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Your 2021 Horoscope For Every Star Sign!

What do this year's stars have in store for your zodiacal neighbourhood? Here is the 2021 horoscope for each star sign!

The Spicy Flavours of 2021

Get ready to hit the ground running as we begin 2021 – what an exhilarating year!

If all you want to know is when things will return to normal, you are asking the wrong question.

Saturn squares Uranus and it’s innovate or perish!

Everything is changing so, the real question is: Where do I need to innovate? What kinds of risks do I need to take? What has become so dead, calcified and oppressive that change is desperately needed? Your horoscope of 2021 highlights a different arena for each star sign. The name of the game is greater freedom and personal autonomy this year. But it won’t be easy. It’s a volatile year - so full of surprises that it’s sure to get even the most rigid of us unstuck.

2021 will keep you on your toes, constantly changing the rules of the game, until you start actively embracing change and making improvements in your life. Far from being a smooth ride, it’s progressive, raucous, exhilarating.

Freedom and technology goes hand in hand with greater responsibility and that’s the equation we are trying to solve this year.

Putting up with the unknown, experimenting and conscious innovation are the best way to enjoy it - happy 2021!

2021 Timeline

January and February are incredibly rebellious months, radically changing the scenery right from the get-go. And so 2021’s message gets quickly wedged in. Things begin to feel a little better from the Spring Equinox and the end of March onwards. By April, Venus is prominent, bringing relationships to the forefront and, perhaps, a return to more familiar commerce and human interaction.

May brings some much-needed relief and exuberance, as Jupiter enters Pisces where the lucky planet is strong.

With a bunch of planets also venturing outside their normal elliptical bounds, Spring will be a highly lucid time.

In that climate, a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius precipitates some major life decisions. This leads to a fact-finding mission, a major reassessment and a new beginning in June with a Gemini Partial Solar Eclipse.

Come July, things start heating up once more, leading to some dynamic confrontations. With two full moons (one’s a Blue Moon) in August, get ready for a reality check. It’s now clear that everything is changing.

September begins to tread uncertain ground and October-November could be particularly challenging: Mars and Mercury get aggressively political in Libra, while the first eclipse in Taurus puts the spotlight firmly on finances and the earth’s resources.

Come December, a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Venus retrograde urges a re-evaluation of existing power structures and whatever else is past its sell by date.

Some Key Dates:

Saturn square Uranus:

17 February,

14 June,

24 December

Chiron sextile Saturn:

9 Feb,

24 June,

27 November

(& Chiron semi-square Jupiter: 4 April,18 August, 18 November)

Jupiter in Pisces:

13 May 28 July, 29 Dec onwards

Mercury Retrograde:

31 January-21 February (Aquarius),

29 May-22 June (Gemini),

27 September-18 October (Libra)

Mercury-Mars conjunction:

19 August (Leo), 8-9 October (Lib!), 10 November (Sco).

Venus Retrograde:

19 December (Capricorn), till 29 January 2022.

2021 Eclipses:

26 May Blood Supermoon Total Lunar (Sagittarius),

10 June Partial Solar (Gemini),

19 November Partial Lunar Micromoon (Taurus),

4 December Total Solar (Sagittarius)

2021 Yearly Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

So let’s see what 2021 has in store for your neck of the zodiacal woods. Read your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign (if you know it) to get a feel of how the 2021 sky blends with your celestial piece of the pie.


This is the year to focus on your goals and aspirations, dear Aries. Time to decide what kind of world you want to build, the contribution you want to make and the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Jupiter and Saturn are here to help you firmly establish yourself in your circles and receive your due recognition and rewards. The only difficulty? It’s financial. The way you earn your living is changing and you have to navigate these changes amid great financial instability this year. On a deeper level, this is all about your value system. In order to achieve your goals you’ll have to carry out some upgrades - to revolutionise the way you earn your living and the very principles you hold dear. This creative struggle will be the major highlight this year. It’s progress or perish if you are to make the contribution you seek and get yourself to a profitable place.

Navigating these changes will require you to take an honest look at how you see yourself, your appearance and your very identity. This is no time to let your personal gripes stand in the way of the future you want for yourself. Dare to be vulnerable. Dare to expose your weaknesses. You may not see this initially but that’s exactly what will allow your own authentic leadership to emerge. You can inspire others with your authenticity, leading to lifelong friendships and a solid place in the world that ensures future rewards.

