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Scorpio Supermoon 27 April 2021: The Portal to Transcendence!

On Tuesday, April 27th at 4:31am BST, we have a Full Moon Supermoon in Scorpio and this one is a real firecracker!

This Full Moon is a supermoon, at the Moon's perigee, closer to the earth and appearing big. It's got a big magnetic pull! And with the Moon in Scorpio, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius - all fixed signs (!) - there’s a lot of obstinacy around... A clashing of wills. Nobody’s budging an inch. But, one way or another, something’s gotta give...

We're talking groundbreaking forces, intensity on steroids, tensions that stretch to breaking point. Until...something snaps! And you are free!

Full Moons are a time of illumination and decision. And this full moon is subversive, jarring and liberating.

Keep Your Cool: “A Calm Lake Bathed in Moonlight”

“A Calm Lake Bathed in Moonlight” is the Sabian Symbol for this Scorpio Full Supermoon at the 8th degree - the idea being that of a “quiet openness to higher inspiration.”(Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala, NY Random House: 1974, p.196). This is a stark contrast of internal calmness amid external movement.

The I Ching hexagram 51 “Zhen” (shock/thunder/quake) comes to mind here. And, with it, the idea of tranquility amid great disturbance; the earth might move, but you’re not to drop your sacrificial ladle...

The pressure might be unbearable, reaching breaking point but if you hold still, you might see something moving in the deep...under the, transformative moonlight.

Pluto Stationary and Mars AWOL: Thick with Tension...

Pluto, co-ruler of this Full Moon, adds extra smouldering force, stationing retrograde on the same day as the Scorpio Supermoon.

That’s a lot of nuclear, volcanic energy right on point, like a whole bunch of devils dancing on a pin’s head.

And that’s not even counting Mars, still out of bounds, rampant, marching to his own drum. Mars is AWOL in Cancer now (since April 23rd and till June 11th) and getting really defensive, crabby and mother-bearish about everything.

With Pluto stationary retrograde, something’s going undercover for the summer at this Full Supermoon. It is changing, transforming, mutating hidden away from prying eyes.

Pluto signifies primal forces of biology and race, life, death and sexuality - forces that cannot be tamed. And as the wave crests and breaks, these forces go underground, waiting to re-emerge stronger come October. (Let’s hope that’s not the virus we’re talking about.)

This Full Moon reminds you to pour your energy into what sustains you - be it your religion, your friends, your work - whatever you call your ‘home’, ‘family’ or ‘clan’. Mobilise your defences!

Uranus square Saturn: Shock, Stretch, Snap!

Why is this lunation so thunderous and shocking? Wild card Uranus strikes at the cauldron of this Full Moon, cracking the pot! Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Lilith and the Sun all oppose the Moon, speeding everything up, bringing fast, unexpected developments. And the result? With Uranus, it’s always what you least expect! If you expect it then there is no surprise factor and that’s what Uranus is all about. Anything to snap you out of complacency.

With transpersonal planets Uranus and Pluto both in play, we are in the midst of uncontrollable forces. Innovation and experimentation on the one hand; transmutation and survival on the other.

And good old Saturn is stuck in the middle, square the entire Sun-Moon posse, trying to hold down the fort via rules and regulations... Can he do it?

This Scorpio Full Moon activates the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021, the one that is dragging us all kicking and screaming into the future. And right now, it’s putting the spotlight squarely on social accountability, as well as responsible science, community and social institutions.

On a more personal level, wherever transiting Saturn in Aquarius is in your chart right now, you are bound to feel the pressure. Saturn is showing you what’s important here. Be humble where you find Saturn and let time do its work.

Whatever the April Full Moon illuminates for you, this is actually where you can take constructive action, no matter how slow or difficult it is.

Happy April 27th Scorpio Full Moon Supermoon!

The air is so volatile, so thick with electricity, you can literally hear it crackling as April nears its end. There’s a restless vibe in the air, as Venus and Mercury meet with Uranus on the 23rd-24th, culminating at the Full Moon.

By April 30th, the process is complete. The Sun and Uranus meet, planting seeds of liberating change that are yet to bear fruit. Just in time for the eclipses, starting in May...

