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Hello, fellow star!

Welcome to YourAstroGenes. I am Ira, a closet astrologer of  35+ years. Astrology is one of the first languages I learned as a child and it has never ceased to surprise and delight me. It has been my constant companion as I gained my first degree in Fine Art from Chelsea Art College while also studying at the Centre for Psychological Astrology back in the 90s. I have since gained two Masters and a PhD in analytical philosophy (my other passion) from the University of St Andrews and qualified as a rapid transformational hypnotherapist  before completing my Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, and becoming a member of the International Association of Professional Astrologers. I have had the good fortune to study with some incredible teachers over the years. When nature allows, I love to use my GPS to observe the night sky. 


This site is still growing - be sure to check back in for more free content.

Chart Readings...

In case you are wondering, yes, I do do chart readings, mostly via Zoom. Standard price is £120 for 90 minutes. You can contact me via this site. Here is some client feedback:

"I loved every minute of my reading with Ira. Not only was she incredibly insightful, empathetic, wise, warm and witty her translation of my chart proved incredibly cathartic in reflecting on my past. My question revolved around discovering and following my purpose going forward and my time spent talking with Ira has given me the conviction of my choices that I needed and a renewed confidence and sense of excitement about the path that lies ahead. Best hour and a half I've spent in quite a while. Thank you Ira"

-- Mimi Doctor, London


My wife and I were both privileged and thrilled by your consultation. The depth and breadth of your chart overview, your intuitive focus on defining key facets and their place, function and meaning in our lives as they unfold was fascinating. To have professional guidance in unravelling the dynamics of now and the future, as time and the stars express themselves through us is a delight, a pleasure and a comfort in guiding ones life and path through this ever becoming adventure of existence".

-- David & Yolanda, Scotland

"Ira is wonderful to work with. Her depth of knowledge in astrology is immense and combined with her natural intuition for personality and character allows her delve deep into all the aspects of your horoscope and help you on your journey to discover yourself. She can make you aware of your own traits positive or negative in an understanding and supportive way. Ira has the amazing ability through her astrology to understand a person as an individual in depth and to fully delve into their needs without projecting her own truths and without any judgment. This allows the person to be free to express themselves and drop their social masks and find any truth they need. Her fun, bubbly and loving personality and her enthusiasm for the subject makes the session a joy.  I would come back anytime to have another reading."

--Dora, London

"I am a life long astrology enthusiast and always wanted to have a professional birth chart reading done.

I wasn't sure who to approach and I chose Ira intuitively and I am really glad I did. She covered

everything, my personality, my approach to life, planetary aspects, important transits and answered my

questions. I was pleasantly surprised how accurate she was, literally all she said about me was correct,

I was amazed how spot on her reading was. I have always been puzzled by some contradictory

placements in my chart but Ira connected these pieces together so elequently that I now have the full

picture. I highly recommend Your Astro Genes for your reading!

--Saskia, UK

Disclaimer: The information provided in consultation is intended as a guide only. Whilst I make every effort that is in my power to provide information I believe to be correct, I take no responsibility for any actions you may undertake based on this information.

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