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Your 2021 Horoscope For Every Star Sign!

What do this year's stars have in store for your zodiacal neighbourhood?

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The Spicy Flavours of 2021

Get ready to hit the ground running as we begin 2021 – what an exhilarating year!

If all you want to know is when things will return to normal, you are asking the wrong question.

Saturn squares Uranus and it’s innovate or perish!

Everything is changing so, the real question is: Where do I need to innovate? What kinds of risks do I need to take? What has become so dead, calcified and oppressive that change is desperately needed? Your horoscope of 2021 highlights a different arena for each star sign. The name of the game is greater freedom and personal autonomy this year. But it won’t be easy. It’s a volatile year - so full of surprises that it’s sure to get even the most rigid of us unstuck.

2021 will keep you on your toes, constantly changing the rules of the game, until you start actively embracing change and making improvements in your life. Far from being a smooth ride, it’s progressive, raucous, exhilarating.

Freedom and technology goes hand in hand with greater responsibility and that’s the equation we are trying to solve this year.

Putting up with the unknown, experimenting and conscious innovation are the best way to enjoy it - happy 2021!

2021 Timeline

January and February are incredibly rebellious months, radically changing the scenery right from the get-go. And so 2021’s message gets quickly wedged in. Things begin to feel a little better from the Spring Equinox and the end of March onwards. By April, Venus is prominent, bringing relationships to the forefront and, perhaps, a return to more familiar commerce and human interaction.

May brings some much-needed relief and exuberance, as Jupiter enters Pisces where the lucky planet is strong.

With a bunch of planets also venturing outside their normal elliptical bounds, Spring will be a highly lucid time.

In that climate, a Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius precipitates some major life decisions. This leads to a fact-finding mission, a major reassessment and a new beginning in June with a Gemini Partial Solar Eclipse.

Come July, things start heating up once more, leading to some dynamic confrontations. With two full moons (one’s a Blue Moon) in August, get ready for a reality check. It’s now clear that everything is changing.

September begins to tread uncertain ground and October-November could be particularly challenging: Mars and Mercury get aggressively political in Libra, while the first eclipse in Taurus puts the spotlight firmly on finances and the earth’s resources.

Come December, a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Venus retrograde urges a re-evaluation of existing power structures and whatever else is past its sell by date.

2021 Yearly Forecast for Each Zodiac Sign

So let’s see what 2021 has in store for your neck of the zodiacal woods. Read your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign (if you know it) to get a feel of how the 2021 sky blends with your celestial piece of the pie.













Some Key Dates:

Saturn square Uranus:

17 February,

14 June,

24 December

Chiron sextile Saturn:

9 Feb,

24 June,

27 November

(& Chiron semi-square Jupiter: 4 April,18 August, 18 November)

Jupiter in Pisces:

13 May 28 July, 29 Dec onwards

Mercury Retrograde:

31 January-21 February (Aquarius),

29 May-22 June (Gemini),

27 September-18 October (Libra)

Mercury-Mars conjunction:

19 August (Leo), 8-9 October (Lib!), 10 November (Sco).

Venus Retrograde:

19 December (Capricorn), till 29 January 2022.

2021 Eclipses:

26 May Blood Supermoon Total Lunar (Sagittarius),

10 June Partial Solar (Gemini),

19 November Partial Lunar Micromoon (Taurus),

4 December Total Solar (Sagittarius)