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July 2022 Astrology: Future Shock!

Mars, Uranus and the North Node meet in Taurus on July 31st and it’s time to join the Revolution!

This is a month of shocks and extremes, initiations and reality checks.

And yes, I am referring to Future Shock by Alvin Toffler in the title - a state we're in when too much happens too soon - and that’s due to the rarest triple Uranus-Mars-North Node conjunction coming up at the end of the month accelerating us into the stratosphere. But first things first...

July 2022 Astro-Weather

July enters right on the heels of a bold and aspirational New Moon, seeing us strive for improvement on all fronts. Now’s the time to leap ahead, to let our reach exceed our grasp, to venture into unfamiliar territory. What do you truly care about? And what’s your vision for the future? The idea is to do your best to bring the two into alignment.

Events peak mid-month with a Capricorn Full Moon Supermoon when various puzzle pieces slot into place. Then the world explodes into a technicolour display of fireworks with an exuberant Leo New Moon on July 28th trine Jupiter, and the most extraordinary event of 2022 - a triple Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction spread across July 31st-August 2nd.

There is a mad, explosive, revolutionary energy arriving at the end of July and its ripples will be felt for a long time to come.

The earth is sure to shake but not before some powerful revelations July 13th-20th, which act as a gateway to initiation. So let's take a closer look.

Cancer Black Moon Waxing July 1st-12th: Pull Out All The Stops!

July enters riding on big plans for the future. Time to pull out all the stop and fake it till you make it!

By the 2nd, with Mars square Pluto and Mercury square Neptune, you may feel that you’re up against it with no information to go on - but a Mercury-Saturn trine helps you make the most of what information you’ve got.

Come July 5th, Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer and you can feel the energy shift.

The energies are now slowly and inexorably moving toward some radical and unpredictable end. Mars in Taurus generates powerful earth tremors. These could be literal earthquakes or financial and geopolitical shake ups as what increasingly appears to be a war for resources escalates this summer. Mercury in Cancer allows you to better use your intuition, meanwhile, whilst also accentuating protectionist and nationalistic thinking. The two in tandem should mark a detectable and more defensive shift in mood from July 5th.

A first quarter Moon on July 7th brings a crisis of action, putting healing at the forefront of your decision making process. Chiron gets involved, highlighting scapegoating, anger, hurts and vulnerabilities, while a Mercury-Jupiter square is sure to blow any slights out of all proportion. It’s clear that steps are required to heal society’s rifts, as well as on a personal level.

Capricorn Full Moon Supermoon July 13th: Gracefully Enter The Void...

On July 13th we have the biggest, most magnetic supermoon of 2022, a Full Moon Supermoon in Capricorn at 21:21 degrees arriving at 19:37 BST. This is a first culmination of the expansionist energies initiated on June 28th, teaching us to gracefully accept current limitations and let go.

Wherever Capricorn falls in your own chart, expect a powerful initiation to take place in your life, permanently changing some part of you.

This lunation is also the result of a longer cycle that was seeded with the Capricorn New Moon of January 2nd 2022.

What goals were set into motion back at New Year? These intentions are now yielding fruit and unveiling information from which there is no turning back.

This is a deep and transformative Supermoon, with the Moon at its closest approach to the Earth. It is widely conjunct Pluto, opposite Sun-Mercury, square a stationary Chiron, and trine Uranus and the North Node. It urges us to accept dark and uncomfortable truths, address raging social wounds and open ourselves to change or a massive scale.

This Supermoon also arrives on the heels of the USA Pluto Return (we have three hits in total in 2022, in February, July and December). We’re half way through this journey of transformation for America and July might well be when the penny drops: change or perish. (It’s crunch-time for the US and never has this been more obvious, or personified by the leadership, than it is right now.)

