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May 2020 Astrology: Retrace Your Steps...

Mid-May marks a key turning point in 2020. It’s now time to turn inward and prepare for the changes that are to come all through this year and beyond.

A Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th sets the scene for a powerful transformation. And by mid-May, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all turn retrograde within short succession of each other, forcing your attention inward.

Time out for some serious introspection! The focus this month is increasingly on retracing our steps, counting the cost and slowly returning to normal.

Saturn goes retrograde on the 11th, Venus on the 13th and Jupiter on the 14th of May, during the waning phase of the moon. Talk about a powerful peak and turning of the tide mid-month!

Venus retrograde in Gemini 13 May 13 - 25 July 2020

Do not rush yourself in May. Take your time. This retracing of steps is sure to be a slow process, riddled with unclarity - especially as Mercury will soon join the retrograde bunch in June. Let yourself catch up with world events and adjust your internal systems this spring - your values, relationships and finances (Venus), your goals, hopes and visions for the future (Jupiter), your work and the way your life is structured and organised (Saturn). All these will take some adjusting, starting mid-May.

With Venus retrograde in Gemini from May 13th, issues around finances, agreements and human relationships will remain intractable for months, as you reevaluate what’s most important to you.

Venus won’t turn direct till June 25th so you’ll have lots of time to figure out what’s what. Even beyond that, you’ll need to proceed tentatively, as Venus does not exit her retrograde shadow till late July.

This month's New Moon arrives in early Gemini, on May 22nd. With Venus retrograde in that very same sign too, it’s time to think new thoughts, air any differences and clear communication channels. You may also want to go on a fact finding mission this month - Gemini is all about being informed - and it’s essential, don’t you think to know what’s what, as you carry out this internal recce.

The Lunar Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius May 2020

The biggest astrology news of the month, perhaps, is that the eclipse points - a.k.a. The Lunar Nodes or Dragon’s Head & Tail - are moving into Gemini and Sagittarius on May 5th. These Nodes are like the karmic buttons of the world, it’s where the fabric of destiny or decisive events clips onto the world most powerfully, creating change.

Gemini and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs of communication and schooling, network and connectivity, trade and import-export, short distance commuting and international travel - all super-hot areas right now and moving forward till early 2022 (while the Nodes are in these signs).

Expect many changes in those areas, in how we move ourselves around the place, in how we communicate and connect with each other, in how we view the world, our beliefs and education system, as well as how we trade and do business.

With the North Node in Gemini, it is important to keep and open mind and look for the facts. The biggest danger now is being swept away by rigid dogma, grand theories or propaganda, as you seek refuge in the safety of some overarching belief.

On a personal level, this is a time of accelerated learning. The most important thing now is to keep an open mind and stay experimental. Listen, learn and avoid attachment to any particular ideas. The greatest danger with this combo is dogmatism, blindness and propaganda.

The last time the Nodes occupied this spot was right after 9/11, a period of much propaganda and fear mongering, but also important changes to business and travel. This is a theme that’s here to stay so watch this space!


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