Time to set your life on a whole new foundation, dear Scorpio. Property matters feature largely on your mind. And yet on a deeper level, it’s all about establishing a solid base of operations for yourself and your family, a safe haven that forms cornerstone of future growth. And while you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find your ideal home, it will also feel like a big ask and a big commitment on your part. And that’s because you cannot rely on others. You’re having to make major life decisions all by yourself, in the midst of major relationship instability. Are the people now by your side still gonna be by your side tomorrow? Are you recently single and feeling disoriented? Others are simply far too unpredictable, putting the onus on you. The only solution? To slowly build greater self-reliance, whilst allowing others the freedom to come and go as they please. It might not seem that way at first, but it’s you who actually craves greater independence and others are only too happy to oblige.

A daily practice that supports healing and wholeness will be essential in keeping you on an even keel, both physically and psychologically. Take good care of yourself and address any health concerns. Give yourself over to work that speaks to your innermost need for to share your skills. This might prove challenging at times but your persistence will only make you stronger.

Your finances are also in the spotlight this year, activated by the eclipses. May and December bring some major financial decisions that also reflect a shift in your priorities. On a deeper level it’s time to take a fresh look at what you have to offer and what’s of greatest value to you. This is also the year when the cosmos will give you your due rewards. The cosmos is urging you to learn to trust others again and throw your lot into joint ventures - especially in June. You’re on a psychological journey of discovery, giving you the chance to review your emotional security patterns. February brings a chance to review your home and family situation, a major action arena for 2021, whilst June sheds light on your finances and relationships of trust. October might prove a more challenging time when you’re faced with your own shadow. Make time to rest and recuperate right before your birthday.

Your relationships are on a rollercoaster ride of late and things get more exciting this November. That’s when the eclipses enter your sign, bringing new people into your life where need be and precipitating your transformation. Managing your daily life has been exceedingly difficult of late, with paperwork, transport and communications being a real headache. You’ve made great strides and the pressure is starting to ease. Come December, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate all kinds of day-to-day, contractual and administrative matters and decide how you want to proceed.

You’re lucky in all property-related matters this year, especially till mid-May and from August onwards. These are ideal times in which to find a home or flatmate, buy, sell or move to a better space. From mid-May to July, Jupiter enters your house of love, creativity and personal fulfilment, giving you lots to look forward to. Moreover, that’s a happy trend that will resume again in 2022.