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Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020: The World Coming of Age

This cycle will take us to the mid-2050s. Are you ready for the 'Great Reset'?

Lunar Eclipse two days prior to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12th 2020, Green Park, London.

Top Down Restructure and New World Order: Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, 12 January 2020

The dark side of Saturn-Pluto is a hunger for absolute power, a seed of totalitarianism and top down controls. The light side is the purging of rotten hierarchies, the collapse of existing power-structures and the regeneration of society.

This conjunction has the power to cement a new way of life, placing down the cornerstone of a new foundation for survival in a heavily controlled and hierarchical world. On the positive side, as the cycle unfolds, it will expose rotten government and corporate structures, topple hierarchies and call for a radical reform for governments, banks and institutions. The purpose of this transit? To make us stop, like children, looking to higher ups for guidance. And to mature the way human society is organised and governed.

Saturn-Pluto 12th January 2020: The Incubus

Saturn and Pluto meet but only once every 3-4 decades. And this time they meet on 12th January 2020 right on the heels of an eery, incubating lunar eclipse in Cancer two days earlier.

This is a dramatic but quiet, hush hush end of something, paving the ground for a new world order.

Just two days before, on the 10th, a portal opens for this world-changing conjunction, as the eclipsed Full Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. The winged messenger, Mercury, is right there, delivering a powerful message as he completes his own natural 3-month-long cycle, in a superior conjunction with the Sun, a cycle which began back in October 2019.(*) Uranus in Taurus also stations direct right around that moment, on January 11th, sending electrifying shockwaves and opening the doors to quick and sudden change.

This Saturn-Pluto cycle culminates in the 2030s and take us all the way to the 2050s so, this is only the beginning.

The incubus of January’s eclipse delivers its full message by late July-August 2020 with a Cancer New Moon and Uranus stationary again - this time retrograde. (*)

The 30-40 year Saturn Pluto Cycle

The Saturn-Pluto cycle forms the backbone of society. It's the structures we put into place, collectively and individually, driven by a desire to survive. These structures periodically get calcified and need resetting.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction, taking place every 31-38 years, renews the survival structures that hold society together and forges new red lines that cannot be crossed. But to build afresh, you also have to raze the old to the ground.

And so January 2020 delivers the coup de grace, initiating a process of clearing away the rotting rubble to cement a new way of life.

This is the seed moment of a new world order - new survival structures being poured in like liquid concrete. And 2020 is zero hour. Time to face our fears and forge the world afresh through crisis.

The personal experience of Saturn-Pluto

Saturn-Pluto is like a laser that cuts down to the bone. These baddies bring you face to face with your darkest demons.

The 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction strips away all inessentials so you can focus on what truly matters in your life.

Your world simplified, you can now make some core fundamental choices that create the corner-stone of your future development.

Contacts between Saturn and Pluto always bring on a survival crisis that activates our primal fears. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and the survival of Saturn-Pluto offers gives a firm foundation on which to build for the future - for the next three decades at least, until Saturn and Pluto meet again.

Going through crisis allows you to discover your core ability to survive, ultimately strengthening those structures that are still left standing once the transit is past.

Saturn is also the great time keeper whilst Pluto warps and deepens your perception of whatever he touches And so, in 2020, you may have major realisations about your time on this earth and how you'd like to spend it. The January conjunction could bring an intense experience of “time’s up.” Or it could bring a sense of time feeling empty. Ultimately, this can help you realise that your time is valuable and how you fill it matters. Indeed it’s the most precious resource you have, the one thing you cannot buy back once you have given it away. As stoic philosopher Seneca is famed to have said, "it's not that we have little time but that we waste a good deal of it."

Saturn-Pluto bring the gift of time. As all superficiality falls away, you have time to think, time to make big structural changes in your life, time to focus on what matters most.

Saturn and Pluto on the World Stage

After 38 years of wandering the solar system, on 12 January 2020 Saturn and Pluto meet in Capricorn - the zodiac sign that represents banking, governments and major corporations, the top of the social pyramid.

Major restructures in the areas of government, banking and large corporations are going to form the foundation of a new world.