This is it now. You’ve put everything in place. It’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

April 2021 Scorpio Full Moon Star Sign Horoscope!

So where does this month’s Scorpio Full Moon explode all over your little slice of sky pie? What’s changing for you? And where does Saturn apply the pressure? As usual, read your Sun sign (core/will), Moon sign (emotion/reflection) and Ascendant sign (action/manifestation).


A big financial shake up urges you to pierce through the veil to find personal empowerment. Whether the crisis is financial, emotional or biological, it’s time to purge toxicity from your world - purge it from your finances, your intimate relationships, from your body or the bank. Your dreams and aspirations for the future are being put under pressure here. But this is also the area where you can build, building a social community of allies and supporters. Networking is the one thing you can control but it also presents a major learning curve. Time to push through the fears. The world is terrorforming all around you as your career and public image go into a cocoon for the summer, ready to emerge refreshed come October. Tend to your foundations and get your house in order.


Relationships are in for a major shake up! You are starting to own who you are, your unique identity and individuality, overcoming your need to conform. And it’s sure to rub others the wrong way at times. Stay true to yourself and see your relationships transform! That’s sure to activate fears of how others see you. But you are ready to experiment in your career, push through your insecurities and construct a new public image. And that’s all you have any measure of control over right now. You cannot suppress who you are. Push on and let the chips fall where they may. You are, literally, ‘loosing your religion’, meanwhile. Matters of ideology, publicity and international standing reach breaking point now, to emerge transformed come the autumn. Get ready for lots of commotion, travel, paperwork and communications moving forward.


You’re reaching certain notoriety around the work you do and your lifestyle is about to undergo some major changes. Events beyond your control change the way you work, live and function in your day to day life and, at this full moon, something snaps. Perhaps you receive sudden illumination from above, ready to change your methods and procedures. Perhaps, it’s time for a more spiritual approach to your work and health. This puts pressure on you to gain greater legitimacy for your ideas. It’s tough because you have to let go of certain preconceptions to do this. But it’s the one thing you can control so, reach out and get a thumbs up by those in the know. Your joint finances, your intimate relationships, your very biology is preparing for a major transformation over the summer. And you’ll need to gather and conserve all your strength and resources.


Something dear to your heart culminates, dear Cancer, bringing you great joy. You like to live dangerously, it seems, and this Full Moon has a certain allure. Whether it’s a speculative investment, a creative project or a labour of love you’re into - all your chips are in. It’s decision time! There’s volatility aplenty, all stemming from your crazy social network and from the very own dreams and aspirations for something different. Let changes in your community stir your creative genius! All this puts huge pressure on your relationships and finances but it’s worth it. And it’s up to you to prove you are worthy of someone’s trust. Your integrity as you throw your lot in with others is what allows your relationships to transform and mutate into something stronger over the summer. And remember, Mars is finally in your sign and you hold all the cards. This is about you and what you want!


Where do you belong? Where is home? Major destabilising forces in your career are forcing you to ask these questions. If you’re restless, no longer sure where you are going, perhaps it’s time to turn inwards and uncover who you really are. Tend to your roots, your home and family, what’s really important to you inside. Your inner compass is radically changing and, frankly, it’s bound to put pressure on your relationships. Still, this is something you can control, something you can do something about. Yes, it might take some work. Overcoming your insecurities. But this is something you can build on. Work and health matters reach a turning point now, to resurface anew come the autumn. With Mars behind the scenes, this is a period of letting go and preparation for you, all the way till June 11th.


You know something, dear Virgo... You are in possession of a big dark secret - or are about to hear one! Something that’s sure to shake your credo, your beliefs and outlook to its very core. Throw out the blinkers! Life is not as neat as you would have it be. Let the shock of what you learn radically change the way you think. Make that mental shift! Let your thoughts inspire some creative writing! Big stuff may be going down, burdening you with chores and putting pressure on you to keep up with it all. On the other hand, all you can control right now is to continue to brush your teeth, do your work and walk the dog. It’s the little things that hold your world together. Let your own creative, generative power go undercover over the summer and pour your energies out there - into your social circle, your network and the pursuit of your dreams.