Reviewing how you interact with others - on the personal, professional and social level - is key this year. Mercury retrograde in February and June puts your focus on your friendships, your social circle and your commercial relationships. This includes revisiting how you communicate, network and connect with the world and you’ll need to learn some new tricks. By October it’s time to review personal relationships and business partnerships; you may have some stiff competition. Progress lies in learning, networking and maintaining clear communication and you’ll see that in June. It’s time to trust in direct experience and leave behind any dogmatic views and generalised philosophies - especially around the eclipses of May and December.

Your finances are already going through a major shake up and, come November, you’ll be ready to review your resources and totally transform the way you make a living. The past couple of years saw you mature and rise to a position of greater authority. Come December 2021, you’re ready to re-assess your career, public image and place in the world.

You’re protected through strong friendships and associations this year and your social circles are sure to bring you luck - especially till mid-May and from August onwards. But you’ll also need to do your bit to make sure you’re able to fulfil your dreams and make a solid contribution. Your intuition is also strong and you have a lot of spiritual protection around you. This is especially so from mid-May to end July and no less due to your own generosity of spirit.


You, the most change-resistant sign of all, are at the forefront of revolution and innovation this year, dear Taurus! How did this happen? It’s only extremely rarely that Taurus sees red and yells “charge” and this year is it. You’re in the process of totally reinventing yourself and your identity, something that already feels totally unnerving and unfamiliar. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re also shouldering responsibilities and fighting against the public image others already have of you. You are ready to assert your authority and carve a brand new identity for yourself and a career path to match. You’re going to have to deal with the unfamiliar all year long, an uncomfortable process, which goes against your comfort-loving nature and you’ll feel this as soon as January-February 2021 all the way until December.

Making these long overdue changes in who you are and how you publicly project yourself will force you to face your darkest shadow. That’s all the fears you’ve buried deep in your subconscious mind, disowned, vilified and projected onto others. Only once you face what’s hidden and functioning as a scapegoat in your life can you rise in authority and build a truly authentic career path for yourself.

The emphasis is firmly on your career and finances in 2021. You’ll have to carry out an honest appraisal of where you’re headed career-wise as soon as February. Who do you want to be in the eyes of the world? Come June, it’s time to review your finances, values and resources, the way you make a living. By October, you can finally turn your attention to your work and daily schedule, a more challenging period when you’ll need to take better care of yourself. Your financial situation is radically changing with the eclipses in your money houses. It’s time to disentangle yourself, clear old debts and collect your dues on all energy levels, especially in May and December. Growth lies in you strengthening your own resources, something you can do afresh this June.

You’re on an incredible journey of change, dear Taurus, revolutionising your very identity. By November, when the eclipses enter your sign, you’ll be ready to transform yourself completely – every aspect of yourself down to your looks. You’ve been undergoing a slow deconstruction process for the past couple of years, tearing down dogmatic views that have only held you prisoner of your own beliefs. Come December 2021, it’s time to revisit these prisons of your own mind, reassess their worth and take down the remaining walls.

You’ll have plenty of career opportunities with Jupiter at the top of your chart this year, especially till mid-May and from August. All such opportunities, however, will require a serious commitment on your part. The pressure lets off a bit mid-May to end-July when you have the love and support of your friends. That’s the time to dream big and reach for the stars.


Open your mind, dear Gemini! This is a year when you expand your horizons by going global, embarking on higher education or establishing your intellectual authority. You might want to gain a degree or accreditation, break into a bigger market or international arena, publish, broadcast and get your voice heard. Yes, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally spread your wings! The challenge? To keep your finger on the pulse, simply let go and see where the current takes you. That’s easier said than done because your world is suddenly filled with uncertainty. You feel restless, you seek change but are unsure how to effect it. And that’s going to be the main challenge of 2021. Solution? Let the world have its way with you and see what happens. Meanwhile, do your best to raise your profile, get various stamps of approval and break into new markets.

Feeling as if you stick out like a sore thumb? Feeling like an outsider may thwart your vision, hope and intellectual ambitions this year. Don’t worry, embrace it! It’s an asset. Being surrounded by weirdos and mavericks gives you the opportunity to come up with the kind of authentic vision that establishes you as an authority in your field. This is the moment to embrace your outsider status and spread your maverick vision.

