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April Astrology 2021: Melt Down the Past, Forge the Future!

With Mars on the loose, April 2021 pulls no punches!

With Mars incredibly strong this month, and ruling both the New and the Full Moon, you can make fast progress. This is a pioneering time!

The warrior planet rules April’s New Moon in Aries on the 12th - a most powerful new beginning bringing some amazing opportunities - and April’s Full Moon in Scorpio - a challenging time of friction, surprises and powerful transformation! Mars has crossed over the North Lunar Node in Gemini and is fast travelling across uncharted territory - beyond the restrictive confines that held all planets in check, literally, since January 1st. Mars is also “out of bounds,” i.e. a law onto himself and ready to rise up in arms at the slightest provocation.

With such a strong Mars, a host of planets in Aries (the first sign of Spring), and every single planet direct in the heavens, there is nothing you cannot accomplish this April.

The Sun and Venus are in Aries already as April begins, and Mercury soon joins them on the 4th, speeding communications right along. Come the 6th, Venus and Mars shake hands in an opportunistic sextile and you can come to a mutually beneficial agreement with someone. Jupiter semisquares Chiron too - a first of three aspects in 2021 - insisting that you design your new life on your own terms.

Do you have a big budding vision? You can push forward on all fronts this month but you’ve gotta take your whole self with you.

Be honest about your vulnerabilities, stay true to yourself, go your own authentic route! That’s what Jupiter-Chiron is all about.

By April 9th Mars squares Neptune, completing a conversation that’s been long going.

Time to take action toward a cherished dream. This can be a confusing aspect and it may be hard to see where you are going amid all this haze. But if you’re inspired toward a certain action, especially when it transcends the self, now’s the time to carry it through.

Harmony between Venus and Jupiter, as well as Mercury, Saturn and the Nodes, ensures clear communication channels and lots of generosity and goodwill to act on your dreams!

Aries New Moon April 12 2021: I Did It MY Way...

The First New Moon of Spring arrives on April 12th at 22 Aries. This is a powerhouse of a New Beginning!

It’s conjunct Mercury and Venus and square to all-or-nothing Pluto in Capricorn for good measure. A lot is at stake by April 10th and you might feel the pressure. Luck is on your side, however, with a minor grand trine involving the Aries New Moon, Mars and Jupiter, providing a unique opportunity to achieve your goal.

This New Moon is like a green light, the go ahead to push full speed ahead!

Mid-April is an especially auspicious time, with lucky Jupiter involved, a vibe that carries all the way till April 19th. Honest, clear communication is key, as Mercury in Aries is next to connect with Mars and Jupiter.

Be brave! Be bold! At the end of it all you’re gonna be singing: “I did it Myyyy Waayyyy...”

On April 19th, you reach a moment of great clarity about ideas seeded in your mind in February. A week after the Aries New Moon, the Sun and Mercury reach their superior conjunction at 29 Aries.

This is the culmination of the most recent Mercury retrograde cycle, revealing the results of all your efforts and ruminations of January-March.

What’s your current state of play? There’s something unstable there, a last minute “get your foot in the door” feel to this, and you’ll be glad to have this information under your belt before you can move on.

April 19 Taurus Season: Smell the Roses

Taurus season begins on April 19th when the Sun enters Taurus, alongside Mercury. Venus is already in that sensuous sign from April 14th onwards and, by the 20th, there’s a veritable posse building up in that obstinate, pleasure-loving sign.

The past few months have been rather spartan when it comes to the little joys of life and your senses are now crying out for stimulation. Time to up your pleasure factor by a thousand; time to enjoy life in good company; time to step out and smell the roses!

And if you won’t do it yourself, then someone or something is sure to jar you so intensely that you’ll wake up with a start from this long reverie. The April 27th Full Moon is a real zinger - expect the earth (and the markets) to move!

Scorpio Full Moon April 27 2021: Jarring Transformation!

Expect great intensity as we head toward the end of April and the Full Moon Supermoon in Scorpio on the 27th, bringing super-big change and transformation!

Fighter Mars - still out of bounds, AWOL and uncompromising - enters Cancer on April 23rd, bringing all that zest and fighter spirit to things that matter to you emotionally. You’ll be wanting to pour all your energies to securing your base now and all the way till June 11th.

Just then, Venus, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus conjunct, squaring Saturn for good measure on April 23-26. And all that ahead of the arrival of the Sun opposite the powerful April Full Moon in Scorpio.

Get ready for some shocking surprises! Life will be up and down like a yo-yo in the last ten days of April, a rollercoaster. And you’ll be struggling to put some safety measures in place.

There’s volatility, unpredictability and friction aplenty. Keep a light schedule and get some batting practice under your belt. Bat to hand, your brain will be buzzing and your heart racing 23-28 April - even while Saturn’s pressing down on you like a ton of bricks.

The April 27th Scorpio Full Moon Supermoon is intensity on steroids. This is a crisis-lunation. A big moment, emotionally. But it has the potential to lead to great transformation and change.

The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury are opposite the April 27th Scorpio Full Supermoon and the whole lot is square to Saturn. That’s the equivalent to trying to forge a great weapon on a moving slab! A vanishing act! You‘ve gotta strike while the iron is hot and it doesn’t get much hotter - and more volatile - than this. Pluto, co-ruler of this Full Moon is stationing retrograde on the very same day, and you can cut the tension with a knife. It all feels like life or death, all or nothing, deeply uncomfortable. But it’s sure to move things along - and fast!

The April 27th Full Moon - right on the flagship Saturn-Uranus-square of 2021 - is guaranteed to drag us all kicking and screaming into the future. And with Pluto stationary in the skies, this is a pure alchemical moment. The only caveat? The substance being melted down and reforged is YOU. Three days later, the Sun conjunct Uranus on the 30th, planting invisible seeds for a future that we can only vaguely sense right now.

Next month is eclipse season and there is no turning back. This is it. The alchemical process has begun!

Read your star sign for the April 12 2021 New Moon horoscope in Aries. And stay tuned for the April 27th Scorpio Full Moon horoscope!

Image by Joni Gutierrez


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