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Eclipses May-June 2021: The Trousers of Time...

Decisions, Decisions... Time to get the energy unstuck!

May 2021 and June 2021 are months of eclipses. Eclipses precipitate changes, they force decisions, they get things unstuck. The message they bring home is that things can no longer remain as they are.

If you are aware of the need for change then the eclipses speed things up and push you to take that leap. If you’ve been ignoring your need for change, then the eclipses can shock you with their revelations, urging you to recognise what's needed.

We have two powerful eclipses in May and June 2021 - the Blood Moon Supermoon in Sagittarius (at 5-25’) of May 26th and the “Ring of Fire” Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini (at 19-47’) of June 10th

May and June 2021 are pivotal in deciding future directions.

You can think of May 2021 and June 2021 as Terry Pratchett’s trousers of time. The decisions you now make are pivotal, cutting off certain pathways and opening up new ones. And that’s no less because the May 26th Lunar eclipse was a Total Eclipse - a total “de-cision” or “cut off” point in some area of your life.

Lunar eclipses bring major decisions or cut off points so that something new can come into your life. And a total eclipse is twice as dramatic.

In that sense, the May 26th eclipse was like a demolition service, demolishing walls that were standing in your way and blocking your view, taking down blinkers and dogmas and making it possible for you to see a whole new picture.

The May 26th eclipse was also a South Node eclipse, conjunct Cauda Draconis, which is in Sagittarius till January 2022. This is the tail of the dragon, the ‘gut’, the assimilation and elimination point of the world.

The South Node is where we process old karma, where we finally assimilate and eliminate experience that’s already been chewed over to the point where there’s simply no nutrients left in it. Time to let it go.

And so the May 26th Supermoon is a double ending. A massive letting go. A moment of truth where you take the lesson, ditch the rest and make space for new experience.

Sagittarius is all about meaning. And when you reach a point when a story you’ve been telling yourself has now become meaningless, that’s the time to ditch that script and improvise. Go out into the world in search of new experiences.

There is a sameness in meaninglessness; a sense of ideas having been chewed over and served up so many times that they feel totally divorced from your actual thoughts and feelings. The May and June eclipses are just the perfect antidote to all that You can now finally spit out the stale chewed gum, open your mouth and take a breath.

Which brings us to the June 10th Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse and a Micromoon, where the Moon is furthest from the earth and hence too small to perfectly cover the Sun. It’s still a perfect eclipse, a perfect alignment of Sun and Moon. Its just that the Moon’s disc is smaller than the solar disc creating a ring of fire.

It is through that “ring of fire” that you need to pass every bit of information you see or hear, every thought you think, every old thinking pattern. Time to question as much as you can!

Solar eclipses are like a blank canvas, venturing into unfamiliar ground. They signify new beginnings, opening portals - in this case a fiery ring - for us to step through.

And this Gemini Solar Eclipse New Moon is a double new beginning. That’s because it is conjunct the North Node or Caput Draconis - that’s the place where the great dragon hungers for new experience. The precise nutrients needed to bring the world back into balance. This is the exact antidote to the South Node. The North Node is, literally, what the doctor ordered.

The North Node always feels new, scary and unfamiliar. We naturally want to shy away from it and it is often other people and circumstances that call us to it. And so June takes us all into brand new uncharted territory. If it feels uncomfortable, stay with it!

With the North Nodes in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius there is always a tendency to get creative with the facts; a tendency to suppress information and dialogue (Gemini) in favour of some overarching story (Sagittarius). A narrative is promoted and propagated against all questioning - like it was after 9/11 and the endless drone about weapons of mass destruction - and there is fear around open minded investigation. Remember, Sagittarius is all fire and passion, grabbing an idea and running with it; whereas Gemini is objective, scientific, disinterested, just collecting facts. And with the Nodes where they are, at this point in the world’s history - and in our own lives - it’s this latter approach that is needed as sorely as a glass of water in the desert.

The June 10th Solar Eclipse in Gemini opens a portal for inquiry and investigation, greater variety and choice, experimentation, flow of data and information, as well as greater freedom of speech and communication. It gives you options!

This eclipse is ruled by Mercury, who is retrograde. This means it’s time for a major rethink; to go back over old data and examine it more closely; to take a step back and become more informed as we move forward into uncharted territory.

Intuition is key now. And that’s because Neptune is square to the Sun, Moon and Mercury retrograde at the Gemini Solar Eclipse.

You won’t be able to figure this out purely using logic and the conscious mind. You’ll just end up more confused. All you can do is gather data. Get inquisitive. Indulge your curiosity. Don’t let the chaos out there scare you. And let it all sink into a sea of feelings and sensations. Your intuition will deliver the verdict in due course.

This data-gathering process may well take six months at least and might take years (until the eclipses return to Gemini). Your task on on June 10th? Just open your mind to new ideas. Question your assumptions. Stay with the discomfort. Mercury goes direct again on June 23rd and back to normal by early July, which is when you may begin to make more sense of things in the short term.

One last thing.

