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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2021: Let’s Have a Rethink!

May and June are months of revelations and that’s no less due to Mercury retrograde from May 29th to June 22nd 2021.

Mercury in 2021 is retrograde in Air Signs - Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius in February, Gemini in June and Libra in October of 2021. And Air signs are all about information exchange - our language and communications, our shared perceptions, disagreements and ideas we can all agree upon. Anything and everything that connects us verbally and conceptually with each other as human beings, that’s symbolised by Air in the zodiac. Just like the air we breathe is the invisible substance that runs through us all, so are our concepts and thought-patterns, our flight paths and our informational highways.

In 2021, the way we handle the way we think, learn and communicate with each other needs a major rethink.

Of all the Air signs, Gemini is arguably the purest. Pure thought. Aimless. Detached. Gemini is information itself. Aquarius is about higher scientific knowledge and the ideals that sustain a community and Libra is about our social contracts, laws and agreements (and by the way, I would not be surprised if the final Mercury retrograde of the year in Libra conjunct Mars in October 2021 takes strong legal and political hues!) Gemini, being the first Air sign is thinking and data flow at its most basic, deconstructed level.

Pure curiosity, information gathering, fact-finding missions with no lust for result - with no attachment to an overarching ideal (Aquarius) or to striking an agreement (Libra) - that’s what this Mercury retrograde in Gemini is about. Gemini thrives on pure dialogue for the joy and fun of discovering the world.

Gemini rules our communications, media and news platforms, the way we collect, process and disseminate data, our schools and shops, learning and trading, our phones, cars and anything that allows us to freely explore our world.

These are more or less all the things that have been heavily affected by Covid 19 and it’s time to rethink our attitude, globally.

With the North Node in Gemini right now (just like it was twenty years ago, when the twin (!) towers of the World Trade Center were struck down), how we approach questions of travel, intelligence-gathering, communications and trade is crucially important for our future development.

This June Mercury retrograde stint in Gemini is really important. It is a major error-corrective. It allows us to take a breath and examine our reasoning practices and how we collect, process and exchange information.

This Mercury retrograde is at heart a fact-finding mission - a chance to return to a more objective and dispassionate approach - a re-mind-er to return to first principles in our use of the intellect and employ a more pure, dispassionate approach.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini closely coincides with this year's Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini - in fact, Mercury conjuncts both the Sun and Moon right on the Gemini Solar Eclipse - barely some hours after the portal of the New Moon Solar Eclipse has opened.

And so the new ideas seeded at this Mercury retrograde cycle are doubly as important world-wide and will play out for at least the next six months if not the whole of the decade of the 2020s, until the next Gemini eclipses arrive in 2030.

Watch this space!

Something very important is coming to pass in the early hours (02:12 BST) of June 11th 2021, and it surrounds the uncovering of crucial information, hitherto missed.

On a personal level too, it’s time for each of us to go back and examine certain assumptions we have have blindly held for a very long time in a certain area of our life.

It’s time for a major rethink that’s sure to have far-reaching repercussions for months and years to come.

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini - Key Dates 2021

Mercury Retrograde is never an isolated event.

Like everything in astrology, Mercury Retrograde is part of a larger cycle - an orbital interplay between the Sun, Mercury and the Earth, which repeats every four months - the Mercury Cycle.

And much like the Lunar Cycle, we have a “New Mercury”, when new ideas are seeded in the back of our minds, and a “Full Mercury”, when those ideas reach full bloom and shine for all to see.

The “New Mercury” always happens during Mercury retrograde itself, right at Mercury’s so called Inferior Conjunction with the Sun - that's when Mercury's sandwiched between the Earth and the Sun, as he overtakes us on the inside lane. This signifies the planting of new ideas in the dark that will culminate at the Superior Conjunction, when Mercury now at full speed re-aligns with us on the far side of the Sun, a few months later.

Another key concept is the “Retrograde Shadow” - the time it takes Mercury go back and forth over the same little zodiacal strip during his retrograde.

