, confidence and self worth. Much healing is in order when it comes to old insecurity wounds. Look back to 2005-06 for inspiration. Did something happen back then to make you feel valued and appreciated? It’s time to refresh that memory. Decisions past this point will be important for your finances, sustenance and self-esteem.

April will see your world jump to life, thanks to the exciting Jupiter Uranus conjunction. You could meet fascinating people now that could bring you luck and opportunities out of the blue. A writing, marketing or comms project could suddenly take off or your travels could bring you face to face with electrifying experiences. Serendipitous encounters and breakthroughs with siblings or peers could also be instructive. This is a liberating moment! As long as you keep an open mind, everything will serve to further your interests.

Legal or other official maters could also reach a culmination this month, thanks to the Scorpio Full Moon - especially with toxic situations that may have been going on for some time. Matters around a publishing, marketing or media project, travel or immigration paperwork, or academic research or study are all coming to a head, shedding light on events over the past six months or so. Whatever the official line on this, there is a political power-struggle at hand with political allegiances that are hard to shake. Ultimately your own beliefs and morals around the matter are highlighted and it is important to see how these are coloured by unconscious fears and complexes. It is important to face your demons, try to delve deeper into your subconscious mind and get a clearer perspective.

Toughest of all, perhaps, is Mars, Saturn and Neptune all clamouring for attention in your sign, giving you a tricky job to do. Whatever situation you are faced with, you now have the power to go after your desires and and make things happen, provided you are respectful of your limitations. While you hold all the cards, this doesn’t mean you can do as you please. Sacrifices are called for, and you are called to work within certain structures and rules of engagement. This period can be tiring, as it calls for discipline and stamina, as well as a mature approach. For you are on a journey of maturation, learning crucial lessons, “growing up” and learning to take responsibility for your choices. Still, however choppy the waters, you are the captain of this ship. Do the best you can.

*For Sabian Symbols see Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974)

*For Saros Cycles, see Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark (San Francisco CA: Wiser Books 1999))

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