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Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044: Galactic Citizens!

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 will dramatically shift humanity’s ideological, social and scientific paradigms.

people in a matrix like universe

What does Pluto in Aquarius 2024-2044 bring?

Pluto has a brief stint in Aquarius March-June 2023, then enters 2024, pretty much for good. Let's see what the next 20 years have in store for us! ...Or scroll down to go straight to your Pluto in Aquarius Horoscope!

Aquarius: The Sign of the Future

Aquarius’ symbol, two parallel wavy lines, depicts frequency and vibration. Radio waves, sound and light, invisible electromagnetic waves such as space radiation and gamma rays, wifi and even our very own individual brain-wave and heart-wave signatures - including the power generated by many hearts and minds flowing as one.

Aquarius is the sign of interconnectivity and uniqueness. And we’ve only just began to scratch the surface.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 will bring major breakthroughs in scientific knowledge, turning everything we thought we knew on its head.

The system once deemed “too big to fail” is now too big to survive...

Pluto enters Aquarius March 2023 after spending fifteen years in Capricorn - a process of transition not to be completed til November 2024. And so 2023 and 2024 is a crucial two year period when we will see old hierarchical systems of governance collapse and revolutionary new ideals, technologies and democratic systems of government take their place.

If certain institutions were deemed “too big to fail” back in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, these same systems are now too big to survive.

Pluto in Capricorn saw authorities abuse their position to such an extent that they demolished the very notion of authority in our minds. Pluto hovering around 29 degrees Capricorn and 0 degrees of Aquarius in 2023-24 will galvanise issues around human rights and freedoms and bring tyrannical authorities to account.

Capricorn is all about hierarchies, authoritarianism and top down controls and Pluto has been steadily handing power over to governments, corporations and grey faceless institutions ever since 2008. But each sign is the antidote of the previous one. And Aquarius will soon level the playing field.

Pluto from Capricorn into Aquarius: Rebellion in the Ranks!

If Capricorn gives power to government and corporations, then Aquarius gives power to the people.

Both the French revolution and the US Bill of Rights arrived when Pluto last transited Aquarius in the late 18th century (from 1777 to 1798). And these are revolutionary landmarks that still serve as the very foundation of our modern day western democracies. Going further back, within a couple of years of Pluto entering Aquarius in 1532, we had the English reformation when Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Catholic Church - the oppressor of his times. Back further still, we have the Scotts fighting for their independence, after accidentally handing it over to the English - remember Braveheart?

The historical lesson of Pluto in Capricorn is contained in Lord Acton’s words: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s the Pluto in Capricorn experience in a nutshell.

The famous phrase “let them eat cake” arguably has its modern day equivalent in “let them buy a Tesla…”

It betrays the deep cluelessness of the ruling classes of the times as to the financial chasm between them and the rest of the world. When obscene riches and power amass in high places, as they have been doing since 2008, those on top become so decadent that they are totally blind to the suffering and impoverishment of everyone under their yoke. And when cold and hunger strike, people revolt. The old order fails simply because it has outlived its usefulness. This much was clear in the late 18th century at the dawn of the enlightenment. And it is rapidly becoming clear now.

Pluto’s move out of Capricorn, the sign of government, literally means the end of the Plutocracy of 2008-2024 - the end of the rule of the wealthy. And the end of gigantic, centralised, top-down control systems financially co-opted by large corporations and institutions. As humanity awakens to new levels of consciousness, it’s clear that the old systems will no longer do. It will take some time for us to see the truth of this (the French and American revolutions were more than a decade apart)..

But we are slowly entering far more more lateral, transparent and democratic systems of governance, where each individual can vote on issues directly without the need for intermediaries and representatives.

The powers that be keep talking of a unipolar world. But those ideas are fast becoming old hat. If anything, we’re entering a multi-polar world - a world comprising a web of individual nodes and connections - a world ruled by the many. If there is ever to be a “one world government” it cannot be hierarchical in nature.

Transhumanism: Evolution Through Crisis!

Pluto, of course, also brings the dark side of each sign it transits to the fore.

With Pluto in Scorpio (1983-95) we had sexual terrorism (aids). In Sagittarius (1995-2008) we had religious terrorism (9/11). In Capricorn (2008-2024) we’ve had corporate/governmental terrorism (QE). In Aquarius we may yet face technological and cyber-terrorism.

Artificial intelligence, human bio-engineering and virtual living are fast becoming undeniable realities.

None of this is bad in and of itself. But with it come unpleasant ideas like mandatory biometrics and digital IDs, invasive bio-technologies, armed robots, and financial totalitarianism through CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) all linked up in some monstrous system of social scoring - perhaps even a universal income that can be given or withheld based on compliance. All of this can be used to control human behaviour to a hitherto unimaginable degree - especially under the hangover of the power-mad 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Add to this the danger of “mass-think” - Aquarius is the sign of the group - and we run the danger of intellectual tyranny, a kind of mass formation psychosis with fanatical ideas glazing the eye and dulling the senses. France’s Reign of Terror also took place with Pluto in Aquarius! Ultimately, the dystopian image of Pluto in Aquarius is driven by transhumanist ideals - a faceless, fanatical, technocratic, dehumanised world comprising artificially modified cyborgs.

