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September 2022 Astrology: Shift Into Gear…

Autumn is just around the corner and, with Mercury then Mars retrograde and the eclipses approaching, we’re entering a period of major shifts and transitions!

It’s all going down this Autumn! Not only are the eclipses and Mars retrograde approaching, but Saturn and Uranus - the signature aspect of 2021 - is also make a cameo appearance.

We’re still riding the high-octane “get things done” martial energy of the August 27th Virgo New Moon as September opens up - no time to waste!

Add to that Mercury retrograde from September 10th to October 3rd and a phantasmagoric Pisces Full Moon on the 10th just as we’re all distracted by a stationing Mercury and we’re in the midst of a major transition. The Autumn Equinox then arrives on the 23rd planting big new ideas at the very hinges of the world, with a powerful Libra New Moon on the 25th completing the picture… It’s going to be a crazy ride, so hold onto your hats!

September-October 2022: Saturn-Uranus Encore…

Saturn and Uranus have been edging closer and closer all summer for one last tiff, and they only miss each other by a baby’s breath this autumn. Thankfully, this should be nothing like the intensity of 2021. Still, the noose may be tightening again around our freedoms as we head into September and October 2022. Saturn-Uranus is the aspect that brought us unprecedented freedom restrictions, suppression and invasive technology.

It is also the aspect that’s precipitating a great big awakening of the human race by making things so obvious that the truth can no longer be ignored.

This aspect is bringing a radical new perspective that is only just beginning to make itself known.

As this is the closing square between these two planets (for a cycle that began in the late 1980s), it is natural that we should now see a total societal breakdown which will continue for a few years yet. (The next growth cycle begins in 2032 but we should see some progress and change before that, in 2025-26.)

The last time we had this type of aspect was the mid-1970s amid rampant inflation, union strikes and mass riots… Ring a bell? The objective of this aspect is a break down to break through.

Ultimately it signifies a breakthrough in consciousness and the world we will begin to build as this Uranus-Saturn square starts to wane depends wholly on how awake and aware we are as a result of this period. Saturn and Uranus come at their closest 2022 approach from September 15th to October 23rd, after which they go their separate ways... Time to move to the next stage of our development. You can read more about this aspect in Saturn-Uranus 2021-2022.

Mars in Gemini Enters Retrograde Shadow September 3rd: The Plot Thickens…

Mars in Gemini is preparing to go retrograde on October 30th (to stay so til January 12th) and has already started losing momentum this month, treading uncertain ground from September 3rd onwards. Unlike Mercury, who goes retrograde three times a year, Mars backtracks once every two years and it’s always a bit of a shock when he does, his retro-rhythm not quite so blended into our daily lives as Mercury’s is.

Mars’ “retrograde shadow” is defined by the Gemini degrees that Mars will give a thorough do over as he goes forth-then back-then forth again from now til March 2023.

This means that we’re already entering a restless, cantankerous, disruptive period, full of rebellion and unrest, which is paradoxically exactly what we need if we are to make some positive changes around here.

Mars retrograde is great for shifting stagnant energy because it makes us stay with something longer til we resolve it. But it can also drive us mad with all the noise, aggro and mayhem as we try to slalom our way through a constantly shifting obstacle course… Let’s stay sharp! The real journey begins in two months’ time, as Mars stations and turns on October 30th, but we can already feel all the pieces moving into place, getting into gear…

Now’s the time to pledge to tackle things that have been festering, no matter how much energy and willpower it takes. It’s time!

As Mars goes back and forth in Gemini, he sextiles Chiron and trines Saturn three times, starting this September and all the way to next March. Mars sextiles Chiron on the 19th (then again in December and February), aggravating old wounds - especially to do with anger and blame - and urging us to speak up and take steps to heal. This can be a painful aspect but also one that presents an opportunity to do something about it. Mars finally trines Saturn on September 28th (then again in November and March) - an aspect for effective action that facilitates the use of discipline and strategy to win the long game.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra-Virgo September 10th-October 3rd: Redress, Rebalance, Re-examine!

