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October Horoscope 2022: Zodiac Signs

What does October bring for every star sign? Time to slice up the zodiac pie into twelve crude chunks.

Eclipse season is here with a powerful Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th - and all this in a heavy duty month with two noticeable bookends: Mercury stations direct on October 2nd and Mars stations retrograde on October 30th, kicking off a remarkable journey that will take us all the way into next spring.

In the middle, we have Pluto stationing direct on October 8th — and about to start drilling mercilessly toward a brand new sign, Aquarius, next March — followed by a smouldering Aries Full Moon on the 9th. This activates a powerful Air trine that hits a number of hight notes all throughout the month til we eventually get Venus conjunct the Sun on the 22nd, Saturn’s direct station on the 23rd — also ready to push full steam ahead into a new sign by March, Pisces — and of course, our Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 25th.

The whole thing is rounded off with Jupiter dipping back into Pisces on the 28th to replenish us spiritually just as Mars is preparing to throw a few spanners in the works. You can read about all that in your October 2022 Astrology forecast. Now, let’s see what all that means for every star sign...

Zodiac Signs October 2022

You can read your Sun sign, Ascendant sign and Moon sign, and see which best resonates with your experience. (This might even reveal what dimensions of experience you’re most attuned to!) I find that the Sun sign gives clarity as to the core developmental themes, the Ascendant or Rising sign best corresponds with what’s actually transpiring on the surface, and the Moon sign fills in a lot of what things feel like in the flesh… And that’s not even taking your full birth chart into account. Astrology is such a wonderfully rich language :) Here goes.


You’re deeply involved in relationships and negotiations this month, dear Aries, both business and personal. As October begins, you get clarity on a work or health-related matter and it frees you to put yourself out there and open your doors for business: contracts, collaborations, agreements, taking a romantic prospect to the next level or spending time with someone special. A strong support network allows you to build strong relationships, make a relationship official or sign on the dotted line. This is a good time to reach out and engage with your community, coming up with a strategy to expand your influence. With your ruler about to go retrograde on the 30th, you’re ready to rethink large parts of your daily life and revamp the environment in which you operate - you may change your neighbourhood, commute or trade routes, or find new ways to communicate, sell or write your ideas. If your dreams have been stalling, you’ll see a shift after the 23rd, when you’ll be ready to pull out all the stops to reach your goals, solidify friendships and establish yourself in your community.

A big full moon in your sign highlights your maverick and pioneering qualities on the 9th. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self and show everyone how it’s done. Your career is in its final stages of radical transformation now. You’re still purging your old public image as you prepare to engage with the world in a most powerful manner toward new goals.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th shines a light on what binds you to others as well as things best left unsaid - matters of intimacy, debts, taxes and joint financial matters that require the kind of trust that means relinquishing part of yourself. This is a transmuting, transformative eclipse, purging physical, financial and emotional poisons from your life, opening the path for healthier bonds and business ventures. You may see the rewards of past efforts or a bill may come due.

On the 28th, Jupiter temporarily leaves your sign til Christmas, and it’s time to step back and plug back into the source to receive spiritual sustenance, insights and healing. You may benefit from secret helpers or be an anonymous angel yourself. What goes around comes around.


Practical matters have your attention this month, dear Taurus, and you now have the energy to sort out all kinds of nitty gritty - fine tuning your health and daily habits, improving your working routine for efficiency, as well as fixing stuff and organising your space. October begins with the penny dropping about what happiness means to you. This allows you to express more of your creativity through your work and invest energy into making positive lifestyle changes. What’s more you now have the confidence and resources to make these positive changes. You’re about to mobilise your assets in a big way in the coming months. Come the end of October, you’ll be rummaging around for things to sell, talents to redeploy and, ways to boost your body, income and self esteem. Your career, which may have been stalling over the summer is also ready for a big forward thrust come the 23rd - one last push to establish a clear career path and begin making a name for yourself til next March.

All this focus on the material world brings a moment of authentic spiritual insight on the 9th, shining a light on any subconscious and spiritual wounds you want to heal. Becoming aware of any toxic beliefs helps you purge dogma from your outlook and empower your vision. It also clears the way for you to sort out legal or official matters, making you less afraid to take risks.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th is a big one for relationships, resolving old karma (i.e. cause and effect) to make way for something new. Due rewards are now coming your way, as are any debts that need to be repaid. Purging old toxicity from an important relationship or business partnership will help you release any power imbalances for healthier interaction. You may also be called to help someone who needs you or receive help from the outside.