This stretches a couple of weeks either side of the retrograde itself, creating more extended slowness and uncertainty. As Mercury begins to cover ground he'll backtrack over, that's when the shadow begins. It ends after Mercury, now direct, has recovered his lost ground. The whole thing, including the retrograde, takes about two months.

With that in mind, let’s have a quick look at the anatomy of this Mercury Retrograde cycle in Gemini for 2021.

May 15th 2021: Mercury enters Retrograde Shadow

Mercury enters his shadow period at 16 degrees Gemini. This is when Mercury begins going over zodiac degrees that he will soon backtrack over once he turns retrograde.

Old ideas, seeded during the last Mercury retrograde in February, are now beginning to slowly fade and look rather lacklustre. A mental disengagement process begins, as we instinctively prepare for something new.

May 29th 2021, 23:34 BST: Mercury Stations Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde at 24:43 Gemini.

The days surrounding the stationary point are usually very tense. By the station, a certain thought has gone as far as it will and can no longer be sustained. Time to stop and have a rethink. The next ten days or so bring the gift of hindsight.

With Venus conjunct that stationary Mercury on May 29th, there is something of great value and importance being considered here (not to mention Mercury coinciding with the eclipses). As Mercury and Venus do not meet again until December 30th, this evaluation process will take time to deliver a definite verdict. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, transpires at the end of the year that might be connected with this period.

Crucially, Mercury also squares Neptune at his station retrograde point (it’s exact already by the 23rd), indicating that the situation is riddled with confusion, lies and misdirection.

You really need to trust your intuition now as clear information will simply not be forthcoming.

June 11th 2021, 02:12 BST: Mercury-Sun Inferior Conjunction

The Mercury Inferior Conjunction is at 20:21 Gemini. This is the moment that Mercury retrograde passes between the Sun and Earth, planting new ideas in our minds. This happens to fall right on the Annular Solar Eclipse Node in Gemini this year, a very important event, meaning that the ideas now seeded have far reaching repercussions.

The next ten days or so are a time to exercise great foresight. You’re going in blind, as it were, with nothing to rely on than your own faint inklings of what’s actually going on.

Neptune happens to be in square to the Sun, Moon and Mercury this time, continuing to shroud the whole thing in a mystery of smokescreens, fog and confusion.

The Mercury-Neptune square is the classic Baron von Münchhausen aspect of story-weaving, lies and fantasy. June 11th-22nd, we’re really up a creek without a paddle but, perhaps, that’s when our most inspired ideas come.

June 22nd 2021, 23:00 BST: Mercury Stations Direct

Mercury stations direct at 16:07 Gemini shortly after the Summer Solstice.

This is always a moment of the greatest tension and haste - highly unstable. Tired of waiting and not knowing, the classic mistake here is to just stop paying attention, to exhale too soon, get careless and jump the gun. Information floods through in fits and bursts creating great excitement but is still incomplete.

So, if there is ever a time to be cautious and follow the traditional Mercury retro advice, this is it.

On June 22nd, stationary Mercury is conjunct the North Node and trine Saturn and that’s a good thing. Unlike the confusion experienced so far, there is a real emphasis on hard facts coming to light and on finally getting to the truth of the matter.

July 8th 2021: Mercury Exits Retrograde Shadow

By this point, Mercury has gone back and forth three times over that little strip of the zodiac Mercury retrograded over.

We can finally leave the whole thing behind us and allow thought to take off in newly established and more refreshing directions.

Mercury exits his shadow period at around 24 degrees Gemini, again in square to Neptune for a third and final time. With Neptune around, chances are, we won’t feel like we got to the bottom of things as yet. And with Neptune so closely involved in this whole Mercury cycle, it is a good question whether we ever will.

But perhaps that’s the lesson here; to learn to live with ambivalence; to take a more spiritual approach to the whole thing and look inward for answers.

The confusion of Neptune-Mercury is most pronounced on May 23rd, June 5th and July 6th.

