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June 2020 Astrology: Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

This is a journey into the landscape of your own mind!

June is a deeply symbolic month, bringing accelerated changes half-way through the massive reset that is 2020.

Welcome to a journey into the landscape of your own mind! Time to go back and retrieve something important.

As eclipses and retrogrades join forces this month, the illusory nature of reality is palpable, the veil that separates worlds at its thinnest.

Every event is a symbol, filled with personal meaning - treat is as you would interpret a dream and keep a light schedule.

Summer 2020 Eclipses

We have three eclipses back to back starting this month, two in June and one in July. The adventure starts with a penumbral lunar eclipse mid-Sagittarius on Friday June 5th, the first of its kind. This is a massive letting go moment. Time to let fo of bogus beliefs and visions that no longer serve you. Ditch the blinkers and go on a fact finding mission!

With Venus in Gemini retrograde and combust right now, the world is stripped of all frivolous desire, all adornment, revealing what matters most.

Ditch fakery and seek truth! Sagittarius deals with belief systems and this first eclipse is sure to wash away old defunct philosophies. This is a South Node eclipse, all about letting go of the past. But remember that the North Node is in Gemini, right along Venus retrograde in that same sign.

Best to be agnostic, mentally childlike, innocent and playful now - all Gemini buzzwords - free from belief, seeking only direct experience in a spirit of curiosity & discovery.

Venus has been retrograde since May and now Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, turns retrograde too on June 18th removing yet another layer of noise from the world. Mercury goes retrograde in the zodiac sign of Cancer and it’s time to examine any childlike ideas, sentimentalities, security patterns and emotional attachments.

By June 20th, once all layers of noise are removed through the world, get ready to walk through the looking glass... Time to explore the imaginal terrain of your own mind, to explore your thoughts and feelings and how they create the reality you experience.

Summer Solstice 2020

In that most magical innermost space, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, comes the 2020 Summer Solstice. This takes place on June 20th, and is ratified by an Annular Solar Eclipse in the potent 0 degrees of Cancer the next day, on June 21st.

This solar eclipse creates a ring of fire - a massive portal of rebirth and initiation at a moment of maximum introspection in your life.

The Summer Solstice 2020 marks a turning point of maximum symbolic immersion. It's a solar eclipse - the last of its kind in Cancer - signifying an innermost, private new beginning. And it’s contained within two lunar eclipses on the 5th June and 5th of July, symbolising important endings. It’s also contained within two key retrogrades of personal planets: Venus is retrograde till June 25th and Mercury turns retrograde before that from June 18th. This creates a magical space for innermost change that won’t be fully revealed till year’s end.

Neptune also stations during this period, the veil of reality practically see-through.

It literally takes very little to allow your inner world impinge on the outer now and literally mould reality with your thoughts And feelings.

So take a moment for yourself this month. Goodness knows you deserve it! And with Jupiter-Pluto about to peak for the second time by the end of the month, you’ll need your strength. Happy Summer Solstice!


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