A two month period of good luck begins at the end of the month, when Jupiter enters Pisces. Friends and allies bring you greater abundance now and want to be of assistance. You’ll see rewards are coming your way - both social and material - as you can make great progress toward your dreams and expand your social circle. An opportunity to pursue a dream lights up again.


Your ruler turns direct as the month begins, dear Gemini, shedding clarity on a home or family situation and letting you move forward. All your focus is on what your heart desires right now - this could be a creative or speculative endeavour, a hobby or project you love, love and romance or perhaps a child. You’re ready to push forward and be proactive with everything you want, but the going may be slow. Use this time to strategise and put all the pieces into place as your desire builds up. A marathon journey begins at the end of the month, when you’ll have to dig deeper to know what you want and find the motivation to do it. This journey will change you before next spring arrives. Know that you can achieve so much more if you dig deeper than what you initially set out to do. Getting the bigger picture right is key - as well as sorting out the legal, international or marketing implications of your ideas. By the 23rd, you’re ready for one final push to get a legalisation, qualification or visa, or some other stamp of approval that will give you a wider reach and a more authoritative voice.

The Full Moon of the 9th shines a light on your allies, friendships and social circle, as well as the dreams you want to see fulfilled. You may have a strong awareness of being in a community of misfits. Let that empower you, even as an outsider, to follow the path less trodden. Obstacles are lifted from any joint financial ventures now, as well as from helping you bond more deeply. Trusting and sharing your energy with others may make you uncomfortable but is the key to your transformation.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th may highlight a health matter, a pet or someone in your care, or bring up old issues to be resolved in your work, making way for a new set up. It’s a time of karmic dues and rewards at work, above all, time for a big lifestyle detox of whatever drains your time and energy. You don’t have to go this alone. Help is at hand.

Jupiter backtracks to the very top of your chart on the 28th and your career is once more in the spotlight. Your reputation is in for a growth spurt as higher ups look favourably upon you til Xmas. Time to blow any glass ceilings to smithereens and set far more ambitious and far reaching goals.


You’re squarely focused on your home and family, dear Cancer, figuring out how to achieve the best results and make great progress. A miscommunication with a neighbour, colleague or family member is clarified as the month begins, leaving you free to push forward to with your nesting plans. Time to beautify your base and feel more secure. You’re in a nesting mood, and this is supported by a deep need for rest and rejuvenation on the spiritual level. The energies are stable enough for you to retreat and engage in restorative activities, knowing you have a stable emotional and financial framework. By the end of October, you’re ready to tackle any sense of spiritual discontent, by getting more creative behind the scenes or taking time off to heal or restore your sense of connection and inspiration. Your financial responsibilities become more pressing after the 23rd, with things ready to move forward concerning joint business ventures and bonuses, but also debt, taxes and other obligations. You now need one final push to get all these affairs in order til next March.

The Full Moon of the 9th highlights your achievements and your place in the world as a maverick and a pioneer. You may need to take a deeper look at your goals and life direction at this point and embrace your unique and authentic path. A transformative relationship or business partnership reaches a turning point, putting energy at your disposal to forge ahead.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th brings rewards for past creative efforts, opening a new portal for you to express your creative gifts. It’s may also be a karmic moment for your love life, with past heart-breaks to be fulfilled or released. Time to purge whatever weighs on your heart and make a new choice.

Academic matters or publishing, international or legal projects that may have fizzled out now get a fresh boost of luck, after the 28th so you can finish what you started before Xmas. This is also a good time to share your vision or seek official endorsement or favour from VIPs.


Financial and practical matters finally tackled, dear Leo, this month is largely about paperwork, travel and communications. You may be focused on a deal, a study course or a writing or media project. You have solid support from friends and allies as well as important people standing by your side. You’re preparing to pull out all the stops to achieve a long held dream over the next few months and it will need a lot of energy and stamina on your part. Come the 30th, you’re about to enter a period of recalibration for your most cherished dreams and ambitions, a time when you’ll work hard to make your contribution, while also testing your friendships, alliances and your place in the community. Relationships are in a stable holding pattern for now and this is a good time to put a good strategy in place. After a number of delays, the way opens for one final push to consolidate a relationship or make an important deal or agreement past the 23rd. Do your networking, seal any deals and rally the troupes to achieve your goals in the coming months.