And while we speak of retrogrades, it’s Mercury’s turn this month, hitting the retros in the early hours of September 10th (at 04:38BST / 03:38UT just before the Full Moon!) to stay so til October 3rd. Mercury has been treading uncertain ground since August 23rd-24th and won't fully recover til late October. This is a period of redefinition of our way of thinking.

As Mercury retrogrades from Libra to Virgo bang on the Equinox on the 23rd, and it’s time to reevaluate ideas we hold dear and look behind pleasant sounding words to glean the actual facts.

Jupiter opposes Mercury three times during this upcoming period - on the 3rd, 18th and again on October 12th.

Mercury-Jupiter often feels like trying to push a fiery big balloon through the eye of a needle. It’s time to try and give expression to our vision.

Legal issues could flare up now, as both Libra (where Mercury is) and Jupiter have strong legal connotations.

A first quarter Moon in Sagittarius - a Jupiterian sign also hellbent on seeking the truth - brings a crucial moment of action to ask the right questions. Watch out for Big Words during the entire period and examine them critically for content. Wolfish ideas may well be presented in sheep’s clothing…

Mercury retrograde is a great time for contemplation and creativity, for catching up with old friends, or for revisiting things you’ve been meaning to do and have simply not had the time to in life’s usually busy-ness.

It is Mercury’s stationing points that tend to be the most disruptive, chaotic and taxing on the nervous system. These arrive on September 10th and October 3rd. These can be lucid moments when crucial information comes to light - but we are getting it all in real time, which means we’re in the midst of it unfolding and lack the bigger picture. This can cause quite a bit of stress and mistakes as the detail of life overwhelms.

The thing to remember during Mercury retrograde is this: you lack a substantial amount of information. The game is about to change with new players entering the fray. So best to focus on tidying up loose ends and clear the decks to make space for whatever arises.

The one traditional advice to adhere to is: do not buy electronics or things with moving parts during Mercury retro. They tend to disappoint. If you must sign a contract that’s fine - especially if it is something that has been long in coming or is a redo of something old. If it is something totally new that lands on your desk suddenly during the retro, best stay the hand and read the fine print or be ready for a re-do.

Pisces Full Moon September 10th: Surreality Show!

All this brings us beautifully to this month’s super-dreamy, overwhelmingly emotional, theatrical, illusory, romantic Pisces Full Moon, also on September 10th at 10:59am BST (09:59UT). This beauty is widely conjunct Neptune and square Mars - tailor made for a magic and make believe - and it is sextile Uranus and the North Node, opening pathways for greater lucidity in this dream we call ‘waking life’.

This is an inspiring, complex and mobilising moment, an opportunity to see our own illusions and yearnings more clearly and achieve a consciousness breakthrough.

The Sun trines the North Node on the 7th, followed by Uranus on the 11th creating a perfect window for sudden excitement, major realisations and positive changes at this lunation.

This Pisces Full Moon has a deeply hypnotising effect, revealing our dreams and illusions and laying the heart wide open to love, compassion and creative inspiration. It’s excellent for romance, spiritual practices and creative pursuits - but also excellent for snake oil salesmen and demagogues the world over. We’re now all in a collective trance.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Lunation (at 17:41 Pisces) is “in a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance.” Time to enjoy a phantasmagoric show! Something long overdue could be resolved now with Mercury retrograde. But also remember the illusory nature of this lunation (thanks to Pisces and Neptune), coupled with the fact that we’re in a major transition and lack crucial information (Mercury retrograde). Not the most practical combination for major decisions. Neptune and Pisces are the rulers of religious trance and illusion on a mass scale - Film, Television, Netflix, Gaming etc, all are Pisces and Neptune children - and we’re in for something mesmerising.

Time for some lucid…waking. Perhaps we need a strong dose of surreality to truly wake up to something. This Full Moon delivers it!

This is a highly fluid, mutable lunation, requiring flexibility to make it work. Time to flow with the great oceanic currents… Time to feel… The Sun’s own opposition to Neptune arrives nearly a week later on September 16th so this illusory feeling will carry on a while...