You are on a huge personal journey of transformation in 2021 with the eclipses in your sign. Your relationships are radically changing, as is your sense of identity - especially in May-June and December. It’s time for you to focus on yourself and lead the parade, processing any old karmic relationship baggage right out of your life. This will require you to carry out a thorough review of what you stand for, who you are and what makes you happy. Make time in your diary to carry out these reviews in February and June when Mercury is retrograde, and in October too. That latter period will be highly energising with issues around love, children, hobbies and creative projects coming strongly to the forefront. It’s time for you to reach a wider audience with your ideas this year.

The focus is firmly on you this year, dear Gemini. Enjoy it! Having defined who you are from here on in, you’ll soon shift toward changing your lifestyle to match. By November this year, you’ll have done enough personality-processing that you’ll be ready to leave the past behind and create a more spiritually fulfilling work-life balance. The past few years saw you trapped in power struggles and financial entanglements that eventually became toxic until their release last year. You’ll be reassessing your life for any remaining toxicity in December - whether around your finances, relationships or physical and emotional health.

The world is your oyster - you are called onwards and upwards, to embark on new adventures this year. Education, travel, expansion of all kinds and anything that constitutes a stamp of recognition are lucky for you this year, especially till mid-May and from August onwards. Mid-May to July, new opportunities open up in your career, to be revisited in 2022.


This year, the spotlight falls on love, dear Libra, and the pursuit of happiness. And it’s about time too! After the crucifixion you’ve suffered, you’re ready to make space for more fun in your life. Only thing is, it’s been so long, you’re not quite sure where to begin. 2021 will bring ample opportunity to help you find out, whilst also making sure you don’t waste your time with superficial pleasures. You’re looking for the real thing this time. And that will require that you put your heart to the test. Doing so whilst also cutting old emotional and financial ties is sure to make the whole process extra intense and adventurous, but hey. Others will just have to adapt as you relate to them from a place of greater emotional and financial independence. If you have children, they will feature largely in these equations, as will the need to take calculated risks in a climate of financial volatility.

The key to handling these issues lies in addressing your own relationship wounds. This will allow you to approach others from a place of greater authenticity. While certain people seem intent on putting a crimp on your style, they’re instrumental in helping you discover what truly makes you happy. By pulling back your own projections, you have a chance at deep inner contentment and the foundation of future fulfilment.

This year’s eclipses stimulate your mind. You’re ready to break out of the confines of your own back yard and venture into the word beyond. No more hunkering down. It’s time to take risks and spread your wings, exploring new and more far-reaching vistas. This will require you to liberate yourself from old and stale mental habits, with May-June and December instrumental on that front. You can have tons of fun, believe it or not, and you’ll know this as soon as February. That’s when you get a chance to revisit and review the contents of your heart. Come June, you’re in a more philosophical mood as you aim to come up with an upgraded life vision. By October you seem to hold all the cards, as others wait for you to examine what you want and make a decision. Take your time.

You’ve been in a process of disentanglement and financial liberation for the past couple of years. Come November, you’re ready to make huge strides, purging your life of toxic situations and experiencing new levels of freedom in the years to come. The past few years have seen major crises in your home-base and family life. As the year comes to an end in December, it’s time for a major reassessment of home and family matters, clarifying any remaining issues for you.

The cosmos wants you to get a taste of happiness this year, dear Libra. And Jupiter is doing his best on that front from January to mid-May and from August onwards. Mid-May to end-July, Jupiter moves to your work sector bringing you some great opportunities and helping you establish a more meaningful daily practice.


You’re the superstar of 2021, dear Aquarius! The world, in many ways, is going your way, pushing you squarely into the spotlight. Are you ready to reinvent yourself? To put yourself to the test? You are eager to experiment but it’s not all fun and games. You feel the weight of responsibility resting heavily on your shoulders. The decisions you now make could define you for a long time to come. And so, there you stand, on the threshold of a brave new world, ready to step up to the plate. And yet, you yourself are getting unstuck way down underneath. You, more than anyone, are used to knowing where you stand. But right now, your foundations are shaken to their core. Your home and family life has changed so radically over the past two years that you find yourself becoming a whole different person. It’s destabilising. But it's liberating too. The question is, how can you keep a straight face in view of all that? You’ll just have to accept this new adventure and make it up as you go along.

The biggest problem you face is that you cannot speak your mind freely. Your environment is rather delicate and you have to walk around rather gingerly being conscious of your behaviour. Still, the way to truly step into your authority this year is to voice the truth, even if others don’t want to hear it. Perhaps no one wants to know about the elephant in the room. But that’s just tough. Speaking up and healing rifts in your environment is exactly what helps you grow and mature, establishing a powerful presence. Even if it sometimes feels as if it makes you unpopular.