All this commotion leads some important realisations around the bigger picture of your life at the Full Moon on the 9th. You may see a legal, academic, publishing or international matter also culminate, recognising your unique and unusual outlook and position. Seething issues around your health, work or lifestyle also heat up, opening the path for yet more purging of bad habits.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th highlights long overdue matters around your home and family, or a property matter, with developments happening quickly. What’s due to you will come and it’s time to purge any toxicity from your home and family situation, cooperating with others to reach a better deal.

Jupiter smiles on your finances from the 28th and you’re in for some great financial luck and generosity till Xmas. Now’s the time to sort out any debt or tax issues, bank on your investments, embark on lucrative joint ventures or ask for financial help.


You’re intensely self-involved as the month begins, dear Virgo, with important realisations helping you better understand yourself and what you seek. What’s really at stake here is your self worth and confidence. What are your assets, strengths, resources? Do you value and take care of what you’ve got? It’s time to appreciate what you’ve got and commit to cherishing your body, your assets and talents, your energy and your time. You’re about to pour a lot of energy into reorienting your career toward more meaningful goals after the 30th, and you’re also ready for one last push to get your working routine, habits, health and lifestyle sorted to truly support your goals. If work has slowed down you’ll see it lift after the 23rd. All these practical concerns are centre stage right now, giving you an excellent opportunity to focus on what you need to do to better deploy your energies.

The Full Moon on the 9th highlights the way you share your energy with others, especially your own gifts and healing abilities. It also brings to light any financial dependencies that give rise to unpleasant feelings, challenging your sense of self worth. Embrace your gifts and recognise your wounds around trust. Romantic desires that may have been held in check over the summer now burst forth with greater vengeance, as do any creative projects that may have stalled, continuing to remove obstacles to your fulfilment.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th shines a light in the darkest recesses of your mind - all your self doubt, self criticism and negative thinking that is now ready to be purged from your life. Issues with siblings or neighbours may also crop up, if only to show you where your own blind spots lie. Be loving as you deal with these mental demons and give yourself a chance to detox and embrace new thoughts.

The end of October brings another chance at growth through relationship. Jupiter back in Pisces brings beneficial people back into your life - these are people who are lucky for you and draw you out of your shell with their faith and benevolence. You have until Xmas to set the most lucrative contracts and agreements in place.


You’re at the centre of attention this month, dear Libra with a fantastic chance to push forward with everything you personally desire - as opposed to catering to everyone else. After a little spiritual recalibration, with realisations sinking in as October begins, you are ready to push full speed ahead with everything that’s on your mind and in your heart. You’re getting better at knowing what your heart desires, however slow the process may be. Come the 23rd, obstacles lift on the romantic front. - or perhaps with a child or a creative project - and you are ready for one final push of ‘fake it til you make it’ toward fulfilment. Legal, academic or international matters are also very hot right now and you probably hold some passionate views, perhaps being quite vocal about them. These may have to be re-examined come next month and you’ll need to put in a longer and more sustained effort to see your legal, academic or international efforts bear fruit, and your vision legitimised.

All this commotion shines a sensitive light on your relationships at the Full Moon on the 9th - especially one particularly embattled partnership, helping you see the interaction more clearly and begin to heal. At the same time, things are heating up on the home and family front, with one last batch of toxins coming to the surface for release, allowing you to drill onwards and totally transform this area of your life.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th shines a fresh light on what matters most to you, purging your assets, resources and priorities of any rubbish. This allows you to reframe what you deem worthy of your investment in terms of time, money and energy, as well as what is loveable or investable about yourself. This is a time of financial reward and of settling scores, leaving you free to use your energies differently and make new choices.

You can expect positive developments at work toward the end of the month, as well as a chance to return to making positive lifestyle changes you may have begun at the start of the year but abandoned. You have until Xmas to upgrade your lifestyle in ways that allow you to grow and flourish.


