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August 2022: Global Upgrade!

August 2022 is ground zero with the once in two millennia Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction igniting a period of disruptions and surprises that serve as an awakening into a new era.

Rare Mars-Uranus-Dragon’s Head Conjunction: The Call of the Unknown…

August kicks off upon a seed of a new awakening with a Mars-Uranus-North Node (or "Dragon's Head") conjunction in Taurus on the 31st July-1st August.

This is a once in thousands of lifetimes event that will precipitate key consciousness shifts.

The Sabian Symbol* for this conjunction (at 19 Taurus) is “a new continent rising out of the ocean” symbolising surging new potentials through crisis. Time to take responsibility, pride and ownership of the world we create. Whatever insights arise may startle you but positively so, opening up totally new and unfamiliar territory for you to explore. This conjunction plants seed of a whole new physical paradigm to take us all forward into the new millennium.

With the super-lucky New Moon in Leo of July 28th also active and waxing as August begins, it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy life. Be naughty, mix things up a bit and try something different.

This is a chance to disrupt the status quo - a good time to question where you feel a little stuck and break the pattern!

This triple conjunction Mars-Uranus-North Node in Taurus colours most of August, creating a fixed deadlock in the skies with Saturn in Aquarius, the Sun in Leo and the South Node in Scorpio. The whole thing is activated like clockwork by each of the phases of the Moon on August 5th, 12th and 19th - dates that ring as clear as a bell.

August is loud, disruptive, surprising month, bringing positive change - a hot rollercoaster ride into the unfamiliar. What are your red lines? Where do you need to make your stand?

Waxing Quarter Moon in Scorpio August 5th: Mini Transformation!

Our next stop is August 5th with a emotionally intense waxing quarter moon in Scorpio conjunct the South Node, opposite Uranus-Mars-North Node and square Saturn and the Sun. This is a fixed Grand Cross formation - with Moon in crisis-loving Scorpio - a maximum tension situation. Now is the time to rise to the challenge and clear away old poisons.

At the same time, Mercury enters Virgo August 4th to stay til the 26th. Time to organise our thinking, take things apart and put them back together again.

Mars squares Saturn on the 7th calling for stamina and discipline - a good wake up call from those indulgent, rebellious Jupiter and Mars-Uranus vibes. Venus also trines Neptune on the 7th creating the perfect atmosphere for fun, love and romance - dive straight in for your reward!

By the 9th, Venus opposes Pluto and love and pleasure take on darker and more exhausting shades. But soon, on the 11th, Venus enters Leo to stay til September 5th and love gets big, bold and dramatic. No miserly displays please!

Aquarius Full Moon Supermoon August 11th-12th: Upgrade Installed!

The Full Moon arrives on the night of the 11th-12th (02:35am BST on the 12th) at 19:21 degrees of Aquarius. It is the last Supermoon of the year, still sailing close to the earth.

This is a major crossroads, marking the 2022 eclipses halfway point, when we’re called to leave the familiar behind and step into the unknown.

The Full Moon conjuncts Saturn and we’re in for a reality check - a serious, dutiful moment. And yet, with Uranus/North Node ruling the Moon and in square to both Moon and Sun, the end result of this lunation is most likely some form of liberation, an awakening or insight.

Something important crystallises at this Full Moon that can set us free.

Expect surprises and disruptions in the run up to the Full Moon as the Sun squares Uranus and the Nodes on the 10th-11th. Events could be exhilarating, startling and require a lightning fast response from you. Leo rules the heart and that’s the only place you can know what’s right for you. Check in with yours.

By the 14th the Sun opposes Saturn for a major 2022 reality check. Nose to the grindstone. But good to know where you stand. Mars first sextiles Neptune (on the 11th) then trines Pluto on the 14th putting lots of energy at your disposal to inspire and move others toward your goals.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Full Supermoon is “a large white dove bearing a message”, symbolising a spiritual reward for previous efforts. This is a moment of insight. The screen reads “message in: upgrade complete”. All that remains is for us to run the new programme. Running the new software should be easier once Mercury trines Node/Uranus on the 15th-16th.

