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May 2021 Star Sign Horoscope: Dramatic Changes!

Blood Moon Supermoon time! What does it mean for your star sign? Let’s slice up the zodiac pie :)

There’s so much going on in May 2021. What do May's biggest astrological events mean for your star sign?

First, let's look at the key factors?

May initiates the eclipses, with a "Blood Moon Supermoon" - a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius - arriving on the 26th.

This is May’s piece de resistance, bringing major decisions in the area of your chart containing Sagittarius. But that’s not all... We have a Micro New Moon in Taurus on May 11th , a good time to plant some empowering seeds.

And while we are still in Taurus season (happy birthday Taurus!), there’s a build up in Gemini starting in early May - including conjunctions to the North Node, Mercury and Venus Out Of Bounds and Mercury retrograde by month’s end.

Expect an influx of new people, thoughts and ideas - like a massive cosmic download - where you find Gemini in your chart.

These are things that you’ll probably be considering for the first time. And let’s not forget, Gemini season begins on May 20th - happy birthday Gemini!

Two days after May’s New Moon, Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th.

Jupiter only returns to a sign every dozen years or so and this move is sure to open up a whole new vista of possibilities in an area that hasn’t seen such luck since since 2010.

This month, we also have Saturn frozen on the spot at 13 Aquarius (he’s in that same degree from April 27th-June 18th - eeek) pressing down on the world. And where Saturn is, things are bound to get excruciatingly serious.

Finally, let’s not forget Mars in Cancer Out of Bounds and playing up, acting all eccentric and wild till May 24th. And where you find Mars, that’s where the action is.

The latter part of May contains the most bombshells.

All three personal planets, Mars, Mercury and Venus, are Out Of Bounds May 21st-24th, shouting loud and clear. Just then, Saturn stations retrograde May 24th upping the pressure and scrutinising every idea in your head. And all that, topped off with the the big fat cherry of the Sagittarius Blood Moon Supermoon on May 26th!

May's Blood Moon is the end of a paradigm and chapter in your life.

That’s sure to be a decisive, dramatic moment! It’s time to ditch that broken record and re-envision the future.

Last but not least, Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th and it’s time to review the whole shebang as we head into June. Hit “Rewind” please.

Image by Claudio Testa from Unsplash

Your May 2021 Horoscope Forecast

There is so much going on this month, let’s use some subheadings. The aim is to give a few pointers as to where this activity will play out for every slice of the zodiac. As usual, you can check out your Sun sign (will), Rising sign (manifestation) and Moon sign (reflection). (In fact, why not see which one resonates most with you?)

So here's what May's key astrological events activate for every star sign.

Aries May 2021 Horoscope

Pour Your Energy: Home, family and property is where the action is. You may be dealing with disruptive household circumstances - a demanding family member, difficult house guests, a move or home renovations for instance - or some other situation that draws your energy to your home. Not much time is left to focus on the outside world as a result. This influence only comes around once every two years so why not just welcome it? Focus inward and secure your base.

Plant Fresh Seeds, May 11th: It’s time to plant fresh financial seeds! From mid-May, you can fruitfully delve into hidden assets and talents that you may have ignored hitherto, that may lie outside the trodden path. You can draw strength from the incredible power and influence you exert all around you whether you know it or not. The seeds you plant now can bring big financial changes and rewards down the line.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: It’s time to trust that your angels have got your back. Your greatest benefit comes from being able to let go and admit you can’t control everything. When you are generous with the universe, the universe is generous back. Spiritual pursuits bring great rewards from mid-May until end July. So does anything that allows you to lose yourself in something bigger - such as charities and large institutions, taking a time out to rest, heal and meditate, to help someone else or immerse yourself in a creative project.

Cosmic Downloads: Get ready for your mind to come alive this month! Ideas are buzzing all around you - more and more so as May gets underway. Let your environment surprise you, let people bring you new concepts, new experiences, let life teach you new tricks. Explore a new neighbourhood, have a chat with a sibling, take a drive and let new scenery invigorate your mind. Let it all fly in. And by May’s end, you’ll be ready to take a step back and sort through all the new ideas - and paperwork perhaps - that landed on your desk.

