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Astro Weather July 2024: From Awakening to Reckoning!

July starts softly, with a Cancer New Moon, but soon becomes a month of shocks and surprises thanks to Mars and the Capricorn Full Moon!

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July 2024 Astrology Forecast

July is a critical month, with some explosive aspects and lots of activity in the zodiac's critical degrees. We're now moving from awakening in the first half of 2024 to a time of reckoning now and into 2025.

Capricorn and Cancer are strongly highlighted as July enters, with a lovely Cancer New Moon following last month's Capricorn Full Moon, bringing our attention to home and family, to country, government and national security, as well as our own personal safety. Mercury enters his retrograde shadow mid-month (going retro August 5th) and it's time to start wrapping things up and tuning into the future. The mid and second half of July could be quite dramatic with Mars conjunct Uranus on the 15th, Mars in Gemini on the 20th, a Capricorn Blue Moon on the 21st and a dramatic start to Leo season on the 22nd. 2024 is a year of elections and potentially a deeply significant one at that - not so much for the outcome, but for the realisation that we need to change the system. "No taxation without representation" was the cry in the American revolution and that time has now come full circle (c.f. the USA Pluto Return). With the Full Moon activating these themes and Pluto, currently in Aquarius, revisiting the dregs of Capricorn again in September-November, it's becoming clear that what was "too big to fail" in 2008 is now too big to survive. So let's see what July has in store.

July 1-3: An Eerie Start...

July enters on an eerie, soft and vulnerable vibe. We've a host of evocative, emotive aspects July 1-3, then straight into the Cancer New Moon of July 5-6!

1 July: Jupiter semisquare Chiron

July begins with considerable vulnerability as Jupiter semisquare Chiron on the 1st aggravates all kinds of wounds. All Jupiter in Gemini wants is the free flow of information, communication and movement. Chiron in Aries represents all the anger and hurt brought on from being vilified, disenfranchised or robbed of personal agency.

There may be frustration now as grievances strive to be aired. (But the channels of communication open up by October, so watch this space.)

2 July: Sun squares the Lunar Nodes

We're at the half-way point between eclipses - an important crossroads.

The Sun squares the eclipse points on the 2nd, (i.e. the Lunar Nodes) paving the way for the upcoming Cancer New Moon. With the North Node currently in Aries, the way forward requires bravery, initiative and action. Time to stand up for ourselves and make some noise!

2 July: Neptune Stations Retrograde at Critical Degree

Crucial this month is Neptune's station retrograde on July 2nd at the final critical degree of Pisces, where he's been since the 3rd of May. This is the last degree of the entire zodiac, a true place of endings and dissolution. The Sabian Symbol of this degree is "a majestic rock formation, resembling a face, is idealised by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness and, as he grows up, begins to look like it." This is the end of the incarnating cycle, where we realise that we imagine our world into form.

As various illusions now collapse, we may feel a real sense of disillusionment or awakening, a sense that dreams and ideals that used to feel real are dissolving, a sense of the world a mere ghost of its former self. Essentially this is a time to let go and stick close to the veil in preparation for something new.

Neptune trines Mercury as it stations - at the final degrees of water signs Pisces and Cancer. Evocative information or a meaningful discussion could be just what induces us to let go now. This can be a highly creative moment.

From 2 to 25 July: Mercury in Leo

Right after his contact with Neptune, Mercury enters Leo on the 2nd, where he will stay until the 25th. It's now time to think big, talk things up and come up with some creative ideas. Communications get more playful, dramatic and theatrical now until the 25th.

3 July: Mercury opposite Pluto

Barely into Leo, on July 3rd Mercury opposes Pluto in Aquarius ensuing in some strong words. Time to speak truth to power, say it’ like it is or make a powerful speech. This is a good time to delve under the surface.

3 July: Venus trine Saturn

In the small hours of July 3rd, Venus trines Saturn favouring well established values. This is a good time to solidify existing relationships, make things official and secure investments. We do not feel like taking risks now.