Down the rabbit hole we go to assess our dreams and illusions and see what they reveal about the yearnings of our soul.

Let’s absorb it all like a sponge, let it wash through, then apply our critical thinking filter (Sun in Virgo) to squeeze out all the dross, keeping only the pearls of wisdom...

Venus in Virgo September 5th-29th: Actions Speak Louder Than Words…

Venus is also quite active this month. On the 5th Venus enters Virgo and love takes on a more hands-on approach. Time to show your love in practical ways! Fix a wobbly chair, take out the trash or get on with self improvement.

Venus will stay in Virgo til September 29th and this is an excellent time to take pleasure in practical mundane tasks, daily rituals, DYI projects, work, real demonstrations of love and all kinds of nutritional, health and exercise regimens.

It’s also a nice time to get out in nature and enjoy all the small and transient moments that make life beautiful.

Venus gets rather busy between the 16th and 20th of the month. On the 16th Venus squares Mars, fuelling the flames of extreme emotion… With Mars and Venus at loggerheads and Neptune rampant too (opposite the Sun), nobody is seeing anything clearly mid-month. Feelings are running the show and they’re getting riled up big time! This is a great time for creativity, love and romance, but not so great for making decisions.

Come the 17th, Venus connects with the North Node, followed by Uranus on the 20th, creating sudden shockwaves of love and excitement. The 17th-20th is certainly going to be fun! All this arrives alongside a last Quarter Gemini Moon on the 17th too, creating commotion and urging us to connect and communicate with each other more to better understand what’s actually going on. With Mercury opposite Jupiter on the 18th and the Sun trine Pluto too on the 19th too, the 16th-20th is a highly eventful period, with emotions running high, big ideas and fun and romance aplenty, plus the confidence and determination to carry plans through.

September ends with Venus moving into Libra (her own sign) on the 29th, where she will stay til October 23rd, creating fertile ground for smoochings of all kind and joining the Sun to pave the way for the first eclipse of the autumn.

Libra Equinox & Mercury Inferior Conjunction September 23rd: The ReFrame…

The Autumn Equinox arrives in the early hours of the 23rd at 02:03am BST (01:03UT), marking an unmistakeable change in our thinking.

On the same day, Mercury retrograde meets the Sun, planting the seeds of a brand new global thought-form that will blossom over the next four months of the Mercury cycle.

That’s because Mercury and the Sun meet at 0 degrees (and 14’ minutes) of Libra, a cardinal sign, at the very hinges of the world…. Political and diplomatic games are firmly afoot now, marked by a need to return to some kind of archetypal purity. Ideas of beauty, fairness and ideal representation seem to be instilled in our minds at the Equinox, but where do we go from here?

The Sabian Symbol* for this Autumn Equinox Sun-Mercury seed is “in a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart.” How beautiful and…gruesome! The butterfly is representative of something greater but at what cost? Perfection, immortalisation and dedication to a cause certainly extol a high price.

Something important begins to unfold from this point on that is sure to touch archetypal themes that will stay in our memory.

Also on the Equinox, Mercury backtracks into Virgo and the time has come to pore through reams of details and critically re-examine the facts. These are details we may have missed, or missed the importance of, and which now become pertinent. Time to get digging and try to make heads or tails of what’s going on.

Libra New Moon September 25th: A New (I)Deal

The first New Moon of the season, in Libra, arrives in the middle of this uncertain period of redefinition, late at night of September 25th, at 22:54pm BST (21:54UT). This New Moon is closely opposite Jupiter and conjunct Mercury retrograde, as well as widely conjunct its ruler Venus, trine Pluto and opposite Neptune.

Crucial value judgements hang in the balance now - but it is precisely judgment that we seem to lack.

We’re missing swathes of facts and so we need to tread very carefully moving forward, digging deep, checking and re-checking the facts. Pluto trine Venus/Mercury on the 26th-27th gives us good X-ray goggles but with Venus opposite Neptune active since the 24th, we need to be very aware of seductive tactics, scapegoating, tricks and beautiful illusions trying to influence our judgment.

