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June 2021 Zodiac Sign Horoscope: Juggler on a Monocycle!

June 2021 Calendar & Forecast for Every Star Sign

June is a highly destabilising month, at the same time aligning you with where you need to be headed and helping you get unstuck so you can make some necessary life changes.

With Mercury retrograde till the 22nd, the Saturn-Uranus square perfecting on the 14th, plus the Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini on the 10th, you may feel like a juggler on a monocycle...

There are many balls in the air with you trying to guess where they will land so you can grab them in time, whilst pedalling manically to stay upright.

Neptune is strong and adding considerable fog to the proceedings so you really just have to trust your gut on this. At the same time, this kind of madness is just the ticket to help you shift things, to make just those changes that allow your life to come more into line with your true goals and wishes.

So without further ado, let’s see what this month’s stars have in store for every zodiac sign. You can check out this more thorough review of June’s astrology for 2021, as well as delve into the Eclipses of May and June 2021 and what they mean for your star sign. You can also get a good idea of how the Saturn-Uranus square, with the help of Chiron, gets your own particular energy unstuck in your 2021 horoscopes. But let’s check out June’s particular flavour now.

Astrology Calendar Dates June 2021

Here’s a quick play by play aspectarian of June. This can help you plan ahead but also decipher in hindsight the nature and meaning of an event that fell on a particular date.

  • June 1st-2nd: Sun conjunct North Node & sextile Chiron (pointing you True North)

  • June 2nd: Venus in Cancer (out of bounds till the 21st; romantic love, beauty and spending focused on home and familial themes)

  • June 3rd: Sun trine Saturn (consolidating / stabilising influence)

  • June 4th: Venus trine Jupiter (love, pleasure, luxury and extravagance galore)

  • June 5th: Mercury Retrograde squares Neptune (ongoing theme; lost and confused)

  • June 5th: Mars opposite Pluto (obsession, intensity, physical overexertion, going OTT)

  • June 10th: Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon Gemini (revelations / fresh start / new path unlocked)

  • June 11th: Sun/Mercury Retro inferior conjunction (powerful future ideas planted)

  • June 11th: Mars in Leo (bold courageous action - by early July effecting change)

  • June 12th-13th: Venus sextile Uranus & square Chiron (electric love & pleasure, impulse spending & vulnerability)

  • June 14th: Saturn square Uranus (the big destabilising influence of the year intensifies)

  • June 20th: Jupiter retrograde (tension, luck, abundance and a sense of promise)

  • June 21st: Summer Solstice / Sun in Cancer (beginning of summer / shift in priorities)

  • June 21st: Venus re-enters Sun’s bounds (tension / appetites begin to return to normal)

  • June 22nd: Mercury goes direct (great tension, mistakes possible, information revealed)

  • June 23rd: Sun trine Jupiter (lucky day, promises fulfilled, start period of inner growth)

  • June 24th: Full Supermoon in Capricorn (trine Jupiter - a lucky materialisation, concretisation, expanding structures)

  • June 24th: Venus opposite Pluto (obsessive, intense, all or nothing apetites and feelings)

  • June 24th: Saturn sextile Chiron (opportunity for healing/improving your life structures)

  • June 25th: Neptune retrograde (great longing, wistfulness, dreams, avalanche of feeling)

  • June 27th: Venus in Leo (big, bold and chivalrous love & spending)

  • June 28th: Mars sextile North Node (serendipitous action)

  • July 1st-8th: Mars and Venus clash with Uranus-Saturn (challenging changes carried out)

June 2021 Forecast for Each Star Sign

As usual, you can check out your Sun Sign (core themes), Ascendant Sign (how they play out) and Moon sign (experience filtered through every day thoughts and feelings).

Aries June Horoscope

The focus is on how you can best connect with your environment. If you work in business and trade or in media and communications, it’s time to come up with new ways to connect with those around you and increase your influence. It’s a solid June start pointing you due north in how you can best establish a good business and communications network. The 10th-11th is a major turning point on that score, opening you to totally new ideas and people with whom you can establish a whole new trade and communications network.