The Sabian Symbol* for this Supermoon is “by accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character.” After a lot of striving, it’s time to cut any losses and gracefully accept where you are. This maturing experience need not be negative. With Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon, trine Venus, the results can be very positive, leading to a more stable romantic and financial situation as well as greater self worth.

This is a moment of results, of manifestation in some real, tangible sense. A graceful acceptance of what arises and a commitment to change seems to be the key to celebrating this Full Moon as a success.

Mercury Superior Conjunction & Chiron Retrograde July 16th-20th: A Loss of Innocence...

The days following this month’s Full Moon are sure to be incredibly intense. On July 16th, the Sun and Mercury meet in Cancer for their superior conjunction (i.e. when the two meet during Mercury direct), shedding clarity on matters you deeply care about. It is the equivalent of a “Full Mercury” - the culmination of the Mercury cycle that was seeded in May with Mercury retrograde in Gemini.

What ideas took root in your mind in May-June - especially around May 21st? These ideas are now revealed in all their glory.

Sun-Mercury are trine Neptune, bringing a perfect hit of creative inspiration around the 16th-17th. But they are also opposite Pluto and revelations are sure to touch a sensitive nerve. With Chiron stationing retrograde on the 19th too, feelings could run pretty raw.

This entire period July 13th-20th may bring all sorts of dark material to the surface, alongside a sense of vulnerability, hurt and anger.

Chiron's presence sometimes feels like a shift into a parallel reality, a perception of subtler and more uncomfortable energies that normally lie outside of our awareness. If you are feeling extra touchy, see this as the necessary growing pains of a more integrated perspective, reintegrating elements that you may have previously denied, scapegoated and ignored.

The Sun finally opposes Pluto on July 20th bringing a sense of finality. The waining Moon reaches last quarter right at this point and the loss of innocence is complete, necessitating a change of perspective.

Leo Season July 22nd: Lighten Up!

Come the 22nd, the Sun enters bright child Leo - happy birthday Leo! - and it's time to lighten up a little. With Mercury also in Leo from the 19th and Venus in Cancer from the 18th, there's a pleasant shift. While Mercury in Leo brightens our thoughts, Venus in Cancer til August 11th lends love a more traditional, homebody, and romantic hue. To celebrate Leo season, Mercury trines Jupiter on the 22nd too and it's time to think in big, bold, dramatic strokes!

With Sun into Leo, Mercury trine Jupiter and the Moon conjunct Mars, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes, July 21st-22nd is going to be so exciting you’ll hardly be able to get any zzz’s.

We’re now rapidly heading to a most dramatic Leo New Moon and a whole new and uplifting cycle of events! Add to that an extravagant Venus square Jupiter on the 25th when nothing's quite enough, and Mercury square Mars on that same day, giving words a real punch, and the road to this month’s Leo New moon is paved with energy in excess... How fitting!

Leo New Moon & Jupiter Stations July 28th: Great Exuberance!

The Leo New Moon arrives on 18:55 BST (at 05:38 degrees), trine a stationary Jupiter. Talk about sheer excitement!

You may feel breathless with excitement at this New Moon, as if anticipating the grandest, boldest and most dramatic show on earth!

Tune in - it’s live and happening!

Why? We have Jupiter stationing retrograde and Mars approaching a major global fault line (with Mercury's help no less), as we head from July 28th all the way to the 31st and early August. Watch this space!

Jupiter in Aries stations retrograde on the day of the New Moon, trine the Sun and Moon, and carrying this phantasmagoric energy all the way through to July 31st.

This is fire added to fire, heat added to excitement, having us all bursting at the seams.

Jupiter stays retrograde for the rest of the summer and most of autumn too, a time to turn inward and start reshaping your vision into something much bolder and grander. Mercury squares Uranus and the Nodes at the same time (as if your nerves were not jazzed enough!) and the end of July could see fireworks on an unprecedented scale. It’s bold, unpredictable, and absolutely electrifying.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Leo New Moon is “a conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a ‘hippie' girl", signifying the clash of social values and the shock of the new. Coupled with the utterly shocking and electrifying energies of Uranus, Mars and the Dragon’s Head (North Node) building to a frenzied peak over the next few days, the end of July should set events into motion that totally shock, electrify, and take us by surprise!

