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The Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio 2022-23: Living On The Edge

As the Great Dragon spreads across Taurus and Scorpio, the world enters a massive healing crisis...

On January 18th 2022 the Lunar Nodes enter Taurus and Scorpio till July 17th 2023. Time for the world to have a massive detox!

With the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, we’re in for a time where the hunger for riches feeds a frenzy of corruption.

Our finances, our natural resources, our very bodies are at stake now, as a whole new karmic stack of lessons comes due.

The Lunar Nodes a.k.a. 'Great Dragon'

The Lunar Nodes are where Sun, Moon and Earth align bringing us the eclipses - where the mythical 'Great Dragon' periodically swallows the Sun and Moon, driving human evolution. The Nodes are the portals where we digest old experience and seek fresh nourishment.

The Dragon has a Tail and a Head and so we have the South and North Nodes. The South Node or 'Dragon’s Tail' acts as a centre of gravity, its worst features often a locus of energy driving global developments. It is where we succumb to temptation and let our demons run the show.

It's this mindless thrashing of the Dragon’s Tail that creates karmic ripples and dominates the times.

The North Node or Dragon’s Head is where we are called to shine the light of consciousness to break out of old destructive patterns and make a different choice. The North Node acts as a beacon of light, pointing to unfamiliar territory that provides solutions if explored. Venturing there, however, requires awareness and a conscious decision on our part.

If the South Node is the poison of the times, the North Node is the antidote.

Looking back, we have seen this play out on a mass scale mid-2020 to end 2021 with the South Node in Sagittarius unleashing propaganda on a mass scale - a single narrative that drowned out all other voices. The Gemini North Node meanwhile called for data transparency, a healthy scepticism and inquisitiveness as well as open dialogue - an option scarcely taken. Net result? A karmic whiplash of division and fanaticism. Now, the Nodes move to fixed, substantive signs Scorpio and Taurus and the plot thickens… What we are left with now is a sense of betrayal and a loss of trust. What was once an academic matter now has very real repercussions for our livelihood and our survival.

South Node in Scorpio, North Node in Taurus 2022-23

With the South Node in Scorpio, our very survival is at stake. If there ever was a sign whose negative side represented the darkest aspects of human nature - crime, abuse, betrayal and corruption - this is it.

Here we have collective trauma caused by deep financial and moral degradation. We can expect the stench of toxicity present our current systems to reach suffocating proportions over the next couple of years. It’s time to face the very possibility of our own extinction, to follow the money to its source and to expose our deepest, darkest and most shameful secrets.

It’s time for our world to go through a major healing crisis so it can eventually return to a more wholesome state. Unpleasant as this process might be, it’s the only way to draw out the poisons.

So what’s the Taurus antidote? Wholesomeness! A return to nature, simplicity, love, the things we can trust. What’s anything worth? What’s the value of a life, our earth, your time? If you’re lost in a deep dark labyrinth, the key is to not ignore the obvious. Taurus is like a rock, holding its ground, even if surrounded by hell and all its hounds. It’s time to be strong, unmovable, fully present. Appreciate what’s right in front of you.

Taurus also represents a return to common sense, something which seems in relatively short supply. Our earth, our very ecosystem and physical resources now urgently need our attention. So do our very own bodies, the immune system that keeps us alive and the soil and food we grow and eat. So does our financial system, our livelihoods and the very values that underpin our civilisation. All these are treasures to be guarded now against immense powers of corruption - the poison sting of the Scorpion.

It’s time to take a step back from the precipice and invest for the longer term!

On a personal level too, life is about to get rather intense. With the South Node in Scorpio, it’s time for us all to face our fears and examine our own bottomless pit of shame and horror, jealousy and greed, hatred and rage. It’s time to process old trauma, purge our own bodies and souls of toxicity and return to our senses. It’s time to learn greater self-sufficiency.

South Node in Scorpio: Easy Money?

Scorpio and Taurus are quintessentially financial signs and we saw markets hit the rocks and inflation rising as soon as the eclipses began in Scorpio and Taurus in November 2021. The next year and a half should see historically significant changes in our fortunes and our financial system.

Overall, with Scorpio hosting the South Node and Pluto in its last legs in Capricorn, this is largely a corrupting trend, taking the guise of artificial tricks to maximise gains. It's also sure to be dotted about with electrifying shocks and surprises (due to Uranus in Taurus) in an increasingly financially digitised world.