Major Reality Check: You’re really worried about your friendships and social circle these days, wondering if they truly are your crowd and if they have your back. That’s ok. You’re putting your friendships through the test to see if you still share the same ideals that brought you together in the first place. You’ll be asking yourself: “Who’s my friend? Do I feel that I belong here?” It’s time to seriously think about your place in the world and the contribution you want to make with the help of people who get you and support you.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: You know that song “losing my religion”? That’s what this Blood Moon may feel like for you. Your religious or cultural outlook is in for a major shift, as you let certain cherished notions go. Time to make room for a brand new storyline about what life is all about. Education falls under this house too and you may decide to go back to school, or change your educational trajectory. A journey is coming to an end and the way you see the world is changing. Whatever used to give your life meaning is fading fast and it’s time to look for a new paradigm.

Taurus May 2021 Horoscope

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Time for a new beginning on all fronts! You’ve a New Moon in your sign and you only get one of those per year. Your energies have been winding down in recent weeks, getting ready for a fresh start. Focus on what’s truly important to you, personally starting May 11th. Not what you promised so-and-so or whatever else may be going on. Follow your instincts and do what feels right. This is your time, because the things you pour energy into after May 11th will keep you ticking over all year long. And with the next full moon in your sign being an eclipse this November, you’re entering an important period of changes in your life. Use May to set your priorities.

Cosmic Downloads: It’s time to open up to crazy ideas outside the box when it comes to your finances. How do you view yourself and what you’ve got? Your talents, your assets and possessions, your ability to earn money and sustain yourself - your very self worth? If you’re not sure, it’s time for some input. Get yourself in the game, listen to others, experiment. By June, you’ll be ready to capitalise on what you’ve got. Just let your talents speak for themselves this month. You’ll have all of June to sift and sort to decide exactly where to invest your energies.

Pour Your Energy: Get ready for quite a lot of movement and commotion in May. You’ll have lots of dealings with people, communications, distractions and getting to and from places. Discussions could get quite heated but are sure to be energising and motivating too. You’re a fast learner this month. Writing projects receive a big boost of energy.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Get ready for your luck to really open up from mid-May onwards. If you’ve felt rather isolated, your friends will soon gather round and support you unconditionally. You’ll feel the generosity of others for the next couple of months when everything you touch will bring worldly rewards. It’s like you have a fan club, friends and allies that have your back. Time to get invovled in your community. Networking and social media are lucky for you!

Major Reality Check: This is a month when you’ll really be thinking about your career. Where are you headed? Who do you want to be in the eyes of the world? If you feel the weight of your ambitions and responsibilities, it’s only because you are serious about this. You are setting new goals and the mountain always looks tallest when you’re standing at the foot. Saturn is scrutinising your life direction and your ability to step up to the plate all month long, with the tension heightening around May 24th.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: May’s Blood Moon Supermoon is visceral for you, transmuting toxins. It loosens the glue that binds you to people, money and situations, so that you can cut the chord. This could be a really important relationship, a financial burden, a personal demon or illness, or a debt that can finally be paid or even written off. You don’t owe anyone anything. It’s time to ditch whatever holds you back and get your power back.

Gemini May 2021 Horoscope

Cosmic Downloads: There’s a party going on in your sign. Time to follow your curiosity, wherever that may lead you. You’re actually piecing together a new identity. And you have to experiment a little to do that and try things on for size. Fine tune your antenna this month and prick up your ears. You have so much guidance coming in, so much data - ideas, people and opportunities - that you’ll be totally buzzed by the end of the month. Worry not. You’ll have plenty of time in June to rewind the tape for a review.

Pour Your Energy: Time to gather your strength! Mars in Cancer is giving you an energy boost, helping you amass your resources, literally strengthening your body or boosting your confidence. Financial matters also call for extra energy and dynamism on your part - time shore up your resources and bank on what you’ve got.

Your Luck Changes May 13th: Your stock is rising and your career is about to take quite a spectacular turn for the better. You may receive honours and accolades raising your profile. This is the world showing you that more is possible for you that you have other to aimed for. If there was ever a time to take a risk to reach for something better, career wise, May 13th-July 29th is it. Time to set some ambitious goals and raise your social status.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: This month’s New Moon invigorates your most secret and innermost part, linked to your spiritual well-being. Take some time off for self-examination and graciously let go of anything that does not serve you. It’s a good time to rest and meditate, as you prepare for a fresh start. Come June 10th and the solar eclipse in your sign, you’ll be ready for a new beginning, a boost to show you the amazing possibilities available to you.

