You’re one of the most hard-working signs, dear Virgo, and it’s time to do what you do best: get down to work. There are some amazing work opportunities coming your way but you’ll need to show discipline and put in the hours. Practice makes perfect and you’ll need lots of it to hone your skills, developing your technique and establishing the daily practices you want to see carry you forward. And all that’s well and good if only it didn’t clash with a huge desire for freedom, right now, to explore your options. You yearn to experiment, break out of your rut and expand your horizons. And that clashes with the limitations, time investment and sheer drudgery required at work. You’ll be grappling with that all year long as you put your skills to the test whilst seeking to spread your wings over a much wider and more exciting terrain.

The solution to this dilemma lies in establishing more meaningful work, giving your progressive ideas a platform to be voiced. But it also requires that you dig deep and purge your life of persistent debt and other toxic dependencies, both psychological and financial. Facing your demons with courage and honesty is exactly what allows you to enter a vulnerable space that can lend true power and authenticity to your work.

Your sense of life direction is undergoing major changes, thanks to the eclipses. This is the year of major decisions around home and family - especially in May and December - whilst you take tentative new steps in your career, especially in June. The thrust of growth is outward and into the public eye so don’t be shy. You need to leave the past behind and carve a brand new public identity for yourself. You’ll have repeated opportunities to review where you are headed professionally to help you make these decisions. February allows you to question the way you work and your daily practices, whilst June brings your career direction into question. Finally, October opens the lid on your finances, talents and resources, urging you to reconsider how you make a living.

A time is fast approaching, dear Virgo, when you can make your own indelible mark on the world and get your voice heard. This process is accelerated starting this November, opening new pathways for you to widen your reach. You’ve been thinking long and hard about what truly fulfils you over the past few years, something that has deepened your capacity for love and creativity. Come December, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate what makes you happy and make the appropriate corrections.

Jupiter brings you luck and some great opportunities to hone your skills and experience greater working freedom, especially till May and from August onwards. From mid-May to July, Jupiter crosses over to your partnership sector, bringing fortuitous encounters with others and bestowing his protection on your relationships.