You’ve a Solar Eclipse coming up in your sign, dear Scorpio, and most of the month is preparation, really, with frantic activity behind the scenes setting the stage for the big event. Early October sees you clarifying old misunderstandings with friends, all the better to clear the decks so you can focus on what you need to do undisturbed to get yourself into gear. Your instincts are to withdraw from the limelight this month, and rightly so, to work on private projects that you’re not yet ready to reveal, or to just rest and recuperate, taking some much needed time to process the birthday year that’s just past and bring body and spirit back into balance. You’ll be glad to know you have love and emotional support while you spend your time behind the scenes so you don’t need to go this alone. Financial matters are largely on your mind - especially anything to do with loans, taxes, investments and joint financial ventures, and how these affect your home, family or property investments. This is another reason why you’d rather lay low and not draw attention to yourself while you’re dealing with private stuff. You’re in a safe holding pattern right now, taking strategic action, and about to begin a gargantuan effort at month’s end to totally revamp your finances by next March. Delays around real estate or family concerns finally lift past the 23rd. You just need one final push now to set your life on a more secure foundation by next spring.

The Full Moon of the 9th shining a light on a health matter or work project that may need a more courageous or unusual approach. Take steps to heal or fix things and effect positive lifestyle changes. Any toxicity in your environment may also surface now, urging you to stay sharp and reconsider the kind of ideas, people and activities you want to surround yourself with.

The Solar Eclipse in your sign of the 25th is an important turning point, gracefully clearing the decks to allow you to make a fresh start. It’s time to get your karmic dues - to finally receive long awaited rewards for past efforts or make payment for any misdeeds. Your vitality may be low at this point so keep an easy schedule. You’re processing a lot of old data and clearing the past so you can make a new choice in your life.

Jupiter is your friend from the end of October til Xmas, allowing you to resume a creative project, rekindle a romance or enjoy some wonderful times with your children. Luck comes from following your heart, taking a risk and trusting that the cosmos will deliver.


You’re entering a highly sociable period, dear Sagittarius, when you can do much to connect with friends and count on the support of your allies, as you move toward your greatest dreams and ambitions. A career matter may get clarified as the month begins, or you may be getting used to a new public persona or a new set of goals - all the better to put yourself out there. You can’t go it alone and you have a lot of support from partners, friends and your overall network, holding you in a stable place where you can do some forward planning. Someone special has a lot of your attention now and your relationship will begin to change at the end of the month. Let them lead the way and go through whatever transformational process they need to, so they can be even more formidable by your side. If you’re worried about a competitor, they may withdraw to regroup, giving you time, too, to reconsider your entire competitive or relationship approach. Stuck paperwork will start moving again from the 23rd and you’ll be ready for one final push to consolidate your ideas, get papers signed, or secure your perimeter and establish your influence by next spring.

Love, children and creative fulfilment are the topic of the Full moon on the 9th, highlighting any areas where you may still carry past wounds that need some TLC. Embrace the unusual or vulnerable situation you may find yourself in. It is opening your heart to greater authenticity and capacity for love and self expression. Financial fears and toxic doubts about your own self worth may bubble to the surface now, asking you to be fearless in clearing them and reclaiming your strength.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th may precipitate a powerful spiritual awakening for you, when you’re suddenly ready to put the past behind you. Time to drain the sewage of past regrets, let go of any self sabotage and gracefully move forward. It would be good to some time to be alone around the 25th to process it all.

Your ruler, Jupiter, delivers one final injection of good luck into your home and family and any real estate matters, when he backtracks into Pisces on the 28th. You have til Xmas to get the best property deal or make things happen on the home and family front.


You’re in the spotlight, dear Capricorn, you have many responsibilities and your star is rising. You may have had to revisit what you used to believe and, as the month begins, you start to better understand the bigger picture of your life so you can take charge of the situation and move forward. This is the moment to pull out all the stops to achieve your goals, raise your profile and gracefully assert your authority. Progress may be slow but this stable energy allows you to get a strategic handle on all kinds of practical matters for a successful and collaborative conclusion. With your ruler, Saturn, turning direct on the 23rd, it’s time to push forward with all kinds of financial tasks that were put on the back burner for the summer. One final tightening of the belt is all it takes to secure and consolidate your position and make you stronger til next spring. You’re busier than usual and will remain so for the foreseeable, with life’s nitty gritty demanding a lot of your time. Take good care of your health, especially from the 30th onwards. Take extra time to tend to any health concerns or work projects that may need your attention. Your lifestyle is about to undergo a major overhaul starting next month, urging you to dig deeper into your habits and lifestyle choices and your motivations for what it is you do every day. You may also enjoy resuming an old lifestyle, job or exercise routine.

