You’re a dreamer at the best of times, dear Pisces, and this year, you’re truly entering the Dreamtime... With a posse of planets in the most hidden area of your chart it’s time to take a majestic bow, get off the stage and delve into the inner recesses of your soul. You can do so by getting creative, developing a spiritual practice or going into therapy. You may also want to go into service, for instance joining charities or large institutions or even entering politics. Your prophetic qualities are needed right now - you’re being called to a higher purpose. The challenge you’ll face is one of self-expression. You’re on an amazing learning curve and are developing your own unique and original voice. And while that’s great for your creativity, it might not always be welcome within established institutional structures. Your mind is buzzing with ideas, coming alive, and you won’t be able to suppress them, try as you might. You’ll grapple with how your perceptions are changing against a backdrop of convention and acceptability, whether external or your own. Keep at it and you can achieve some real social and psychological reform.

What might hold you back at times is an insidious lack of self esteem. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have anything worthwhile to offer. Or the problem may be physical. You have huge financial insecurities or feel that you cannot trust your body to sustain you. It is essential that you do all you can to restore your unique authentic strength, your resources and your self-worth this year. It’s this kind of sustenance that will help you put the past behind you and be of service to all.

The eclipses call you back home this year, away from the public eye. It’s time to tend to your roots and develop a greater sense of inner safety and self reliance. February is a time of soul searching while May and December bring major career and life decisions. It’s time to ditch that old public image, those stale career goals that are now dead and spent and orient yourself toward a more fulfilling direction. June will help you do just that, bringing a review of your home situation and a private new beginning. Financial matters are energised in October and may be challenging, urging you to review the situation and make positive changes. There’s just a great emphasis on psychological growth for you this year.

The best news? Jupiter briefly enters your sign mid-May to July and you’ll feel all doors opening wide - a trend that will resume in 2022. For the rest of the year, Jupiter offers unparalleled spiritual - and institutional - protection, allowing you to venture inward and carry out some soul retrieval.

Come November, you’re starting to feel more sociable and by 2022, nothing can hold you back. You’re ready to expand your mind and become a mouthpiece for new and exciting ideas. The past few years have seen you rise in stature and meet some powerful people. But you’re now ready for something new. Older and wiser, by December you’ll want to reassess your aspirations, your friendships and the kind of people you want to call your own.