Two days later, on the 18th, a wonderful day for self-indulgence arrives. That’s when Venus trines Jupiter for a day made for pleasure, love and all beautiful things!

Waning Quarter Taurus Moon August 19th: Urgent Shifts!

The next major turning point this month arrives August 19th and 20th. The Moon hits its last quarter on August 19th in Taurus widely conjunct Uranus/Node and closely conjunct Mars in the very last and critical degree of Taurus.

It’s time for a radical shift in perspective, especially where physical matters are concerned - our body, our energy, our finances and resources, our food, our security and our overall sustenance.

There’s a manic quality to Mars in this last Taurus critical degree, where Mars is already slowed down and debilitated and frantic to get things finally moving and unstuck. There is a dogged, obstinate feel of urgency to put up a fight, dig in your heels or make a stand in some very real and physical sense. All this cannot last but will sure lead to a shift in perspective.

Mars enters Gemini next, on August 20th where he will stay until March 25th 2023!

We’re in for a crucial period of major changes this autumn that will take us all the way into next spring.

Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on October 30th (til January 12th) bringing all sorts of discontent and grumblings to the surface. Things begin losing momentum as soon as September 3rd and it’s time to conserve your energies because there’s some sort of major operation ahead.

Mars retro can be harsh on the body, frazzling the nerves and depleting energy levels. But this is a great time to put in a sustained effort to totally revamp some area of your life (the one containing Gemini!). It’s going to be a highly eventful autumn!

Mercury, who will also turn retrograde soon (on September 10th) also enters his retrograde shadow on August 21st, indicating that all sorts of sagas are about to start that we won’t see the end of for a good long while. Time to start tidying up loose ends and finishing projects.

Any new ventures should be entered in an experimental spirit after the 21st.

Mercury opposes Neptune and trines Pluto on the 21st-22nd when misinformation may flare up. But all we need to do is scratch the surface and we can easily tap into a wealth of data.

Next up, the Sun enters Virgo on the 23rd - happy birthday Virgo! To celebrate Virgo Season, Uranus (the planet of all things random and unexpected) stations retrograde on the 24th. That’s another tense, unstable moment right there, putting ants in your pants and fraying the nerves. With Uranus settling into his retrograde for the winter, the time has come to process all the crazy and bizarre changes so far in your life and quietly start internalising and implementing insights and innovations.

Virgo New Moon 27th: Get Fixin' Things!

As is usual these days, after a lot of hullabaloo, the month ends with a brand New Moon hitting a brand new note that will reverberate in the month to come. On August 27th we have a Virgo New Moon at 09:17 BST at 03:03 degrees Virgo.

This baby is square Mars and not to be trifled with! Time to call forth our inner action hero because some sort of battle lies ahead.

Here begins a confrontational and highly action packed period, where we can achieve a tonne. Now’s the time to set your most demanding plans into motion - actions that require lots of energy, intelligence and skill. This period initially peaks around September 10th, then bears its fruit in early March 2023 at the next Virgo Full Moon. Lots starts now, it seems, that won’t be fully resolved til March 2023…

Venus gets in on the action square the North Node and Uranus on the 25th-27th then opposes Saturn in the 28th rattling whatever rackety relationship and financial cages we’re in to see if we’ll fall out. Some key value judgment or decision is called for at this point - especially where a relationship, investment or financial matter is concerned. Saturn has the final word and any breaks for freedom need to be realistic and practical too.

Mercury, the ruler of this Virgo New Moon, trines Mars and the war-like energy is doubled. This lunation can move mountains! But Mercury is already on unstable ground, in his retrograde shadow and in Libra since the 26th, where he will turn retrograde on September 10th.

The stage is set. Relationships, agreements, negotiations, laws, politics, business deals, back-scratchings and anything that's off kilter now needs reviewing.

