Everything is changing for you in the most exciting ways, dear Sagittarius. You are challenging yourself intellectually, learning new skills and interacting with your environment from a place of greater authority. And you’ll have some amazing opportunities to connect with the right people to help you along this journey this year. All you need is to listen and learn, practice your communication skills and apply the greatest rigour to your ideas. You’re in a studious mood. Meanwhile, your work and your daily routine have been turned on their head, and you’ll have to come up with new ways to function. These changes in lifestyle, whilst unnerving, also give you greater freedom. Still, establishing a productive daily routine will often prove stressful this year, with simple administrative matters - such as work, study and daily chores, getting from A to B, and keeping up with your communications - presenting fresh challenges.

You’re on a major learning curve this year. But in order to get the most out of it, you’ll need to address old wounds that you still carry in your heart. These might be from an old love relationship, a creative enterprise or some other risky venture gone wrong. Don’t fall into the trap of shutting your heart away, of going into all-work-and-no-play mode. It’s time to heal your heart. Finding joy in your activities can only serve to stimulate your mind and increase the positive impact you can have on your environment.

The eclipses are in your sign and it’s time to transform yourself and your relationships completely. Time to ditch that old, stale self-image and let others show you a whole new side of yourself. Major decisions are in store this May-June and December! You are venturing into unfamiliar territory relationship-wise and an attitude of openness and experimentation will serve you well. Let others show you the path. You are reviewing all the ways in which you connect with others this year. February finds you in a particularly studious mood, reviewing ideas and reconnecting with people from your network. June is the time to review where an important partnership is going and make a fresh start. And by October, you’ll be ready to address any issues in your friendships and your social circle, taking a more active problem-solving approach.

Your lifestyle has been radically changing for the past two years and, by November, you’ll be ready to establish a whole new work routine and daily practice. Your finances have been a major source of concern for the past few years but the pressure has now begun to ease. Come December, you’ll be ready to reassess your finances, take a close look at your talents and resources and take more of your power back.

You’re on an incredible learning curve in 2021 and your mind is stimulated no end. With other people being such a positive influence in your life, make sure you network like a fiend, especially till mid-May and from August onwards. An open mind and careful attitude will serve you best. If you’re looking to buy the home of your dreams, start a family or explore your inner world, your luck opens mid-May and until July. Plus more of that’s to come in 2022.