July 5-6 Cancer New Moon: Safe Refuge

As the 5th gives way to the 6th (at 23:57BST), we have this month's Cancer New Moon at 15 degrees, planting some lovely seeds in the dead of night. This lunation is conjunct Venus and square the eclipse points.

We find ourselves at an important choice point where our home, family, values, finances and nation are concerned. We may be reacting out of pain now as we hanker after something more secure or well established. We seek sanctuary now, a safe refuge from all the pain and hurt of the past.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is: "In a sumptuous dining hall guests relax after partaking of a huge banquet". This is some sort of luxurious celebration, an image of satiety, relaxation, and abundance. (The question is, of course, who are these privileged guests?) Whatever we want to achieve in life, we'll certainly do better with a full belly. And so this lunation plants the seeds of our intent for a satiated life, for plenty and for material fulfilment. Time to trust our gut on this. Look to January 2025 for the first bloom of those seeds.

5 July: Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn

As part and parcel of this New Moon, on the 5th, Mars in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces. This is an opportunity for strategic and decisive action, steadily moving toward a goal.

6 July: Venus square Chiron

Also as part of this lunation, Venus squares Chiron on the 6th. This exacerbates any sense of hurt or disenfranchisement we may feel in our ability to enjoy life, fuelling our decisions.

July 8-11: Venus, Jupiter and Good Vibes

Opportunity abounds for wonderful encounters July 8-9…

8 July: Venus sextile Uranus

As we move toward July 8th some wonderful vibes begin to emerge. Venus sextiles Uranus on the 8th, an electrifying aspect. The 8th could bring romantic excitement or financial surprises. It's a good day to mix things up a bit and have some fun!

8-9 July: Jupiter sextiles Mercury and the Lunar Nodes

Most uplifting of all perhaps is a beautiful configuration between Mercury, Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes or eclipse points on the 8th-9th. This is the perfect time to release a product, make a connection, spread a happy message or pitch an idea. Contacts, meetings and talks now bring luck!

11 July: Sun trine Saturn

On July 11th, in the morning, the Sun trines Saturn to help us stabilise our course. Time to settle into a more contemplative mood for the summer. The Sun is still in Cancer and what we seek is solace, nurturing and shelter.

11 July: Venus trine Neptune

On the same day, the 11th, (around 6pm BST) it's Venus' turn to trine Neptune in the final and critical degrees of water signs Cancer and Pisces. This could be a deeply romantic, emotional and poignant day with all kinds of love-vibrations flooding our being, including mixed feelings of yearning, nostalgia, dreams and other whimsical things. A good day to spend with loved ones or immersed in creative pursuits.

From 11 July to 5 August: Venus in Leo

Also on the 11th, barely an hour and a half after trining Neptune, Venus enters theatrical and playful Leo. Let the fun begin! Venus will stay in Leo until August 5th, creating the perfect playground for fun romance, and drama. It's not love unless it's painted in big bold colours now, with grand gestures.

July 12-15: Mars-Uranus, Venus-Pluto and Fireworks!

Mid-July could see fireworks, as Venus opposes Pluto and Mars conjuncts Uranus, the planet of surprise, before he enters fast and chatty Gemini! Mercury now begins treading shaky ground that he'll have to revisit next month...

12 July: Venus opposite Pluto

No planet is allowed to enter heartfelt Leo these days without bumping up against the cold realities of Pluto in Aquarius - literally the power of faceless technology to snuff out the heart of humanity. No sooner does Venus enter Leo than she opposes Pluto on the 12th. This makes Venus in Leo even more gung-ho!

Dramatic expressions of love - and hate - are the object of the day.

Affections run deep and love is all or nothing. Finances are volatile. No half measures. Powerful attractions, passions and power struggles are all on the menu.

15 July: Mars conjunct Uranus!

And so we arrive at a rather radical, shocking, combustible moment mid-July, when Mars meets Uranus in Taurus. The last time Mars and Uranus met was August 2022, a volatile moment.

Now they meet again, close to the fixed star Algol, the Medusa's head in the constellation of Perseus. This star is often associated with losing one's head (literally, figuratively, or as in a 'head of state'.) The Medusa's head is also famous for turning people into stone (literally "petrified") and suggests a form of paralysis - perhaps from shock.