The Sabian symbol* for this Virgo New Moon is ‘black and white children play together happily’, indicating a rare and hopeful image of universal brotherhood (and sisterhood) absent any social and cultural prejudices. This is an inspiring image to take into this fully armed virgin warrior that’s this lunation. Virgo knows full well that the earth and its inhabitants form one organic whole: break one little piece and the whole thing falls apart. And this Virgo New Moon means to take things apart and put them back together again! Come the end of August, it’s time to take bold and active steps to restore some semblance of health to the system.

There’s a big reckoning coming this autumn and you can already hear the drumroll... Let’s make the most of this ball-busting, maddening, freedom-loving adventure that is August, because we may need an iron stomach and nerves of steel to power through the Autumn of 2022.

This month is the ignition point of great changes that will take us to Spring 2023 and beyond.

Horoscope August 2022

So where does all this hullabaloo create shockwaves in your life? Your sun sign (your core), moon sign (your flesh) and Ascendant sign (your skin) may offer some clues….

Aries August Horoscope

This month is all about what matters most, dear Aries. Money resources, your sustenance and security - but also the values, principles and priorities that form the solid core of your life. It’s time to see things differently and shake things up a little. You’re flying high on last month’s New Moon as August begins, eager to have fun, spread your wings and follow your heart. Now’s the time to experiment with new talents and creative potentials. And let’s not forget: Jupiter is in your sign and the world is your oyster!

August’s Full Moon highlights your social community and you’re sure to learn something valuable about your dreams and ideals, establish yourself in your circles and even see great rewards for previous efforts. The situation is stressful pushing you to test out new financial models and pushing you out of your comfort zone. But this is the moment when you may achieve a serious goal in your social media circles or community.

Your ruler Mars has had you pour all your energy into practical and financial matters of late and you may have seen expenses rise. On August 20th, Mars moves into a more exciting part of your chart, powering up your brain and networking capabilities and upping your curiosity. You’re in for six months of endless talks and communications, revamping your ideas, fuelling your curiosity and energising your network, connections, studies, and any written work. You may wish to review contracts or even the way you move around the place. It’s going to be a newsworthy and tantalising autumn-winter.

Do your utmost to take a holiday early this month because come the New Moon of August 27th, your attention is turned squarely to your work. That includes revisiting the people you work with and any contracts and collaborations, so you’ll be very busy! This is also a good time to start a health and exercise programme, making the most of your local network.

Dates to watch: You’re discovering new talents August 1st. You may need to face delays or put in some extra work on the 7th. The 11th is a day to get inspired. And you’re unstoppable on the 14th. An important phase begins at work on the 27th.

Taurus August Horoscope

You are questioning your whole identity this August, dear Taurus - who you are, where you are going, where you want to live and what your relationships are doing for you. The moment has come to totally reinvent yourself. This month allows you to get rid of excess baggage so you can step more lightly into the unknown. Your home and family are foremost on your mind in early August. You’re in a nesting mood, wanting to spend time away from the limelight with your loved ones. This is also an excellent window of opportunity to buy, sell or renovate a property with the July 28th New Moon putting a very lucky wind in your sails.

At the August Full Moon, your attention will be pulled outward again, to your career and life direction. It’s time to take a serious look at where you are going and, if need be, rapidly adjust your course in line with what excites you. You’re on a ball-busting journey of discovery and it’s tough having to square this off with your responsibilities and public roles. This Full Moon reveals just how far you’ve come and what changes you need to implement to align your path with the new you. You may also see some recognition that sets you free.

Mars is still in your sign til August 20th and you are calling all the shots. You have the upper hand and can bully anyone into submission right now (not that you should) - you’re literally unstoppable! Use this period to push forward with your desires and get others on board. Come August 20th, a long six month period begins of totally revamping your finances, working your talents and resources and resetting your priorities. Your expenses may rise but so will your capacity to bring in the dough.