It’s time to express yourself unashamedly! The eclipses ignite your creativity and it’s time to think about yourself for once. What makes you happy? What makes your heart sing? Children have lots to teach you this year, helping you rediscover the child within. It’s time to stop trying to fit in according to some idea that’s past its sell by date, and retrieve your sense of fun. May, June and December will go a long way helping you lose your social inhibitions. The world needs your unique You right now. And if you don’t yet quite know who you are becoming, you’ll have plenty an opportunity to find out. Give February over to trying different identities on for size. Use June to enjoy love or drag a creative project out of the back burner. Armed with that, come October you’re ready to decide what you believe in and take a stand.

You’ve been making big sacrifices for the past couple of years, ignoring your own needs in service of some greater necessity. Time to put yourself first. And if in doubt, December 2021 gives you another opportunity to reassess the power-structures that hold you back, perhaps even your own fears and demons, and come to some big realisations. That, coupled with the many inner changes that are to come from November onwards are sure to transform your home and family life, as well as your overall career direction and role in life, in the years to come.

Lucky Jupiter is in your sign this year giving you a great opportunity to shine. Now’s the time to pursue goals that are personally important to you - especially till May and from August onwards. Saturn is also there holding you in check, making sure you don’t shirk your responsibilities so, don’t worry. Just go for it. Your expenses may rise from mid-May to end-July, but you’ll also have a financial cushion and opportunities to increase your earnings.


Everything is changing for you in the most exciting ways, dear Sagittarius. You are challenging yourself intellectually, learning new skills and interacting with your environment from a place of greater authority. And you’ll have some amazing opportunities to connect with the right people to help you along this journey this year. All you need is to listen and learn, practice your communication skills and apply the greatest rigour to your ideas. You’re in a studious mood. Meanwhile, your work and your daily routine have been turned on their head, and you’ll have to come up with new ways to function. These changes in lifestyle, whilst unnerving, also give you greater freedom. Still, establishing a productive daily routine will often prove stressful this year, with simple administrative matters - such as work, study and daily chores, getting from A to B, and keeping up with your communications - presenting fresh challenges.

You’re on a major learning curve this year. But in order to get the most out of it, you’ll need to address old wounds that you still carry in your heart. These might be from an old love relationship, a creative enterprise or some other risky venture gone wrong. Don’t fall into the trap of shutting your heart away, of going into all-work-and-no-play mode. It’s time to heal your heart. Finding joy in your activities can only serve to stimulate your mind and increase the positive impact you can have on your environment.

The eclipses are in your sign and it’s time to transform yourself and your relationships completely. Time to ditch that old, stale self-image and let others show you a whole new side of yourself. Major decisions are in store this May-June and December. You are venturing into unfamiliar territory relationship-wise and an attitude of openness and experimentation will serve you well. Let others show you the path. You are reviewing all the ways in which you connect with others this year. February finds you in a particularly studious mood, reviewing ideas and reconnecting with people from your network. June is the time to review where an important partnership is going and make a fresh start. And by October, you’ll be ready to address any issues in your friendships and your social circle, taking a more active problem-solving approach toward your dreams.

Your lifestyle has been radically changing for the past two years and, by November, you’ll be ready to establish a whole new work routine and daily practice. Your finances have been a major source of concern for the past few years but the pressure has now begun to ease. Come December, you’ll be ready to reassess your finances, take a close look at your talents and resources and take more of your power back.

You’re on an incredible learning curve in 2021 and your mind is stimulated no end. With other people being such a positive influence in your life, make sure you network like a fiend, especially till mid-May and from August onwards. An open mind and careful, studious attitude will serve you best. If you’re looking to buy the home of your dreams, start a family or explore your inner world, your luck opens mid-May and until end-July. Plus more of that’s to come in 2022.