Use this New Moon to massively revitalise, expand and revolutionise your world.

Uranus-Mars-North Node Conjunction July 31st-August 2nd: The Shock of The New!

All this leads us to the most rattling and unexpected moment of 2022, the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus. Join the revolution!

There’s a slow, inexorable freedom-loving trend building this month. Much like a steamroller, it has the capacity to flatten everything that refuses to move out of the way. The future is here.

The last time Uranus met the North Node in Taurus was 1855 and even then, Mars’ passage (in May 1855) did not quite perfectly coincide with the Uranus-Node conjunction, as it does now.

Think of this as a loud alarm clock. The sirens are blaring for us all to wake up. To what? Something electrifying, shocking, surprising!

Something that connects us more deeply with our physicality, our resources and the things that truly matter and have value and meaning in our life. July 28th-August 2nd is sure to electrify us intently and we may need some earth-wiring to stay sane.

The Sabian Symbol* for this incredibly rare conjunction (at 19 Taurus) is “a new continent rising out of the ocean” symbolising a surge of new potential after a crisis. We’re talking something totally new here. Are we literally going to see the earth move? Earthquakes, new land masses, black outs? Or is this going to be a geopolitical or financial shock? Blitz-attacks, financial warfare and land-grabs? Or are we about to discover an untapped well of resources? Virgin land to mine - literal or metaphorical? Or perhaps we’ll have new moral ground to stand upon? A whole new value system or platform from which to operate with greater freedom?

Technological advance is sure to be part of the deal, opening brand new avenues. Back in 1855, when Mars, Uranus and the North Node last met in Taurus (although with less intensity) stamp duty was lifted from the British press, making information equally available to everyone and transforming society as a result. Needless to say, this also opened a whole new profitable avenue for business.

Whatever crisis precipitates events, it is sure to open brand new possibilities of freedom and abundance that were totally closed off before.

This is an image of liberation, of true untapped potential, of virgin land emerging from the field of possibilities. And it may all arrive rather spontaneously. Hold onto this feeling of freedom. Imprint it deeply in your mind and let it form the foundation of a new vision for 2023 and beyond.

July Horoscope 2022: Join the Revolution!

There’s so much going on this month it is hard to do it justice. Here are a few words to help you tap into how the incredible energies of July might manifest. As usual, check out your sun sign (purpose), moon sign (instincts) and ascendant (practice).


Get ready to revolutionise your finances! You may tap into a fresh income stream, upgrade your earnings or even monetise new talents! You’re on a roll since May, running the show, achieving goals and getting an incredible amount done. It’s time to monetise your efforts, especially with Venus helping you network til July 18th. Expect shocking financial revelations at the end of the month that may change your whole value system and radically reset your priorities.

Home and family affairs are rather intense right now and you’re pouring all your energies to help your family, improve your home, or sort out a property. Things come to a head mid-month, giving you all the information you need and shining a powerful light on your career, your direction, and your place in the world. The Capricorn Supermoon illuminates the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year, showing you what’s achievable and where you need to make changes.

The Leo New moon opens the doors wide and lays down the red carpet for you to march toward love, creativity and fulfilment on July 28th. This is the perfect time to take a risk, turn a hobby into something more, embark on a romance or launch a creative endeavour. Kids are also sure to be a source of joy. This is a fabulous new beginning with the potential to up your happiness factor for a long time to come.


You? A revolutionary? Your world is about to be turned upside down and, what’s more, you may well instigate this! You’ve been run ragged tending to other people’s business, dealing with things behind the scenes, working hard without a thought for yourself. Time to take the stage! You call the shots from July 5th to August 20th and there’s so much you can achieve. By the end of July, you may well do something to shock the world and take everyone, including you, by surprise! The potential is there for a most fantastic breakthrough affecting your career, your relationships and your very spirit.

