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The Bigger Astro Picture 2020-2029: Some Thoughts

How is the astrology of the decade 2020-2030 shaping up?

From Capricorn to Aquarius and Beyond...

A whole new decade was ushered in 2020 under the auspices of a massive planetary congestion in Capricorn, bringing us lockdowns and Covid 19. If you too are wondering what we are to expect moving forward, the major astrological landmarks of the decade are a good place to begin.

At the moment it looks like all we have got is heavy top down controls - something inherited from the tyrannical Capricornian astrological symbolism of 2020.

And, since two out of three of the 2020 major conjunctions that seed the future happened in Capricorn, this is a theme that’s going to take some time to shake. The new society being currently built has rigorous controls and power structures at the foundation of it.

From Water and Earth into Air and Fire!

The recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius - as well as the fact that Pluto and Uranus also enter Air signs in 2024 and 2026 respectively - firmly suggests something else:

We’re headed toward something much more egalitarian, independent and community oriented.

The potential for it is there, at least, but it might take some time and effort from each and everyone of us as individuals, as well as a community as a whole, to bring these positive changes through.

The last three years with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn saw increased top down controls and limitations to our freedoms, which have culminated in totalitarian lockdowns beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. The danger is of course, that this is how all totalitarian states begin - namely by those in charge claiming they are doing this for the best of all concerned. And while the heavy 2020 conjunctions have planted dangerous seeds for those who seek power to grasp it, the future is wide open. The development of these cycles depends on our own choices.

For no matter what controls are placed around you, nobody can ultimately control your mind - unless you let them!

This theme - of how important our very own mental energy is, our personal thoughts, attention and interactions with each other - is becoming more and more central as we move into the future and is worth becoming aware of.

Airy (Fairy) Progress?

Each star sign is the antidote of the previous one.

With the current shift from Capricorn to Aquarius, the world is slowly waking up from a long “if I can’t touch then it’s not real” slumber. This is only the beginning. With the Great Conjunction in Air signs for the next two centuries, a powerful intellectual awakening is inevitable. On the social level, the Aquarian ideals of freedom, equality and cooperative community are precisely the antidote to the suffocating top down controls of Capricorn (symbolising banks, governments, institutions and the global elite). Right now we are in a transition.

Once Pluto also enters Aquarius in 2023-24, where the present planetary cycles will unfold, questions around intellectual and scientific progress - but also freedom, equality and community - will become very hot topics.

The last time that Pluto made the transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, it was the end of Louis the XVI, a markedly decadent time featuring the famous quote “let them eat cake”. Result? We had bloody revolution in France with people screaming “off with their heads”. Let’s hope positive change will proceed along more humanitarian lines this time around.

Aquarius - Light and Dark Side

So what’s the 21st and 22nd centuries all about? Aquarius has a light face and a dark face.

The Aquarian ideal is that of an age of freedom, science, progressive vision, collective cooperatives, community and equality. Its dark face is total dehumanisation via technology, the shrivelling of the heart, human expendability and a “cog in the machine consciousness” not unlike the film the Matrix.

It’s up to us which way we go. Are we going to develop our own unlimited mental capacity and human bandwidth? Or will we totally surrender to the mind-numbing, yet extremely alluring, forces of social media, handouts and our ever-smarter devices? One thing is certain. Greater freedom can only go hand in hand with a maturing human and social conscience.

We are truly on the brink of a global community here on the earth and beyond... And it’s up to each and every one of us, individually, to make it a good one.

Watch out for 2025!

2021 is a year of revolution, progress and breaking the mould. Looking further ahead, mid-decade, 2025-26 is going to be a key turning point.

In 2025, Uranus and Neptune change signs, travelling in tandem, and leading straight to the great Saturn-Neptune conjunction of February of 2026. This conjunction happens right on the hinges of the world, the cardinal point of 0 Aries.

Saturn-Neptune in 2025-2026 is a marker of a new world politics.

The Pluto-Uranus trine from Aquarius to Gemini begins soon after that in 2026 and 2027, leading to lightning fast technological progress and social change.

All this takes us up to the first clash of Saturn and Pluto in 2028-29, and the Jupiter-Saturn opposition of 2029-2030.

The end of the decade reveals the full force of the seeds of power and reform that were planted at the major conjunctions of 2020.

So we have an extremely revolutionary, progressive and pioneering decade ahead of us. Let’s do everything within our power to ensure that these will be times of great awakening, personal empowerment and scientific progress rather than oppression, war and revolution.

Major Planetary Events of the Decade 2020-2030

  • Great Mutation / Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, 21 December 2020

  • Major Conjunctions of Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto January & April-December 2020

  • Saturn square Uranus 17 February, 14 June, 24 December 2021

  • Jupiter conjunct Neptune (the two rulers of Pisces conjunct in Pisces) 12 April 2022.

  • Pluto enters Aquarius, 23 March-11 June 2023 (taster), then from 21 Jan 2024 (till 2043-44)

  • Uranus enters Gemini, 7 July-8 November 2025 (taster), then from 26 April 2026 (till 2032-33).

  • Neptune enters Aries, 30 Mar-22 Oct 2025 (taster), then from 26 Jan 2026 (till 2038-39)

  • Saturn-Neptune conjunction at 0 Aries World’s Cardinal Point: 20 Feb 2026

  • Neptune sextile Uranus (Pisces/Aries-Taurus/Gemini) throughout 2025-2026 till Jan 2027.

  • Uranus trine Pluto (early Gemini-Aquarius): 18 July 2026, 29 Nov 2026, 15 June 2027.

  • Chiron in Taurus, 19 June-18 Sep 2026 (taster), then from 14 April 2027 (till 2033-34).

  • Saturn square Pluto (Taurus-Aquarius) 24 June 2028, 15 Nov 2028, 29 March 2029.

  • Jupiter opposite Saturn (the seed of the Great Conjunction 2020 culminates), December 2029 and 2030.


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