Looking back, the Dragon's Tail in Scorpio seems to be associated with ‘easy money’.

The previous passage of the South Node through Scorpio was in 2003-2004. This coincided with easy debt and the rise of sub-prime mortgage lending (complex financial instruments being a Scorpio tool), which led to the banking crisis of 2008.

Looking back another 20 years, the South Node was in Scorpio once again in 1984-1986. This was a time of ‘easy money’ via stock trading, leading up to the so called stock market ‘big bang’ of financial deregulation.

There seems to be a trend here of facilitating gain through artificial means. This could be through the manipulation of interest rates, through huge profit margins and tax-breaks, and through the creation of extra leverage or the introduction of loopholes and financial instruments of ever greater complexity.

(As an aside, a quick perusal of the reverse periods, with the South Node in Taurus, might be due. This seems to reveal a whole other evil - remember the South Node always reveals the worst aspects of a sign - and in Taurus we have a withholding trend. Here we have the bond market crisis of 1994, perhaps prompted by the Fed's attempt to shrink the money supply. Here we have the financial regulations of 2012-14 that practically destroyed the financial industry, hoarded wealth, strangled lending for ordinary people and only allowed existing asset-holders to get richer - in line with the broader aims of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, by the way, and the unprecedented ‘money-printing’ to prop up the status quo.)

If Taurus represents real assets and Scorpio leverage, then 2022 should bring opportunities to generate short term artificial gains, totally divorced from the real economy. Seen in the light of the bigger trend of Pluto in Capricorn encouraging this sort of corrupt behaviour since 2008, that might well be what eventually incites a veritable revolution, as Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-24 and beyond. Needless to say, the Taurus North Node points to real assets, wholesome resources and the investment in things of intrinsic value as the more enlightened way forward for our survival.

South Node Co-Ruler, Pluto’s Last Year in Capricorn

Is it a coincidence that the South Node enters Scorpio just as Pluto traverses the last degrees of Capricorn?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, lord of karma, and Pluto there has amassed a heavy debt, literally and spiritually, since 2008, with our corporate, financial and political elites amassing such great wealth, power and control that transforming our corrupt systems is now a matter of life and death. The South Node's entry into Scorpio, Pluto’s sign, during the last stint of Pluto in Capricorn (and the USA Pluto Return), suggests that we're now reaching an important decision point, an important turning point in this story.

Age old poisons are now ripe for transmutation and the next year and a half brings one of the greatest opportunities for transformation and accelerated growth in recent human history.

This won’t happen overnight of course and the darkest hour is always before the dawn. We need to draw strength now from simple pleasures, to appreciate everything we have, to let love conquer hate, as all these poisons flow out.

It's perhaps worth noting that the other ruler of the Scorpio South Node is Mars, which turns retrograde at the end of 2022, giving us a chance to thorough re-assess our situation. With the ruler of the North Node, Venus, also retrograde as the Nodes change signs, it's time to look inward for answers and recover something we've perhaps lost.

North Node Conjunct Uranus in Taurus Summer 2022

This time around, the transit of the North Node through Taurus does not happen all alone. We have Uranus in Taurus till 2026 and the twain shall meet (alongside Mars!) causing earth-shattering shake ups and revelations in the summer of 2022, end of July-early August. Destabilising as this may be - with things like earthquakes, both literal and financial/political, being a real danger - this is a positive development in the long run, freeing up financial avenues and opening up new portals for living on this earth and for the mass awakening (and liberation, really) of the human race.

The last time we had Uranus and the North Node in Taurus together was in 1855. This coincided with a period of economic growth, as well as spiritualism (Neptune was in Pisces then too as it is now). It also coincided with the removal of stamp duty from newspapers in the UK, opening up a whole new huge mass market and creating new avenues for wealth. We’re now already in the midst of a financial revolution via digital (Uranus) currency (Taurus), as well as new and innovative (Uranus) ways to handle our resources and physicality (Taurus). There should be some exciting developments in 2022. Watch for the Uranus-North Node conjunction on the 31st of July 2022, followed by Mars conjunct both the North Node and Uranus in early August 2022.

The Lunar Nodes in Your Personal Birth Chart…

Events tend to gather rapid momentum around the South Node, much like a car rolling down the hill without a driver. But that’s on a mass level. For you, as an individual, it’s different. Because your car has a driver - you.

While you may find the world at large mindlessly playing out the themes of the South Node, this need not be true in your personal life. Each and every one of us has the power of choice. To shine a light of consciousness on what’s going on and choose something different. To take the road less travelled.