The Sabian Symbol* for this lunation at 02:48 Libra is rather eery - “the dawn of a New Day reveals everything has changed” - illustrating the power of major realisations to make us see the world with fresh eyes. Inherent in this symbol is the ever-present possibility to start afresh, on a new and improved foundation of values. With a Venus-Neptune opposition active, these values need to be more refined and altruistic if we are going to make this New Moon (and the cycle it initiates) work for us.

Success in the days and months that follow hinges on not staying on the surface but digging deeper - especially into the past given that Mercury retrograde conjuncts Venus - to uncover what’s been hidden and carry out a proper reappraisal of the facts.

This is doubly important as we head into the Eclipses past this point, when so much can happen so quickly!

Jupiter is closely involved with this Libra New Moon and matters to do with law, politics and morals come, once again, to the foreground. The Sun-Jupiter opposition perfects on September 26th precipitating an honest re-appraisal of our principles and vision. The question also arises: what sort of social contracts do we want to live by? What can we believe in? Expect the game to keep changing as we enter October - especially as Mercury goes direct on the 3rd. Keep a light schedule as October enters and give the 3rd itself a wide berth (at least a week) before you go on to make important decisions. Hold your nerve! Eclipse season is around the corner, starting on October 25th and into the woods we go…

Enjoy the Equinox!

*Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974)

September 2022 Star Sign Horoscope

There’s a lot going on again this month and it’s hard to do it justice. But here’s a taste of how all this September cosmic action pans out for every star sign. Check out your and Ascendant (skin/surface), Sun Sign (core/consciousness) and Moon sign (flesh/instincts) for a more wholistic picture.


You’re very busy as the month begins, working hard and taking care of life’s nitty gritty, eager to get your world in order, dear Aries. And this is a great month to do this, to get all kinds of things done - and even enjoy doing so. Your focus shifts from work, health and lifestyle matters to your contracts, agreements and partnerships from the autumn Equinox onwards with important personal realisations planting new ideas on the relationship front all month long. These will begin a new chapter relationship-wise in the latter part of September, but also urge you to go back and rethink certain life style choices or work projects. Take some time to be alone around the Full Moon of the 10th to tend to your spirit. Mars in Gemini, meanwhile, is preparing you for a busy period of trips, networking, contracts, deals and communications - or study and writing - that could totally redefine the way you operate by March 2023. Mars is your ruler, and as he goes retrograde this autumn-winter, it is patience and sustained effort that will win the race.


You’re determined to enjoy life, do all the things that make you happy and ditch what brings you no pleasure as the month begins, dear Taurus. Venus is raising your allure, so make the most of this period and bring a smile to your face. Because come the Equinox, the focus shifts firmly to your work, which you know needs a serious rethink. Get ready to plant new seeds at work and with your health and daily routines that can give rise to a whole new lifestyle. Let your spiritual needs inform your decisions. This will allow you to go back and redefine what makes you happy and how you want to express your love and creativity. The Pisces Full Moon of the 10th highlights your dreams for the future and the community, friendships and social milieu that inspire you to achieve them. Meanwhile, Mars in Gemini is getting you into gear for a total overhaul of your income, possessions, talents and, ultimately, your values and sense of self worth from now til March 2023.


Home sweet home - that’s what the start of the month is all about, dear Gemini. It’s time to take a proactive approach to all the things that make up your family, homestead and foundations in life. The Equinox brings your attention to your love life, your creative hobbies, children and all the things that bring a smile to your face. You’re looking for ways to raise your pleasure quota. Your social circle could help plant seeds of new creative or romantic adventures this month, bringing a fresh start with everything close to your heart. Armed with this new information, you can then retreat and rework your foundations, redefining what you need to feel safe. With your ruler retrograde this month, it’s all about revisiting what your heart desires, and going back to reorganise your life from the ground up to ensure you’re on the right track. Your star could shine brightly at the Pisces Full Moon of the 10th, illuminating your role and overall life direction. Most important of all, perhaps, Mars in your sign all the way til March 2023 is hellbent on totally revamping your identity, your looks, your attitude and overall approach in life. Get ready for an eventful six months!