It’s also the moment that you can start pouring more energy into the sort of things that make life more fun and enjoyable, play, enjoy your favourite activities and let your creativity soar. Love, romance and children will also be at the forefront of your mind, a theme that will intensify as you head toward July.

The Summer Solstice always calls you home. And with Venus out of bounds in your home sector, you might feel like redecorating, spending money on your home, cooking and inviting friends around. By the Full Moon of the 24th, you may be celebrating an achievement or receiving great honours and respect from everyone around you. The focus is on your career and overall direction at this Full Moon. Where are you going and how do you want to be seen in the world? There’s luck coming your way from unseen sources, helping you orient your life in a spiritually more fulfilling direction.

This year’s fixed square intensity is rocking your finances and your value system. It’s urging you to find new ways to be of service to your community and June will be a pivotal month in helping you make the necessary changes. It’s time to break with tradition and rethink your finances and your place in the community.

Taurus June Horoscope

June is strongly focused on your finances. What is it that you have to offer? With Gemini ruling your money house, chances are you have a multiplicity of talents. It’s just a matter of how to best monetise them now. It’s time to return to some old favourites, as well as come up with new, additional ways to earn your money, create security, value and appreciate yourself. June is here to help you rediscover your self worth and your assets so keep an open mind. The 10th-11th is a major financial turning point. It’s also the moment that you can start pouring more energy into your home and family, whether it’s renovations, moving, or spending more time at home or helping a parent.

You always feel like travelling at this time of year, and the Summer Solstice is perfect for short refreshing trips. You’ll really enjoy travelling this month, as well as walking around town, catching up with friends and connecting with everyone around you. By the Full Moon of the 24th, you’re ready for a bigger journey. You want to break free from the mental prisons of the same imagery day in day out and of old and stale beliefs that have largely held you back. All your friends are here to support you and you’ll find that a wonderfully rewarding and socially fulfilling time. The 20th-24th could even see one of your dreams realised.

It’s time to break the mould and develop a whole new outlook on life. This year’s fixed square between Saturn and Uranus is rocking your world and you can hardly recognise yourself. You in the process of changing how you see yourself, both as an individual and in terms of your career or role in the world. It’s a difficult and destabilising process - especially for a Taurus - but June will help you take some definitive steps to make the positive changes you need.

Gemini June Horoscope

The focus is squarely on you this month! The Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon in your sign means you are being transformed in front of your very own eyes. Literally, everything is in flux. But also so exciting! These are incredibly positive changes allowing you to become who you are meant to be, even if you don’t quite know who that is right now. It’s time to see yourself in a new light and change how you present yourself and approach life. June is when you begin forging a new identity! The 10th-11th is a major turning point with the eclipse in your sign conjunct your ruler Mercury retrograde, allowing you to go back and retrieve a crucial aspect of yourself so you can become this brand new more whole person. This is also the moment that you can reach out more aggressively and create the kind of network and environment you want to operate in. Expect lots of movement and commotion after the 11th.

You may have to watch your spending with Venus out of bounds in your money house. But, honestly, perhaps it’s time to relax and enjoy the good things in life. The Summer Solstice is always a good time to focus on your finances and what matters to you most. And that’s just what you are doing. You can expect others to be ever so generous with you - especially around the Full Moon of the 24th. That’s when you realise how important it is to have people you can trust and rely on in your business and personal life too, allowing you to reach your goals. The 20th-24th could bring public honours, reinforcing others’ trust in you and consolidating any financial backing you may have.

Saturn and Uranus are literally creating new space for you to grow in intellectual stature. Whether this is in broadcasting and publishing, or through public speaking and education, or around marketing, international matters and other means to expand your operations, now’s the time. You’ve got your finger on the pulse and this is putting you on the map in a whole new way.

Cancer June Horoscope

This is a month of great revelations! Your intuition is off the charts so do take some time to meditate or get into a creative space. You may even have prophetic dreams so keep a pen and paper handy. It’s time to ditch linear thinking and look for lateral solutions. There’s lots of activity in the most hidden part of your chart and it’s all happening behind the scenes. Things you no longer need are passing out of your life to make space for new ideas. Let them go. If there are any psychological hang ups taking up precious processing space at the back of your mind, now’s the time to address them.