This is no time to mess with nature - or heavy machinery for that matter. There is a real revolutionary vibe to Mars-Uranus too.

Whatever happens, Mars-Uranus uses the element of surprise - or 'shock tactics' - to get us out of any complacency.

15 July: Sun squares Chiron

Also on the 15th, the Sun squares Chiron - and this could be a raw or precarious moment when hurt and anger factor in our decision making. Vitality tends to be low now.

July 18-20: Mars and Mercury play up...

By the 20th things become somewhat unstable as Mars changes sign and Mercury enters his retrograde shadow. We're in the midst of critical days now in an exciting run to the Full Moon.

18 July: Sun sextiles Uranus

By the 18th, the Sun sextiles Uranus and we enter a period of considerable excitement. This is an opportunity to shake things up and do something different. If you're contemplating changes, try them on for size now, as a chain of events brings changes until July 25th.

18 July -11 September: Mercury Shadow Period

By the 17th-18th, Mercury in Leo also begins treading uncertain territory - that is an area of the zodiac that he will go retrograde over next month. Time to start wrapping up whatever's been going on, making the best of the last rays of Mercury while he has some speed left in him. He turns retrograde 5th August, when it will be time to stop pushing and start tying loose ends.

If future plans present themselves from here on in, take them with a pinch of salt until they've had more time to simmer, for much could change between now and September.

Pencil things into your diary and have the rubber ready.

19 July: Mercury trine Chiron, Venus trine North Node

On the 19th, Mercury trines Chiron giving voice to the voiceless, just as Venus harmonises with the Lunar Nodes, calling all relationships to evolve and brave new ground. Mercury-Chiron is great for addressing touchy subjects and speaking up about matters that are either taboo or hurtful and not easily broached. Venus' trine to the North Node could be just the ticket for improved relationships, based on honest communication and mutual love and respect. There is potential to build bridges now based on chivalry, honesty and courage.

20 July: Mars sextiles Neptune

On the 20th, (in the evening) Mars sextiles Neptune in the final and critical degrees of Taurus and Pisces just before he enters Gemini. This could be yet another magical, whimsical moment. Time to frolic at the edge of the imagination - or as far as our physical senses will take us without us taking leave of them.

From 20 July to 4 September: Mars in Gemini!

Whilst still in Neptune's thrall, and just before the 20th gives way to the 21st, Mars enters Gemini. Having spent the past six weeks in slow and deliberate Taurus, Mars in Gemini could be a real rush!

Things could start unfolding at great speed now. Words, like a whirlwind, sweep us off our feet into the air - but they also carry a sharp edge.

Get ready for six weeks of great commotion and intense communications and exchanges!

Last 10 Days of July: A Mad Capricorn Full Moon and Leo Season!

And so we arrive at the end of July, a potentially powerful and highly volatile period. Mars is freshly in sharp and cutting Gemini, we've a critical Capricorn Full Moon Blue Moon and the start of Leo season. Mercury enters Virgo, where he will turn retrograde in two weeks' time... The countdown begins.

21 July Capricorn Blue Moon: A Critical Moment

And so we arrive at July's Capricorn Full Moon at 29:08 degrees at 11:17BST on July 21st. This is an astrological "blue" moon as it's the second Capricorn Full Moon in a row. And what an intense one it is. For it is in the very last and critical degree of Capricorn - a sign concerned with worldly power - and it is conjunct Pluto, which makes power absolute. Here we have a shameless power hunger, absurd posturing and the potential collapse of an old world-order which has been hollowed out from the inside.

Here we have empire and the kind of power abuse that characterises the end of empire.

Pluto also represents secrecy, wealth (it's literally the Greek word for 'wealth'), corruption and activities behind the scenes (transparency was never conducive to powerful ends). This is some sort of last ditch attempt at maintaining the status quo - or an expression of obscene power and dominance.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is "a secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs". So who are these 'men'? The last Capricorn degree distills the wisdom of the sign, which is that power goes hand in hand with responsibility, or that governance means accountability. If the lesson has not been learned by this point in the journey, the critical degree tends to bring about the necessary crisis to drive it home.