August 1st 2021, 15:07 BST: Mercury-Sun Superior Conjunction

No Mercury retrograde cycle is properly complete until we reach the Superior Conjunction a couple of months later. That’s when the ideas seeded during Mercury retrograde in mid-June finally mature and reach full bloom - a “full Mercury”.

Mercury delivers the fruits of his June labours on the afternoon of August 1st at 09:32 Leo, a moment of sombre clarity. You’ll be picking Mercury’s ripe fruit of the intellect throughout August, in fact, as the cycle enters its disseminating phase.

This August Superior Conjunction is opposite old taskmaster Saturn. It is a moment of stark clarity and mature thinking.

In stark contrast to the Neptune-ridden foggy cover-up of June, August will deliver some definitive messages - perhaps harsh in places but certainly giving fair dues.

This is a reality check for our mental processes. Some much needed clarity so you know where you stand and can make the right decisions for you.

Two Sabian Symbols for the Mercury Cycle seeded in June and culminating in August 2021:

The Sabian Symbol for the Inferior Conjunction, the Mercury seed at 21st degree of Gemini is: “A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration” signifying “the revolutionary impact of mental concepts upon the collective emotions and desires of man.” [**]

Here we have an image of protest, of mass consciousness being awakened and causing unrest, a messy “demonstration” against the powers that be.

And so the ideas planted at this Mercury retrograde cycle seem to be of a collectively reactionary nature, demanding social change.

How will that all pan out?

The Sabian Symbol for the Superior Conjunction at 09:32 Leo, the mental fruition of the cycle, sounds quite promising: “Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field” is the message and it symbolises the “exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and faith.” [**]

This seems like an empowering message, foreshadowing the victory of clarity over the “long night”, a set of trials that we come through relying on our own strength and guidance. Hurrah for that.

[**]Sabian Symbols taken from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974) pp.95 & 137 respectively.

Mercury Retrograde Star Sign Forecasts June 2021

Where does Mercury retrograde in Gemini ask you to rethink your own situation? And how does Mercury’s superior conjunction in August empower and mature you?

This is going to be brief, as you already have a fair idea of where the action is in June from your June horoscope and May-June Eclipses, which coincide with Mercury Retrograde. Still, let's slice the zodiacal pie one more time, Mercury style…


It's like you're in an Escher drawing. Your world is all inside out and upside down and it's time to try and reconnect the dots...differently!

Rethink how you plug into your environment. This can be anything from your neighbourhood or your commute, your trade, website or newsletter, your studies or how you think and communicate in general. Now's your chance to clear the air with a sibling or neighbour too, finish that book or return to a writing project. Inspiration flows copiously! Trust your intuition. The results will be visible in your kids, your creative output and in finally knowing your own heart.


It’s time to rethink your priorities. What’s most important? What’s worth your time and money? A review of your self worth, literally and metaphorically is in order.

Where‘s your confidence at? Do you underestimate your gifts? Time to review your financial situation and your assets. What do you have that may have been sitting there idle that you could mobilised to sustain and strengthen you? This process will result in greater self-reliance and rootedness in your own being, as well as shed light on matters around where you want to live, who you are at root, your home and family.


You’re recalibrating your identity and sense of self - even your appearance! Time to reimagine who you are, how you present yourself and what you want out of life.

You have a sense of being called toward something higher in your career - as if your overall life direction is taking a mysterious turn. And your self-definition needs some adjusting to match that. By August, this process will result in some bold new ideas, a more stimulating environment and perhaps even a dramatic statement or piece of writing on your part, allowing you have a greater impact on your surroundings.


You’re having a spiritual rethink, reviewing your ideas of God, the Divine or whatever else you think is out there, in here and everywhere. It’s like your soul is being put through a prism and broken into a multiplicity of rays, giving you some spiritual flexibility.

This is opening you up to divine inspiration through dreams, meditations and journeys of the mind. Your conscious mind is flying at half mast so do take time to rest and recuperate. Trust your dreams and intuition. Inspired ideas that arise now bear financial fruit this summer and could bloom into something of great value and sustenance - perhaps even an actual pay check.