Saturn and Pluto have been preparing for their 2020 meeting for the past ten years, ever since their closing square of 2010. The closing square is the final phase of the old cycle and always indicates decay. But what was the previous cycle all about?

The Previous Saturn-Pluto Cycle, 1982-2020

The last Saturn-Pluto cycle, the one that’s coming to an end now was seeded in Libra in 1982.

This is the cycle that literally forged society afresh during the Thatcher and Reagan years.

Libra is the sign of partnership, exchange and beautiful things. Here we have the birth of free market capitalism based on economic equilibrium and trade agreements. It’s collaboration for the sake of peace, ease and, ultimately, pleasure - all things Venus that make life easy, including on the eye.

The free market capitalism of the 1980s, found its stride post 1993 at the opening square, peaked in 2001 at the Saturn-Pluto opposition in the signs of Gemini (the twins) and Sagittarius (the archer) - sadly perfectly coinciding with 9/11. After bearing its final free market capitalist fruit in the naughties, the cycle started collapsing in on itself post 2008, and especially since the 2010 closing square. In essence, we have been in a period of decay for the past 10 years.

A house of cards only takes the slightest blow to come crumbling down. 2020 seems to be the cherry on a cake that’s already rotten to the core.

Pluto was the first to enter Capricorn (the sign of the current conjunction) in 2008, bringing on the financial crisis of '08, from which we have never truly recovered. The thing was quickly swept under the carpet through quantitative easing - essentially a way to preserve wealth and power at the top by inflating asset prices. Banks and corporations were saved and further fused with governments in a major super-structure; asset prices rose without any real growth in the economy; interest rates fell, the wealth gap was widened, and the middle-class paid the price. And so the rot set in.

Ever since 2008, the game has been rigged, preserving the top of the pyramid at the cost of its foundations.

Next, Saturn and Pluto have their closing square in 2010 and we get the second round of quantitative easing, further burdening the working tax payer and establishing a firm trajectory of socioeconomic decay. Next thing you know, entire nations are at risk of going bust (witness Grexit). The solution? Yet more enslavement to central banks, again carried by the tax-payer. The net result? Political extremism: the last resort of a disenchanted and disenfranchised populace.

Toward the end of all this, Saturn finally enters Capricorn in December 2017, preparing for the 2020 conjunction with Pluto in that sign. Saturn has spent the past two years scrutinising governments, leaders and social institutions and sounding a call for more responsible leaders. He won't leave Capricorn for good till December 2020.

Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn: January 2020 and beyond

One function of the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction is to replace the liberal consumerist policies that were seeded in the early 1980s, that reached their height around the turn of the millennium and which had their killing blow via the artificial stimulus and bank enslavement post 2010. (Indeed, if you look at a multi-year chart for UK interest rates, the line drops then flatlines starting 2010.)

On a deeper level, 2020 is the year when the world is coming of age. It's the next level of maturation for the voting population, who are not as easily fooled by mere rhetoric. Capricorn is maturity, old age, authority.

Capricorn is a call to power. But with great power comes great responsibility. And therein lies the rub.

Saturn-Pluto, when left to run rampant, often have a dehumanising effect.

If the previous Libra cycle devolved into banks and governments trying to maintain an artificial balance sheet at the cost of everything else, what can we expect with this Saturn-Pluto seed in Capricorn?

The dark side of Capricorn is a hunger for power and control at the cost of everything else.

On the pretext of the virus, governments have already flexed their control-muscles, imposing lockdowns and limits to our freedoms. So far, this has gone down like a dream, with little resistance. Perhaps such lockdowns were necessary indeed. But they set a dangerous precedent. Especially as we're coming up to the USA Pluto Return.

We’ll certainly see greater top down controls and monstrous super-structures, conglomerates and federations take over the world in the next 30+ years.

Perhaps we'll see a world government. And perhaps there's nothing wrong with that. Perhaps it is time to become one earth race. The key here is accountability of those sitting on top. The key is to not lose our humanity in some dehumanising top down totalitarian superstructure. For once freedom is given away to the state, it's near impossible to get it back.

Much of the present Saturn-Pluto cycle unfolds in Aquarius, the sign of technology and community, but also freedom and revolution.