This lunation is exactly sextile Neptune - also at a critical degree - another lesson here about the ideals we hold that shape our world and the scales perhaps falling from our eyes. This Full Moon also presages Pluto's re-entry into the last and critical Capricorn degrees (on September 2nd) to finish the demolition of the world we knew - even as it is holds on tooth and nail. The Full Moon forms a powerful trine to Mars (also at a critical 0 Gemini) as well as Uranus. Chiron, subtly active all month long, squares the Full Moon, pushing for authenticity, and never letting us forget the hurt underlying our choices.

With so many critical degrees emphasised something is reaching a crisis point.

There is a real sense that the buck stops here, even if it takes time for the full promise of this lunation to unfold. Watch the space between September 2nd and November 19th, as Pluto reactivates this very same degree of this Full Moon in Capricorn. Whatever is going on now, we’re yet to see its final act.

21 July: Venus sextile Jupiter

Still we can enjoy some good times during this lunation, which has an elitist and abundant quality about it. Venus sextiles Jupiter on the 21st, sounding the horn of plenty and bringing opportunities for fun and pleasure. There's excess at play here.

21-22 July: Mercury square Uranus

Also around the Full Moon, Mercury squares Uranus, harnessing the power of distraction! Unfettered speech and communication are key with Mercury-Uranus but with the hard aspect, truth is not enough - it also needs to have shock value! Constantly changing the topic is another excellent Mercury-Uranus tactic to disorient and rattle minds so they don't have time to think.

News could be electrifying at this time. Anything to make us sit up and listen!

22-25 July: Leo Season Makes a Dramatic Entrance...!

Leo Season starts July 22nd - Happy Birthday Leo! A powerful configuration between the Sun, Mars and Pluto means that Leo season makes a dramatic entrance, which is as Leo would have wanted.

22 July: Sun trine Neptune and Sun enters Leo

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd but not before a trine to Neptune in the last and critical degrees of water signs. There is an eerie feeling in the air once again, excellent for introspection and creative pursuits, but not so great for getting our bearings unless we listen to the inner voice.

22-25 July: Mars trines Pluto / Sun opposes Pluto & sextiles Mars

The 22nd to 25th is a potentially militant, energising and subversive time, activating our inner warrior.

That's when the Sun, Mars and Pluto link hands and mobilise great forces, and swiftly! Mars is the first to trine Pluto on the 22nd, delivering some of the promise of the Capricorn Full Moon. Power is on the move! On the 23rd, the fresh Sun in Leo opposes Pluto. Sun-Pluto can have a real survivalist streak and, if driven into the open, it comes out all guns blazing. By the 25th, the conversation between the Sun, Mars and Pluto is complete as the Sun sextiles Mars. All in all, the 20th-25th is an intense and critical few days. What's more, warrior Mars will go retrograde over those very same Leo degrees around December-January, so we are not out of the woods yet. This is going to be a tricky period.

This energising combo gives the green light to bold plans, grants huge energy and stamina and will go to any lengths to achieve its ends. "We stop for no one".

The ideal is to find a positive outlet.

End of July: Time to Contemplate...

Mercury enters analytical Virgo on the 25th giving us space to think, just in time for Chiron to turn retrograde for a deeply reflective moment.

From 25 July to 15 August: Mercury in Virgo

Just before midnight on the 25th, Mercury enters Virgo, enhancing our powers of analysis, discernment and discrimination. It is in this sign that Mercury will turn retrograde in just under two weeks.

The devil is in the detail, as they say, and it's important to pay attention now!

Lots of little practical but crucial details that make all the difference between 'yay' or 'nay' will start coming to the surface in August. Sharpen those skills!

Mercury goes retrograde 5 August, backtracks into Leo 15 August, stations direct 29 August and re enters Virgo 9 September to stay until September 26th. Time to rethink things.