It’s time to reassess your dreams and the kind of people you want to hang out with. The friendships you rekindle now and the connections you make have the power to change your life.

It’s a good time to reconnect with old friends. Plug into an old social network, knock on the door of your old club and even if nobody answered the first time, someone now sure will! You might feel confused about what you have to offer. But there is a higher power at play here. Make your move, even if it makes you feel extremely vulnerable. Come August, what now seems confusing could shine a powerful spotlight on your unique personality.


You’re rethinking your life direction. Whatever ideas you had about your career trajectory, whatever you imagined yourself being known for, it’s all changing now, dissolving into goo.

And that powerful solvent is a good thing, stemming from relationships and interactions with others that open you to new inspiration. You can’t control the tide so you might as well let it sweep you off your feet and see what new and more refined objectives replace your old life goals. The result of these ruminations will give you a real sense of spiritual clarity by August - even allowing you to develop greater influence from behind the scenes.


Mercury is loosening up your belief system, adjusting your life’s big overarching picture.

It’s also messing with legal paperwork, exams and qualifications, immigration papers, international travel, and any broadcasting, publishing or marketing campaigns you might have going. Your working routine has become looser and less well structured and that has created space for you to rethink your outlook on life. These big ideas will bring rewards, elevating you in your community and plugging you into your social network and friendships in a whole new and more authoritative way.


Your finances are complex and full of moving parts. You’re in deep, sorting out tricky situations like loans and taxes, financial agreements and investments, ridding your life of toxins.

If a speculative idea sounds too good to be true now, it probably is. On the other hand, if you have a strong hunch, follow it. You may be closely working with your doctor or therapist to heal a condition or deeply involved in intimate talks with someone for the sake of love or a joint creative endeavour. This is deeply private, personal stuff but the decisions you now take could make headline news in August, bringing you into the spotlight and shining a light on your career and public image.


You’re revisiting your whole approach to partnership, riddled with confusion as it is by vague dreams and longings around your physical base, home and family.

An old partnerships could be rekindled now or you might return to an old client or agent. If you’re in a relationship, this is a good time to talk things over with your partner and get clear on common goals. You won’t have a clear idea of where is home but you’ll just have to let your intuition guide you. Against all odds, these vague ideas taking shape now will help you see the bigger picture come August, giving you a solid sense of purpose and clarity.


Your world is filled with tedious minutiae, with a to do list that seems to spout two problems for every single one you solve. Annoying as that is, it’s time to focus on the nitty gritty and create greater efficiency in your world.

This is especially true for your work, your health and any repairs needed. Nagging problems can no longer be ignored. You may reconnect with an old work colleague or resolve a health or practical issue that was dragging on from the past. Confusing and annoying as that is, think of it as a sudoku puzzle. By August 1st, these little efforts will reveal their meaning and have an empowering, transformative effect on you.


It’s time to reconnect with the child within. You know, that time when the world was young and full of wonder, when you first fell in love or first discovered your favourite hobby. A kind of joyful innocence.

You may reconnect with people who make you feel youthful now, revisit a matter with your children or come across an old lover or childhood friend. This is also the perfect moment to return to a hobby or creative project you’d put in the back-burner. There’s a sense of ineffable value, something that’s worth your time and investment no matter what the sacrifice. This nascent playfulness could culminate in an important creative collaboration or agreement.


Time to examine your roots. Your sense of self-definition is vague at the best of times and you’ll have to make things up as you go along. Ultimately, it’s up to you to get rooted in a way that inspires you!

A property contract may take longer to come through, filled with confusing nitty gritty. Or you may wish to reconnect with a parent, look into the history of your property or country for answers or research your family tree. This is also a great time for introspection, journaling or talk therapy. Think long and hard about who you are deep inside. Come August, this greater sense of who you are deep inside will shine through in your work, allowing you to choose the lifestyle that suits you.

Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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