July is a very busy month and you may be dizzy from the sheer commotion or incoming communications. You may have an important contract to negotiate - and once you sign, there is no going back. Whatever you still need to know will be made clear by mid-July and certainly before the 20th. A legal matter may culminate mid-month too making things official and showing you exactly where you stand with an international, academic or publishing project. All publicity is good publicity, or so they say, and July will illustrate the truth of this, illustrating how your vision for 2022 is unfolding. Venus urges you to spend for pleasure til July 18th.

Get ready for a fabulous reset on the home and family front at the end of July, a chance to set visionary new intentions surrounding your family or property. On a deeper level, this is a spiritual new beginning, connecting you with your roots, your family and your land, nourishing your spirit.


July brings incredible revelations and insights - a sort of spiritual awakening! After an intensely social period, you may need to put your ego aside July 5th-August 20th to do some inner psychological processing, work behind the scenes, or simply to help someone in need. By the end of July, you have your finger on the pulse, riding on the revolutionary currents currently galvanising the world. Keep your activities under the radar for now. You’ll have plenty of time to grab the spotlight after August 20th and into spring 2023, once Mars moves into your sign!

Your charm is off the charts with Venus in your sign til July 18th and you’re focused on earning money, consolidating your resources and raising your confidence. Financial and relationship matters intensify to the max this month to help you realise what matters most to you and where to best invest your time and energy. Expect stark personal revelations mid-month, illustrating where you stand in a close intimate relationship or a joint financial matter. July’s Full Moon is a powerful psychological initiation for you, revealing limitations and challenges of trust.

Get ready to mix and mingle with some veritable VIPs as July draws to a close and the Leo New Moon opens the doors for you to make some lucky connections. A very exciting time begins, socially, with Jupiter plugging you into lucky friendships and alliances. This is your time to set any travel plans, contracts or writing and speaking projects into motion!


Time for you and your friends to change the world! You’ve been working like a fiend pursuing every single one of your career goals since May and raising your profile. And you’ve achieved a lot! It’s now time to reach out to your community and galvanise your friends and allies toward your shared goals and dreams. By the end of July you won’t believe the quantum leap that can be achieved when people pull together. A group involvement might surprise you. This is no time to go it alone!

We’re still in Cancer season and the spotlight is squarely on you! Life is far from easy but you can use the first half of July to set everything that’s important to you into motion. Still, you’re facing some stiff competition - or at the very least some difficult people, be they a spouse or business partner. By mid-July, a relationship or collaboration reaches a transformative turning point. Crucial information comes to light and you just have to accept the reality and limitations of the other person. Venus enters your sign on the 18th and your irresistible charm will soon become an asset. A tentative partnership that was set in motion at the new year crystallises this month.

The end of July opens the doors wide for you to make some big money. Yes, you heard right! Set an intention to get to this promised land at the New Moon of July 28th. Jupiter sits at the top of your chart raising your profile and bringing you to the attention of higher ups in a very favourable way. Use this to increase your income potential and set a whole new precedent for grander and bolder future earnings!


July blows any and all glass ceilings to smithereens! This is the summer that you revolutionise your public image and radically elevate your career. You’ve been dealing with lots of legal and official matters of late, perhaps travelling a lot too, or pouring all your energies into a marketing, publishing or broadcasting project. From July 5th, it’s time to put your goals at the top of your priority list and start ticking them off one by one. Show them who’s boss! You can’t even imagine the exciting career developments that the end of July has in store for you!

The first three weeks of July may be a little challenging, urging you to fly low under the radar, get busy behind the scenes and even deal with some tricky politics that require secrecy. Your social charms are definitely an asset. Mid-July brings clarity on a health matter that may have been bugging you since the start of the year. A work project might also culminate mid-month, causing considerable stress. If it’s too much, it’s time to examine your lifestyle and redefine how you want to live and work. Do a bit of detective work and ask searching questions.

