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May 2023 Astrology: Critical Mass

We’re mid-eclipses and neck-deep in radical change as we welcome May’s Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Direct and Jupiter in Taurus.

May starts with an intense emotional release at the Scorpio Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 5th under a stationary Pluto. Come mid-May, Jupiter enters Taurus where he’ll stay for a year, and Mercury goes direct, also in Taurus, giving everyone the green light. A Taurus New Moon completes the picture on May 19th and it’s time for a fresh start on all matters pertaining to the material plane. Just then, a dramatic showdown between Mars in Leo, Jupiter, Pluto in Aquarius and the Lunar Nodes on May 20th-26th presses some sizzling hot danger buttons! May is a game changer of a month so let’s take a closer look…

Pluto Stations Retrograde May 1st: And…Exhale

Things kick off amid extreme intensity as Pluto stations retrograde on May 1st at 0 Aquarius, a critical degree.

If you’ve been holding your breath in shock ever since March 23rd - when Pluto first entered Aquarius - you can now very slowly shift to “exhale.”

It won’t be until June 11th that Pluto allows us to return to more familiar ground, where we can begin make sense of things, tie up loose ends and start preparing for what we just got a taste of - namely a future (starting 2024) that we can hardly recognise.

Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Sun May 2nd: A New Way of Thinking

Mercury retrograde is next to give us food for thought, at his inferior conjunction with the Sun on May 2nd. Mercury has been retrograde in Taurus ever since April 21st, urging us to deep-dive into long overdue financial matters, re-evaluate our resources and rethink our priorities.

Now, on May 2nd, new seedling ideas are planted that will reach full bloom in early July. What matters most? It’s time to consolidate and simplify. Cut through any nonsense. Put the horse before the cart.

Mercury and the Sun meet in the 12th degree of Taurus and the Sabian Symbol* is “a young couple window shopping”. The core of this reevaluation process we’re going through is to help us give substance to our values and preferences so we can better participate in real material terms in society. This is a very practical moment, when ground-breaking solutions can be planted in the back of our heads for greater efficiency, self worth, and physical and financial wellbeing. These will reveal their fruit by the superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of July 2nd.

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 5th: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!

As you begin to exhale, don’t be surprised if you release some toxic fumes… Because come May 5th, we have a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 18:34BST at the 14:58 degrees Scorpio - Pluto’s sign - an intense detox moment!

It’s time for us all to scrape the bottom of the pan (or the barrel) and get that last bit of yucky gunk out.

This is the final eclipse of its kind in Scorpio for 2021-23, a period of financial shake ups (and shake downs) that may have broken your sense of trust in various ways but whose gift is penetration into the mysteries, and a steely determination to survive and prevail. What does not kill us makes us stronger. The eclipses will not return to this sign ’til 2031.

This Lunar Eclipse marks a high point in those deep re-evaluations of what’s worth what and of money and resources. It’s opposite Mercury, the Sun and Uranus in Taurus, bringing secrets, shadows, and classified and hidden information to light.

It’s a powerful point of release, when old mental patterns are jettisoned alongside the old toxic emotions that go with them - especially where our survival, our blind spots, and our deepest emotional red lines are concerned.

Temptations for lust and pleasure could be powerful at this time, with Venus square Neptune and sextile Jupiter, but Venus also makes it easier to let go, flush disappointments through the system and embrace a more positive outlook.

The Sabian Symbol* for this lunar eclipse is “children playing around five mounds of sand”. There is an emphasis on youth here, and humanity’s early steps toward creative self-expression. But there is also a potential for spiritual attainment and penetration into the mysteries, through the symbolism of the number five and its association to the pentagram and human development via the four elements and spirit.

This is a South Node Lunar eclipse, signifying a double ending.

Expect financial themes to culminate strongly - especially around the markets, banking and interest rates - as well as matters of betrayal, resentment and deep corruption in our systems. This eclipse showcases our demons so we can finally be rid of them. Good riddance to bad rubbish! This penumbral eclipse is visible over most of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. It’s a revealing influence.