The New Moon of August 27th sets a pleasant change of pace, as you can focus on what makes you happy and do your best to marry it with your need for security and sustenance. You may struggle to get your talents to pay, and you may even need to invest money and energy into a new creative project, a love of yours, or even a child - but it’s worth it. It’s time to put in the work and make what makes you happy part of your work and lifestyle.

Dates to Watch: August 2nd is full of pleasant surprises, August 7th moves your heart strings and the 18th is just made for love, luck and self-indulgence. You may find yourself in a power struggle or intense encounter on the 9th and the 25th-28th are sure to put you through your paces and force you to face reality and change.

Gemini August Horoscope

You’re experiencing an incredible spiritual awakening, dear Gemini - perhaps even a sexual revolution. This is kundalini rising and, with it, all kinds of demons, resentments, but also gifts and insights that have been buried under it. You’ve got your finger on the pulse and cannot wait to connect with others and share. August is all about learning, sharing and growing as a person. The first half of August offers plenty of opportunity to network, speak, listen and learn, riding on the wonderful New Moon of July 28th which enables you to plug into friends and allies around you in the most beneficial way.

With the August Full Moon, get ready to receive an accreditation, certification, or recognition of your ideas, or receive some other official stamp of approval. A legal or international matter could also be resolved, with surprising secrets coming to light. Sudden insights, downloads or revelations could result in an important message to share. Alternatively, it may be your own healing journey that culminates in an important realisation that changes your outlook. The decision to take an important trip may also crystallise at this Full Moon.

The past six weeks have been tough on you, forcing you to face your demons, spend time alone and even sacrifice your own desires to accommodate others but all that’s about to change. Mars enters your sign on August 20th to stay for six months (something that has not happened since the mid-1940s!). This is sure to give you the upper hand on almost anything and everything that you want to achieve in this world, drawing energy to you. Mars will be retrograde for some of that time (October 30th-January 12th), so you need to preserve your strength. But that will also be an asset - a perfect opportunity to revisit anything that’s not working and revamp your identity, goals and even your very appearance.

The New Moon of August 27th places your focus squarely on house and home, lighting a fire under you to get things done. You’re in charge now. A highly demanding period begins where you may need to expend a lot of energy to impose your will on the world, but it’s worth it, for you can achieve wonders. The net result will be a place where you can feel rejuvenated and happier, where your love, children and creativity can flourish.

Dates to Watch: Your ruling planet Mercury is strong August 4th-26th, when you may want to put a lot of thought into your home. August 16th brings an exciting breakthrough. August 21st brings inspiration but could also be disappointing. This is a day to let go and go with the flow. Come the 22nd, you have the power to move mountains. Start tidying up loose ends after that, as your ruler, Mercury prepares to go retrograde.

Cancer August Horoscope

August lights a rocket under your dreams and ambitions, dear Cancer, plugging you into the world in ways you may not have dreamt of even a month ago. Whether it’s through social media, a friendship group or your wider community, group projects could now lead you to innovate and build a network. This month is all about joining forces with others. The New Moon of July 28th opens a lucky financial door for you, raising your profile and boosting your stock and your self confidence. If there was ever a time to take a punt for greater riches, this is it!

The August Full Moon brings a crucial financial reality check - especially when it comes to financial agreements, mergers, pensions, loans, grants or other entanglements where you have to answer to others and build trust. Things could happen rather quickly and surprise you, urging you to take stock of your joint financial future and come up with a strategy. This is a positive development with the potential to bring unexpected rewards.

You’ve been intensely focused on networking, engaging your community and mustering up support for your projects, and you’ve ventured far beyond your comfort zone. Get your kicks while you can because you’ll soon enter a more introverted six month period. On August 20th, Mars goes backstage in your chart to stay til next spring. This is an excellent time to work on a secret project behind the scenes, develop a rigorous spiritual practice or take a deep-dive on a major psychological healing journey. So don your invisibility cloak! Come next spring, you’ll be ready to take the lead and come out into the open for the big reveal.