It’s crucial that you establish some downtime for yourself this month - at least until the Summer Solstice, when the Sun enters your sign and it’s your time to shine. The 10th-11th is a major spiritual turning point, even if it doesn’t quite happen on a conscious level. You’re lightening your karmic load, opening yourself up to new spiritual input. That’s also the moment when you can start pouring more energy into building your resources and your physical and financial strength. You’ll be making some important investments and expenses may rise as a result, but you can rise to the challenge.

Your charm is through the roof with Venus in your sign and you’re able to turn most things in your favour. By the Full Supermoon in your relationship sector of June 24th, you’ll see your most important relationships solidify and elevate you on a whole new level. International relationships are especially lucky and any agreements you sign will be highly beneficial for you. June is testing your ability to trust others on a deepest level, including your financial commitments and responsibilities and pushing you to stand out among your peers and receive the rewards of your efforts. Saturn and Uranus demand that you honour the trust placed in you and plug yourself into your community in a new way. This is your time!

Leo June Horoscope

This is a superbly sociable month for you! No man or woman is an island. You’re keenly aware how important it is to find likeminded folk around whom you can express your creativity and the time has come. Whether you’re reconnecting with old friends or getting an intro to a whole new crowd, you’re ready. You hunger for connection, to find your people. And where those magic doors may have seemed locked to you up till now, June 10th is sure to unlock them. Venture in with an open mind… It’s time to mingle, experiment and have some fun! Mars enters your sign at the same time, handing you the power to direct events until the end of July. Make the first move! You can now mould life as you want it.

At the same time, you’re preparing for your own birthday season begining late next month. You always like to take a little time off at the Summer Solstice and you might enjoy that even more this time around with some pampering for the soul. Splashing on a spa and meditation retreat or on some psychological counselling might just give you the cushioning you need to take that leap. With a fantastic Full Supermoon in your work sector on the 24th, you’re in for some good news. The high standard of your work might come with a bonus, a stake in the business or some other benefit, or it may be due to someone’s generosity that you land your dream job. It’s time to take life in your own two hands and break out of the mould that’s held you back for so long.

Events around your career may feel destabilising, putting extra pressure on your relationships and urging you to throw out the professional rule book and experiment with different career paths. And that’s great! That’s exactly what will create new space fo you to grow professionally.

Virgo June Horoscope

This is the most important month of the year for you, career wise. New directions open up before you, whilst at the same time allowing you to retrieve part of your old roles and responsibilities and carry them forward. It’s time to experiment and come up with new ways to present yourself to the world. June points you in the right direction, urging you to follow your own little North Star high above. The 10th-11th is a major turning point, planting new seeds you’ll see grow in the next six months and years. That is also the time to start tending to your psychological and spiritual well-being. Do a major physical, spiritual and psychological clear out to prepare for a new beginning. You’ll be very busy behind the scenes over the next couple of months to pave the ground for new endeavours, starting in August.

At the same time, June is also a highly sociable month, as is always the case for you around the Summer Solstice. More so in 2021, when you’ll be more willing to spend money on luxurious outings and be generous with friends. Love, joy and happiness are high on the agenda - especially at the Capricorn Full Supermoon of Midsummer’s Day, when something very dear to your heart comes to fruition. This could be a great love, a joint creative project or a child or a baby. Your heart sings at this Full Moon and a special someone is right there to celebrate with you, upping the romance and sense of fulfilment.

It’s time to break with tradition and look for happiness in new endeavours. The largest cause of stress this month arrives from this year’s fixed square between Saturn and Uranus, causing logistical stress around work and health, and making you sweat the small stuff. At the same time you yearn for adventure, for a change of scenery, to learn new things and share existing knowledge with the world. It’s time to revolutionise your outlook on life, overhaul your practices and expand your operations.