Something big is going down, money wise! It’s time to separate what’s yours from what’s somebody else’s - especially when the latter might be here today and gone tomorrow. A spouse, business partner or financial institution might have a surprise for you, throwing you back on your own resources. All this financial tension has one focal point is putting a crimp on your style and capacity for joy. It might be your kids, you’re thinking of a creative project that needs and injection of cash and support. You’re quite risk averse at the moment but it’s important to follow your heart and see your creations mature. Home and family matters reach a peak at this full moon, leaving you to mull them over for the summer. This allows you to pour your energies outwardly into your career and overal life goals, where you can make vast progress right now.


You are the star of this show, dear Scorpio. You’re the alchemist, you are the magus! Others couldn’t be more unpredictable, flippant and unreliable even if they tried. And someone’s erratic behaviour is really getting to you. But the ball is in your court. The spotlight is on you. And it’s time to be decisive. Never mind them - they are merely the trigger. What do you want out of this situation? What do you want for yourself? Tensions with others make you examine the foundations of your life. Where is home? Who are you deep inside? It’s time to address long standing problems and insecurities head on and build a strong foundation - this, at least, you have some control over. Contracts and communications are also under close scrutiny and you’ll have plenty of time to rethink those over the summer. Meanwhile, it’s time to plan your great escape! Mars in your learning and travel sector wants to refresh your spirit.


This full moon is a purger and detoxifier. Like pulling the plug out of a bathtub filled with stagnant dirty water and letting it all flow out. Time to let go. Tune into the future. Your lifestyle is all over the place these days - your work full of surprises, perhaps exciting or unsettling, your health is all over the place and random things crop on your to do list, which might feel slightly rather stressful. But the end of April brings an almost spiritual experience - a revelation perhaps. The difficulty is how to put it into words. Whether you’re in the midst of an important deal or writing your magnum opus, the pressure is on to listen closely and to get your message across. Limitations to your movement and travel might also be an issue so, you’ll have to work extra hard to connect the dots. Your finances are about to enter a period of incubation and decisions you make over the summer will allow you to push on stronger come the autumn. Right now, it’s about investing in the right people.


You’re a mover and shaker and more so at this April Full Moon! A personal dream is reaching fruition - and all because you’ve thrown yourself into what you love with great gusto. You’ve got something cooking away, free to explore your creativity, and it’s time to surprise your friends - hit “share”! It’s sure to create a stir. The only thing is the strain on your resources. You’re full of creative ideas but the pressure is on. Whatever your dream, it’s gonna take some funds. Time to build your strength, your confidence and self esteem. You’ve been in a cocoon of transformation for years now. It’s time for another stint this summer, allowing you to emerge refreshed come the autumn. Others take a lot of your time and this full moon is all about the kind of people, friends, supporters, you have all around you.


This is a big career moment! You have influence, you wield power behind the scenes and it’s time to decide how you want to handle that. You have some big shoes to fill and you can feel the pressure build - especially given the unpredictable nature of your home life. Things are crazy at home, you can barely get any rest and you’re doing everything you can to keep up with developments. As the landscape is changing under your very feet, April’s full moon illuminates your path, helping you shift priorities and adjust your overall direction. See, the problem is, the buck stops with you. You are in charge. You are the one who’s ultimately responsible. And it can be rather a heavy weight on your shoulders. But you can make it. And, more importantly, this will be the making of you. So get to work, look after yourself and renew your spiritual commitment to making your contribution.


Crisis of faith? News could shock you, urging you to look behind appearances to find deeper meaning in the world around you. Not all is as it seems in your social circle and developments could bring up some big questions. A public endorsement, degree, visa or other “thumbs up” decision could also change your outlook. You’re questioning everything you thought you knew, approaching life with fresh eyes - and this full moon gives you X-ray vision. All this thinking and questioning puts pressure on your spirit, your connection to the divine. You may feel a sense of loss and that could strengthen your spiritual commitment. You may not be able to control what happens but you can control your own attitude and your willingness to be part of something bigger. Let your worldly dreams fly under the radar this summer, as they undergo change. It’s time to throw yourself into a labour of love!

Image by Felix Mittermeier from Unsplash


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