But Pluto is an evolutionary force. It shows the next set of evolutionary lessons we need to master to move forward.

So, this is ultimately a test that humanity must go through if we are to survive and evolve. Alongside the unimaginable technological advances that are just around the corner naturally comes the challenge of how to best organise our societies around them and maintain our humanity.

What we need over the next twenty years is an equal expansion of human consciousness to match our rapidly growing technological and scientific advances or we run the risk of narrowing our world through technocratic rationalism. There is no turning back the technological tide - nor would we ever wish to. In Capricorn we learned not to hand too much power to the authorities but to take responsibility for ourselves. In Aquarius, the evolutionary lesson is literally understanding what it means to be human, and how to utilise technology to better organise our societies, in a more transparent, democratic and equitable way.

It’s worth remembering that Pluto, lord of death and rebirth, transforms anything it touches.

Like a great devourer, Pluto urges us on til there is no sign of our old life left, leaving our world unrecognisable. In this process, the sign Pluto transits becomes a pursuit at all costs, an obsession. In Scorpio (1983-95) Pluto devoured our financial systems and spewed them out anew, overseeing the obsessive and total transformation of the markets. In Sagittarius (1995-2008) it devoured the world’s borders and saw expansion and globalisation at all costs. And in Capricorn (2008-2024) it devoured the world’s governments (gobbled up by large corporations), pushing for centralised, top down bureaucratic structure and controls at all costs.

Pluto in Aquarius will now see technological advancement and human awakening at all costs.

It will devour our old ideologies, scientific theories and social systems and spew them all out anew.

Shock and Crisis?

Back in 2008 Pluto in Capricorn was welcomed with a crisis - a banking crisis threatening a system “too big to fail” namely the establishment - a very Capricorn sentiment. Might we expect anything like this now? There were additional factors back in 2008 (i.e. the Saturn-Uranus cycle), not currently present. Still, if Aquarius were to welcome Pluto with a crisis of some sort, it would most likely be a technological crisis - or at least one that can be used to justify technological controls. A cyber attack? ‘Alien’ threats from outer space? System failures? Social e-revolutions? Cryptocurrency dangers? Pluto will certainly make itself felt as it moves from Capricorn to Aquarius in March and June 2023 and in January, September and November 2024, leaving us in no doubt that we are entering a new era.

Drop into the Heart…

Whatever happens, it is crucially important that we centre ourselves in our hearts during these coming twenty years, lest we lose our humanity.

The heart is ruled by Leo, the opposite sign to Aquarius, and it is the singular organ that sets us apart from anything technological. This is where these transhumanist ideas will be eventually tested - especially in 2035-36, when Saturn in Leo opposes Pluto in Aquarius, at the height of the Pluto in Aquarius transit.

Pluto in Aquarius and the Pluto-Saturn Cycle: Lessons from the Past

It’s crucially important that we examine Pluto in Aquarius through the lens of the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, if we are to understand what the next 20 years are truly about.

For while the French and American revolutions correlate with the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, there is an important difference. During the revolutionary 18th century the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in rebellious and freedom-loving Aquarius, boosting the Aquarian message of freedom. Looking further back at the 16th century, Pluto and Saturn met in revolutionary Aquarius (again), and religious Pisces both (very fitting for establishing the Church of England).

But unlike those times, the entirety of Pluto in Aquarius stint of the 21st century is characterised by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn of 2020 that precedes it - the one that imposed unprecedented top down controls upon the free world - an influence absent both during the 18th and 16th centuries.

The last time that Pluto transited Aquarius under these same auspices was in fact the late 13th century.

Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn in 1284 then Pluto entered Aquarius in 1286-87, where he stayed for the next two decades. What lessons can that period teach us?

1. War of Independence: Don’t Hand Over Your Sovereignty!

The First Scottish War of Independence took place exactly with Pluto’s transition into Aquarius in the late 13th century. This is the one featuring the legendary freedom fighter William Wallace or “Braveheart”, who rose to fame when Pluto entered Aquarius and was captured and executed just as Pluto was leaving Aquarius twenty years later.

What’s most interesting about this war is how it started. It was set in motion with the death of the King of Scotland Alexander III in 1286 just as Pluto was beginning to enter into Aquarius. Apparently, there were too may claimants to the Scottish throne and the Scotts asked the English to take charge, step in and arbitrate the succession. The English abused this privilege and took over, leading to full blown war within the decade. It took another thirty years to fully restore Scottish Independence.

The lesson? Giving away your sovereignty is easy. Winning it back is hard.

