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July 2021 Horoscope: Marshal your Forces to Birth Something New

With a Cancer New Moon and an Aquarius Full Moon close to Pluto, it’s time to pass through the birth canal and transform old and stale energies into something new and empowering.

Mars and Venus join forces in Leo as we speak, creating a hot laser-beam of energy and July is where the action is. We're collectively in the birth canal, ready to bring forth something new. The month starts with some turbulence - a cascading series of challenges and decisions that prove to be very productive.

As the cosmos pulls you in opposing directions you are galvanised to make some bold decisions that ultimately feel liberating. This creative discipline and commitment to doing what’s right leads to breakthroughs in July.

Venus is in Leo till July 22nd, favouring fire signs Leo, Aries and Sagittarius - Venus in your sign or element is always the best time to go to the hairdresser, shop for clothes or tend to your looks. From the 22nd, Venus enters Virgo and transfers her favour to earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

New Moon in Cancer July 10th 2021

New Moon at 18:01 Cancer, at 02:16 BST on July 10th.

The Cancer New Moon of July 10th brings a transformative energy launch. Pluto is very powerful this month, reminding you of a deep and pressing need for change and transformation in a certain area of your life. that you have felt building within you for many years now.

Each of us is experiencing Pluto in Capricorn differently - it may be focused around your work or your home or around your finances, your kids or relationships - but you’ll know it by its relentless, obsessive and insidious nature, galvanising your thoughts and feelings around it. The July New Moon of July 10th, and Mercury in Cancer from July 11th, form a launching pad to help you face some of these demons, transmute a chunk of fear and release some of these energetic blockages so you can get the energy moving again. This energy builds toward a powerful release on July 17th, as the Sun opposes Pluto and something you feel strongly about clicks.

Right around the New Moon, on July 12th, Jupiter trines Mercury bringing an expansive, uplifting day of positive information. This is followed by a moment of heightened passions when love and war go hand in hand thanks to a Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo on the 13th.

Feelings of vulnerability also come to the fore around this New Moon, intensifying as Chiron stations retrograde on the 15th. It’s your chance to tend to any wounds you’ve suffered over the winter and take some of your power back - a key theme for this July New Moon.

Aquarius Full Moon July 24th

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th (01:26 Aquarius at 03:36 BST) carries some heavy energy with it, sandwiched as it is between Saturn and Pluto. Themes of control are highlighted on a global scale, but also any limitations, obsessions, fears and resistances that you might have going on in your own life.

Messenger Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Cancer and opposite the Full Moon and Pluto bringing potentially disturbing news and communications. This could put you on the defensive or make you look deeper for the truth.

This is an obsessive vibe, chewing over something until you come up with a satisfying answer. Another Aquarius Full Moon - a Blue Moon - in late August will bring a more liberating vibe.

Jupiter back in Aquarius July 28th

Jupiter backtracks into Aquarius shortly after the Aquarius Full Moon on the 28th of July at 13:42 BST and you can resume with a visionary endeavour you had going since January, right where you left off in mid-May.

Come the 29th, Mars opposes Jupiter and there’s a rush of energy, a sense of last minute frantic action. You’re pulling out all the stops to get things done while a particular window of opportunity is still open.

As Mercury enters Leo on the 28th and Mars enters Virgo on the 29th, you can feel your energies shifting gear and direction. That date is also an important and decisive crossroads for human relationships with Venus square the Lunar Nodes. What an exhilarating end to the month. Read more on the astro weather forecast for July or carry on for your star sign.

July Star Signs Horoscope

So let’s slice up the pie and have a look at the astro-weather forecast for each of the twelve zodiacal regions where you may have an interest (a bit like investments dotted across a monopoly board). As usual, do check out your Sun sign (core), your Moon sign (experience) and Rising sign (manifestation) if you know it to get as well-rounded a picture as you can.