26 July: Chiron Stations Retrograde

Just as the month started with poignant moments, so it ends. On July 26th Chiron stations retrograde and, once again, all kinds of injuries feel a little raw to the touch. The past could be coming back to haunt us now, we may have a sense of deja vu or an eerie sense of exposure and vulnerability. Chiron's symbol looks like a key - a key that disarms or disables whatever it touches, that opens the doors of reality offering a novel more 'see-thru' perspective that often makes us feel like the odd one out.

Chiron is often scapegoated or exiled, precisely because it sees the world raw, naked, without a veil.

This is the moment for us all to contemplate what our authentic self truly wants - stripped of all its bravado - and begin to settle into this over the next few months.

30 July: Venus trines Chiron

Venus trines Chiron as he stations, exact by July 30th, helping uncover our true values and preferences. What and who matters most? Any slights felt early in the month now flow freely.

31 July: Sun trine North Node The last day of July brings harmony between the Sun and the eclipse points - a moment of wonderful flow, when we are naturally magnetised toward our goals.

The compass points to our True North now and it's easier to steer the ship in that direction, learning from the lessons of the past.

This is a time to be bold and stand strong!

Astrology Horoscope July 2024: Divvying Up The Twelve Zodiac Slices…

"you got this" written in chalk on road with scattered autumn leaves
Image by Sydney Rae from Unsplash

So let’s look at what July has in store for each slice of the grand zodiac pie in the sky. We’re looking especially at how the Cancer New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon divvy up their chips, as well as Mars in Gemini and the start of Leo season. Check out your Sun sign for the soul’s themes, your Rising sign for the flesh and blood of it all, and your Moon sign for all the stuff you run on autopilot that you can do in your sleep…


July starts on a soft note for you, dear Aries, with the Cancer New Moon focusing your attention on your inner life, your private life, your home and family. Take this opportunity to check in with yourself, find your centre, and nurture all the things you want to see manifest when it comes to your foundations in life, your living situation, home, family or any real estate endeavours. The Capricorn Blue Moon shines a light on your public face, your career trajectory and your ability to handle authority and take responsibility. These are questions that may have been simmering away since June and now feel urgent, leading you to important realisations and decisions, as you leave the past behind in the second half of 2024. The last ten days of July could see you burst out of your shell with much commotion, many meetings and interactions. Use July 20th to September 5th to make connections, promote your ideas and establish yourself in your environment. Your desire for love, fun and creative self expression blossoms from the 20th onwards, leading to many good times. As is usual these days, you may experience opposition and power-struggles in your social sphere, as you try to express your creativity or even in the sphere of love, romance and children. This is a new trend for the future. The end of July may find you feeling like the odd one out, leading you to rethink how you view and present yourself, and your overall approach to leadership and initiative. Mid-July could rock your finances. It could bring up a big expense or a sudden opportunity to exercise your strength and talents.


July literally bursts into life for you, dear Taurus, with lots of travel, meetings and communications driving you to distraction and allowing for many emotionally poignant moments with friends. The Cancer New Moon is your cue to speak up, network, and put out some feelers for information gathering purposes. This is also a good time to initiate a writing or communications project. This is a month that stimulates your mind and demands that you decide where you stand and what you believe. The Capricorn Blue Moon brings matters of creed to a crisis point, as well as highlighting academic, publishing, international or legal matters that are ripe for a decision. These are questions that may have been simmering away since June and now feel urgent, leading you to important realisations and changes in the second half of 2024. You hold all the cards with Mars in your sign until July 20th so make sure to take the initiative on issues that are important to you. Take extra care of yourself and watch out for unexpected developments especially mid-July. The last ten days of July switch your attention to home, family, finances and matters of personal safety. Expenses may rise from this point but so will your motivation to earn and make the most of your assets and resources. Issues around home, family or real estate are under considerable external pressure, this month, either from government authorities or due to overwhelming responsibilities or developments in your career. Take a time out for some RnR toward the end of July.