The New Moon of August 27th brings a ton of commotion, pitting your need to stay hidden against incoming communications, contracts, trips, meetings, classes, courses, trade and general mayhem. You may end up with your hands full, spinning many plates behind the scenes and working hard to keep them all afloat. Make sure to take time to decompress. This is an excellent time to start a dream journal or start journaling your thoughts, insights or spiritual practices. This will provide some sanctuary, as well as a good foundation for the future.

Dates to Watch: You’ll feel the pressure build toward the Full Moon of August 12th, then you can slowly start to let some of that tension deflate. The 18th-19th is a point of recalibration. Take a moment to be still on the 27th and set an intention for the month ahead.

Leo August Horoscope

You’re at the centre of all the attention, dear Leo, which means you’re also at the centre of all the drama! You’re mounting a very public revolution! This month is all about questioning authority and making your own way in the world, not beholden to anyone. Every major life arena is activated - your home and family, your career, your relationships and your sense of identity. You’ve actually got a fantastic window of opportunity to let your mind decompress and get clear on what you want out of life moving forward. Enjoy a holiday in the first half of August and make the most of it!

The August Full Moon puts the spotlight squarely on an important relationship. If you’ve had a chance to frolic about without a care in the world, you now need to put others first, as a special someone needs your support. This is a one-to-one reality check and a chance to set some boundaries with others - especially as you may be blindsided by sudden events in your career or with a parent or boss, urging you to act quickly.

Who's in charge? That's a good question this month when career goals, public engagements or authority figures take up a lot of your time. Pour all your energy into raising your profile and advancing your aims with Mars in your career zone til August 20th. From that point on, you enter a six month recalibration period for your friendships and social network, when you can really focus on your dreams for the future. Get ready to reach out, circulate and engage your wider community this autumn and winter. A time has come when you can make a real difference in the world and pull out all the stops to receive your reward.

The New Moon of August 27th brings your finances to the fore, alongside any issues around self worth, resources and security. Now’s the time to set your intention as to what you’re worth and what matters most. Mobilising your network is key to finding the people and places that recognise your what you’ve got to offer. Teaming up with others will give you the space to operate freely and implement your ideas.

Dates to Watch: The Full Moon of August 12th-14th brings crucial realisations about your relationships. Your focus moves to practical and financial matters from the 22nd. The 27th is a highly active day, when you may be extra eager to push your agenda.

Virgo August Horoscope

You’re in a very private mood as August gets underway, dear Virgo, still feeling the reclusive vibes of last month’s New Moon. Escape is what this month is all about - and rightly so. Let your spirit soar. This is your time to hang up your hat and let the world go fish while you fly off to exotic adventures. On a deeper level, it is your philosophical outlook that is changing. Your thoughts are in such disarray that you need some time to process all this radical, crazy stuff you’re realising and come up with a new vision fo your life. August is the perfect time to meditate on it.

You may be flying high but the August Full Moon is sure to crash land you back to reality, pulling your focus right back to your work, chores, tasks and responsibilities. All kinds of nitty gritty that you postponed and procrastinated on now needs your urgent attention. Something to do with travel, studies, publishing or an international project may be the thing to jar you out of your reverie and cause you to get all your ducks in a row. This Full Moon could also see the culmination of a work project or a work offer - a solid recognition of your skills.

Still, the holiday spirit won’t leave you til August 20th and you have plenty of time to travel and let your hair down. Do so while you can! Come August 20th, you’re entering a high visibility zone, a professionally focused six month period when you can totally transform your career, public image and life direction. You’ll have many responsibilities and the actions you take are sure to restructure your role, image and professional life by next spring.

A New Moon in your sign arrives August 27th. You only get one of these per year and that’s the moment to set forth your intentions and reinvent yourself for your birthday year ahead. This New Moon is all about making a name for yourself and raising your self worth, your self esteem and your earnings. Pursue your goals and desires like never before, work hard and put yourself on the map!