You’re a dreamer at the best of times, dear Pisces and, this year, you’re truly entering the Dreamtime... With a posse of planets in the most hidden area of your chart, it’s time to take a majestic bow, get off the stage and delve into the inner recesses of your soul. You can do so by getting creative, developing a spiritual practice or going into therapy. You may also want to go into service, for instance joining charities or large institutions or even entering politics. Your prophetic qualities are needed right now - you’re being called to a higher purpose. The challenge you’ll face is one of self-expression. You’re on an amazing learning curve and are developing your own unique and original voice. And while that’s great for your creativity, it might not always be welcome within established institutional structures. Your mind is buzzing with ideas, coming alive, and you won’t be able to suppress them, try as you might. You’ll grapple with how your perceptions are changing against a backdrop of convention and acceptability, whether external or your own. Keep at it and you can achieve some real social and psychological reform.

What might hold you back at times is an insidious lack of self esteem. Perhaps you feel that you don’t have anything worthwhile to offer. Or the problem may be physical. You have huge financial insecurities or feel that you cannot trust your body to sustain you. It is essential that you do all you can to restore your unique strength, your resources and your self-worth this year. It’s this kind of authentic sustenance that will help you put the past behind you and be of service to all.

The eclipses call you back home this year, away from the public eye. It’s time to tend to your roots and develop a greater sense of inner safety and self reliance. February is a time of soul searching while May and December bring major career and life decisions. It’s time to ditch that old public image, those stale career goals that are now dead and spent and orient yourself toward a more fulfilling direction. June will help you do just that, bringing a review of your home situation and a private new beginning. Financial matters are energised in October and may be challenging, urging you to review debt and other toxic situations and make positive changes. There’s just a great emphasis on psychological growth for you this year.

The best news? Jupiter briefly enters your sign mid-May to end-July and you’ll feel all doors opening wide - a trend that will resume in 2022. For the rest of the year, Jupiter offers unparalleled spiritual - and institutional - protection, allowing you to venture inward and carry out some deep soul retrieval.

Come November, you’re starting to feel more sociable and by 2022, nothing can hold you back. You’re ready to expand your mind and become a mouthpiece for new and exciting ideas. The past few years have seen you rise in stature and mix with some powerful people. But you’re now ready for something new. Older and wiser, by December you’ll want to reassess your aspirations, your friendships and the kind of people you want to call your own.


You’re one of the most hard-working signs, dear Virgo, and it’s time to do what you do best: get down to work. There are some amazing work opportunities coming your way but you’ll need to show discipline and put in the hours. Practice makes perfect and you’ll need lots of it to hone your skills, developing your technique and establishing the daily practices you want to see carry you forward. And all that’s well and good if only it didn’t clash with a huge desire for freedom, right now, to explore your options. You yearn to experiment, break out of your rut and expand your horizons. And that clashes with the limitations, time investment and sheer drudgery required at work. You’ll be grappling with that all year long as you put your skills to the test whilst seeking to spread your wings over a much wider and more exciting terrain.

The solution to this dilemma lies in establishing more meaningful work, giving your progressive ideas a platform to be voiced. But it also requires that you dig deep and purge your life of persistent debt and other toxic dependencies, both psychological and financial. Facing your demons with courage and honesty is exactly what allows you to enter a vulnerable space that can lend true power and authenticity to your work.

Your sense of life direction is undergoing major changes, thanks to the eclipses. This is the year of major decisions around home and family - especially in May and December - whilst you take tentative new steps in your career, especially in June. The thrust of growth is outward and into the public eye so don’t be shy. You need to leave the past behind and carve a brand new public identity for yourself. You’ll have repeated opportunities to review where you are headed professionally to help you make these decisions. February allows you to question the way you work and your daily practices, whilst June brings your career direction into question. Finally, October opens the lid on your finances, talents and resources, urging you to reconsider how you make a living.

A time is fast approaching, dear Virgo, when you can make your own indelible mark on the world and get your voice heard. This process is accelerated starting this November, opening new pathways for you to widen your reach. You’ve been thinking long and hard about what truly fulfils you over the past few years, something that has deepened your capacity for love and creativity. Come December, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate what makes you happy and make the appropriate corrections.

Jupiter brings you luck and some great opportunities to hone your skills and experience greater working freedom, especially till May and from August onwards. From mid-May to July, Jupiter crosses over to your partnership sector, bringing fortuitous encounters with others and bestowing his protection on your relationships.


Time to set your life on a whole new foundation, dear Scorpio. Property matters feature largely on your mind. And yet, on a deeper level, it’s all about establishing a solid base of operations for yourself and your family, a safe haven that forms the cornerstone of your future growth. And while you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find your ideal home, it will also feel like a big ask and a big commitment on your part. And that’s because you cannot rely on others. You’re having to make major life decisions all by yourself, in the midst of major relationship instability. Are the people by your side still gonna be by your side tomorrow? Are you recently single and feeling disoriented? Others are simply far too unpredictable, putting the onus on you. The only solution? To slowly build greater self-reliance, whilst allowing others the freedom to come and go as they please. It might not seem that way at first, but it’s you who actually craves greater independence and others are only too happy to oblige.