You’re on the move, dear Cancer, constantly on the road, or neck-deep in zoom calls, emails and communications of all sorts as the month unfolds. And you may even have classes or a writing project to tackle. Now’s the time to push ahead with all that and even take pleasure in all the commotion. Because, come the Equinox, your focus shifts squarely to your homebase and foundations. Let your vision of where you see yourself in years to come inform your thinking around your home and family life. With fresh seeds planted on the home front, you're ready to go back and reassess any contracts, paperwork, meetings, communications and travel arrangements. The Pisces Full Moon of the 10th puts you in the mood for escape. This is an uplifting lunation, which may involve travel, study, marketing, international relations, publishing or some other form of accreditation for your most expansive endeavours. You’re entering a most secretive and transformative period now, with Mars ensuring you’re very busy behind the scenes for the next six months. This could be a tiring period, so take time to regularly recharge your batteries. You won’t be ready for the big reveal til March 2023.


Money is on your mind as the month unfolds, dear Leo, and you’re pulling out all the stops to maximise your resources. August gave you a big confidence boost and it’s important to keep investing your money and energy in what you value. Your world springs to life come the Equinox with communications and meetings galore. Mercury retrograde urges you to revisit paperwork - with a legal team helping you get everything ship shape - or it could be an international, publishing or research project that gives you a fresh perspective. This is the time to infuse your day to day life with a bigger vision. And as you make a fresh start with all kinds of pressing affairs, you'll be ready to go back and reassess your resources and financial situation. Your finances are highlighted at the Full Moon of the 10th too, with special emphasis on any joint holdings, debts or business ventures. The Full Moon could also bring on some intimate moments bringing you closer with someone. The next six months will see you working hard to accomplish your dreams and ambitions, changing the way you connect with the world and redefining your friendships and social circle as you go.


You’re putting yourself and what you want first for a change dear Virgo, and good on you! Your time has come to take important initiatives to move forward with everything you desire. Your ruler goes retrograde, giving you a fantastic opportunity for a do-over. This is also a great time to revisit your talents and resources and find new ways to make them pay. Come the Equinox, you’ll want to plant new seeds to boost your income and raise your self esteem. Others are willing to support you financially and emotionally to make that shift. Having reset your priorities, you’ll be ready to go back and put the finishing touches on your new identity and approach to life. Get ready for a truly romantic Full Moon on September 10th. Celebrate an important relationship, friendship or partnership and let others inspire you. Mars is preparing to give your career a complete overhaul, in the meantime. You’ll be busy revamping your public image all the way til next Spring, upgrading your role, your goals and overall direction in life.


You’re busy behind the scenes as September gets underway, dear Libra, working on a secret project, acting as a silent partner, or perhaps taking a bit of a back seat for some RnR in time for your birthday. Your sense of identity is shifting and you’re in the midst of an overall attitude rethink. Others are pulling you out of your shell and forcing you to grow. As a result, new ideas get planted in your head at the Equinox. Use your birthday season to take some tentative initiatives, then go back under the radar for a while to refine them. Your work is also highlighted, especially around the Full Moon of September 10th, which feels like the culmination of an important work project. You will get a clearer sense of how your lifestyle is affecting you now too and any changes you may need to make. Mars is about to rock your world, especially where legal or international matters are concerned. You may be preparing to go travelling, return to university or launch a huge marketing or publishing campaign. This is going to be a hugely expansive six-seven months, pushing you beyond your comfort zone!


You’re in the midst of a very sociable period as September begins, dear Scorpio, doing your bit for the community, working on a group project, or enlisting allies to get your ambitions off the ground. At the same time, something’s cooking behind the scenes and you need to keep things hush hush while you formulate your plans and liaise with the right people. This secretive trend will only intensify after the Equinox, when you’ll have lots to do away from prying eyes. This is also an excellent period for therapy, healing, and clearing spiritual backlog so you can attack your birthday season with fresh fervour. The Equinox plants new ideas into your subconscious, and you will benefit from taking time to do some psychological processing. Armed with new insights and revelations, you can go back and revisit your place in the world. The Full Moon of September 10th is full on love and romance! A creative project may also culminate, giving you great inspiration. Your ruler, Mars, is preparing to go retrograde meanwhile, and this autumn-winter is going to be more of a marathon than a sprint. Get ready to revamp your financial situation from now til next spring - especially anything to do with joint holdings, debts, grants and business ventures that are sure to test your trust.


