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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius February 2021 Horoscope: Reinvent Your Life!

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius January 30th-February 21st leads into uncharted territory. Here's your sliced up zodiac horoscope!

Mercury has been retrograde in Aquarius since January 30th, and will stay so till February 21st, not escaping that little stretch of sky until March 12th. What are the dates to look out for? And what does all this mean for your neck of the zodiacal woods?

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is leading us all into brand new, uncharted territory. No less because Uranus and Saturn, rulers of Aquarius, are having their first big spat of 2021 right in the middle of this Mercury retrograde stint, on February 17th.

With Mercury going back and forth over Saturn and Uranus‘ home turf, February is a huge time of innovation and breakthrough!

It’s all happening behind closed doors and you’ll need to get your sonar on to sense it... But you’ll soon see it. The February 27th Full Moon in Virgo, Mercury’s sign, is sure to make this little winter retrograde pack a real punch.

You won’t see the full effect of the ideas born right now till 19th April 2021. And what an intense, almost manic moment that will be!

That's the superior conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, when our little whizzer, now back up to full speed, aligns with the Sun on the far side of the earth. They meet on the very last degree of Aries - a hectic place - bringing this January 30th-February 21st Mercury retrograde to a dramatic close. April 19th is when the full implications of this little period are going to hit you squarely in the face, and fire you up like a turbo too! So pay attention :)

Last but not least, Mercury retrograde periods are quite innocuous in and of themselves. It’s the stationary points you’ve got to watch out for! That’s when nervous tension hits the reds and mistakes are made.

Hold your nerve around the upcoming date of February 21st - and a few days around it - or you’ll be hitting your forehead and going ‘doh’!

What’s Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius 2021 all about?

Aquarius is a highly idealistic sign. Wherever it is placed in your chart (we all have it somewhere), you tend to have rather high minded and fixed ideas about things. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is gonna help you to give these calcified principles a good thorough shake down - question them and, maybe even, cut them loose.

Mercury retrograde in innovative and progressive Aquarius is all about “reinvention”. Time to reinvent some aspect of your life and give it a total overhaul!

Mercury’s hell-bent on pushing you down a whole new way of thinking, helping you recalibrate a crucial part of your life. Time to reboot the system!

Retrograde Mercury's Aspects to Jupiter and Mars

Mercury makes some key aspects while it retrogrades in Aquarius. Most notably, it conjuncts Jupiter and squares Mars three times each as he goes back and forth... (although he rejoins Mars much later in March).

Jupiter’s triple influence makes this a lucky retrograde, opening some big doors wide!

Jupiter conjunct Mercury brings opportunity your way - a wonderfully lucky aspect for experimenting successfully, raising your hopes and blowing away the cobwebs.

Mercury meets Jupiter in Aquarius three times - January 11th (forward), February 13th (backward), then again on March 5th (forward).

Look out for good news and lucky opportunities on March 5th! By that point, you’ll also know which lucky door to pick... (Is it door number 3?)

Mars, on the other hand, brings pressure, anger and hectic times.

Mars square Mercury is impatient. It carries a sense of urgency - you’ve gotta do this now, get it off your chest, find the solution fast!

Mars-Mercury could see old resentments bubbling up to the surface, leading to angry, hurtful words. Are you finally asserting yourself? Or are you merely lashing out? Pota(y)to - pota(h)to. Watch you don’t say something you regret.

Mercury squares Mars in Taurus three times too, but only two within his retrograde window.

Mars-Mercury creates a period of tension stretching all the way from January 9th to March 24th, with an unpleasant stint around February 10th.

January 9th is the first square, March 24th the last. In the middle we have February 10th, a tricky one with Mercury retrograde also trine the North Node.

February 10th opens a portal for old resentments and disagreements to be aired.

By March 24th Mercury has moved on to Pisces squaring Mars (who's also moved on) and the North Node in Gemini. And now there’s a whole different bone to pick and cause to champion - and perhaps different people getting all hot under the collar...

Any arguments and initiatives around March 24th may prove decisive.

Finally, you may want to watch out for some vulnerable thoughts around March 10th, as Mercury semi-squares Chiron (we’ve already had such moments on January 22nd and February 7th - just a heads up).

Mercury Retrograde: when will this end?

Perhaps you’re wondering why I am talking about March and April, when Mercury’s retrograde officially ends February 21st. Like anything in astrology, Mercury’s apparent retrograde motion is part of a bigger cycle.

This cycle begins at the inferior conjunction, deep in the midst of Mercury retrograde, planting new thoughts in the dark recesses of your mind. That’s when Mercury gets sandwiched between the sun and the earth. The cycle culminates at the superior conjunction, as Mercury, at the far side of the solar system, aligns with the sun and earth. This is a bit like a full Mercury when you see your new idea reach full bloom.

Mercury retrograde planted new ideas in your mind around February 9th, which will be as clear as day by April 19th.

We also have a so called “shadow period” stretching on either side of any Mercury retrograde. This is the time it takes Mercury to go forth, back then forth again over the same bit of sky (11-26 Aquarius in this case). This bit lasts till March 12th and it’s only past this point you’ll be ready to think new thoughts, as it were.

Mercury’s shadow period January 14th-March 12th gives you a nice long window - much longer than the retrograde itself - in which to examine your thinking and make the innovations you need!

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what this Mercury retrograde is all about for each zodiac sign.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscope for each Zodiac Sign!