Major Reality Check: Your mind is sharp as a knife these days and you’re scrutinising your life intensely. You’re getting all philosophical, seeking your life’s meaning and purpose - a process that reaches a peak toward May 24th. It’s time to distill all the knowledge you have amassed over the years to emerge as an authority in your field. On a deeper level, it’s time to examine the beliefs through which you interpret your life experience. What philosophies do you subscribe to? And do they limit you or do they serve you?

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: May has saved the best for last - a Total Lunar Eclipse in your relationship sector. Others hold up the mirror to ourselves and it’s time for a radical change of reflection. One way of relating to others is ending for a fresh perspective to take its place. This is sure to affect any important friendship, relationship and partnership you have. Any contracts, agreements and partnerships that no longer serve you will now pass away.

Cancer May 2021 Horoscope

Pour Your Energy: With Mars in your sign, you hold all the cards. Whatever you want, all you have to do is go ahead and do it. Ask for what you prefer. Start something that requires an initial burst of energy to get it off the ground. There’s nobody standing in your way this month, and you can finally just pour your energy into your own goals and desires. Your libido is on the rise too. Just watch you don’t overexert yourself or ride roughshod over others with your newfound dynamism.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: International activities, marketing and publishing becomes super-lucky for you from mid-May. You can really enjoy expanding your our horizons and journeying with your mind and body, as well as studying or publicising your ideas and gaining legitimacy. Legal matters go well for you too now and until July 29th. Luck is on your side in all projects that cross borders, facilitate learning and disseminate your knowledge and expertise, a trend that will resume in 2022.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Time to hit ‘refresh’ on the friendship front. Connections you make in the second half of May may seem unusual but have staying power. Your existing friendships also receive a powerful boost of energy and renewal, reassuring you that you are not alone. And you may well rub shoulders with some really influential people too, who support your dreams. With such fair winds in your sails, now’s the time to get out there, network and make allies.

Major Reality Check: Extra emphasis falls on your joint finances this month. This could be a loan or mortgage, a grant or pension scheme, taxes, a financial investment or a partner’s finances that affect your own. Intense financial scrutiny is required all month - especially around the 24th - as you pay your dues and demonstrate your trustworthiness. It’s time to strip yourself naked and be honest with others and yourself. It’s this kind of commitment that generates trust.

Cosmic Downloads: There’s lots going on behind the scenes and May could be your most spiritual month yet. It’s like your very spirit is opening up to incredible guidance and intuition. Just tune in - you have all the answers that you seek! It’s as if your inner self is hiding all kinds of information in plain sight where you can easily find it if you only look. So raise your receiver and tune in. You’ll have such a treasure drove of data by the time June arrives that it’ll be all you can do to do a little spiritual spring cleaning.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: By the end of May, you are ready to totally re-envision your lifestyle. Your ideas about work, health, daily rituals and overall lifestyle are all based on a old stale paradigm. Time to toss it out with the rest of the rubbish. You’re ready for a major decision about your job, your day to day life and how it affects your wellbeing. it’s time to ditch certain bad habits and let healthier ones take their place.

Leo May 2021 Horoscope

Major Reality Check: Stern Saturn is glaring at you from across the sky, criticising every iota of your relationship - or lack of one. This process is so intense, it’s bound to be unpleasant. But it’s no bad thing. It’s time to get serious about exactly what it is you need from others, and what you are prepared to give back. Where do you need to open up and learn from one another? And where do you need to set firm boundaries? These are lessons in collaboration, mutual exchange and fair compromise. After May 24th you’re ready to internalise these lessons and begin coming up with a set of ground rules.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Come mid-May, Jupiter helps bonds of trust grow deeper and more meaningful. Whether you’re sharing secrets, bank accounts or sexual energy, throwing your lot in with others is lucky for you till the end of July. Jupiter in Pisces teaches you to grow in trust, to let others in. It is good to open up sexually now and even merge your finances or ask for a grant, bonus, tax break or loan. Others are feeling generous and you will benefit from joint enterprises of all kinds.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Get ready for an empowering new beginning in your career. You’re emerging as quite a maverick and that’s as it should be, changing what’s possible in your field. The idea is to be your own unique self and carve out your own path - not twist yourself to fit into the limitations of others. Stand tall and trust in your social network. Any work you do now could help you realise just how much power you hold to find and do the work you want.