Libra June Horoscope

You seek new adventures! You’ve been there, done that and you hunger for new scenery, new cultures and fresh intellectual stimulation. It’s time to come up with alternate ways to conceptualise your world, to question your beliefs and explore new philosophical systems. Legal, immigration and educational matters, as well as activities around marketing, publishing and broadcasting are in for an overhaul too. It’s time to expand your horizons and explore some unfamiliar territory. The 10th-11th brings key information to light, making you aware of new possibilities. At the same time, you’re up for some socialising - much more than you were before - and you’ll be pouring much of your energy into seeing friends and engaging with your community over the next couple of months.

The Summer Solstice is always a time when you can enjoy higher visibility and honours in your career. With Venus out of bounds in your career sector, you might find yourself rather popular this month. By the 24th, all this outward activity shines a light on what you need deep inside to feel secure. It may be time to create a better working-from-home environment, to think about where you want to live or create a better work-life balance. You can expect work to be supportive, whichever way you wish to go with this.

It’s time to prioritise your own personal fulfilment and restructure your life to make room for that. This year’s fixed square is shaking you loose of old emotional and financial entanglements and urging you to put your own happiness first. But you’re still feeling rather cautious - both on the love front and when it comes to financial investments. June will urge you to shake things up a little and take a risk.

Scorpio June Horoscope

Money is foremost on your mind this month. You seek to extricate yourself from highly toxic situations and find new ways to leverage your resources. Throwing your lot in with others is key to solving that equation - whether that is an investor, a financial advisor or even a surgeon, if the problem is physical. Transformation is what you seek and June puts you on the right track. Thinking in a linear fashion won’t do. You need leverage via someone you can trust. The 10th-11th is a turning point - via a loan, grant or tax credit, an operation or other outside investment or intervention - opening doors that may have seemed locked to you only a month ago. This gives you the energy to pull out all the stops to achieve your biggest career goals over the summer.

The Full Moon of June 24th delivers positive news, a lucrative trade deal or business contract that’s sure to reward any risks you’ve taken and gladden your heart. A short trip with your sweetheart promises lots of romance and happy times. Your popularity is soaring, meanwhile, and you can score some great wins this June with Venus living it high in your publicity sector. Marketing and speeches you give are sure to be well received, any research you carry out will be enjoyable and, if you travel, you’re sure to travel in luxury. The Summer Solstice always ignites your travel bug and you’re craving a change of scenery.

But this year’s biggest stressor, the Saturn-Uranus square, is urging you to secure your foundations first, and to do so whilst being unable to count on others, who always want to leave their back door open so they can make a quick exit if need be. This is a lesson on self-reliance on steroids! June sees you taking definite steps in that direction, even in the face of great instability. And the secret? If someone feels they can leave at any time they wish, they are more likely to stay.

Sagittarius June Horoscope

Relationships is where the game is at. A significant other may be your whole world right now, or the solution to your current problems might lie by way of a business partnership, or you may be intently focused on a budding new audience for your work. June is great for taking you out of your shell and beyond your comfort zone. Let others entice you forward - especially after June 10th-11th, which unlocks the door to new collaborative opportunities. That’s when you’re truly ready for adventure, to throw caution to the wind and embark into the unknown. If you’re marketing, touring, or engaged in public speaking, you’ve got an edge from June 11th onwards. You may also want to make a relationship official or seek a stamp of approval, accreditation or some positive legal status for your endeavours now.

The Summer Solstice tends to bring a greater need for bonding and togetherness on your part and you won’t hesitate to blow money on a special someone this month to give them a bit of luxury. Alternatively, you may be the recipient of great generosity from others. By June 24th, the spotlight is on your finances. Something very positive is happening around your home, giving you the resources and the space you need to expand. This is a consolidation of your assets and self worth, showcasing your strength and the value that you bring.

You’re on a great learning curve this year, having to do things on the fly and explore unknown paths whilst your lifestyle is being turned on its head. Honouring your need for change means you’re testing out new environments and new ways to communicate and move about town. June is a pivotal month when you have to learn new tricks and fast.