Your mind is on your career, money, resources and how to strengthen and consolidate your position as July begins, dear Gemini. The Cancer New Moon is fabulous for setting a new intentions to bring greater abundance into your life. Do everything in your power to boost your value. Finances are highlighted al month long, with the Capricorn Blue Moon bringing a joint financial situation to a head that’s already been simmering for some time. This could involve a credit line, loan, grant, business investment or sponsorship that you need for a joint venture or to advance your career. This is an intimate moment - whether personally or financially - as merging energies with another requires trust on both sides. The decisions and realisations you make now will influence the second half of 2024. The latter half of July is fantastic for all kinds of networking and communications and especially from the 20th onward. That’s when Mars enters your sign giving you the energy and sex appeal to motivate anyone to support your cause. Do bear in mind that you have a strong influence on others during this time (until September 4th) so watch that you don’t come on too strong. A little nudge now goes a long way. July 15th could be a tricky moment so try and keep a low profile, focusing on some meditation and RnR. If you are feeling like the odd one out, this feeling will intensify by July’s end, causing you to rethink how you fit into the wider community.


This is your month, dear Cancer, with new initiatives taking place on all fronts. The Cancer New Moon is your cue to step out of the shadows, be seen, and set everything you desire into motion. The spotlight is on you, so take the lead! Events now could lead you to gently reformulate your overall outlook on life, as well as your identity and goals. Legal, international or academic matters could also be on your mind. This is a good time to network and make allies. Watch out for shocks and surprises in your social community mid-month. The Capricorn Blue Moon by contrast shines a light on personal relationships, contracts, agreements and business partnerships, as well as any dealings you may have with the public or with an agent or mediator. Issues that may have been simmering away since June now feel urgent and ripe for a decision that may colour the second half of 2024. Your focus gradually shifts to strengthening and consolidating your position in the second half of the month with a focus on money, values and self worth. This is an area that will see powerful changes in the coming years, mainly via joint ventures, mergers and banking, when you realise that you need to take a different tack to your finances and cannot simply go it alone. July 20th is also the time to drop beneath the radar and work behind the scenes. Take a moment toward July’s end to contemplate your career and unique life direction.


You’re laying low as July enters, dear Leo, spending some intimate moments with loved ones, staying hidden and leaving the world behind. This is a cleansing phase for you, allowing you to let go and get some much needed RnR before your birthday season. Use the Cancer New Moon to reconnect with your spiritual center. Just before Leo season, we’ve a Capricorn Blue Moon that could create some sort of crisis - either at work or involving your lifestyle and wellbeing. Take good care of yourself at this time and don’t take unnecessary risks. Questions around your work, health, lifestyle and joint finances have been bothering you for a while and they now reach a crisis point allowing you to make decisions that will inform the second half of 2024. Look out for unexpected developments in your career or with a parent or authority figure around mid-month! Leo season arrives with a bang - time for you to step out of your shell! With Mars also entering your most sociable sector it’s time to get out and mingle, to see friends, network, make allies and actively build a world you want to live in. Relationships are heavy going these days and potentially riddled with power-struggles at times, especially around the 12th and 22nd. Venus enters your sign on the 11th granting you her girdle so you can charm your way to anything you desire. Take time at the end of July to reconsider your stance on a couple of matters and review legal, international, academic or publishing policies.


You’re very much in demand as July enters, dear Virgo, out seeing friends, socialising or promoting a good cause. Relationships and contacts with people have something other-worldly to them and they might make a real impression. Use the Cancer New Moon to plant the seeds of new dreams and aspirations and gather friends and allies around you to create the kind of world you want to live in. Mid-month brings much excitement motivating you to expand your operations. You may have a legal or academic challenge or a sudden impulse to travel or shout out your views from the rooftops. Use the energy of this time to widen your horizons. July’s Capricorn Full Moon is all about what makes you happy. This is a theme that’s been percolating in your mind for a while now. What brings you joy? How do you want to express yourself creatively? How about love and romance? Children? Where are you at in your relationships? There is a sense of urgency to these questions now, bringing about a crisis or turning point that will inform your decisions in the second half of 2024. July is a rather carefree month but only until the 20th. That’s when Mars energises your career, urging you to promote your image, name and goals. You have until September 5th to raise your profile. Your responsibilities may rise during this period but you may also have to operate largely behind the scenes, at least until mid-August, fly beneath the radar and keep a low profile. You’re a service oriented sign and it may be that your responsibilities have to do with volunteering work or other selfless ventures. Take time to rest and connect with your spirit as you prepare for your own birthday season and pay special attention to your health, a matter that’s increasingly on your mind of late. The end of July could also bring some poignant intimate moments, urging you to question where you put your trust, whether it is financially or on the romantic front. Joint finances could be a sensitive topic around the 26th.