Venus in Cancer May 7th: Love The One You’re With

Two days later, on May 7th Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer, where she will stay until June 5th. Love takes on traditional hues with Venus in Cancer with the values of home and family and a need for close emotional bonds superseding other desires. Venus in Cancer has a high pain threshold and will never give up on a loved one. We prefer to stick with what’s familiar and make it work rather than to flit off to somewhere new. This is a good time to beautify the home, nurture our closest bonds and enjoy both. The 11th brings a lovely opportunity for relationships (Venus harmonising with the Nodes), while the 26th brings excitement and intense vulnerability rolled into one (Venus sextile Uranus, square Chiron).

Sun conjuncts Uranus May 9th: Try Anything Once!

Another two days pass and we see the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus on the 9th - a day when we are ready to try almost anything once and mix it up a little. This day plants experimental seeds in our physical world - our bodies, our food, our energy and money, our possessions, our security and our priorities - practical yet progressive seeds we can test-run for the next 12 months or so.

Mercury Stations Direct May 15th: Make Ideas Manifest

Come mid-May Mercury stations direct at 04:16 BST on the 15th at 05:50 degrees Taurus. Mercury’s changes of direction are often the most stressful as activity levels suddenly change and we scramble to shift gears. The station direct can be filled with silly mistakes as we try to operate as if we are back at normal levels, whilst in reality, the mind is still a little groggy.

Get yourself gently back online - and double check everything before you hit any buttons!

You’re now ready to start applying some of your new values, priorities and preferences to your every move - and to any financial and practical matters that require a fresh approach.

Mars in Cancer trines Neptune at the same time, allowing for a magical state of creative flow and giving spiritual and artistic pursuits the green light.

The whole of May is very intense and mid-May is no different. Mercury stationary on May 15th is caught between two powerful configurations: a dynamic kite involving Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Lunar Nodes or eclipse points; and a highly stressful cross-current involving Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and, again, the Lunar Nodes. With the eclipse points so active this month, events almost have a magnetic pull, a life of their own. Solid relationships and finances provide protection and fertile ground for May to be a creative period. But some intense stresses are also building up, and these will erupt in the last ten days of May, testing our new values and attitudes against competing desires.

Jupiter in Taurus May 16th: More More More!

The biggest news this month is that Jupiter enters Taurus, where he will stay for a solid 12 months til May 2024. Happy birthday Taurus! Taurus is powerfully highlighted this month, so get ready for your luck to change wherever you find Taurus in your chart! Jupiter brings opportunities for growth, luck and expansion. Admittedly, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable to have those things - whether it's growing pains, an expanding waistline or simply the discomfort of the unfamiliar... But 'onwards and upwards' Jupiter says.

Jupiter in Taurus should bring some much needed material ease and wellbeing to our world, with physical and financial improvements, on balance, whatever the conditions. A welcome change after two years of eclipses in financial signs.

By 2024, as Jupiter meets Uranus, we’re sure to see great innovations in our food and energy industries and, of course, our banking and currency systems. (CBDCs anyone?) By 2024, a tech-boom could suddenly boost the economy - although Uranus-Jupiter is volatile and can bring bubble-busts too - but not until 2024. Whatever happens, Jupiter’s role is to set us free to graze on greener pastures...

Life is sure to become much more luxurious with Jupiter in Taurus, so here’s to us taking pleasure in the moment, our physicality and our world.

Watch out though! Jupiter squares Pluto on May 18th, when greed can go to any lengths to find satisfaction. A burgeoning desire for material riches meets with a jealous, destructive force. A brief power-struggle may ensue that will get more intense as we head toward the final weeks of May, when angry Mars gets in on the battle. But tensions should start to dissipate as we head into the summer.

Also mark May 27th-June 2nd in your calendars! This is a beneficial period, when Jupiter links up with the Lunar Nodes, giving everyone a much-needed lifeline of luck, expansion and goodwill.

Taurus New Moon 19th: A Better Place…

Come May 19th we can finally begin leaving the spring eclipses behind us with a fresh Taurus New Moon at 20:12 BST at 28:25 degrees. This is the first normal New Moon in Taurus since 2021, promising that things will soon get less intense for this rock-solid, leisurely sign that mostly wants to be left in peace.

This New Moon offers a creative opportunity for art, harmony and romance, opening pathways for greater wellbeing.