A home or property matter is the focus of your attention around the 9th, when you may also have to deal with any wounds relating to the past. Embrace your history and appreciate it for the strength and authenticity it grants you, and as a starting point for everything else you do. You’ve been through such a transformative journey these many years that your old self is nowhere to be seen. Be ready to purge whatever remnants of your old identity now remain so you can walk with a lighter and more empowered step into the future.

Your social circle could undergo important and powerful changes at the Solar Eclipse of the 25th with a friendship radically changing, someone leaving your group or you seeing them in a totally new light. Rewards long overdue may come your way or it may be time to leave certain circles and purge old associations and ambitions from your life, giving way to new dreams.

Your network or neighbourhood springs to life at the end of the month, helping you meet the right people, find the right words, and move around with greater ease to get things done. New and expansive ideas that may have begun blossoming at the start of the year can now bear fruit, giving you a more positive outlook.


This is an expansive and adventurous month for you, dear Aquarius, when you can fly above life’s nitty gritty and be inspired by the bigger picture of your life’s vision. Legal and financial issues that may have stalled now move forward as you gain the necessary information to act. Push forward with any international, academic or official matters now, when VIPs are likely to look favourably upon you. Things may be slow going but a stable holding pattern helps you better understand where you stand and what to do next. Saturn has been weighing you down for two years now, harassing you to grow and mature by isolating you from others whilst giving you some formidable challenges that you had to tackle alone. Come the 23rd, delays begin to lift with all kinds of personal endeavours and it’s time to show your mettle one last time. One final push is needed now to carry your burden to the finish line by next March. You’re involved with creative projects that bring you joy and make your heart sing - or perhaps it’s a child, youngster or romantic interest that elevates your heart beat. You are ready to pour yourself into achieving greater romantic or creative fulfilment but are not yet sure how to do this. By the end of the month, it’s time to take a closer look at what you need to do and in a highly creative process that will take you to next March.

October 9th may bring sensitive information to light - ot it’s you who can finally vocalise how you feel or get some difficult paperwork sorted. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that weighs down your spirit and these demons may come to the surface to be dealt with now - therapeutically or creatively. The world you used to know is rapidly dissolving and it’s important to release the past so you can begin your own empowering journey of transformation, starting next spring.

A powerful authority figure may step down at the Solar Eclipse on the 25th, creating an opening for you to step into your power. A public recognition (or castigation) may be due. It may also be a career path that is ending, or a role you’re finally giving up to clear the way for new ambitions. This is a graceful new beginning with something long overdue, releasing lots of trapped energy that may have prevented you from taking your rightful place in the world.

Your finances are due for luck at the end of the month, allowing you to boost your income all the way til Xmas. You may also wish to make a luxurious investment before the holidays to augment your sense of wellbeing, assets and resources.


There is a lot of activity behind closed doors, dear Pisces, dealing with private matters as well as joint ventures and investments or tackling debts. This is your time of year to re-energise your closest bonds and establish trust. Information coming in at the start of the month is key in allowing you to tackle delicate matters and even receive a gift or improve your investments. You’re in an emotional holding pattern that gives you the stability you need to create greater intimacy. Your home is a hotbed of activity and while things may be slowing down right now, this gives you the space you need to come up with a plan and turn the situation around starting October 30th, tackling various little jobs or saying what needs to be said. Underneath all that, your spirit is heavy. You know that there are changes you need to make in your life and things you need to let go of but are not yet ready. The door is unlocked on the 23rd so you can begin cutting down on your spiritual baggage, preparing to try on a new and more mature identity for size next spring.

Wounds around your self worth and self esteem take centre stage with the Full Moon on the 9th, whilst also highlighting the unique strengths and resources that you have to offer. Whatever financial problems you now see, you have the wherewithal to address them, if only you embrace your gifts and step into your authenticity. Fears around your place in this world may also flare up now. Whatever communities you used to belong to, whatever ideals you used to have, they’ve been systematically demolished. It’s time to let all that go, purging fears around what your peers may think and make way for a new world.

The Solar Eclipse of the 25th highlights toxic beliefs and fearful dogmas that are now past their sell by date. It’s time to see things from a new perspective. An external event may precipitate this, to do with law or academia, with publishing or an international project. Receiving your just rewards on that front is just was was needed to release you from the grip of an old outlook.

Best of all, your ruler, Jupiter, checks back into your sign on the 28th, making you the universal favourite and giving you a wonderful two extra months of serendipity, luck and opportunity. Use this to grow and expand your life, making progress with the things that matter to you personally all the way til Xmas.

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