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Pluto has been busy empowering you behind the scenes for the past 14 years, dear Aquarius, plugging you into powerful collective currents and giving you access to large institutions so you can draw from their vast resources. Your undercover journey is nearly complete and 2022 will see old institutional and psychological structures, which have so far propped up your life, crumble to give rise to something new. By 2023-24, you’ll be launching into a deep identity overhaul and a total personal transformation. Saturn has been paving the ground for a whole new identity ever since 2020, saddling you with heavy responsibilities whilst making you feel lonely in your task. While progress may seem slow, this painstaking procedure is exactly what ensures your full attention at every turn so you can be conscious of who you are becoming. By March 2023, as Saturn in your sign is replaced by Pluto, you’ll be ready to radically change your self-image and what you want out of life, in an empowering transformation that will last for years to come.

As if all that was not enough, Uranus, your ruler, is totally revolutionising your life from the ground up, turning your home and family situation upside down - and that is only the beginning. The 2022 eclipses will see a total recalibration of your overall orientation to life, from your home, family and security base to your career and direction in life. It’s time to ditch your old public image and reinvent your life from the bottom up. Whatever accolades may come to you, it is time to put your personal life first. Set your life on a new foundation and let the outer world chips fall where they may. Looking back, 2021 was particularly challenging as you tried to fulfil your duties whilst your living situation was in total disarray. Echoes of this may return in the autumn of 2022, if only briefly, serving to finally set you free to build the life you want.

Your finances may seem chaotic and at times overwhelming - and more so this year. Promises of great riches mingle with uncertainty as to where your next meal is coming from... The net effect is to make money seem surreal. Worry not. For you have Jupiter’s protection in your money house January-May, then again November and December. Just when all may seem lost, divine help is sure to appear out of nowhere and save the day. All this is teaching you to have faith and develop an attitude of material non-attachment while you dream big! May-October, you’ll be busy meeting people, exchanging ideas and connecting the dots — a very active and sociable period for you. This is also the perfect time for studying, writing and speaking. Time to find your own authentic voice and spread your unique and unusual message — something you will feel even more blessed to be able to do in the first part of 2023.

Venus Retrograde urged you to tackle your personal demons as 2022 got underway... And Mercury retrograde is hell-bent on putting you firmly in touch with your emotions and your security needs this year, before you can push forward with any goals, campaigns or creative projects. Take time to review your impulses against the emotional soup you’re swimming in, taking in both your own feelings as well as those of others around you, especially this January, May-June and September-October. Children, fun and creative projects will also feature largely in your life starting this August and all the way til March 2023 thanks to Mars spending seven months in the happiest place in your chart. October 2022-January 2023 is when Mars goes retrograde — an excellent time for a prolonged effort to turn a hobby into a business or bring a creative endeavour to fruition. You’ll need to pace yourself to stay the distance. Love and romance also promise to be eventful this autumn — and all this why? Because it’s time to lighten up a little, rejuvenate your heart, and rediscover your sense of fun and enjoyment in life!

How the Year Shapes Up:


This is a period of deep psychological reassessment followed by a review of who you are and how you present yourself to the world. A delicate play of light and shadow — what you reveal and what stays hidden. Face your shadows.


Your dynamism knows no bounds and there is nothing you cannot achieve. Your values and principles are receiving a major upgrade and you experience financial luck and upliftment. Expenses may rise but you also have protection. You have an important decision to make that will define your path and you feel all the responsibility falling on your shoulders. The end of April brings a fresh start at home.


The focus is on your home base, kids and the things that bring you joy. You’re ready to come out of your shell and have some fun. Writing, trade and communications are favoured. Expect an important turning point to do with your career, public image or life direction. Changes at the top. Start reviewing your home and family life, what would make you happy and how to build a good foundation for it.


The moment has come to pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Time to revolutionise your home, your living situation or your entire family set up. The ground trembles and it is good - it is the sound of improvement. Relationships are highlighted.


You get a piece of the bigger picture now, leading to a fresh start in your career and responsibilities. Tensions mount between your increased responsibilities and unstable home life. Time to deal with any official, legal and financial matters, as well as review your expectations and where you place your trust. It’s time to pour a lot of energy into a creative project, a labour of love or a child’s future. Tend to your happiness and creative output.


You reach a major turning point on the home front, family situation or living conditions. You have financial luck and protection. Sustained effort can turn a creative project around. Tend to a child or to matters of the heart.

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