Aries July 2021 Horoscope

You just wanna have fun and to heck with the fun police! This urge to express yourself can turn out to be very creative in the first half of July, even financially liberating. Kids may take up a lot of your time leading to substantive breakthroughs in how you manage your time and resources. Make time for fun this month. Mars and Venus in Leo are upping your chances at love and romance too, bestowing their charm on all fire signs.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th places your focus squarely on your home - as a spiritual sanctuary where you can retreat and refresh your spirit. You may feel worldly pressures pushing down on you, coupled with a sense of personal vulnerability, making it even more imperative that you secure your base, tend to your family and your foundations.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a spotlight on your social circle, making you think long and hard about where you belong and who your friends are. You’ll have another chance to revisit this matter in August, from a much more expansive, liberating perspective. Jupiter is intent on ensuring you expand your circles and find your people this year, especially from July 28th onwards, a moment you might feel like throwing a big impromptu party.

Taurus July 2021 Horoscope

You’re pouring all your energy into your home and family this month even while you also have many worldly responsibilities to tend to. The first ten days of July pull you between your duties and your desire to nest and lay low. This draws all eyes on you, helping you achieve some personal breakthroughs and let go of any needless attachments.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th sees you gingerly venturing out into the neighbourhood to network and explore your surroundings. This is easier said then done, as you have to jump through a number of hoops restricting your movements. You can look forward to some wonderfully satisfying moments at home or with family mid-month.

At the Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th, duty calls once more, urging you to come out of hiding and honour your commitments. Your career lights up in July and in August and you have a high visibility summer ahead of you with an important role to play. Venus in fellow earth sign Virgo from the 22nd is your friend, making you look good no matter what and bringing out your fun side. Jupiter returns to your career sector on the 28th, bestowing you with honours. Dare to step out of your safety zone and explore exciting career possibilities til the end of the year. And get ready for a big last minute push to orient your life in the right direction at the end of July.

Gemini July 2021 Horoscope

Your mind is pulled in opposing directions this month - you want freedom of movement but have to stay put, or you may be trying to explore options or access information that’s currently under lock and key. Study, discipline and persistence in your communications will pay off and bring a creative breakthrough. Trust in your intuition. You can put your views across in no uncertain terms around July 12th-13th and have fun doing it.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th places your focus squarely on what you’ve got that’s of value to you. This could be your money, your valuables, your physical strength, people or your talents and other resources. You’re marshalling your forces for something important and will have to stay focused, confident and strong.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th lifts your eyes to the horizon as you start thinking about the future. This might feel scary at times but you need not be afraid. This is your cue to start planning ahead - the August 22nd Blue Moon Full Moon, also in Aquarius, will make you feel a whole lot better opening wide vistas before you. Your optimism returns as soon as July 28th, as Jupiter re-enters Aquarius helping you pull out all the stops to realise your vision. Let your mind (and feet) wander freely this month, as you’ll be busy nesting in August.

Cancer July 2021 Horoscope

You’re walking a financial tightrope this month - especially in the first ten days - and you’ll need to curb your appetites to achieve some greater end. It’s time to show financial - and perhaps physical - discipline. Restrictive as that sounds, it will actually be liberating, releasing you to invest in what matters and achieve your most exciting aspirations.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th is the only one in your sign all year. Now’s the time to push forward with your most important plans and desires. You’re under pressure from others who seem to be exceedingly demanding and difficult to please. But you’re used to this by now. Your mind and your ability to grasp difficult concepts are strong this month. Jupiter offers you legal protection and you have communications planet Mercury helping you put your point across.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a light on your finances, your private life and your most intimate relationships. You may be handling a loan, taxes or a large transaction or physical operation that requires extra care on your part. Don’t worry, for August’s Full Moon will be helpful for you financially. These lunations can also help you detoxify your life on a psychological or physical level. With Jupiter bestowing his financial protection on you from July 28th, rest assured that things are on the right track. If you want to get away, August and September offer better options for short trips.

Leo July 2021 Horoscope

Summer is here and this is your time! You’re centre stage, you hold all the cards and are starting to chafe against the rules and restrictions that others bring to your world - whether that is someone out there or even your spouse. You’ve done your bit, you’ve toed the line and are ready to have some fun and enjoy your reward. With Mars and Venus in your sign, you’re irresistible - if there’s something you want, now’s the time to ask. This tough relationship tightrope you’re on is actually freeing you from certain preconceptions about where your life and career is headed and opening new directions for you.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th is your cue to drop under the radar and recharge your batteries, ready to resume your goals with greater vigour in August. Take a load off your shoulders and let others run around for a while. Tend to any doctor’s appointments too. Steal a couple of weeks to do nothing if you can. All that’s easier said than done as your work situation is really pressing but that’s not gonna change overnight. Take a moment and tend to your spirit.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines the spotlight on an important relationship and there might be a slightly heavy vibe going. Just do what you must and get ready for lots of excitement as July draws to the close. Jupiter returns to your relationship zone on July 28th, bringing opportunity, growth and expansion in all your partnerships ‘til year’s end. You’ll have another go at revisiting your agreements with others at the August Full Moon.