Capricorn June Horoscope

It’s time to get down to brass tacks - your work, your methods, your health and efficiency, your daily routine. A new job could be on the horizon - or perhaps two. Do you need to brush up on your skills or even retrain? A health check up may also be in order and alongside it a closer examination of your daily habits. Do you eat well? Have you checked the label on your staple foods lately? And are you getting enough fresh air? These small matters can have big effects down the line. June 10th-11th opens new doors at work and allows you to hit refresh on your daily routine. Pour energy into anything you want to transform and heal from June 11th. Any work that comes your way might involve extra benefits, a stake in the business or a deeper financial involvement on your part.

The Summer Solstice always draws your attention outward, urging you to come out of your shell and connect with others. And with Venus having a party in your opposite sign, someone special is really catching your eye with their charm and popularity. You’re are looking to spice things up on the love front and to find new creative outlets in your life. This struggle brings up all kinds of insecurities around your body, confidence or self-worth that you now need to address. If it’s a child or creative project that’s got your juices flowing, then you’ll be doing your best to move forward within a relatively tight budget. 2021 demands that you follow your heart even whilst honouring your limitations, and June will push you hard on that. But it’s worth it.

With a beautiful Full Supermoon in your sign on the 24th, something very important to you personally culminates this month - and in a most wonderful way. This is a validation of your ideas, inviting support from your environment and the know-how and information you need to move forward.

Aquarius June Horoscope

This is a rejuvenating month when you can let the kid inside you come out and play and rediscover your creativity. An actual child might feature prominently in calling forth your own youthfulness and playfulness. Or it might be a feeling of being in love all over again or a creative project that rekindles the flame in your heart. June 10th-11th is a key turning point on that score, allowing you to bring a more playful, creative side of yourself forward - one you might have forgotten actually exists. With Mars in your opposite sign from the 11th, it’s time to let others take the lead. Let them draw you out of your shell and call you toward greater expressions of love, playfulness and creativity.

The Summer Solstice is traditionally a time when your focus shifts on taking care of the nitty gritty in your life, making doctor visits, tending to your work projects or fixing things around the house. With Venus throwing a party right now, you might spend more than usual to improve your lifestyle and enjoy life’s little pleasures. By the Full Moon of June 24th you will feel a strong presence of divine providence in your life. You may have a secret benefactor protecting your interests, financially and in other ways. Or you may feel particularly generous and giving yourself, pouring your money and energy into an altruistic project that means a great deal to you.

You can really feel the ground shake beneath your feet this month, due to your rulers, Saturn and Uranus being at odds. As things you used to take for granted can no longer be relied on, it’s time to closely examine your identity and who you are at root. Things are changing radically in your home and family life, calling for you to step up to the plate and provide a solid and constructive point of reference, even if you know that these changes are ultimately out of your control.

Pisces June Horoscope

Home sweet home - that’s your focus in June and it’s time for a fresh start in your personal sphere. It may be time to go back and retrieve part of your soul that you left behind in the kerfuffle. Your home might need a do-over, or you may need to clear the air with a family member. On a deeper level it’s about putting down fresh roots and June 10th-11th allows you to do just that. Time to refresh who you take yourself to be at root. At the same time, work gets busy from the 11th onwards and it’s time to pour your energy on creating greater efficiency, ticking things off your list and tending to the nitty gritty of your life.

Still, the month is not without its pleasures. Venus is living it large in your party house and you’re more likely to indulge your pleasure impulses. Your natural romantic streak is also flaring up and you won’t hesitate to spend money to have a good time. The Summer Solstice is always a time when you want to let your hair down and celebrate the advent of Summer and so you should. You’re heading for an incredible high by the Full Moon of June 24th, surrounded by friends and family and feeling on top of the world. Fancy throwing a party? Your contribution and stature in the community is bound to be recognised and you’ll feel a real sense of romance and collegiality around the 24th. Your luck is off the charts with Jupiter in your sign too so, take everything that comes to you as a gift. The universe is sure to shower you with gifts around June 24th!

You’re exploring new territory and making new connections in 2021 and in June more so. You’re now eager to push forward with all kinds of revolutionary ideas, explore your environment and experiment on all fronts. Let your old life fall away and follow the random offshoots of your intellectual curiosity!

Image by Glen Carrie from Unsplash


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