Cosmic Downloads: You’re entering a super-social period! Let your network do all the work, connecting you to just the right people. There are so many like-minded folks out there and all you have to do is let them come to you. How? Open yourself to the experience. Communicate your dreams. You’re still discovering exactly how you fit in this changing world and it’s fine not to know for a while. Rest with that. Let your fabulous friends and allies show you the way. By June, you’ll be reconnecting with old friends too, piecing a whole new world vision together.

Pour Your Energy: All the action is behind the scenes this month. Seriously. Take some time for RnR. Meditate, do volunteering work, help a friend in need - anything to take the monkey mind off your woes. Lay low. This is not the time to push your own agenda. Just see what the universe presents you with and follow the clues. Come June 11th, you’ll be ready to go after everything you want.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: Oh, the power of love, dear Leo. Time to rejuvenate your heart! What is love? What brings you joy? What makes you happy? Old ideas of love and happiness are not worth their salt. Let them pass away and allow a fresh vision of a joyful life to emerge. On the physical plane, you may see dramatic changes in your love life, with your children, or around a hobby or a creative project.

Virgo May 2021 Horoscope

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Luck smiles on your relationships and contracts from mid-May to the end of July. Collaborations, agreements, partnerships, your spouse, an agent or a new client can be very lucky for you now, opening new doors. The same goes for anything you might want to share with the public. You can expect a very warm reception. This is the best time to seek a relationship, a representative or an audience. Let others be your lucky charm!

Cosmic Downloads: New career directions are opening up - ones you may not have considered. The cosmos is filled with alternatives and possibilities and you may want to pursue more than one idea all at once. The key is to think outside the box about your career and public image. Experiment with different directions you want your life to take and let yourself mature simply by following your interests and your curiosity. Watch May 10th-20th for some inspiring people and information flying in. By May's end, you'll be ready to collate all that influx of data and decide where you want to go.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Get ready to spread your wings. It's that time of year, when you can come up with a new vision for your life, a new outlook. But this time, you're ready to admit that your understanding of the world lies outside mainstream ideas. You're willing to stick your neck out and be different, to stand up for what you believe, what’s true in your heart. This is an empowering time when you can overcome your fears and pin your colours to the mast, giving your life deeper meaning and purpose.

Pour Your Energy: Get ready for a rather sociable May when you'll be pouring a lot of your energy into your friendships and social circle. Time for some active networking! Your motivation? To find your crowd, connect with people and feel a sense of belonging with those who share your world vision.

Major Reality Check: Your day to day life has changed radically in recent months and you're still struggling to function, to streamline your processes and find a workable rhythm. Work may be going through a dry patch, you may be dealing with a health issue or trying to establish habits or practice new skills. Progress has been slow but you reach an intense moment of clarity by May 24th. Time for a reality check. How efficient are you with your time, skill and energy? Where can you improve? It may be time for a health check up too.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: You're getting ready for major internal changes around your private life, home and family. The May Blood Moon Supermoon signifies a big change in your living situation, your home and your family too. It's an ending of sorts, when you can see the past in a different light, reconnect with your roots and set your life on a new foundation. A big decision involving family, home, land, real estate or country of residence is at stake.

Libra May 2021 Horoscope

Pour Your Energy: There’s so much you can do in May to raise your profile. Mars energises your career, giving you the energy to make progress on your most high flying and ambitious goals. Now’s the time to exercise your authority and put things into motion that will secure your desired role.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Just in time, work becomes luckier for you from mid-May. You’re ready to expand your lifestyle to allow for more broad-ranging experience. Allow yourself to take a risk in the spirit of learning. And even if your self-discipline wavers and your daily routine loses its shape, that’s exactly what allows for extra inspiration to flow your way. International work opportunities could present themselves.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: May brings a chance for a new financial beginning. Time for a fresh take on any debt you carry, on grants, support payments and all kinds of financial ties. It’s time to reconsider the glue holding you close to people and places. Is it property that binds you? Is it family? Is it the past? Is it relations of trust that you’ve built over the years? Personal empowerment lies at the core of the decisions you now make.