Virgo July 2021 Horoscope

You want to drop off the face of the earth this month, but your work and daily chores are chafing against an innermost desire to do nothing. Your sleep might be fitful and this push-pull might ignite some deep philosophical thinking and even change your outlook on certain matters in life - especially in the first half of July. Do your best to recharge your spiritual batteries. A change of scenery will also help shake you into a new perspective - if not through travel then through books.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th ignites your desire to see friends and connect with like-minded people. What world do you want to live in? Pour your intent into it. You are focused on your personal happiness and you’re not so sure where that leaves you among your circles. And that makes you feel vulnerable. Still, you have lots of support from significant others in your life in July, a vibe you’ll feel very strongly also in 2022.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a light on a rather long to do list - or perhaps a health matter. This might feel daunting at first, with some frenzied activity at month’s end. This trend will complete by the Full Moon of August, when you’ll be getting things done, freeing you to move forward. And with Venus in your sign from July 22nd - and Mars joining on the 29th - August is your month to be beautiful, irresistible and have your every whim satisfied.

Libra July 2021 Horoscope

July is a highly sociable time for you, although you are not quite sure if what you want fits well with what your circles are up to. You are getting serious about a hobby, a love of yours or a creative project and fascinating people in your social circle may be the catalyst for that and for a psychological detoxification process around it. It’s time to break free of any financial or psychological entanglements and obligations and free up some of your energy.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th falls in your career zone, urging you to think about where you’re headed. This is a hot topic, highlighting the big issue for you of “where is home” as well as insecurities around relating to others. It’s time to take the next step in that decision making process. Work is supportive this month, which helps.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th is making you think long and hard about what your heart desires. Your own personal happiness is center stage this summer and you’ll be asking the same question again, from a new more liberated perspective, in August. Jupiter’s back in the most joyful part of your chart on July 28th and you’ll have plenty of chances for love and romance, to indulge in your favourite hobbies or enjoy memorable times with your kids. The end of July presents a last minute opportunity for a gathering.

Scorpio July 2021 Horoscope

The focus is on your career as July begins. You’re very much in demand as July builds up, and you’re trying to square that off with heavy responsibilities at home. This could lead to some unusual agreements, encounters and collaborations. These interactions help you break free from the old way of dealing with others, giving you greater relationship freedom.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th brings a much needed holiday vibe. This could be a chance to get away, a change of scenery for pleasure or an opportunity to immerse yourself in a fascinating book or a demanding study. This is also a good time to tend to legal matters. Take good care of your health - especially around the 15th, when you might feel a little vulnerable. Soul food is what you need.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a light on your home and family and there may be some urgency to tackle involving important travel or paperwork. If things seem demanding now, rest assured that you’ll have another chance to focus on your home next month, with the benevolent rays of Jupiter helping you. Jupiter favours creativity and speculation in July, then returns to bring luck into your home and all property related endeavours from the 28th of July until the end of the year. Expect some frantic activity on that front at the end of the month. With Venus and Mars entering Virgo as July draws to a close, you’ll also be feeling much more sociable by August.

Sagittarius July 2021 Horoscope

This is the month when you spread your wings. Whether near or far, whether you’re going on an actual holiday or have found other ways to let your mind wander — books, studies, networking, plans for the future — you need plenty of food for thought. You still have to deal with logistics, communications, getting from A to B and all sorts of tricky nitty gritty to finally breathe the air of freedom. But your vision is strong.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th draws your attention to your finances and intimate relationships - especially any joint finances, debts, taxes or other energetic entanglements. Your finances are a real sore point these days so take a moment and focus on getting everything right. This is also a good time to heal old heartaches and vulnerabilities you feel when it comes to taking a risk. Check in with what your heart is telling you.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th finds you in the midst of an ambitious endeavour. There’s much commotion, to and fro, talks and paperwork, as well as, again financial negotiations. Expect lots of commotion again toward the end of July, which might feel liberating. Come August, you’ll be more optimistic about this whole thing. Jupiter brings luck into your home and family in July, then returns to your back yard on July 28th to help you explore new and exciting options and neighbourhoods, to network, learn new skills and meet new people. Take some time off and relax this month as you’ll start focusing on your career and responsibilities much more come August and September.