And now for the best news: your birthday is just around the corner and you can look forward to the luckiest fresh start on all fronts! Are you ready to surround yourself with the most affluent international jet set? Are you ready to be a high flyer? Spread your wings! Shoot your vision into the cosmos as July 28th hits and let it fly - think big! This is one of the greatest opportunities in years for a most auspicious reset on all fronts!


July is when you make your break for freedom! You’re on a major crusade - off to study, travel or explore the world, broadcast your ideas to anyone who will listen or even change your religion - and nobody can hold you back! This ship has sailed. And by July 28th, whatever false morality has been holding you back is so brittle that you’ll have no qualms about tossing it aside. After a difficult period of deep soul searching this spring, you’re ready to sport some war-paint and set yourself free!

July is a very sociable month, endearing you to higher ups, drawing people to you and urging you to deal with social pressures and intense encounters. This lively community involvement is sharpening your focus and urging you to get clear on your hopes and dreams for the future. Expect intense realisations mid-month concerning love, children and your own creative fulfilment and happiness. You can no longer ignore your heart. Whatever rumblings you felt as the year began now reach full blast, urging you to accept what’s in your heart and build it into your future plans.

July’s end brings spiritual liberation. This is the perfect moment to retreat and tend to your spirit, to forget the world and reconnect with a deeper sense of trust and faith in yourself and in life. Any kind of healing work you now undertake can do wonders, transforming and empowering you. Financial gifts and offerings are extremely well received.


Financial freedom beckons! Relationships and collaborations have taken all your time these past few weeks and months. After much harassment, negotiation and to and fro, you’re now ready to cut whatever cords remain and taste true freedom from all and any financial and emotional entanglements. Not to mention that your sexual energy is sure to soar - especially as July gives way to August.

Your career is very hot right now with a great many pressures and tricky political manoeuvres. Get ready for important realisations to hit mid-month about where you are coming from and where you are headed, all the better to help you decide your course. A home or family matter comes to a head and this will really help you see things clearly. Your charm makes winning hearts easier til July 18th.

By the end of July, it’s time to rejuvenate your friendships and social circle, especially any community or group involvements. This is a fantastic fresh start with friends and allies, bringing opportunities for lucky collaborations and exciting joint endeavours. If you’ve been feeling isolated, this is your time to reach out and socialise.


Others are sure to rock your world this summer! A particular relationship may see shocking developments, exciting you to action, giving you greater freedom or opening new avenues to explore. After working extremely hard for the past six weeks, July 5th draws you out of your shell, opening you up to the public domain, and bringing you into contact with electrifying people that could change your life!

You may be pouring all your energy into a piece of research, your academic study or a broadcast or publication as July begins - or you maybe travelling, eager to leave your troubles behind. Your adventures are still riddled with pressures and power-struggles, urging you to face any dark thoughts. An important communication, meeting or contract could have powerful repercussions mid-month. You can now realise the goals you set at the start of the year and let the experience transform you. Writing, speaking, contracts and siblings bring intense feelings to the surface, urging you to reconsider your outlook on life. Venus offers financial help til July 18th.

Whatever happens, you’re in for an incredible fresh start in your career by the end of July. Get ready for great exuberance at work - a prestigious new project perhaps - placing your career and public image on a whole new VIP trajectory.


Get ready to revolutionise your lifestyle! You’ve been rather enjoying yourself of late in the pursuit of love and happiness. It’s now time to pull out all the stops to break out of any limiting or damaging daily routines at work or with your health. From July 5th, you’re a mean, lean working machine! Your work might change dramatically by the end of July, giving you greater freedom - or you may see a sudden breakthrough with a health matter, discovering ways to quickly resolve an issue. If you’re feeling stuck in any way, July is sure to change all that.