That's because the Sun and Moon in Taurus are in perfect harmony to Mars and Neptune and in a manifesting (eight-fold) angle to Venus. A trine to Pluto also gives this New Moon considerable power to consolidate and establish its own rhythms.

The Sabian Symbol* for this New Moon is “two cobblers working at a table” signifying the deeper perspective that arises when different experiences and viewpoints are brought together to achieve a more mature understanding. Mercury perfects its sextile with Saturn on the day, emphasising mature and strategic thinking. The results of the seeds planted now will culminate at the Taurus Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse of October 28th. Patience. This will be the final eclipse in that sign for the foreseeable (’til 2031), bringing everything you’ve been patient about during the past couple of years to culmination.

With Jupiter also beginning its Taurus residence this month - a once in a dozen years event - it’s time to put our best foot forward and slowly move toward greener pastures.

Mars in Leo May 20th: Dramatic Showdown!

Barely does May’s New Moon get underway and we come at an impasse:

The last ten days of May look rather tough due to an explosive, proud and stubborn conflict in the skies between Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and the Lunar Nodes.

Mars enters Leo on May 20th, where he will stay until July 20th, bringing out our most noble, charismatic and dramatic side. The problem is that as soon as Mars enters Leo, he immediately opposes Pluto on the 21st, squares Jupiter on the 23rd and the Lunar Nodes on the 26th creating a very volatile configuration. Mars in Leo has wonderful creative flair but is also rather rigid and does not take kindly to someone who plays dirty or refuses to bow… And Pluto does all of those things!

With Jupiter blowing things out of proportion and the Lunar Nodes giving the whole thing greater magnetic pull, things could quickly get out of hand, over the top. Bear this angry, boiling hot configuration in mind as you make your plans for May 20th-26th and try not to fuel the fires of hell…

Venus sextiles Uranus and squares Chiron on the 26th extending a diplomatic hand to ease tensions - but will it be enough? A flexible Sun in Gemini offers another ray of hope, as it trines Pluto and sextiles Mars on the 21st and 22nd - let’s hope that clever Gemini can come up with some brilliant ideas to mediate the situation. Especially as Venus arrives in the first ten days of June and repeats the pattern... Watch this space.

Gemini Season May 21st: Practice Flexibility

The Sun enters Gemini, the sign of the Twins, on May 21st where it’s called to flex its intellectual muscles immediately, mediating between Mars and Pluto on the 21st and 22nd. This could ultimately be a positive, empowering and energising experience!

Watch out for May 28th, which could be another testing day. That’s when the Gemini Sun squares Saturn in Pisces, dampening spirits with a serious reality check. These sort of Saturn-days are excellent for work and keeping your head down but not so good for fun, pleasure and any kind of risk-taking. Time to be sober, serious, focused! This is an aspect that will repeat each year during Gemini’s birthday season over the next couple of years - a reminder that the Gemini in us all has some work to do!

May 2023 Horoscope for each Zodiac Sign :)

May is a crucial, decisive, hot month! How do these storms affect the local weather in your corner of the zodiac? Check out your sun sign (spirit core), rising sign (material shell) and moon sign (soul flesh). And remember: there’s a bit of every zodiac sign in all of us!


This month is all about your finances, dear Aries. It’s about the people, values and principles that matter most in your life and give you a sense of self-worth and self-confidence. The whole question of how you interact with others energetically is highlighted - from your emotions to your resources to the risk-reward dynamic in any of your endeavours. The eclipse highlights your most intimate bonds and financial entanglements, urging you to release toxic debt or unhealthy addictions and dependencies.

Socially, you’ve been testing new ground for the past six weeks - whether in your friendships or through new social media technologies - and it’s time to withdraw to evaluate your first findings. At core, it’s all about you and what makes you feel secure. Tend to your finances, reset your priorities and consolidate your resources for greater self-worth, confidence and sustenance. You’ll be ready to test out new ideas for greater material wellbeing in the second half of May, even as Jupiter starts improving your financial situation after prolonged difficulties.