Major Reality Check: May brings an important reality check about what makes you happy. You’re scrutinising everything that used to bring you joy - be it your children, hobbies or romance - and deciding whether it’s still serving that role for you. It’s time to get serious about your own happiness, in other words. This might be the moment you decide to turn a hobby into something more, pursue a more mature relationship with your kids or decide what you’re looking for in love.

Cosmic Downloads: Your mind hungers for knowledge and adventure right now - a trend that will only get stronger. You need food for thought, you need new experiences, new journeys. Diving into books is one solution or you may book a trip at the first available opportunity. Anything for a change of scenery! Intellectual stimulation is where it’s at and there’s a deeper purpose to it too. You’re painting a brand new vision for your life and searching for exciting input, inspiring clippings to play with. How mentally invigorating! Come June you can play around with what you’ve learned.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: There’s so much that’s second nature to you that you know like the back of your hand. And, frankly, you’re bored with that. It’s no good just being clever at navigating your back yard. It’s time to take what you know and fly! And that’s what May’s Blood Moon is all about. Familiar places and faces are no longer around - your surroundings are changing. Time to let old ideas die and spread your wings for more distant horizons - that much will be clear in May and June.

Scorpio May 2021 Horoscope

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Time to set your relationships on a new more solid foundation. You can transform your relationships - whether with a spouse, client, agent or or business partner - now, because you have such a magnetic presence. Your powerful, penetrative mind influences everyone around you, making you a force to be reckoned with. And come May 11th, others cannot fail to notice. This is a good time to establish new contracts and agreements that support your endeavours, setting a more reassuring tone for the future.

Major Reality Check: How secure is your base? 2021 places emphasis on your home, your family and your living situation. You’ve been taking tentative steps all year long and this process comes to a head in May. This month delivers an important reality check to make sure you’re on the right track in building a firm foundation for the future. Time to think long and hard where home, land and family is concerned.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Things have been rather heavy-going for you of late and it’s time to lighten up a bit. Jupiter in Pisces only has one mission: to bring you joy. Mid-May to 29th July is the time to let your hair down and be more carefree. Have fun, indulge in your hobbies, flirt, make love and do more of what you fancy. Rejuvenate! Jupiter will be back in 2022 but why not start the fun now? Make room to play. Your lucky stint extends to financial speculation, procreation and children too.

Pour Your Energy: Adventure calls! You thirst for new experience, to learn and advance your knowledge, to travel, study or expand your operations abroad. You may spend a lot of time working on a publication, a legal case or a degree, on broadcasting or launching a marketing campaign. You have the energy you need to get that rubber stamp of approval for your far reaching plans now.

Cosmic Downloads: It’s time to think outside the box in your most intimate bonds. Business deals, grants, loans and joint investments are all up for review. Be open to new informational downloads showing you new ways to grow together. Ditto with close, personal bonds and relationships of trust. You’re searching for new ways to merge with others and handle your investments. It’s in the new and unfamiliar that growth lies. You’ll have plenty of time to give these experiments the once over once June arrives.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: May’s Blood Moon brings important financial decisions. You’re ready to re-envision what you’ve got to offer, how you earn your income and what’s of real value to you. Do you value your time and energy, your assets, possessions, talents and resources? Your old value system is dying, giving rise to a new paradigm. Time to ditch limiting money beliefs and open up to new possibilities. This eclipse may also bring a major financial outlay, opening up new vistas.

Sagittarius May 2021 Horoscope

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: May’s Blood Moon Supermoon is in your sign - wow! It’s time to literally shed your skin. To totally let go of your old identity and become someone new. Possible? Yes! The key is let go of old self-preconceptions open yourself to the unknown. Just ditch that same old script, the broken record, that same old story you keep telling yourself about who you are and what your life is about. And like that ‘pooof’ it is gone. A big realisation is in store, closing the door to your old life and making space for the new.