You’ve got many responsibilities as July enters, dear Libra - perhaps at work or with your family. Either way everyone is looking to you to take charge and rise to the occasion. The Cancer New Moon is your chance to set career goals and make a start to get where you want to be. Your work may demand sacrifices or your health be extra sensitive this month too. Pay attention to your lifestyle and how that is affecting you day to day for there is a sensitivity there. It is important that you listen to your body and take care of yourself. Mid-month could bring sudden developments in your finances or with someone you’re close to - or it could be a chance to break with the past and transform a situation, physically or emotionally. July is a month of endings in many ways - especially at the Capricorn Blue Moon. A situation around your home and family that has been dragging on for some time now reaches a critical point, clarifying matters and leading to decisions that will inform the second half of 2024. This is a time of much inner psychological processing for you so you can finally leave the past behind before the new year is in. Come July 20th you enter a highly sociable period and your travel outlook brightens considerably too until September 5th. You now feel adventurous and eager to connect with friends, network and enjoy being part of a greater community - even as you increasingly feel the need to express yourself more creatively, find love and pursue your own happiness. Relationships are a sensitive matter these days and come July 26th you’re ready to rethink that whole area coming from a more authentic place.


July is an exciting month, dear Scorpio, with much potential for travel and adventure on the cards, study, research, international projects, publishing, marketing and expansion on all fronts. Use the Cancer New Moon to set forth all kinds of expansive ventures. There’s something special about your creative and speculative efforts now too - or perhaps your approach to love or children - a moment of release. You can expect fireworks when it comes to your PR, relationships and agreements around mid-July so keep a loose schedule and see what new challenges and opportunities fly in. The Capricorn Full Moon is super busy for you when meetings, trade and communications could be critical and have a hectic urgency to them. A business deal, writing or media project could also culminate now - something that’s been long in the making and certainly on your mind for at least a month now. Things now reach a critical stage and any decisions you make will inform the rest of 2024. From July 20th things heat up in your career and you’ll need to rise to the occasion - even as property, home and family related pressures mount, a theme that’s only going to get stronger. Joint financial ventures also receive an energy boost from the 20th and you may be actively pursuing a merger, grant, or bonus, tackling debt, seeking credit or dealing with joint financial matter. Do pay close attention to your health, especially toward month’s end when it’s important you take a moment to listen to your body and make your work fit around your lifestyle needs rather than the other way around.


July finds you locked behind closed doors, dear Sagittarius - either in blissful intimacy and privacy with someone or deep in secret business meetings, mergers, discussions with the bank or other financial endeavours. The Cancer New Moon brings an opportunity for intimate bonding, a fresh start in your joint finances and a new platform for transformative initiatives in your life. Home and family matters are sensitive as July enters and will continue to concern you and pull on your heartstrings as July unfolds. Mid-July could bring sudden disruptions to your schedule so plan lightly. Challenges or surprising developments now could open pathways to new practical solutions. Finances are a big theme this month and the Capricorn Full Moon shines an intense beam of light on the matter. A long simmering financial situation could be coming to a head now, leading to decisions that will colour the second half of 2024. Whatever is going on, it’s time to focus on your strengths and build your self-confidence. Relationships become energised from the 20th onward and you’ll spend much of the summer in dynamic interactions, whether collaborative or competitive. Travel beckons this month - more so from the 20th onwards - so this is your chance to get away, change scenery, expand your horizons - especially as your immediate environment seems rather intense. Publishing, broadcasting, international projects, study and research, and all kinds of outreach ventures are favoured now. Love and personal fulfilment are on your mind at the end of the month. Take a moment to connect with your heart and listen to what it wants.