And where the South Node is concerned, there’s also such a thing as ‘reaping good karma’, after all. You’re getting your 'just deserts’ where the South Node is found, whether that’s a pat on the back or slap around the ear.

Enjoy the fruit of past labours when they come, but don’t linger... It’s time to pivot and let new and unfamiliar vistas call you forth.

Living life on the edge can be searing for the senses with the South Node in Scorpio. Frazzled like that, it’s important to find some quiet time to ‘earth’ your overcharged electric field, to connect with nature, honour your physical body, appreciate what is working in your life. Time to enjoy simple pleasures. Stand firm amid the carnage, return to simplicity and learn to trust again.

Lunar Nodes 2022-23 Mini-Horoscope...

In very broad terms, here's how the next year and a half will transform your personal world…

  • Aries and Libra, time to reassess your finances and the values and bonds you hold dear.

  • Taurus and Scorpio, your very identity is about to be transformed and with it how you connect with others.

  • Gemini and Sagittarius, get ready to change your lifestyle and habits!

  • Cancer and Capricorn, your joyful self-expression and your sense of belonging to this world is at stake.

  • Leo and Aquarius, get ready for a total change of your home life and career.

  • Virgo and Pisces, it’s time to learn new things and revolutionise the way you think.

Eclipses 2022

The Great Dragon marks the points of the eclipses, which are now firmly in Scorpio and Taurus. In 2022 we have four eclipses, two around the North Node and two around the South Node. Notably, this is a year of Blood Moons or Total Lunar Eclipses, a year of nail-biting culminations, revelations and cliffhanger finales…:

Aspects to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio 2022:

  • Jupiter square Nodes on 3 January: a moment of spiritual decision making.

  • Pluto trine North Node / sextile South Node 14 February: we tend to sleepwalk through soft aspects like these and this may facilitate power-moves with little resistance, but also a sense of empowerment.

  • Neptune sextile North Node / trine South Node 29 March: this moment could, again, find us fast asleep. This is an opportunity for a spiritual or mystical experience.

  • Sun square Nodes 15 February & 10 August: These dates, always arriving twice a year, mark the half-way points between the eclipses. They represent key pivot points, important decisions. Will we choose the trodden path or brave something new? The August 10th square is especially ground-breaking.

  • Saturn square Nodes 11 April: This is a rare decisive moment for our social structures and civil society. Will we decide to reinforce the old and destructive social divisions or move toward something more wholesome and inclusive?

  • Mercury conjunct North Node 23 April / South Node 6th November: On April 23rd, Mercury shows us unfamiliar but inspired new paths for growth and innovation. On November 6th (close to the total lunar eclipse of November 8th), we get a glimpse of destructive patterns we need to change.

  • Uranus conjunct North Node 31 July: This is perhaps one of the most important aspects this year, a moment of absolute clarity and liberation, showing us the path to wholeness even if it seems unlikely, unexpected, unpredictable, unusual, kooky and just plainly crazy. We see the truth. A moment of liberty, shock and revelation.

  • Mars conjunct North Node/Uranus 1-2 August: This is a moment of shock, a volatile, explosive moment of unruly force, a break for freedom or aggressive act. Financial markets could have unexpected turns. This moment could also represent major earth events like an earthquake or volcanic eruption. The summer could see disruptive and discontinuous sudden changes that could see us come unstuck.

  • Sun conjunct North Node 13 May / South Node 5 November: These dates are extremely important as they align with the two blood moons of 2022, i.e. the total lunar eclipses of May 16th and November 8th. May 13th shines a light on our True North, whereas November 8th brings old poisons forth so they can be cleared from the system.

  • Venus on North Node 16 June / on South Node 3 November: June 16th is a moment to ditch false ideas and align our values to our true north. November 3rd could highlight people, investments, values and principles in our lives that have already borne their fruit and no longer serve us. It's time to deal with unfinished business. This latter aspect is bound with the total lunar eclipse of November 8th.

PS: I work with the so called ‘True Nodes’ - the actual position of these mathematical calculations - as opposed to the ‘Mean Nodes’ - their average position. Their movement can be a little wobbly (taking one step forward and two steps back) and so the two can come apart. The Mean Node’s entry into Scorpio-Taurus is calculated for December 23rd 2021, and the True Node’s entry for January 18th 2022.

Article updated July 2022.

Image by Shayna Take from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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