And so high technological advances are a core component of what's to come. But so is the possibility for revolution. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. We have till 2024 before Pluto moves into Aquarius and we begin to see the lay of the land.

The previous 40 year cycle also had its joys. Free trade, the arts and entertainment, the joys of consumerism. Perhaps this time around, we will find pleasure in empowerment, in becoming masters of our own fate, in demanding accountability from governments and institutions.

But to do that, we must all take responsibility for ourselves and for the world we create.

Capricorn is a call away from any protectionist (Cancer cycle 1914-47), childish (Leo 1947-82) and easy (Libra 1982-2020) attitudes of the 20th century into maturity. This is the world coming of age.

Saturn-Pluto 2020-2053: Future Cycle Unfolding

The ideas seeded in 2020 are going to be tested in 2028-29 when Saturn in Taurus (nature) squares Pluto in Aquarius (technology). They will finally peak in 2035-36 when Saturn in Leo (heart) opposes Pluto in Aquarius (technology). Now squares and oppositions are not much fun.

In the previous cycle, seeded in Libra (free trade agreements) in the 1980s, the opening Saturn-Pluto square, in Aquarius and Scorpio respectively, in 1993 brought a bombing of the World Trade Centre, a key symbol of free market capitalism. The Saturn-Pluto opposition across Gemini (twins / trade) and Sagittarius (international matters / flight) brought us the horrors of 9/11. So, watch for symbols of power arising in this cycle. And watch what happens at the square and opposition points on 2029-29 and 2035-36. As Pluto will stay in Aquarius for the next twenty years or so, power-struggles and battles are going to be fought on AI-human integration front - nature versus chip, heart versus head.

Their decline of this cycle starts at the closing square in 2044-45 as Saturn in 0 Sagittarius squares Pluto at 0 Pisces (this is equivalent to the financial crisis aftermath that came in 2010, only it looks like the mid 21st century crisis has spiritual characteristics). And the next new cycle is finally seeded in 2053-54 in mid-Pisces, a totally different ballgame.

Saturn-Pluto in the 20th century

Prior to Libra in 1982, Saturn and Pluto last met in fun-loving Leo in 1947 and nationalist Cancer in 1914-15. These conjunctions coincide with two nation-decimating World Wars (Cancer) and the subsequent Baby Boomers (Leo). While the first half of the 20th century changed national identities and family structures, the post-WWII conjunction in divine child Leo injected much needed life, vitality, joy, and creative flair into a world ravaged by war. Libra taught us cooperation for ease and pleasure and Capricorn is now teaching us maturity and personal responsibility. Equally, there's a flip side: Cancer brought us rampant nationalism, Leo huge egos, Libra an obsession with ease and, now, Capricorn totalitarian top down controls.

Saturn-Pluto from Libra to Capricorn: High Renaissance

The last time that Saturn and Pluto met first in Libra and then in Capricorn, as they did between 1980-2020, was between 1480 and 1518. That marks the High Renaissance period. And we can draw a parallel between that period and the last four decades.

We have arguably enjoyed an unprecedented four decades of flourishing since 1980 without world wars, with the benefit of free trade and the exchange of information, the digitisation of our world and a technological awakening.

Saturn-Pluto in Leo: Baby Boomers

By 1947, when Saturn and Pluto met in Leo, they hadn’t hit bull’s eye in fun-loving Leo for, like, 700+ years, since the time of Genghis Han! You’ve got to wait around long a lot for these big-ego, epic folk - the baby-boomers - to be born around here... (The baby boomers have so far behaved by and large as if they were the only generation to ever walk the earth. Well, turns out, they’re pretty rare...)

Saturn-Pluto 2020: It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac, Saturn 29. Their conjunction happens every 31-38 years and averages out at every 3.5 decades. That’s because Pluto has an irregular, elliptical orbit moving twice as fast through Scorpio, e.g., on the stretch than it does through Taurus, e.g., on the bend. This last cycle, 1982-2020 was of the longest. And we are more ready than ever for a fresh start.

(*) Note added December 2020: October 2019 is right around the initial discovery of the Covid-19 strand. July-August 2020, at the Cancer Full Moon is when the virus started spreading rapidly once more.

Image & Article by YourAstroGenes.


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