Between May 26th and June 10th, there is a liminal space. A space of suspension, of hanging on, when you’ve realised the need to let go but have not yet reached the point where you are able to make a new beginning.

This is the time to just be aware of new vistas opening up before you - even if you are not yet ready to venture forward. Rest your eyes on the horizon. Soon you’ll be breathing fresher air - the air of a whole new space of possibilities opening up before you.

And by the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius of December 4th 2021, you’ll be ready to go back and construct a new and better story, one that better fits the facts, one that is much more meaningful for you personally.

Your May-June 2021 Eclipse Horoscope

Zodiac signs come in pairs, Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio and so on. And so do areas of life. Me versus other. My stuff versus your stuff. My ideas versus collective ideas. In here versus out there. My importance versus that of the community. And finally day-to-day living versus letting go. And so each pair of zodiac signs has a common note in the way they experience these eclipses. But there are further nuances. Solar, versus Lunar eclipses. North Node versus South Node eclipses. And so, let’s have a look at how each star sign is galvanized by these May-June eclipses. Check out the overall theme for each zodiac pair then find out where growth lies for your particular star sign.

Aries / Libra

The May-June eclipses affect your communications, beliefs and thinking process, dear Aries and Libra. Things around your choice of neighbourhood, your car and transport, as well as international affairs such as travel, visas and immigration, plus matters of the intellect such as education and studying, writing, reading, degrees, books, accreditations, legal cases, research etc. What’s changing is the way you think, process and understand everything around you and the way your ideas and belief systems fit into this world.


It’s time to move from the global to the local. Stop looking far and wide for answers; explore your neighbourhood instead. Come away from your castle and connect directly with the people around you. Ask questions. Ditch the answer-book. It’s only your own curiosity and inquisitiveness that can take you where you need to be. It’s time to stop filtering everything through your usual religion or philosophy and open your mind to new experience. Forget far reaching marketing campaigns and focus on day to day trade. It’s time for a grass-roots-up invigoration of your mental outlook. And what might now seem small will soon grow big.


You’ve amassed so much knowledge, so much information - so many books, journeys and experiences - and it’s time to synthesise it and share it with others. You are starving for adventure and that’s what driving your evolution forward. And you’re ready to bring your knowledge to the world and take your own understanding of things to the next level. It’s time to bring everything together into a bigger picture and have your voice heard, to spread the message, teach and learn. You desperately need a change of scenery - a holiday perhaps, a seminar or course - anything to elevate your mind so you can regain a sense of meaning, adventure and purpose in your life.


The May-June eclipses affect finances for you guys, Taurus and Scorpio. This is actual money, both possessed and shared, as well as where you derive a sense of sustenance, solidity, safety more generally, including your body and energy resources. What is important to you? What do you value most? Where do you invest your time and energy? And are your values in line with those of others? Debt, taxes, grants, investments, bonuses, salaries, expenses and income also all fall in this category.


It’s time to stop giving your power away. Whatever stories you used to tell yourself as to why you cannot do without this or that emotional or financial crutch, you now realise it’s all lies. You need far less than you thought. And you owe far less than you thought. What you owe to yourself is to demonstrate your independence and your strength - physical, emotional and financial. And that realisation opens up a whole new space of possibilities around debt-management, relations of trust, business transactions and all kinds of give and take. It’s time to put an end to toxic situations and discover talents you hadn’t realised you had. The key driver is your willingness to explore alternate sources of income, discover your value and make the most of your stuff.


You’re worried about money as we enter this eclipse cycle. And that’s because you realise that you need to change the way you bring money into the household every month. Perhaps your expenses are higher than your income. Or perhaps, the way you earn your living simply no longer reflects your values and what you want out of life. It’s time to ask yourself: what do I truly value? Question your old ideas about money and how to make it. The key thing to realise here is that you need to leverage your time and resources, to bring in new investments, perhaps even to develop sources of passive income. You cannot just trade your time and energy for money as you do. Be open to new financial collaborations, business deals, loans and leveraging possibilities arising over the next few weeks and months. Reconceptualise your worth and see outside interest coming in. It’s others’ willingness to invest in you as well as your own willingness to let them in that is driving things forward.


The eclipses are right on top of you, dear Gemini and Sagittarius! And that means your life is changing radically and you’re still probably rubbing your eyes and doing your best to keep up with it. Here we have the self versus the other, personal desires versus compromise, cooperation and relationship. Honouring the self yet finding balance. The eclipses are totally transforming your self conception - how you pick yourself out from the sea of possible personal labels - which also defines how you view to others that you consider in relation to yourself. These others can be spouses, agents, clients, business partners, customers - anyone with whom you enter into an equal transaction.


You are leading the parade! How you see yourself is changing radically, opening you up to new aspects of yourself that you didn’t even know you had, even as a Gemini! And these changes in self-conception are carrying everyone around you to new levels of growth. Whatever you thought relationships are, smash that mirror. However dependent you thought you were on others, it’s time to ditch that play-book. Focus on your own initiative and see how others’ attitude toward you changes - whether it is your spouse, business partner, friends or customers.