Dates to Watch: Your ruler Mercury is in your sign August 4th-26th, making you extra articulate and helping you put your creative ideas across. August 16th could bring exciting communications or a trip. Break your routine. You may feel slightly defeated on August 21st. This is a day to let your imagination run wild and try to loosen control. The 22nd raises your concentration and persuasion powers. Start tending to unfinished business after that as your ruler, Mercury, prepares to go retrograde on September 10th.

Libra August Horoscope

August is a super-intense month, dear Libra, with intimate relationships and joint finances taking up much of your time. The aim of the game this month is emotional and financial freedom. This could be a time of much psychological insight that serves to liberate you. A great opportunity for networking is open for you in the first half of the month and you may see great rewards come to you, including financial rewards. Collaborations are extra lucky for you, as you enter a new phase of growth in all your relationships.

The spotlight falls on a fun and romance at the August Full Moon. Events could also highlight a child, hobby, speculative investment or creative project. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing, it’s time to take it seriously and give it your full attention. Unexpected financial developments might give you the freedom to think more seriously about what makes you happy and how to build your life around it.

You’ve been busy behind closed doors with intimate involvements and financial matters that are too personal to share. But come August 20th, your focus shifts to more expansive and wide-ranging activities. You may be ready to finally take a holiday, or to launch a publishing or marketing campaign. This is also a good time to pull out all the stops to get a visa, degree or other accreditation. This autumn-winter will see you working hard to make something official and significantly expand your playing field and your options.

The New Moon of August 27th may be the moment when you decide to sign off for a while. Take a moment to feed your spirit and leave worldly matters for another day. This may also be the ignition point for a classified international project or some other behind the scenes high brow involvement that is sure to reflect on you personally. Make time to rest and review what you want moving forward so you can be ready next month for your birthday year ahead.

Dates to Watch: August 2nd and 7th bring pleasant surprises and romance and the 18th is just tailor-made for love and friendship. Power-struggles may ensue on the 9th. The 25th-28th that are the most challenging of all - crunch time for love, romance and finances.

Scorpio August Horoscope

August is all about letting friends, loved ones, and the world at large surprise you, dear Scorpio. Mix things up a little and experiment with different ways of interacting with people. You may receive sudden publicity, or it may be a personal or professional relationship that startles you into upgrading your ways. With the best career New Moon of the year still rolling as August gets underway, you have the fairest winds to make great professional headway, land prestigious new work projects and put your name firmly on the map.

The August Full Moon brings your attention back to your home and family responsibilities. Time to return to base and recharge your batteries. A real estate matter may also need your attention, with others acting rather erratically and putting pressure on you. Do whatever you need to secure your base and put your life on a solid foundation so you can withstand all kinds of incoming.

You’ve had to rely on others and defer to their whims a lot of late, and that must have been frustrating. All you can do right now is let others lead as you follow, responding with your usual dynamism only as and when it’s called for. Your quantum entanglement with others only deepens come August 20th when your ruler, Mars throws you into the deep end, forcing you to irrevocably merge and mingle your energy. Mergers, joint finances, shared investments, taxes, loans, big business and all kinds of intimate involvements will have you in a game of twister, taking up much of your energy this autumn-winter. The good news is that you can do much to improve your financial situation now and all the way til next spring. You’ll need nerves of steel to navigate this intricate financial and psychological ground but if anyone can do it it’s you. By next spring, you’ll come out financially empowered and physically and emotionally transformed.

The New Moon of August 27th is the moment to energise your dreams, ideals and ambitions for the future. What are the rewards you want to see come your way? This New Moon is all about who can help you get there. Join forces with others, reach out to your social network and build alliances. Join a cause. This is no time to go it alone. Secrecy and trust may form a large part of your endeavours so keep a low profile. No other sign is better at it than you.

Dates to watch: August 1st plugs you into the world in a whole new and exciting way. August 7th may tire you. The 9th holds up a mirror for you to see more clearly while the 11th brings some lovely inspiration. August 14th is by far the most empowering day, when both your rulers, Mars and Pluto, are in perfect harmony. Push ahead! Your worlds have power on the 22nd. Temper yourself on the 27th.