Be ready to put your best foot forward from the 19th. That may take immense guts, as your ruler, Mars, faces huge obstacles May 20th-26th, as you begin getting your creative ideas off the ground. Perseverance is important here but you’ll need to show considerable flexibility and cleverness in the way you communicate, trade and network - all areas where you’ll need to develop greater mastery in the years to come. This is also a good month to beautify your home and spend time with loved ones, especially from the 7th onward.


You are the star of the show this month, dear Taurus, with an intense congestion of planets in your birthday sign! There’s so much to do, so many things to be and so many competing desires and initiatives. Your job is to take some time to tune in and decide what it is that you want. Relationships are very demanding at the start of May with an important partnership or collaboration reaching a powerful turning point. This is your chance to end things with people who just drain your energies and to make space for something new. It’s also a chance to change your own attitude toward others. Make yourself and your own projects a priority this month - especially in the second half of May. Let your ruminations sink in deeply to help you decide who you are becoming. Make a commitment to honour your intentions and desires at the New Moon in your sign, May 19th.

You are in the early stages of a total transformation of your career, public image and the way you see your role in the world. It could be due to parenthood, or because your life goals are changing or perhaps you are considering a career change or wish to transform your reputation. You’ve been in shock, sort of, intensely thinking about your direction in life for the past six weeks. It’s time to take a step back and review where you are so far. Meanwhile, Jupiter in your sign - a once every dozen years event! - is picking you out as the world’s favourite all the way till your next birthday. Luck is on your side! This is the birthday year to push forward with all your aims!

May 20th-26th could make near impossible demands on your time and energy. A home or family situation could require urgent attention and this could generate conflict in your career, relationships and personal endeavours. You can ride the storm and resolve the tension using the versatile resources at your fingertips. Learning how to use your talents and resources more flexibly to achieve your dreams is essential now. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars bring great intellectual stimulation and energy May 7th-20th.


Time for a retreat, dear Gemini. If there was ever a month promising intellectual, emotional and spiritual enlightenment, this is it. You can spend time alone, throw yourself into a creative project or do intense therapy if you wish - anything to remove you from the outside world and help you come into contact with your own life force. But first, there’s some practical matters that seem to be getting in the way. These culminate early in the month at the May 5th lunar eclipse. It could be your work, a toxic schedule that doesn’t allow you time to recuperate, bad habits or a health matter that comes to your attention. Do what you need to address it and process the energy, physically, out of your body. You need some serious RnR this month so give yourself this gift of personal care.

Your outlook on life may have taken a bit of a beating in the past six weeks. Perhaps you’re shocked to see your views change so much, or perhaps you’ve suffered a loss of faith. Or you may be thinking you need to study or travel more and you crave greater freedom or greater outreach with your ideas. All that has had you so preoccupied that only now are you beginning to take a step back so you can review the bigger picture of your life. Tend to your spiritual and psychological wellbeing as you do so. Check in with yourself. You’ll understand your situation better in the second half of the month, as your ruler, Mercury, goes direct, and you can begin firing on all cylinders once more. Use May 19th to make a spiritual commitment to yourself so you can keep your connection with your inner voice strong as you move forward.

Travel could be stressful May 20th-26th - or it could be challenging communications that rattle you, or some other situation that creates a crisis of faith. But that’s exactly where you and your communications skills can truly shine! Use this as a practice test for your brilliant personality. Act responsibly and you cannot but gain respect. This is a good month to treat yourself and make yourself feel special - especially from May 7th onwards - just in time for your birthday.


Risk-reward is where it’s at, dear Cancer. This month is all about your friendships, clubs and group involvements, the kinds of people you collaborate and surround yourself with, and whether they are truly in alignment with your own dreams and ideals. The May 5th eclipse brings a culmination to your creative, romantic and speculative endeavours, revealing information to help you make better decisions in your team. In the past six weeks, you’ve been taking your first tentative steps toward greater empowerment - exploring different financial avenues and testing the water in new intimate and business partnerships. The time has now come to begin to assess your first findings.