You’re neck-deep in tricky financial negotiations meanwhile, perhaps you’re getting a loan or dealing with taxes. Developments are sure to be intense and make you feel you’re up against it sometimes but someone will be of assistance. You will have a clear and final answer this month, as important financial matters come to a head. Whatever financial goals you set in motion at the start of the year, you now know exactly where you stand.

Ready to travel? The end of July signals the time to truly spread your wings and breathe the air of freedom. You could be taking a holiday, travelling abroad to find love and refresh your spirit, or even escaping the humdrum through books and courses. The end of the month could also see the launch of a high profile marketing, publishing or broadcasting campaign that is sure to rejuvenate your lust for life.


Get ready for love, children and creative endeavours to rock your world! You may be totally shocked by the behaviour of a child or suitor - or it could be time for a creative breakthrough. How do you feel about speculating? You’ve been all cooped up, dealing with property matters, home and family affairs for weeks. It’s now time to step out of your comfort zone, pursue your interests and the things and people that make you happy. Place your bets! Take a risk!

You have a lot of people making demands on your time this month and power-struggles could well arise. A very transformative supermoon in your sign brings personal matters to a head, showing you how far you have come since the start of the year. You hold all the power, whether you know it or not. Time to decide who you are and what you want from this point onwards. Revelations also clarify where you stand in an important relationship. Enjoy life’s small pleasures til July 18th.

You’re gearing up for a bold and dramatic improvement in your finances at the end of the month. This might represent an influx of cash or a bold business endeavour. No time to be risk-averse! The Leo New Moon opens the door to gifts, lucky breaks and greater abundance, and it is also sure to bring greater freedom on the home and family front.


The winds of change are blowing - get ready to make changes on the home and family front! You’ve been busy with new meetings, talks and contracts and a whole load of opportunities have opened up before you as a result. Now, it’s time to turn inwards and tend to your roots. What changes do you need to make at home? You could find yourself in a whole new living situation, a whole new family set up (even a whole new country of residence if you’re not careful!) once July and August have had their say.

Work is very busy this month and you’ll have lots of challenging tasks and chores to complete. A lurking health matter might also need your attention. Tend to the nitty gritty of your life and notice how your health and habits reflect deeper more underlying, unconscious patterns. The Full Moon illuminates the darkest corners of your soul, helping you get to the root of any subconscious fears and effect powerful changes. This is also a month of many pleasures, especially til the 18th. Any practical concerns that now arise are meant to make you sit up and listen to your intuition.

The end of the month brings a fantastic and exuberant fresh start in your relationships and professional collaborations. Someone is sure to brighten your world with their exciting news. Or it might be a trip with your partner that refreshes your relationship or a lucky contract that plants the seeds of an important professional collaboration. Now’s the time to each out!


The entire world around you is about to burst into life! Get ready to network like a fiend, to travel, socialise and speak your mind in no uncertain terms! If you have a brother or sister, get ready for that relationship, too, to be revolutionised! You’ve been pulling out all the stops to get your finances in order for the past many weeks. Now it’s time to get your voice heard and claim your territory! You’ll be shocked at the response you get.

Creativity, love and romance is where it’s at right now, although things are rather difficult and intense. A romantic interest, a child or a creative project that you strongly care about is at the heart of July’s events, including power-struggles, and you’ll soon know exactly where you stand. The Full Moon brings rewards for your efforts, illuminating your fears as well as your deepest wishes and desires. If you want to beautify your home, do so til July 18th. A friendship or group you belong to reaches a powerful turning point mid-July.

The end of the month brings a powerful fresh start at work, with the potential to bring in fantastic amounts of cash too! Your work always has a glamorous, dramatic element but never more than at this New Moon. A new project is sure to raise your self esteem. Set the intention to raise your game and deliver your best - and you will!

* Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974)

Image by Look Up Look Down Photography from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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