Sagittarius August Horoscope

August brings a lot of disruption to your normal routine, dear Sagittarius. It’s time to revolutionise your work and lifestyle, perhaps rebel a little too and do things differently. This month puts a different complexion on your chores. Are there more exciting ways to spend your day? You’re in an expansive mood already, riding high on the holiday spirit of July’s Leo New Moon. Fun, romance and recreation are on your mind. Time for a total change of scenery to take your mind off things.

The August Full Moon may bring an important trip, communication, contract or other paperwork that needs urgent attention. If there is something on your mind, now is the time to state the facts. You’re slowly establishing your influence and impressing your ideas upon the world and this Full Moon signals it’s time to get serious about your plans.

You’ve been pouring a lot of your energy into your work, on top of dealing with random tasks, chores and wilful disruptions to your schedule for most of the summer. But this hectic vibe will soon come to an end. Mars enters your relationship sector on August 20th where he will stay for six months. During this period, you’ll need to adjust to others a lot in cooperation - or even respond to them in competition - so you can get things done. This period will also help you recalibrate an important relationship or partnership, renegotiate your ground and redefine the roles you each have. Any challenges you face will strengthen and revamp your interface with others by the time spring arrives.

The New Moon of August 27th is the perfect opportunity to launch toward your goals. Set a new intention for your career and public image. Competition is fierce and you’re eager to step up the pace and engage in battle. On the other hand, you’ll sometimes just have to let others take the lead and be more accommodating. These frictions will help you clarify your dreams and ambitions and pour in the energy required to achieve them.

Dates to Watch: Your ruler, Jupiter, is not very active this month. Mark August 18th in your calendar and plan something special. This is a day made for love and pleasure.

Capricorn August Horoscope

Love and rejuvenation is what August is all about, dear Capricorn. Spend time doing what you love - fun-loving sports, romance or your favourite hobby, being silly with your kids - let your heart sing! This is a month of pleasant surprises. Financial generosity is part and parcel of all this, stemming from your home and family or the fact that you have somewhere wonderful to stay. You’re feeling extra generous yourself too and what goes around comes around. All in all, this atmosphere serves to bring about positive change and refreshment. Early August is the perfect time to cash in your chips for fun and pleasure.

By the August Full Moon, it’s time to fall back to your own resources and take a more serious look at your finances. Self-reliance is key now and it’s time to reset your priorities and assess what you’ve got. Organise your budget to sustain yourself so you can do what makes you happy. Doing so will help certify and solidify your sense of self worth. It’s all about risk-reward for you right now. It’s good to take a risk right now. Ultimately, all you have to do is decide what matters most to you.

You’re in the mood for fun and romance this summer so make sure to get your kicks while you can. Because, come August 20th and for the next six months, you need to factor in disruptions to your usual habits and rhythms. Get ready to break up your normal routine in a way that will energise you. Use this period productively to complete a challenging work project or to get active and improve your health and lifestyle. It’s time to break up old patterns and experiment with new ways of living, no matter how challenging this may seem. You may also find yourself unexpectedly busy this autumn-winter with multiple projects to juggle all the way to next spring.

The New Moon of August 27th signals it is time for escape and a change of scenery. Now’s your time to travel or take a holiday and step beyond your comfort zone. Work may get in the way, or you may find it difficult to adjust to new and unfamiliar surroundings. But this change of pace and perspective serves to expand your world and raise your profile, changing your attitude toward your career and life-path in the process.

Dates to Watch: August 7th can be a rather tiring but highly productive day. The 14th brings a moment of clarity and the 28th highlights an important relationship, showing you the value of factoring in life’s little pleasures.

Aquarius August Horoscope

August is all about your home and family, dear Aquarius, with exciting developments taking place on the home front that affect your overall identity and orientation to life. A real estate project may also bring lots of excitement and disruption too. It’s time to shake things up a little and think outside the box when it comes to your living situation. You’re still riding on the fair winds of the wonderful New Moon of July 27th as August begins - a lucky fresh start for an important relationship in your life. Make the most of it by spending time with a special someone who expands your world and makes it exciting - or by setting a clear intention as to what you seek out of a relationship. If you’re single, circulate!

