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Aries New Moon 12 April 2021: Huge Burst of Energy!

Mars brings out your inner warrior - time to take the initiative, to draw your flaming sword and yell ‘chaaarge’!

On April 12th at 03:30 BST we have a New Moon at 22:24 Aries, the star sign of personal will and desire. This New Moon in Aries is a resounding YES to all your endeavours. For a full rundown of April’s astrological weather check out April Astrology 2021: melt down the past and forge the future!

Welcome to the first New Moon of Spring! This New Moon is like a fierce warrior drawing his flaming sword and tearing through all kinds of obstacles. Who dares wins - it's a swift and brave fresh start!

The energy initiated at this New Moon:

  • will first peak at the Full Moon of April 27th,

  • will culminate on the Aries Full Moon of 20th October 2021 and

  • will carry you all the way to the next Aries New Moon of April 1st 2022.

New Moon in Aries 12 April 2021 - What’s it about?

So let’s briefly look at the anatomy of this Aries New Moon, then lay out the Aries New Moon Horoscope for every Star Sign :)

Aries New Moon Ruler Mars in Gemini: Explore your options!

Mars in brainy Gemini is the ruler of this New Moon, sharp as a knife. What are your weapons? Trade, dialogue, having a voice, greater freedom of movement! Question things, initiate debate, speak up. And if one way doesn’t work, try another.

There’s no single way to do this. Gemini is all about alternatives. You have options! This New Moon is sure to create lots of commotion.

Mars out of Bounds: Frothing at the mouth!

Mars in Gemini is out of bounds and there's tons of anger bubbling to the surface.

You won’t suffer fools! The Aries New Moon of April 12th finally releases the valve, putting the energy at your disposal.

Embrace the energy! It takes effort to keep the lid on things. And when it all rises to the surface, it frees up your energy to do stuff. And that’s what this New Moon is all about. Aries is all about action, taking the initiative.

With all the planets direct too, you have the willpower to move mountains from April 12th onwards!

Mars square Neptune: Letting go...

This New Moon also represents a massive letting go, a dissolution of sorts. A Mars-Neptune square is fading as the New Moon arrives, unleashing great emotion, helping you let go of the past, of any disappointment or sorrow.

Now’s the time to take action toward your dreams, to let go of whatever you're holding onto and serve something much greater.

Aries New Moon Square Pluto: Transformative Intensity!

The energy at your disposal is volcanic - a laser beam of energy to direct at will - and it can bring great transformation.

The Aries New Moon is conjunct Venus, Mercury, Chiron, Lilith and Eris and the whole lot is square to transformative Pluto. It’s all or nothing, do or die! There’s a survivalist feel to it but also the capacity for great healing through positive assertive action.

It’s time to face long standing fears, harness that nuclear energy within and transform a situation that’s dragged on for far too long.

New Moon at apex of Mars-Jupiter trine: Good luck!

It will all work out in the end. Why? Because serendipity is at work. This Aries New Moon is incredibly lucky!

Mars trines Jupiter, with the New Moon in the middle, giving you perfect timing! This is like a great big resounding YES! A great opportunity! This lucky window perfects on the 14th-15th of April with Mercury bringing up a benevolent tailwind on April 17th. Make your move!

April New Moon Sabian Symbol

"A Pregnant Woman in a Summer Dress"

The imagery for this New Moon (at the 23rd degree of Aries) is perfect for meditation: a juxtaposition of the lightness of the dress and the heavy load of the pregnancy about to bear fruit.

Aries New Moon 12 April 2021 Horoscope

So where is it time to blow away the cobwebs? Score a victory? Fight the battle and win? Check out your zodiac sign slice in the sky (i.e. your Sun (will), Moon (reflection) and Ascendant (manifestation) signs).

Aries: You're da man!

This month is all about YOU, dear Aries! And from April 12th, you’re at your most formidable and irresistible, ready for a powerful new beginning in your life. So draw your flaming sword and leap after your boldest and most daring desires! This is your time to lead the parade. And you have so many supportive friends joining you. You have your network! The people around you are all perfectly poised, perfectly positioned to seek you out, to encourage and support you. Your own unique personality and leadership is what the people want! You may feel some fear and intensity around your public image and how you are seen at this time. But needs must and everyone is magically coming together to give you a strong tail wind. So what do you want? Go get it!

Taurus: Let it go...

This is a massive time of letting go, dear Taurus. The most powerful words in the world are “let go”. And they are hard for a Taurus to hear, holding onto the status quo for dear life. But let- go. The timing is perfect. Everything is at the right time and place for you to purge negativity, turn the page, conquer all your fears and doubts and allow for a burst of new energy in your life. You have what it takes. All the resources are in place. And you, alone, have the authority to do this. You are in charge. So let it happen. It’s only the intensity of some old stale beliefs holding you back. So let go. Your career is perfectly poised, you have something to give, time to set your ego aside and refresh your spirit. This is a time of spiritual renewal.

Gemini: Powerful Allies!

You rule the roost, dear Gemini, with Mars in your sign! And, by mid-month, all the lights turn green for you to spread your wings! It’s time to fight for a cause, fight for your friends, for your rightful place in the world. You’re ready for an adventure! And this New Moon brings you some powerful allies. You are galvanising your community to great progress with you energy and vision, whether you know it or not. Connecting with just the right people is the key to building the world you dream of. So go find your tribe and get a taste of success! Your personal life is quite intense right now, you’re dealing with matters of life and death and complex finances. But now’s the time to push through these fears and stake your claim on the world. All for one and one for all!

Cancer: Rising Star!