Tons of energy is focused on collaborative projects, associations and clubs this month. Perhaps you’re re-evaluating who your people really are, who’s got your back, where you belong, or whether a particular friendship, group or collaboration is the right one for you. You’ll be ready to push forward with your findings in the second half of May, when you’ll also have Jupiter’s help, bringing you many a boon through your friends, allies and social circle. It’s time to pull out all the stops and go for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Venus in your sign from May 7th increases your allure and with Mars there too until the 20th, you’re pretty much irresistible. Use this period to stake your claim. May 20th-26th could see you entering hot ground financially, facing opposition, or simply at the foot of an ambitious mountain to climb. Your intuition holds the key here. Take time to tune inwards. Perhaps this is the time to try some meditation techniques to help you stay open to solutions and allow the forces of the universe to flow in your favour.


All the lights are green, dear Leo, for you to reach for your goals! Your star is rising, your reputation is growing - and Jupiter is sure to boost your public image starting mid-May and the way til May 2024. But first, you need to clear some toxicity around your home and family life. All sorts of old bad stuff is coming to the surface now - all the better to be cleared out of your life. The whole thing culminates at the lunar eclipse of May 5th when a property, home or family matter comes to a head, bringing a lot of emotional baggage to the surface. Time to do a psychological house-clearing and leave the past behind. More so as you are entering a transformative time in your life, relationship-wise.

You may still be in shock about the new relationship dynamics you find yourself in, as May enters. As the tension begins to slowly dissipate, you can start to breathe again and review how your power-base is shifting. By mid-May, you’re ready to tentatively push forward with your worldly plans. Let the ideas seeded in your mind begin to take shape in the second half of May, and set a most delicious intention on May 19th of where you want to be this time next year.

On May 20th Mars enters your sign and you can finally put your foot down and take charge of your own life. If you’ve felt truly put upon for the past six weeks, you’ll like being back in charge come the 20th and all the way to early July. May 20th-26th is when relationship tensions could really rock your world. If the deadlock becomes unbearable, know that you can rely on friends and allies to mediate on your behalf and offer some flexible workarounds. You are learning to trust and rely on others more and this is your first chance to test these new muscles on your social circle. As for pleasure, that’s to be found in private behind closed doors this month. Give yourself some time away from the hustle and bustle after May 7th.


It’s time to vastly expand your world, dear Virgo! Whatever you thought you knew - your worldview, your outlook, religion or expertise - it’s all about to look so small compared to what’s in store for you. But first you need to clear some of the rubbish out of your head so you can make space for new ideas. The May 5th lunar eclipse could bring clarity and resolution to a matter that’s been plaguing you constantly - be it a neighbourhood issue, a colleague or sibling, paperwork, a piece of writing, a course, or even your daily commute. It’s time to air that dirty laundry and get everything out in the open so you can clear it in the light of day. Don’t be shy to bring a matter up now for discussion and resolution.

You can sense that changes are coming in your work and daily routine. Perhaps your work is changing, or perhaps you’re ready to retrain or put your skills to practice and be of real use in the world, doing what you do best. You know deep down you need a radical change in lifestyle, whether for your own health or for greater job satisfaction. And this knowledge has made life difficult for the past six weeks. The micro-scrutiny now begins to dissipate and you can start reviewing these new inklings more objectively. With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde, you’ve been doing a major rethink of the bigger picture of your life of late. Mid-May, you’re ready to begin putting new ideas to the test. And you’ll be surprised how far you can spread your wings and fly in the next twelve months! Set your most expansive, adventurous and far-reaching intensions at the New Moon of May 19th and let them go into the ether.

May 20th-26th could prove particularly stressful for you work-wise. You could have competing demands on your time, having to do a lot of work behind the scenes or trying to work against people who undermine your efforts. Something has to give. Do take care of your health or the tension could express itself with a flare up. Whatever happens, know that you have the resources to deal with it, simply by doing what you do best. Mediate, communicate, edit, organise and make connections. Your flexibility is your strength and your skills and leadership will be much-needed. Bear in mind that you’re learning greater responsibility in relationships right now, so whatever solutions you find will be heavily oriented towards accommodating others. Venus eases social interactions from May 7th, and you can enjoy many a social get together with friends this month.


Your joint finances are a hot topic this month, dear Libra - all those interactions that energetically entangle you with others - be they joint resources, taxes, credit, debt, alimony, trusts, inheritances - as well as emotional and sexual dependencies that either feed or throw off your energy. The May 5th eclipse sheds light on what you need to feel secure - your own talents, assets, values and resources. What brings you a sense of confidence and sustenance? What can you truly rely upon? Keep that and jettison the rest. You can now clear any misunderstandings around who has what so you know where you stand.

