You’re the superstar of 2021, dear Aquarius! The world, in many ways, is going your way, pushing you squarely into the spotlight. Are you ready to reinvent yourself? To put yourself to the test? You are eager to experiment but it’s not all fun and games. You feel the weight of responsibility resting heavily on your shoulders. The decisions you now make could define you for a long way to come. And so there you stand, on the threshold of a brave new world, ready to step up to the plate. And yet, you yourself are getting unstuck way down underneath. You, more than anyone, are used to knowing where you stand. But right now, your foundations are shaken to their core. Your home and family life has changed so radically over the past two years that you find yourself becoming a whole different person. It’s liberating in fact. But how can you keep a straight face in view of all that? You’ll just have to accept this new adventure and make it up as you go along.

The biggest problem you face is that you cannot speak your mind freely. Your environment is rather delicate and you have to walk around rather gingerly being conscious of your behaviour. Still, the way to truly step into your authority this year is to voice the truth, even if others don’t want to hear it. Perhaps no one wants to know about the elephant in the room. But that’s just tough. Speaking up and healing rifts in your environment is exactly what helps you grow and mature, establishing a powerful presence. Even if it sometimes feels as if it makes you slightly unpopular.

It’s time to express yourself unashamedly! The eclipses ignite your creativity and it’s time to think about yourself for once. What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing? Children have lots to teach you this year, helping you rediscover the child within. It’s time to stop trying to fit in according to some idea that’s past its sell by date and retrieve your sense of fun. May, June and December will go a long way helping you lose your social inhibitions. The world needs your unique You right now. And if you don’t yet quite know who you, you’ll have plenty an opportunity to find out. Give February over to trying different identities on for size. Use June to enjoy love or drag a creative project off the back burner. Armed with that, come October you’re ready to decide what you believe in and act on it.

You’ve been making big sacrifices for the past couple of years, ignoring your own needs in service of something greater necessity. Time to put yourself first. And if in doubt, December 2021 gives you another opportunity to reassess the power-structures that hold you back, perhaps even your own fears and demons, and come to big realisations. That, coupled with the many inner changes that are to come from November onwards are sure to transform your home and family life, as well as your overall life direction in the years to come.

Lucky Jupiter is in your sign this year giving you a great opportunity to shine! Now’s the time to pursue goals that are personally important to you - especially till May and from August onwards. Saturn is also there holding you in check, making sure you don’t shirk your responsibilities so don’t worry. Just go for it. Your expenses may rise from mid-May to July, but you’ll also have a financial cushion and opportunities to increase your earnings.