A daily practice that supports healing and wholeness will be essential in keeping you on an even keel, both physically and psychologically. Take good care of yourself and address any health concerns. Give yourself over to work that speaks to your innermost need to share your skills. This might prove challenging at times but your persistence will only make you stronger.

Your finances are also in the spotlight this year, activated by the eclipses. May and December bring some major financial decisions that also reflect a shift in your priorities. On a deeper level it’s time to take a fresh look at what you have to offer and what’s of greatest value to you. This is also the year when the cosmos will give you your due rewards. The cosmos is urging you to learn to trust others again and throw your lot into joint ventures - especially in June. You’re on a psychological journey of discovery, giving you the chance to review your emotional security patterns. February brings a chance to review your home and family situation, a major action arena for 2021, whilst June sheds light on your finances and relationships of trust. October might prove a more challenging time when you’re faced with your own shadow. Make time to rest and recuperate right before your birthday season.

Your relationships are on a rollercoaster ride of late and things get more exciting this November. That’s when the eclipses enter your sign, bringing new people into your life and precipitating your transformation. Managing your daily life has been exceedingly difficult of late, with paperwork, transport and communications being a real headache. You’ve made great strides and the pressure is starting to ease. Come December, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate all kinds of day-to-day, contractual and administrative matters and decide how you want to proceed.

You’re lucky in all property-related matters this year, especially till mid-May and from August onwards. These are ideal times in which to find a home or flatmate, buy, sell or move to a better space. From mid-May to end-July, Jupiter enters your house of love, creativity and personal fulfilment, giving you lots to look forward to. Moreover, that’s a happy trend that will resume again in 2022.


There’s a big emphasis on practical matters, dear Capricorn, and on all things that help sustain you - be that your physical strength, money or your talents. You’ve been through the grinder over the past couple of years, completely transforming who you are. Now it’s time to test your budding new identity in the real world. You want to have fun and pursue your hobbies and creative ideas. But you’ll need to square that off against financial considerations. Rising expenses could require careful money management on your part. Or you may have money but feel uncomfortable spending it until you know where more is coming from. This creative tension has a lot to teach you about what truly matters for you and what you’re prepared to spend your energy and resources on. It’s time to build your strength from the bottom up as you try to pursue all your ideas - and that includes your physical strength and fitness too.

Home, property and family related matters continue to poke a deep inner wound of insecurity. You’ll need to delve more deeply into what it means for you to have a home, to provide for your family and to secure your base. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to heal on that score with some proper financial management on your part. It’s time to plug the holes of your ship, to fortify your castle and create a deep and lasting sense of personal safety and self-reliance.

Your work, career and finances are all under the spotlight this year, as is your health and fitness goals. February urges a re-evaluation of what matters, urging you to examine the resources you have to fall back on. June is the time to review a work or health situation - life's nitty gritty - and make a fresh start. And by October, the spotlight is firmly on your career, direction and place in the world. With the eclipses giving your lifestyle a total overhaul, it’s important that you pay attention to your health and your working practices, especially in May and June. Get informed about what’s good for you and establish a good daily routine. This is a year to heal and let the past go. Practice discernment and don’t let your old blind spots get in the way. May and December will be cathartic, giving you a chance to cut karmic ties and simplify your life.

You are a totally different person today than you were even two years ago. And as 2021 draws to a close, you’ll be ready to re-evaluate who you have become and consider changing your appearance to match. With the eclipses galvanising your creativity, starting this November, you’ll soon be ready to let much more love, joy and happiness into your life.

Your expenses may rise this year but you’ll also have Jupiter’s financial luck and protection - especially till mid-May and from August onwards - with many opportunities to raise your income. This is just what you need as you’re trying to build something of lasting value in your life. Mid-May to end-July is a more care-free zone, a time to network and connect with uplifting people that’s sure to put you in a positive mindset.