2021 is the year to let others lead you to greater growth. Whether it’s your spouse, a client or a growing audience for your work, it’s time for some healthy and much needed input. You’ve spent far too long calcifying that old stale image of yourself until there was nowhere left to go. It’s time to ditch all self-labels and identifications and let others show you who you truly are. Obstacles have been removed from your path and you are ready to reach out and connect with others. And it’s that willingness to listen and learn, to adapt and explore that carries you forward.


The May-June eclipses have the most subtle yet insidious effect on you, dear Cancer and Capricorn. This is the area of life concerning your day to day life, how you balance work with rest, how you divide your focus between wakefulness and sleep, practical matters and spiritual matters, even nutrition versus meditation. All sorts of medical physical and psychological complaints also fall in this category. Because our health is ultimately the aggregate effect of our lifestyle, the incremental, outcome of what we do, day in, day out. It’s time for a spiritual reorientation, time to take better care of yourself, review your working habits and make changes for greater efficiency.


Has your work become really unsatisfying of late? Is your health crying out for some TLC? Your daily rituals have reached a point where some radical change is needed to return playful meaning, efficiency and functionality to them. What stale old views you carry around work, it’s time to ditch them. Question your working habits. Question your lifestyle choices. Make time to rest and recuperate, sleep or meditate and let the Divine take over. Your spirit is calling you and that’s what’s driving things forward. Honour your soul and give your work and lifestyle an overhaul.


This is a period of massive endings for you. It’s time to let go of the past once and for all. You may experience a major psychological or spiritual breakthrough. The movie that had your spirit hypnotised for aeons is over and you can finally read the credits. A huge weight is literally lifted from your spirit this spring, opening you up to new and exciting possibilities - especially around how you might want to work, the kind of lifestyle you want and how best to utilise your skills. A whole new lifestyle beckons - as long as you shut the door to the past. And come June 10th, it’s time to experiment with new ways of doing things until you find the one that works for you.


The Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses of 2021 make you question what happiness is and how you fit into the community. You crave greater self-expression and belonging in this world. It’s time to find your people and put your creative stamp on your community. Drudgery is not an option. It’s time to up your capacity for love, joy and fulfilment, but also to find the right community in which you can finally shine and make a positive contribution.


Your souls yearns for community. You are searching for your people, you’re sick and tired of being a sole agent with no way of connecting with others. Meaning will now come through connection. There comes a point, even for a Leo, where being a star is just not good enough. You need an entourage. You need an audience. And, ultimately, you need a group of likeminded people so you can reach new creative heights together. You’ve gone as far as you can just by focusing on yourself. It’s time to let go of old ideas of enjoyment, love or personal fulfilment and find a bigger cause to inspire you. Find your people! It’s your own need to belong driving your evolution forward.


Your mind tends to be filled with big progressive thoughts as an Aquarius - always concerned with brotherhood and friendship, the greater good and building a world from the future. That’s all well and good but it seems like you’ve been ignoring your heart. You’ve gone as far as you can doing your bit, fitting in, dealing with peer pressure. Well, the idealistic blinkers are off and it’s time to be a little selfish. What do you want? What are your creative talents? What would make you happy? You have become far too world-weary and it’s time to feel young again - even throw a little tantrum perhaps. Changes in your social group, club, friendships and community are opening space for you to step in and express your creative talents.


Where are you coming from and where are you going? You probably have absolutely no idea right now. Your entire orientation to life is changing, as these mutable sign eclipses shake you from head to toe. You’re used to being flexible but this goes above and beyond. A tree needs strong roots to grow and does not like to be up in the air. In many ways, you’re looking for a new place to plant your feet, whilst also rethinking your public image and how your career and role in the world might change, much like a train might switch tracks.


Are you feeling like the rug has been removed from under your feet? You’ve been defining yourself by your past, by where you’re coming from - perhaps even your home, your family, even your country of origin - for far too long. It’s time to stop looking back and start moving forward. Have you been hiding away at home? Time for greater visibility. Let any endings and decisions around your home-life and family shift you onto a whole new track and open you up to new directions. Let go of old ideas about your home, family and who you are at root. There’s simply no more milage in limiting yourself like that. Let that limitless expansion that arises at your very foundations when you let go of the past give rise to new career directions; new possible roles you could fulfil in the public sphere. You may want to move to the countryside or to a quieter part of town. This whole journey is driven by your own evolutionary need to rise in stature, flourish and become someone new in the eyes of the world.


There is a point when a tree will stop growing unless you tend to its roots. And this is the case with you. You’ve defined yourself too long by your achievements. You’ve been so focused externally, on your career, your public image and your various roles, titles and worldly responsibilities that you’ve let your roots atrophy. Let this worldly focus now die away and turn your attention inward. Who are you at core? Whom and what do you rely on, draw nourishment from? Does your home and family provide a strong foundation? It’s time to turn inwards and develop greater self reliance. Genuine curiosity will lead you down a path of self-knowledge now that will imbue everything you do out in the world with new meaning and purpose. Your soul is being called home. Can you hear it?

Image by Jongsun Lee from Unsplash


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