Your heart yearns for rejuvenation this month. After testing the ground for the past six weeks - creatively or romantically - you are now ready to regroup and review your findings. As you do so, you’ll also be called to sort out any financial and emotional entanglements. This will take the bulk of your attention in May as you come up with new ways to handle both your finances and your intimate involvements. Get ready to begin testing out these ideas in the second half of May, when the financial winds start blowing much more favourably. You could see your luck increasing through closer bonds or a joint holding or investment, or merely by association. Plant positive and empowering financial seeds on the New Moon of the 19th.

Your public image is receiving a super-boost from Mars and Venus this month, especially from the 7th to the 20th. You can use this time to promote your aims and seek favour from higher ups. Watch out for the 20th-26th though, when there could be tensions among friends, in your social circle or in a collaborative project. Using legal constraints could help, as would the ability to step back from the whole thing and communicate the bigger picture.


Relationships, dear Scorpio, that’s where it’s at. There are some truly important people in your life right now and tying your fortune to theirs is your ticket out of whatever bind you find yourself in. Yes, others are lucky for you - partners, agents, clients - especially starting mid-May and all they way til may 2024! But first, there’s some negative energies that need to be cleared out from your aura. Anger and resentment you’re holding on to, slights, disappointments, hurts, traumas and other such things. Do a big sweep with the lunar eclipse in your sign and clean them all out! It’s time for this stuff to erupt to the surface so it can finally be processed out of your life. It’s crucial that you clear the air with friends now and hear what they have to say so you can put the past behind you.

You’ve been scrutinising the foundations of your life for the past six weeks thinking you need to revamp your life entirely, from the ground up. Perhaps you’re thinking about a home or property matter or contemplating some other radical personal move. The intensity begins to dissipate in May so you can begin to review these disturbing thoughts you’ve had. May 15th brings a definite shift in energy, when you can begin to test out new contracts, agreements and relationships to help change your life for the better. Set your relationship intensions for the year ahead at the New Moon of May 19th.

Come May 20th, it’s time to pour all your energy toward your career goals. This could generate extreme tension to begin with, around May 20th-26th, when you feel thwarted in your attempts to push forward. Financial flexibility is the key here, as well as finding clever solutions that allow you to merge your energies with others. A workaround is possible and it’s essential to develop good financial flexibility and knowhow if you are to get your creative ideas off the ground. And if you need to relax and let off steam, you can take a trip or immerse yourself in research you enjoy or in a good story. Venus offers many an opportunity for escape this month - physical or imaginary!


You’re oh so busy, dear Sagittarius, even if you don’t yet know it! May brings improvements around your work and lifestyle, your daily routine and your health. You may enter the month unsure which way to go but ideas will start maturing by mid-May and come the 19th you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward and implement some positive work and lifestyle changes. And all that’s no less because your ruler Jupiter enters your work and lifestyle arena, urging you to make small improvements in your life on every front!

Of course, nothing new can come in, if you don’t first take out the rubbish… And that’s where the May 5th lunar eclipse comes in. You’ve been carrying so much muck in your energy field, so many burdens from the past, so many unresolved feelings, hangups and disappointments, even karmic stuff that you may have been holding onto as a punishment. Time to let it all go. Let it go. Put the past behind you. The eclipse is here to hep you do just that.

You’re perfectly poised and ready to start interacting with your environment differently. Perhaps you’ve been frozen in time for the past six weeks or so, noticing new ideas come into your mind but not quite knowing what to do about it. Now you can take a step back and better organise your headspace to tackle your world. You’re not totally out of the woods yet as May 20th-26th highlights further stress-lines that you’ll need to address. If you’re negotiating a contract or agreement the key is to be flexible in your negotiations, whilst not compromising on your vision and principles. You’re setting your life on a new foundation and every contract or relationship will have to take that into account. Others are generous toward you this month and there’s great love and intimacy to be found, especially after May 7th.