The focus is on other people as July begins, dear Capricorn and you’ll have to largely follow their lead and put your own desires and intents aside. This is as it should be. For this is usually the time of year when you energise and nurture important relationships in your life. The Cancer New Moon is your cue to invest fresh energy in your most important partnerships and agreements for the next twelve months, allowing for real and heartfelt communication between you. Mid-July could bring considerable excitement on the romantic front or with your children or a creative project so keep your options open. Most important of all, you have another Full Moon in your sign this month, a Capricorn Blue Moon following on from last month’s Full Moon also in Capricorn. Something important is coming full circle for you this summer that will inform the rest of 2024 - realisations as to who you are and what you want out of life, how you go about things and the importance of taking the initiative. Staying on top of your communications and transport is very important now so you can stay connected to the world around you, even while your mind is more often than not elsewhere these days. Enjoy pursuing your hobbies and doing all the things you love until July 20th for you might find yourself getting busier with chores, work, lifestyle changes and other practicalities past that point and all the way to September 5th. If you have an appetite for work, healthy exercise or getting things done, this is the period to go for it. Finances are also highlighted this month - more so from the 20th. You may receive help or a gift to alleviate some of the financial pressures that seem to have become a new trend since 2023. The end of July highlights your foundations in life and sense of security, drawing your attention to your inner world and to home, family and real estate.


You’re hard at work as July enters, dear Aquarius, most likely having to deal with lots of chores and practicalities, at work or at home. The Cancer New Moon is your cue to discipline yourself and put your best foot forward. Money is also on your mind and you may feel far less in control of the situation than usual, having to make sacrifices that eat away at your self esteem. You may feel that you’re on unstable ground these days, with old reference points no longer providing the security you need. But equally there could be considerable excitement and positive changes in your home, family and personal life mid-month. Indeed, there is lots going on behind the scenes for you right now with two back to back Capricorn Full Moons, asking you to lay low and not yet reveal your cards. This could be a time of endings, but equally a time of careful political manoeuvring and repositioning, away from the limelight. A big cycle is closing now and it’s time to let go and turn inwards for some much needed RnR and spiritual recalibration. All this private and personal intensity starts to dissipate toward the end of the month with Leo season bringing you out of your shell and shining a light on the most important relationships in your life. Time to come out and connect with others, even if you are feeling a bit lost, under pressure, your old identity dissolving before your eyes. Mars in Gemini from the 20th guarantees sexy times ahead, fun, romance and much enjoyment and creative self expression all the way till September 5th. Put yourself out there and strut your stuff!


Your mind is on love, personal fulfilment and whatever else your heart desires as July begins, dear Pisces. Perhaps you’re in love, having fun or thinking about children, or perhaps you’re fully immersed in a hobby, sport or creative project. The Cancer New Moon is your cue to invest your energies in your own happiness. Your old identity is hanging on by a thread at this point,so you might as well let go into the experience and give it your all. News travels fast and by the middle of July your ears might be burning - or you might be in for a surprise from a sibling, neighbour or someone else in your immediate vicinity. Sudden travel is also a possibility. Most important of all, perhaps, is the Capricorn Blue Moon, meaning that your dreams and aspirations for the future are coming to a powerful climax this summer. Perhaps you are realising a dream in the nick of time or feeling the urgency to do so. Important realisations now as to what you aspire to and who your friends and allies are will inform much of what happens in the second half of 2024. Expect your home life to heat up from the 20th and all the way til early September, when there will be much commotion in the house. This could range from renovations to moving house, to house guests, to noise or family disagreements. Your to do list may grow as July unfolds and especially from the 20th onwards, with many pleasant tasks on it. Still, it could be tiring and that’s because much of your energy is held up trying to psychologically process the powerful changes happening in your life. Take frequent breaks to rest and recharge. Finances could also be on your mind toward month’s end and it’s important to take a moment to decide what’s more important to you and ground your energy in your personal values and strengths.

Article by YourAstroGenes


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