Time to put relationships to the test, dear Leo! You have the opportunity for great fulfilment on that front in 2021, but it will require commitment on your part. Are you in this for the long haul? Are you prepared to do what it takes to take your relationship to the next level? Relationships established now will be able to stand the test of time. But the pressure you’re under is made all the harder by your own lack of direction. You’re chasing a moving target and have no idea exactly where you’re headed right or what role you want to play. And this is sure to play havoc in your relationships, as the pressure to make a decision mounts whilst your career remains unpredictable. Don’t worry too much, you’re exactly where you need to be. Just focus on the task at hand.

The key is to recognise your own need for meaningful encounters. You may look to others to fill your life with meaning but, in fact, it’s the other way around. Coming up with an authentic vision to explain your own experience is exactly what gives you the opportunity to build more solid partnerships. Such relationships can reach far deeper and hold strong, even in the face of trial.

The emphasis is firmly on all your relationships and social interactions this year. One-to-one partnerships grab the spotlight in February, whilst your social milieu is up for review in June, giving you the chance to make new friends. In October you’ll revisit the way you connect with your environment and make some changes. Autumn is a period of intense communications and negotiations that can greatly increase your impact. The eclipses are your friend on this front, helping you figure out where you belong. You’re looking for your people, those circles and clubs that truly reflect your ideals. It’s time to express your creativity and receive your due rewards. To achieve this, you’ll need to shift your focus away from your personal happiness and focus on the contribution you want to make for the good of a greater whole.

Your work and career have been hard going for the past few years or so. You’ve been largely experimenting career-wise of late. But come November, you’ll be ready for a major change of direction, taking you into 2022 and beyond. Matters around work and health have also been tough and heavy handed for a while. December gives you a chance to revisit that area of your life and reassess it, leaving behind habits and relationships that no longer work for you.

With such emphasis on relationships and partnerships, you’ll be happy to hear that you have Jupiter’s protection on that front all year long. In other words, others are lucky for you! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to strike beneficial agreements from January to mid-May and from August onwards. From mid-May to July 29, life is intent on restoring your sense of trust through intimate encounters. You’ll have a chance to bond more deeply with someone and even see the financial benefit of your investments.


There’s a lot of energy gathering in the most intense and private part of your chart, dear Cancer, the one to do with finances, relationships, crisis and transformation. This is the kind of energy you can use to totally transform your life - to clear away debt, gain sponsorship and form close bonds that will stand the test of time. It’s time to jettison any and all toxicity - emotional, physical or financial - from your life and your body. This will require effort and constancy on your part, even in the face of great instability in the world around you. In truth, it is your own aspirations that are changing, often unrecognisably so. This is no time to be giving into peer pressure. You want to showcase your uniqueness and be surrounded by likeminded free spirits who support your dreams. Doing so whilst honouring your closest bonds and the trust that others place in you is going to be a difficult tightrope this year.

The key to solving this riddle lies in embracing your desire for a more authentic career path, one that truly reflects who you are. You’re emerging as a bit of a maverick in the world and that can sometimes present problems when dealing with the bank or in any relationship based on trust. But the sooner you embrace your own maverick nature the better it will be for both parties, helping you form deeper bonds that can stand the test of time.

Expect big changes around your daily routine and your work-life balance this year. The eclipses precipitate deep psychological changes that allow you to find a more holistic way of living. You may need to pay attention to your health, both physical and psychological, and ditch bad habits. This will prove imperative - especially in May and December this year. The way you work will also require revision, urging you to ditch work-related dogmas and pay more attention to your spiritual needs, especially in June. Mercury retrograde is here to help with a thorough review of your psychological and security patterns. This starts in February with a thorough review of your finances and closest relationships. In June, it will be time to examine subconscious patterns and give yourself time to heal. Finally, come October, you’ll be ready to take a more active approach in sorting out any problems around your residence, home and family.

You are ready to make your own unique mark on the world and, come November, the world is ready for you too. Time to make new friends, pursue your dreams and reap the rewards of your creative efforts. Demanding relationships have been a constant source of pressure over the past few years, with the intensity reaching breaking point last year. Come December, you’re ready to re-evaluate who’s worth keeping around and who’s not, all the better to strengthen your commitment.

You’ve an intense year ahead of you but you’ll also experience great support and generosity from others, both emotional and financial. Jupiter brings luck to all financial matters till mid-May and from August onwards. And if things sometimes just feel too heavy, get ready to lighten up this spring. mid-May to end-July, you’ll have a chance to change scenery and spread your wings - whether it’s through actual travel or other expansive pursuits.

Article by YourAstroGenes


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