You’re such a star, dear Cancer, and shining especially brightly in your career right now. This April New Moon is all about making a brand new career beginning. Bursting onto the scene as an authority in your own right. You are ready to step into your power, to fill big shoes and be a role model for others. Others look to you for guidance - in fact, you are their secret weapon! What a well kept secret you are! A lot is going on behind the scenes - you are pouring your energies on a secret project, staying out of sight, a personal healing journey or a spiritual retreat perhaps. And the value you bring is great, your trustworthiness so reassuring. Yes, relationships are intense, others are very demanding. But this secret work you do is the making of you. Use this New Moon to aim as high as you possibly can.

Leo: Break for Freedom!

Ah, freedom, dear Leo! To finally spread your wings and feel the sun on your face! That’s what you live for. And that’s what this Aries New Moon brings you! Absolute freedom! To pin your colours to the mast; to have a voice and be counted. So what is your vision? Time to come up with a whole new life vision for yourself! Have faith, believe in the life you are building in your mind’s eye now, even before you see the evidence of it. Travel, take a course, connect with people far away or that you normally would not speak with. Overcome your fears and explore the unfamiliar! People are here to support you big time and you will see the evidence mid-April. You have strong tail-winds - people who have your back - so make your vision as big as you can. Yes, your work situation has been very stressful. But people around you are opening a great big door for you to reach for something greater. Step through and spread your wings!

Virgo: Vanquish your Demons!

Empowerment is the name of the game, dear Virgo. It’s time to face your deepest darkest demons and transform something in your life. This is intense, visceral stuff, whether you’re dealing with deep psychological fears, toxic debt, taxes, your sexuality or biology. There has never been a better opporutnity to tackle toxicity head on! A public opportunity is opening up for you to showcase your skill, but it goes straight through your fears. Do you have the guts to push through? Perhaps it’s a child pushing you to make these changes. Or it might be your own pressing desire for joy, love, greater fulfilment and creative self expression. Enough! Everything is just right for you to experience a taste of your own power and sort this toxic situation out!

Libra: What a Champion!

It’s time for the most powerful and dynamic fresh start in your relationships, dear Libra. Who’s your champion? Perhaps you are a champion for others? You seem to be on a raging crusade, drawing your flaming sword of righteousness and fighting injustice wherever you see it. Your heart and your head are in perfect harmony - you see the truth, you feel it in your heart, you understand it and you throw yourself into the battle wholeheartedly. And that’s what makes you so invincible! A formidable foe, a fierce competitor, a most courageous, heroic ally. Your home situation is a boiling pot, forcing changes upon you - all the more reason to face any fears and make a brand new start on the relationship front. Set your heart free!

Scorpio: Cut the Red Tape!

The devil is in the detail, dear Scorpio, but you are a bigger devil still. And it’s time to cut through all the red tape! Time to take charge of all the little nitty gritty in your life - like health checks, daily habits, work routines, house chores, assistants, functionaries.... This New Moon is in your house of procedure, its goal to eradicate inefficiencies and urge you to establish good daily rituals! Whether you’re dealing with loans and mortgages, a house renovation, inner psychological changes or intricate family dynamics, these dealings give you an opportunity to improve your health, your work and your overall lifestyle from April 12th. Pay attention to detail. Small changes now will bring big benefits down the line!

Sagittarius: Love is in the Air...

Love is in the air! This New Moon brings you joy - and that’s music to your ears, dear Sagittarius! Feeling frisky? Flirt a little! Let the energy rise and invigorate your body - express yourself! It’s time to blow away the cobwebs and regain your joi de vivre. Enjoy outdoor sports, have fun with friends, indulge your romantic streak, play with your kids, dig your teeth into a creative project - whatever it is that puts the spring back in your step. Relationships have been a bit of a battleground lately but that’s the switch that cocks your weapon... Give this rising energy expression and see how your lust for life returns! This is one of the best New Moons for falling in love all over again, for sheer fun and enjoyment. Bring it on!

Capricorn: Strong Roots...

Time to invigorate yourself from the roots up, dear Capricorn! There’s a fresh breeze blowing and it’s homeward bound. Make the first move! Clear the air with a family member, renovate your home, buy or sell, take the initiative and get to the root of a matter! A tree is only as strong as its roots, and now’s a perfect opportunity to strengthen them. Make space for yourself to have strong roots. You’ve been working hard, honing your skills, building up your resources. It’s time to pour all that into building a strong foundation for the future. You’re on a super-intense personal journey of discovery, enclosed in a transformative cocoon for years and not quite ready yet to come out. April 12th brings a breakthrough, even if it is for your eyes only. And once you find this inner strength, the sky is the limit.

Aquarius: Speak up!

You’re eager to give everyone a piece of your mind, dear Aquarius. Speak up, say it like it is! Cut through paperwork! New exciting ideas are born, writing projects receive a huge boost and communications heat up. Do some active networking! People around you excite and invigorate your mind. A change of scenery might also be in order - perhaps a short trip to blow away the cobwebs? Time to put your own unique stamp on your environment. You have so much wisdom, you’ve been through so much and still feel the pressure of your sacrifices. All the more reason to have your say. Your creativity is flourishing and you’re totally coming into your own, rising in authority and leadership. Time to let everyone know! Time to express your ideas and have your voice heard!

Pisces: Show 'em what you've got!

How are your finances, dear Pisces? If the answer is ‘mneh’ it’s time to face your fears and take some bold initiatives. Use this Aries New Moon to go on the financial offensive! There’s a lot of emotional energy at your disposal to make the changes you need and build self confidence. Your home situation is a hotbed of activity and you’ve been battling demons in your inner psychological landscape too. But by mid-April, the doors open wide for you to unleash all those pent up emotions to create some sacred space for yourself. There, in your sanctuary, you can finally gather your resources and build your strength. And that’s the seed of your future abundance - a brave new financial beginning, allowing you to assert your worth and receive the proper return.


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