So what does Mercury retrograde look like from the vantage point of your little zodiac slice of pie? Here’s a little Mercury retrograde horoscope for every star sign to carry you through to spring :)

Aries - Reinvent your Social Network!

It’s time for you to reinvent how you fit in with your friends and any social clubs and groups. How good are you with social media? Are you surrounded by people of like mind? If not, it’s time you were! You have an amazing opportunity to get in with the right people and reach out into the field with your innovative ideas! As the cycle culminates past your birthday by April 19th, it clearly illuminates who you are and what you want out of life.

Taurus - Reinvent your Career!

It’s time to reinvent your public image! If you have fixed ideas as to what is acceptable and what isn’t, perhaps it’s time to ditch most of them. You may be contemplating a change of career or role within a company. Or it could be things like getting married or becoming a parent, recalibrating your social status. Amazing doors are opening and you become someone else in the eyes of the world. And by April 19th, you’ll have outgrown your previous sense of identity so much, you’ll be ready to leave the past behind for good.

Gemini - Reinvent your Credentials!

Is it time to add a few short letters to your name? Or perhaps you’re ready to explore new markets or get a new passport or green card? Your reinvention, dear Gemini, comes through the endorsement of others - people like judges, deciders and examiners, who can give you their little stamp of approval. And with that, you’re able to reinvent your vision of where you are headed. This is such al lucky time, when you can rediscover your sense of hope, adventure and possibility! By April 19th, you’re ready to share your new vision with pioneering friends.

Cancer - Reinvent your Sex Life!

Sounds naff, but it’s time for you to dig up your mojo! Is it buried somewhere? Relationships of trust and intimacy are up for a total reboot - both personal and financial too. It’s time to come up with new ways of merging your energy with others. This is an excellent time to arrange a merger, loan or grant, or get deeply engrossed in occult study. Whatever it is, time to put your X-ray goggles on and go undercover - you’ll find such treasure! All this will culminate in a very public moment - perhaps to do with your career or image - on April 19th.

Leo - Reinvent your Relationship!

Time to give your agreements with others a total overhaul! Where do they end and where do you begin? It seems you need some fresh ground rules because you’re in totally uncharted relationship territory here. Is it time to explore new exciting adventures together? Jupiter is oh so up for that! Whether this is a personal or professional relationship, by April 19th, you have a whole new sense of freedom and a more expansive vision of where you are headed.

Virgo - Reinvent your Work!

Attention to detail is your forte and it’s time to reinvent how you go about your day. Do you work well, eat well, sleep well? It’s time to give your daily routine the once over for greater health, efficiency and productivity too! Jupiter is giving you just the opportunities and freedom you need to devise a schedule just as you like it. The productivity seeds you plant early to mid-February are going to prove incredibly invigorating - both personally and financially - by April 19th.

Libra - Reinvent your Idea of Happiness!

It’s time to reinvent your love life and your relationship with your children! How much fun can the current life-model you hold in that idealistic head of yours hold? If its hardly enough, it’s time to add some serious extensions! Jupiter is giving you an amazing opportunity here to rediscover your favourite hobbies, spend time romancing someone or just play with your kids. Have fun! The loving, joyous seeds you plant in early to mid-February will be like rocket fuel to your most important relationships by April 19th.

Scorpio - Reinvent your Homebase!

It’s time to reinvent your very foundations, dear Scorpio. Where do you want to live? What innovations do you need to make to your existing home? Revisit housing, real estate and property matters now - not only because you’re pushed to it, but also because it’s such a lucky time to do so! Where is home? What makes you feel secure? Now is the time to ask these questions and by April 19th, you’ll have your answer, as well as the assistance you need to establish the lifestyle you want.

Sagittarius - Reinvent your Speech!

How fixed is your thinking? Sagittarius is a high-minded sign but perhaps you’re missing a few crucial details? It’s time to reinvent the way you think, listen and interact with others. Perhaps try on a few different viewpoints for size. Your mind is like a sponge now, learning super-fast, so working super-fast - so much so you could write a novel in record time! Watch out for misunderstandings amid all the stress. Worry not - all will become joyously clear by April 19th.

Capricorn - Reinvent your Finances!

It’s time to take a new look at old stuff - be that your physical possessions, money, talents or other resources. What’s worth what? Have you got anything to sell? A talent, perhaps, that sits there unused? Lucky Jupiter brings affluence, helping you feel secure and confident. You may even receive a payment long overdue now - or a compliment for something you’d almost forgotten that raises your self worth. Bank it all! By April 19th, you’ll have full clarity about a home or property matter.

Aquarius - Reinvent Yourself!

Mercury is retrograde in your sign and it’s time to reinvent how you see yourself - your personality, your identity and even your appearance. You are experimenting with different versions of yourself for a little while and it’s surely fascinating. Jupiter will make sure you have everything to gain and nothing to lose so keep at it. Your stock is rising! Come April 19th, you’ll have full clarity and will be ready to speak up or sign on the dotted line. And right at the 11th hour too! Better late than never.

Pisces - Reinvent your Spirit!

You are experiencing a spiritual awakening, dear Pisces. You’re recalibrating your connection to your inner being, your creativity and the world at large. This could be a hugely creative period as you fully immerse yourself in your imagination. Write, paint, meditate or do whatever it is you do! And don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to ‘give’ and be of service to others. You are reinventing your connection to the divine and to humanity itself. You’ll see the tangible value of your creations and spiritual explorations manifest by April 19th.


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