May is such a creative, rejuvenating month for you, dear Capricorn. It’s an opportunity to experience more love and joy in your life. The time has come to get creative, connect with your inner child that wants to play - or with your own children - and do things simply because they are fun or feel good. If peer pressure has been holding you back from expressing yourself, the May 5th eclipse allows you to clear toxic people and ideas from your life so you can be free to be yourself. A friendship may end now or you may decide to leave a group or social circle due to a mismatch in ideologies.

Your own values, principles - and your finances - have been under the microscope for the past six weeks. It’s time to let this intense scrutiny slowly dissipate and assess how your priorities are changing. Love and joy are the name of the game. Perhaps you are ready to fall in love. Or perhaps you want to have more fun and be more creative or turn a hobby into a business. Well, the universe is on your side! By mid-May you’ll be ready to test new creative ideas out in the real world or try a new romantic approach. Set a new intention for rejuvenation, as well as greater creativity, love and joy in your life at the New Moon on the 19th.

Brace for some serious physical and financial intensity to build up in your body or assets around May 20th-26th. If the situation feels impossible, know that the universe has provided a window for you to find a clever solution around this matter. Be flexible in your routine and do what you can to stay responsive to what happens. You are on a great learning curve right now and the time has come for a practice test. You can rely on others to bring some much needed ease and harmony in your life this month so make sure you don’t go it alone.


Your home is a hotbed of activity, dear Aquarius. The energies are gathering all around your roots, highlighting your living situation, your physical home or property, your family, your parents, your nation, your estate or legacy. You’ve been through two years of major changes in your career and home life and, come May 5th, it’s time to get rid of your old public image and start building afresh. Something powerful culminates in your worldly role, career or reputation now, allowing you to leave the past behind and go forward with a lighter step. You’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s going to be an extraordinary transformation of your entire personality over the next twenty years. The intense feelings of the past six weeks begin to slowly dissipate now, giving you some much needed breathing room to regroup, ready for 2024.

You’re planting new seeds at the very roots of your being, your home and private life, but also your own sense of who you are deep down inside. You can tentatively begin testing these seeds from the middle of the month onwards, setting some new intentions for your private life and wellbeing at the New Moon of the 19th. With Jupiter there to help you, you can make huge strides over the next year to expand your base and develop greater self reliance.

You may feel strongly challenged around May 20th-26th - either by a competitor or in a personal or business relationship. Difficult as that is, this showdown could galvanise your creativity and desire for greater love and romance. A young person or child could also prove to be the perfect mediator here or you could let off some steam through sports and creative projects. This could also be a testing time for your finances and your self-confidence - all the better to build strength. Venus makes your daily routine more pleasant starting May 7th so perhaps you could develop some calming habits to help alleviate any stress.


Get ready for a burst of communications, travel and commotion, dear Pisces. Your world is about to spring to life and stimulate you immensely - more so mid-May, when Mercury turns direct and Jupiter enters Taurus, bringing luck to all media, study, writing and communications projects - as well as contracts and paperwork. Take your time to mull things over till then, as new ideas are taking shape in your head as we speak.

But first, you’ll need to clear some preconceived notions from your mind. All kinds of abstract ideas that bear little resemblance to reality seem jammed in your head and are clouding your judgment. Prejudices and assumptions prevent you from listening to others, communicating clearly and learning from experience. So the sooner you let go of these toxic judgments and preconceptions the better. The May eclipse helps you do just that, dissolving false beliefs so you can begin seeing life from a new perspective. Love and romance heats up May 7th-20th which is also when your popularity grows. You’ll have plenty of new and exciting things to feel happy and creative about this month!

You’re in the process of building a new identity and letting go of much of your old life. You may have glimpsed some of the demons hiding under your bed over the past six weeks and mistaken them for enemies out there, when they are in fact complexes and blind spots in your own mind. As the intensity of these strange encounters begins to subside, you can begin getting ready for a powerful psychological journey of self-discovery that’s yet to come. Watch out for May 20th-26th when your days could get rather intense. Be careful when handling tools or machinery. Help diffuse the tension by pouring it into your home or clarifying your family dynamics. This crisis may offer a testing ground of this new identity you’re in the process of building.

Image by Sean Pierce [cropped] from Unsplash,

Article by YourAstroGenes.


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