You’re in the spotlight as September unfolds, dear Sagittarius, front stage and centre with people watching your every move. You're making a relationship official, or perhaps managing a team or working hard on your career goals. This is a very sociable time when you can reconnect with old friends, bringing the 'gang' together. Your heart yearns for some fun. It may be an exciting creative project, a child or a yearning for love and romance that's urging you to reach out and connect with your tribe - even just see who's still around. The Equinox brings a public celebration and a long overdue new beginning in your social circles, helping you go back and reassess your overall direction in life. Your home and family come to the forefront at the Full Moon of September 10th, overwhelming you with emotion. Mars is meanwhile preparing to totally revamp your relationship zone. Get ready to upgrade your ‘interface software’, be it on a PR level, or with a personal or professional partnership that seems to be on a major learning curve.


It’s time to expand your horizons, dear Capricorn. Great vistas call your name, be it the distant horizons of travel, the great halls of academia or law, or the thrills of publishing and broadcasting. Time to stretch beyond your comfort zone - and enjoy it! Come the Equinox all eyes are on you to take charge and know just what to do. You’re rethinking your public image and role in this world, with developments on the home front planting new seeds in your life direction. Returning to an old career path or reviewing your responsibilities will allow you to go back and adjust your philosophy of life. Words inspire at the September 10th Full Moon when you can convince anyone of anything. With Mars rocking the boat of your daily routine, you’re entering an incredibly busy six month period til next March. This may involve hard work, dealing with disruptive nitty gritty, or taking steps to improve your health. You can achieve a lot before next spring and this is a good time to put in extra effort to turn a health issue or work situation around.


This is an important month for your finances and intimate relationships, dear Aquarius, when you’re knee-deep in business ventures, joint holdings and relationships requiring intimacy and trust. You may also be dealing with debts, taxes and division of property too but, onn a deeper level, the question is: how far are you prepared to trust and let someone into your life? At the same time you may be dealing with long overdue legal, academic or international matters, having to review old material. The Equinox brings new information to light and an opportunity to start fresh with anything that's long overdue. Sorting out all this official stuff will allow you to revisit and review your financial situation down the line. The Pisces Full Moon of the 10th shines a light on your own assets - all the things that give you sustenance, confidence and a sense of value. This throws light on what matters most to you, which is just as well, because Mars is hell-bent on giving your heart what it desires by next Spring. Rejuvenation is the name of the game. Whether you're about to embark on romantic adventures, throw yourself into a creative project or spend a lot of time with a child, it's time to throw yourself into the things that make you happy.


September 10th brings a fantastic Full Moon in your sign, dear Pisces, when something of great importance finally culminates, shining a light on your next steps. Take a moment to re-evaluate where you are and where you want to go from here. You’re deeply involved in all kinds of negotiations, interactions and collaborations as September unfolds with a particular partnership, perhaps, foremost on your mind. If you need to sign a contract, do so before September 10th, when Mercury is turning retrograde in your relationship and joint financial zone. After that you'll want to review and renegotiate any agreements, ready to make a tentative new beginning after the Equinox. You may also be reviewing your financial situation as September unfolds - especially anything to do with debts, taxes or divisions of property long overdue. Your gifts and talents are so many, you are literally bulging at the seams! The question is how to share them. Gaining financial clarity will allow you to renegotiate a contract or view a relationship with fresh eyes. Your home is about to become a hotbed of activity in the meantime. Family arguments may be flaring up or it may be the movers or builders who are creating havoc. Great! Mars is hellbent on helping you make home improvements and shifting any stagnant energy in your base from now til next spring.

Image by Tim Mossholder from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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