There’s a big emphasis on practical matters, dear Capricorn, and on all things that help sustain you - be they your physical strength, money or your talents. You’ve been through the grinder over the past couple of years, completely transforming your sense of who you are. Now it’s time to test your budding new identity in the real world. You want to have fun and pursue your hobbies and creative ideas. But you’ll need to square that off against financial considerations. Rising expenses could require careful money management on your part. Or you may have money but feel uncomfortable spending it until you know where more is coming from. This creative tension has a lot to teach you about what truly matters for you and what you’re prepared to spend your resources on. It’s time to build your strength from the bottom up, as you try to pursue all your ideas - and that includes your physical strength and fitness too.

Home, property and family related matters continue to poke a deep inner wound of insecurity. You’ll need to delve more deeply into what it means for you to have a home, to provide for your family and to secure your base. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to heal on that score with some proper financial management on your part. It’s time to plug the holes of your ship, to fortify your castle and create a deep and lasting sense of personal safety and self-reliance.

Your work, career and finances are all under the spotlight this year, as is your health and fitness goals. February urges a re-evaluation of what matters, urging you to examine the resources you have to fall back on. June is the time to review a work or health situation and make a fresh start. And by October, the spotlight is firmly on your career, direction and place in the world. With the eclipses giving your lifestyle a total overhaul, it’s important that you pay attention to your health and your working practices, especially in May and June. Get informed about what’s good for you and establish a good daily routine. This is a year to heal and let the past go. Practice discernment and don’t let your own blind spots get in the way. May and December will be cathartic, giving you a chance to cut karmic ties and simplify your life.

You are a totally different person today than you were even two years ago. And as 2021 draws to a close, you’ll be ready to reevaluate who you have become and consider changing your appearance to match. With the eclipses galvanising your creativity starting this November, you’ll soon be ready to let much more love, joy and happiness into your life.

Your expenses may rise this year but you’ll also have Jupiter’s financial luck and protection - especially till mid-May and from August onwards - with many opportunities to raise your income. This is just what you need as you’re trying to build something of lasting value in your life. Mid-May to July is a more care-free zone, a time to network and connect with uplifting people that’s sure to put you in a positive mindset.