You have a very important Full Moon in your sign on August 12th. This is a key moment of culmination for you, crystallising your personality and identity into something new. You’re in the process of becoming a whole different person, maturing, growing and taking on new responsibilities. This Full Moon will show you just how far you’ve come and add a feather to your cap. A home or family related emergency may be the trigger, calling you to rise to the challenge and show how far you’ve come.

A home, property or family-related matter has been taking up all your time and energy of late and it’s been a rollercoaster ride. This rocky and rather unsettling period is here to help you get unstuck and set your life on a new foundation. Come August 20th, you’re entering a period that’s much more playful and creative all the way til next spring, when you will focus on what you love. A child may become the focus of your attention, you may embark on new romantic adventures or make a sustained effort to get a creative project off the ground. It may not always be plain sailing but this will be a very sexy and rejuvenating time for you.

The New Moon of August 27th brings your attention squarely to joint financial matters. Loans, grants, taxes, investments and shared property are all under review and there may be legal or international implications. Now’s the time to get up close and personal and sort out any tricky business. Whether you’re seeking funding for a creative project, sorting out debt, dealing with joint property or coming up with an investment strategy, the time has come to raise your game and expand your playing field.

Dates to Watch: August 1st and 2nd are sexy and fun, energising and electrifying. August 7th requires strong stamina. The 14th and 28th bring clarity on the relationship front. August 16th is intellectually stimulating, excellent for brainstorming. The 24th brings realisations and a change of gear, as Uranus, your ruler, goes retrograde for the winter. Time to come up with a plan.

Pisces August Horoscope

What used to feel familiar feels unfamiliar this August, dear Pisces, and, what’s more, you’re fine with it. You’re embracing the unfamiliar - or rather something even more unnerving: constant changes to what used to be familiar to the point where you don’t even know the difference! That’s right. Small baby steps does it. Travel, networking, meeting people could all leave you breathless and buzzing by the end of the month. Meanwhile, a super lucky New Moon is helping you overhaul your work, health and overall lifestyle in early August, not to mention boosting your earnings.

As busy as you are in the early days of August, the August Full Moon brings a moment of quiet contemplation. Take a breath to meditate, write down your dreams or be alone with yourself. Your spirit has a message for you! Are you feeling that something is ending or is no longer that important for you? Is it time to let go of something? Take a moment to listen to your inner voice and rest from the stressful time you’ve had. As your past is slowly cast loose, it’s making way for a whole new you to emerge over the coming years.

You’ve been in a whirlwind of commotion, travel and communications for well over a month now and this crazy trend will continue all the way to August 20th. You’ve had plenty of opportunity to expand your operations and put you stamp on your world. On August 20th, your focus and attention is called back to base. Your homing beacon is on and you’re now ready to pour all your energy into redecorating, renovating and reorganising your home, sorting out any family business, or even buying or selling property. No rush. You have all the way til next spring to get things done, by which time you will achieve an incredible transformation. Your home won’t be a peaceful place for the period, but it will be worth it.

The August 27th New Moon brings a dynamic new beginning on the relationship front. This opens the perfect window to launch any publicity, hire contractors or make a fresh start with a spouse or partner. Marrying your relationship with your family needs or with the hotbed of activity at home won’t be easy, but you can certainly achieve a lot if you find the right people and manage your joint energies. This can be an empowering experience, teaching you about intimacy, sharing and joint finances, and allowing a relationship to go deeper.

Dates to Watch: Mark August 7th and 18th as the best days this month. August 7th is hyper-romantic and August 18th is an excellent day for love and pleasure. The 11th can be soothing to your nerves and could inspire you to action. Watch on August 21st that you don’t confuse fact and fiction.

* Sabian Symbols taken from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974).

Image by Gaël Gaborel-OrbisTerrae from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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