Cosmic Downloads: Relationships are the spice of life - and now more than ever. Let your spouse, friend or partner guide you to the new life that you seek. It’s time to let go of who you used to be and open yourself to fresh input. Let others hold a mirror up to you and see your reflection as if for the very first time. It might feel unfamiliar but this way growth lies. Let others show you new ways of relating and be playful with it all. Any contracts and agreements you now make will ensure your growth.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Time to establish a new and more solid daily routine - whether it is at work or new habits that strengthen your health and support your body. Rituals, processes and automations that you put in place empower you, increasing your confidence and self reliance and, potentially, your earnings. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to improve your health and develop positive habits to sustain you throughout the year, this is it.

Pour Your Energy: Your closest, most intimate ties seem to take up a lot of your time this month. Your spouse, a close friend or a family member may need your support. You may have to lend someone you care about money or just spend more to make sure they are cared for. Any dealings with taxes, banks or grant bodies will also take more energy than usual as you try to secure the funds you need.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: You’re in for some positive developments on the home front. Luck is on your side on all property matters until July 29th. Get ready to see your home-base expand! You may move to a bigger space, build an extension of even decide to move abroad. If you’re buying property you could find your dream home now - and if you’re selling, sell for a great price. It could also be that you welcome an addition to the family. This lucky homeward trend will return to shower you with gifts in the first half of 2022.

Major Reality Check: There’s a ‘back to school’ feel to this period. You’re on a learning curve, like a child rediscovering the world, and it can be uncomfortable at times - especially if you think you ‘should know more by now’. Not so. Everything is as it should be. You are becoming more rigorous with your mind, perfecting your writing and communication skills. And other people are noticing. As your focus intensifies toward May 24th, it’s time to scrutinise all you have learned so far and distill the message - whether in words or in your own mind.

Capricorn May 2021 Horoscope

Major Reality Check: Your ruler, Saturn, is super-strong this month and so are you. You’re thinking very clearly - especially where your finances are concerned - and are able to go through your income and expenses with a fine tooth comb to eliminate any inefficiencies. You may be thinking long and hard about your priorities this month and where you can best invest your time, money and resources. Where do you need to build extra strength? May 24th brings a realty check on your finances and self worth.

Pour Your Energy: Relationships is where all the action is this month. Others draw you out of your shell and you may end up doing rather a lot for and with them. Let them take the lead. You are normally the one who calls the shots but not right now. Let others set the agenda for now and show your support. This will nurture your most important relationships to keep them ticking over for another couple of years or so.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Ready to have some fun? It’s time to follow your heart and not think about goals and ends. What makes you happy? Is it a sport? Your favourite pastime? Your kids? An idea for a start up? Flirting, romancing and feeling that fluttering in your stomach? Invest in the things that bring you joy and feel the power of that. This is also a fantastic New Moon for falling in love.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: If your world has shrunk of late, get ready for it to be blown wide open. Jupiter brings the opportunity to connect with some really uplifting and exciting people from mid-May till the end of July. This is sure to tantalise your mind and give you loads of potential playmates. Writing projects get a boost of luck too and you may feel super-excited about the book you’re reading, the course you’re taking or something new you’re learning. You’re a fast learner, eager to absorb everything you come across. Connect the dots!

Cosmic Downloads: Work is a real hotbed of activity this month. Whatever it is you do every day, it’s time to experiment with new methods and play around with your daily routine. It’s as if you can download new skills from the cosmos in May! Just be open to new ways of doing things and see what happens. Your work, your health and your daily habits and lifestyle will hugely benefit from this. By June you’ll be ready to decide which of your new skills and rituals you want to take further.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: There are deep internal changes taking place behind the scenes in your life. A way of life is quietly ending, away from prying eyes and it’s lightening your load. You’re getting rid of this spiritual heaviness that you’ve carried around for far too long. Time to reap the rewards of your old life and pay any debts too. This will literally erase ‘old karma’ and liberate your spirit. And all you have to do? Just sit back and allow it. Let it happen.

Aquarius May 2021 Horoscope

Major Reality Check: You’re forging a new identity and May is key in in this process. It’s not easy. There’s intense scrutiny on you and a whole lot seems to rest on your shoulders. You have grave responsibilities but carry them with great dignity and poise. March 24th brings an important crystallisation moment, when you can begin to take stock of the progress you’ve made so far - more so if you’re born early February or have your Ascendant or Moon in mid-Aquarius. Then you can begin internalising these lessons over the summer.