Capricorn July 2021 Horoscope

July is a transformative month, especially the first half, when you’ll be able to process a lot of energy — whether psychological, physical or financial — right out of your life. Now’s the time to clean your world of any toxicity and restore your sense of joy and self worth. Finances are tight but you can still achieve a lot this month and experience a sense of joy, creativity and youthfulness that might surprise you. This is a good month for introspection and self-nurturing. Tend to your foundations and heal the past.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th energises your relationships, bringing a new laser-focused perspective. You’re on an intense journey of personal transformation for years and years now and others simply have to respect that and fall in line. Still, pay attention to what arises and plant those relationship seeds that you want to see grow this month.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a spotlight on everything you‘ve got that you place value on: your money, your stuff, your people, your principles, talents and resources. What gives you confidence? What makes you feel safe? Do what you must to build your credit and, by the August Full Moon, you’ll feel a greater sense of abundance. Expect things to heat up financially as July gives way to August. Jupiter has been lucky for you financially up till mid-May and his luck returns from July 28th to stay all the way ‘til the end of the year. With Venus in your travel sector, you’re in the mood for a romantic holiday from the 22nd onwards and ready for a change of scenery. August and September also offer possibilities for a break.

Aquarius July 2021 Horoscope

You’re the star of the summer with two Full Moons in your sign, one on July 24th and one on August 22nd. But others are sure to keep you on your toes with their demands and their dramatics. The key is to make some positive changes at home, even as you try and meet others half way. Things heat up on the relationship front in the first half of July, then again on July 29th.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th is a good time to start a new work project, or establish new and healthier habits that stick and become second nature to you. You may also need a check up or to speak up and get things off your chest, especially mid-month. Whatever you do, there is an element of spiritual dedication to service, which comes through strong in all your day to day endeavours now.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a spotlight on what you want out of life. These years are going to be the making of you. You carry heavy responsibilities and there isn’t much room for manoeuvre. But you’ll experience more freedom from July 28th with Jupiter back in your sign ‘til year’s end and, by the second Full Moon in your sign in August, you’ll be making a break for freedom. Jupiter is opening new doors wide for you, showing you a whole world of possibilities out there and giving you a taste of freedom. You’re sure to feel the shift as July gives way to August. The next five months are yours to take calculated risks and make use of every opportunity coming your way.

Pisces July 2021 Horoscope

Jupiter finishes the preliminary tour of your sign this month, bringing you luck and opportunities for growth until July 28th. This little stint started mid-May and is a taster of opportunities still to come in 2022. Focus on your dreams and make the most of July. Work and daily chores can take a toll on your health in the first half of the month, pulling against a deep need to disengage from your current lifestyle to pave the way for something new. This subtle push-pull on your body is exciting your mind to new ideas, experimentation and information that might offer solutions to your practical and spiritual needs.

The Cancer New Moon of July 9th-10th signals the moment to stop working so hard and listen to your heart. Make time to play and enjoy yourself, pursue your favourite pastimes, spend time with your kids, indulge in a little romance - whatever makes you happy. Be a kid yourself. This is easier said than done as you may feel a forbidding vibe around you and great social pressures bearing down on you. Your energy may waver mid-month reminding you to focus on what you value most and build your strength - physical and financial.

The Aquarius Full Moon of July 24th shines a light on secrets and burdens you carry from your past that it’s time to shed. With two full moons in that most hidden part of your chart, the Summer of 2021 is here to help you let go of what you no longer need and travel lighter into the future. If this feels daunting or stressful, remember that a much more liberating Full Moon arrives in August to help you take that leap of faith into the future and all the goodies that Jupiter has in store.

Image by Ava Sol from Unsplash


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