This year, the spotlight falls on love, dear Libra, and the pursuit of happiness. And it’s about time too! After the crucifixion you’ve suffered, you’re ready to make space for more fun in your life. Only thing is, it’s been so long, you’re not quite sure where to begin. 2021 will bring ample opportunity to help you find out, whilst also making sure you don’t waste your time with superficial pleasures. You’re looking for the real thing this time. And that will require that you put your heart to the test. Doing so whilst also cutting old emotional and financial ties is sure to make the whole process extra intense and adventurous, but hey. Others will just have to adapt as you relate to them from a place of greater emotional and financial independence. If you have children, they will feature largely in these equations, as will the need to take calculated risks in a climate of financial volatility.

The key to handling these issues lies in addressing your own relationship wounds. This will allow you to approach others from a place of greater authenticity. While certain people seem intent on putting a crimp on your style, they’re instrumental in helping you discover what truly makes you happy. By pulling back your own projections you have a chance at deep inner contentment and the foundation of future fulfilment.

This year’s eclipses stimulate your mind. You’re ready to break out of the confines of your own back yard and venture into the word beyond. No more hunkering down. It’s time to take risks and spread your wings, exploring new and more far-reaching vistas. This will require you to liberate yourself from old and stale mental habits, with May-June and December instrumental on that front. You can have tons of fun, believe it or not, and you’ll know this as soon as February. That’s when you get a chance to revisit and review the contents of your heart. Come June, you’re in a more philosophical mood as you aim to come up with an upgraded life vision. By October you seem to hold all the cards, as others wait for you to examine what you want and make a decision. Take your time.

You’ve been in a process of disentanglement and financial liberation for the past couple of years. Come November, you’re ready to make huge strides, purging your life of toxic situations and experiencing new levels of freedom in the years to come. The past few years have seen major crises in your home-base and family life. As the year comes to an end in December, it’s time of a major reassessment of home and family matters, clarifying any remaining issues for you.

The cosmos wants you to get a taste of happiness this year, dear Libra. And Jupiter is doing his best on that front from January to mid-May and from August onwards. Mid-May to July, Jupiter moves to your work sector bringing you some great opportunities and helping you establish a more meaningful daily practice.