This is the year to focus on your goals and aspirations, dear Aries. Time to decide what kind of world you want to build, the contribution you want to make and the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Jupiter and Saturn are here to help you firmly establish yourself in your circles and receive your due recognition and rewards. The only difficulty? It’s financial. The way you earn your living is changing and you have to navigate through these changes amid great financial instability this year. On a deeper level, this is all about your value system. In order to achieve your goals you’ll have to carry out some upgrades - to revolutionise the way you earn your living and the very principles you hold dear. This creative struggle will be the major highlight this year. It’s progress or perish if you are to make the contribution you seek and get yourself to a profitable place.

Navigating these changes will require you to take an honest look at how you see yourself, your appearance and your very identity. This is no time to let your personal gripes stand in the way of the future you want for yourself. Dare to be vulnerable. Dare to expose your weaknesses. You may not see this initially but that’s exactly what will allow your own authentic leadership to emerge. You can inspire others with your authenticity, leading to lifelong friendships and a solid place in the world that ensures future rewards.

Reviewing how you interact with others - on the personal, professional and social level - is key this year. Mercury retrograde in February and June puts your focus on your friendships, your social circle and your commercial relationships. This includes revisiting how you communicate, network and connect with the world and you’ll need to learn some new tricks. By October it’s time to review personal relationships and business partnerships; you may have some stiff competition. Progress lies in learning, networking and maintaining clear communication and you’ll see that in June. It’s time to trust in direct experience and leave behind any dogmatic views and generalised philosophies - especially around the eclipses of May and December.

Your finances are already going through a major shake up and, come November, you’ll be ready to review your resources and totally transform the way you make a living. The past couple of years saw you mature and rise to a position of greater authority. Come December 2021, you’re ready to re-assess your career, public image and place in the world.

You’re protected through strong friendships and associations this year and your social circles are sure to bring you luck - especially till mid-May and from August onwards. But you’ll also need to do your bit to make sure you’re able to fulfil your dreams and make a solid contribution. Your intuition is also strong and you have a lot of spiritual protection around you. This is especially so from mid-May to end July and no less due to your own generosity of spirit.