There’s a lot of energy gathering in the most intense and private part of your chart, dear Cancer, the one to do with finances, relationships, crisis and transformation. This is the kind of energy you can use to totally transform your life - to clear away debt, gain sponsorship and form close bonds that will stand the test of time. It’s time to jettison any and all toxicity - emotional, physical or financial - from your life and your body. This will require effort and constancy on your part, even in the face of great instability in the world around you. In truth, it is your own aspirations that are changing, often unrecognisably so. This is no time to be giving into peer pressure. You want to showcase your uniqueness and be surrounded by likeminded free spirits, who support your dreams. Doing so whilst honouring your closest bonds and the trust that others place in you is going to be a difficult tightrope this year.

The key to solving this riddle lies in embracing your desire for a more authentic career path, one that truly reflects who you are. You’re emerging as a bit of a maverick in the world and that can sometimes present problems when dealing with the bank or in any relationship based on trust. But the sooner you embrace your own maverick nature the better it will be for both parties, helping you form deeper bonds that can stand the test of time.

Expect big changes around your daily routine and your work-life balance this year. The eclipses precipitate deep psychological changes that allow you to find a more holistic way of living. You may need to pay attention to your health, both physical and psychological and ditch bad habits. This will prove imperative - especially in May and December this year. The way you work will also require revision, urging you to ditch work-related dogmas and pay more attention to your spiritual needs, especially in June. Mercury retrograde is here to help with a thorough review of your psychological and security patterns. This starts in February with a thorough review of your finances and closest relationships. In June, it will be time to examine subconscious patterns and give yourself time to heal. Finally, come October, you’ll be ready to take a more active approach in sorting out any problems around your residence, home and family.

You are ready to make your own unique mark on the world and, come November, the world is ready for you too. Time to make new friends, pursue your dreams and reap the rewards of your creative efforts. Demanding relationships have been a constant source of pressure over the past few years, with the intensity reaching breaking point last year. Come December, you’re ready to re-evaluate who’s worth keeping around and who’s not, all the better to strengthen your commitment.

You’ve an intense year ahead of you but you’ll also experience great support and generosity from others, both emotional and financial. Jupiter brings luck to all financial matters till mid-May and from August onwards. And if things sometimes just feel too heavy, get ready to lighten up this spring. Mid-May to July, you’ll have a chance to change scenery and spread your wings - whether it’s through actual travel or other expansive pursuits.