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: May’s New Moon is all about home and family for you. Time to renew your commitment to building a safe foundation for yourself and those you care about. This is also a nice opportunity to bring a touch of magic and mystery into your living space. You can hit “refresh” on property matters too - if you have any plans to renovate, move, buy or sell real estate, now’s the time to show your intention to the universe and set things in motion.

Pour Your Energy: You’ve a lot on your plate. You’re working hard and ticking things off your list - work assignments, doctor check ups and chores of all kinds. Mars is your DIY friend, giving you the energy to fix things and get stuff into better functioning order, including your bod. This is a good time to exercise or boost your usual routine. It will help release stress from your body, something you sorely need.

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Jupiter visits your money house May 13th-July 29th and your financial luck is on the rise. Admittedly your expenses might be too but who cares when the universe is showering with such financial opportunity? Your assets are rising in value so go on, strut your stuff and demand top dollar. And worry not, after July, Jupiter will return to your money house in the first half of 2022 to ensure you make the most of your good fortune.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: Something big is going down in your community. A friend might be leaving, there might be changes ‘at the club’, or you might be on the brink of a major political or ideological decision, shifting your allegiances. Your ideals are changing and it’s time you stop putting your faith in the same old crowd and re-envision yourself living in a new world.

Cosmic Downloads: You’ve almost become too socialised, dear Aquarius. Always thinking about ‘doing your bit’ and what’s good for the whole. The time has come to focus on what brings you joy instead, what makes your own heart sing. Children are your teachers now, awakening your own leadership, your ability to play and your creative expression. Make time for fun, for ‘atelic’ activities - those without end or goal. This is the path of growth and joy. Play! Come June you’ll be ready to revisit all kinds of little joys and hobbies.

Pisces May 2021 Horoscope

Your Luck Changes, May 13th: Jupiter enters your sign this month and - hey presto - you become the gods’ favourite child! You haven’t enjoyed this kind of luck in more than a decade and it’s time for a major growth spurt. Jupiter is liberating you, expanding your horizons, even if it feels scary and unfamiliar at times. Get a taster of this until July 29th so you’re ready to make the most of it when Jupiter returns to Pisces for 2022. February-born Pisces or those with the Moon or Ascendant in the very early degrees will most feel Jupiter’s presence.

Pour Your Energy: Time for some fun! Your energy is naturally drawn toward things you enjoy this month so, let yourself go. Toss out your to-do list - there will be plenty of time for that in the summer. For now, just follow your impulses, be spontaneous! You’re feeling frisky and looking sexier by the minute. Throw yourself into your hobbies, goof around with the kids, indulge in a bit of romance. This great period only comes around every two years - enjoy!

Plant Fresh Seeds May 11th: Life’s getting interesting. The May New Moon is a networking booster shot, energising your mind and connecting you more firmly with those around you. Your words and communications have power now, drawing others to you like a magnet. It’s a good time to reach out to others, go on a course or get a writing project off the ground.

Major Reality Check: There’s some intense subconscious processing taking place in the back of your mind. You’re dismantling your old identity piece by piece, letting it go, and getting ready to reinvent yourself. Your ego is sure to feel a little miffed by all this and put up a fight. Still, May brings an intense moment of realisation that it’s time to stop holding on to the past. Therapy, meditation and time spent alone is useful now.

Cosmic Downloads: You’re venturing into totally new territory where home and family are concerned. Whatever you used to think, you’re increasingly aware that these ideas no longer hold any water. You need new input. Don’t be afraid to sit with open questions and see where they lead you. What is home? How do you view family? And where do you want to live? The answers will come. You may benefit from reframing the past or researching your family history.

Dramatic Decisions, May 26th: Your career is going through some major changes and you’re ready to toss out old ideas of who you want to be in the world. This need not come as a shock. you have been feeling this way for a while. Still, the career decisions you now make could be dramatic. You’re abandoning your old public image, seeking to find a new role in the world. Let your old titles fall away and visualise yourself reaching new goals.


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