Post-Covid, this is again the crucial lesson that humanity is learning, this time on a global scale. We may have to fight to regain freedoms we used to take for granted, freedoms that we so carelessly handed over to governments and corporations in the past couple of years, like little children, out of fear. It’s worth remembering Thomas Jefferson: “Even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” This is a lesson of personal responsibility we’re collectively learning, a rite of passage, it's humanity coming of age.

2. Empire Shattered: From the One to the Many!

Another notable feature of the late 13th century is that it saw the break up of the Mongolian empire, one of the largest the world had ever seen! Echoing the by now familiar themes of power-abuse of the French and American revolutions (not to mention the early 21st century), it seems that under the Yuan dynasty established in 1271 (with Pluto in Capricorn), ordinary people experienced such great hardship that the Mongol warriors eventually rebelled against their Emperor in 1289 - barely a few years after Pluto entered Aquarius. This signalled the beginning of the end of the vast Mongolian empire by accelerating its fracturing into distinct Khalates.

Are the mostrous institutions and corporations that rule our world today also due for fragmentation and lateralisation?

History seems to suggest that these Goliaths cannot survive intact.

3. The End of the Crusades: New Ideals!

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius in the late 13th century also signalled the end of the two hundred year long Crusades to the Holy Lands, with the final Christian stronghold of Acre falling back to local Muslim hands in 1291. By the early 14th century, and Pluto about to leave Aquarius, all the Holy Lands were back on local hands.

History has many perspectives. And what may be considered an abject failure for Europe was certainly a great success for the Muslim world, reclaiming their freedom and overthrowing their imperialist oppressor.

Importantly for Europe, this marked the end of an old and failing ideological era.

Interest in the Crusades began to wane and new ideals took hold in the West, paving the way for the Renaissance.

Are we similarly about to see the end of a chapter of global economic imperialism over the next twenty years, paving the way for a whole new renaissance - a human awakening of consciousness?

With the USA Pluto return now complete, Pluto is crossing the same terrain it did from the time of the revolution in 1776 to the writing of the Constitution in 1787 and finally to the Bill of Rights of 1791 (where Pluto will arrive this time around in the 2030s). America 2.0 is certainly on its way, hopefully to arrive by the early 2030s. And so is the birth of new - and let’s hope more inspiring - ideals for humanity.

4. Marco Polo: Exotic New Technologies from (a Galaxy) Far Far Away…

Lastly, the publication of Marco Polo’s explorations of the Silk Road also came with Pluto in Aquarius in the late 13th century. This is notable in that it injected totally new and exotic ideas and technologies into the West (such as paper money, eyeglasses and even an elaborate postal service!) all imported from the East - a far away and exotic place.

Are we about to see a similarly vast enrichment of our knowledge-base coming from far away places?

Back then, going as far as China was deeply exotic. Today, we’d need to go far further afield…!

Human Rights & The Great Awakening: Pluto in Aquarius During the Age of Aquarius?

Looking at the bigger picture, Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 coincides with the “Great Mutation” into Air, namely the transition of the Saturn-Jupiter cycle into Air signs, where it will stay for the next two hundred years. The last time this transition took place was, again, in the (late 12th, early) 13th century! Most notably, it gave us Magna Carta, the first ever document in modern human history limiting the power of the monarch, decreeing that the ruler is not above the law and holding the government accountable.

Over the next two-three years, Pluto will hover over the exact spot of that Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius. The one that signalled the final mutation into Air signs in 2020, echoing the events of eight hundred years ago, and reinforcing the same message:

The time is here to fight for human rights and make governments accountable to their people, laying the foundations for a more equitable society.

If this is also the fabled Age of Aquarius, we’re in for a spiritual awakening for humanity unlike any we have seen before - awakening from the long two and a half thousand year slumber of the Age of Pisces...

Galactic Citizens?

We are fast becoming galactic citizens and are only beginning to tap into the idea that we are living in a fully conscious and vibrational universe.

We could now be entering a new galactic era, with the potential for unimaginable riches for humanity.

From the transformation of our democracies into something much more equitable, decentralised and immediate with the help of technologies that give power to the people…all the way to humanity taking its place as galactic citizens, living on this jewel of a marble called earth that’s hurtling through space at unimaginable speeds, at the edge of our galaxy.

We’re entering a time of mind over matter. It’s time to expand our framework for understanding ourselves and our place in the cosmos - both in the macrocosm (through the exploration of space and our place in it) and in the microcosm (through the exploration of our own consciousness).

Far out revelations and disclosures could now revolutionise our thinking and shift our paradigms.

Things hitherto mysterious and woo-woo may well become mainstream science overturning everything we thought we knew. From how we understand our bodies and minds, to our planets and galaxies, to matter and consciousness. Expect breakthroughs in physics, medicine, transport and space travel, and all kinds of human interconnectivity, transforming everything from the way we organise our societies to our understanding of the world to other as yet unimaginable things.

Where to Dig for Riches: People who vibe together thrive together!

Before we close, it’s worth remembering:

Pluto means “wealth” and like a metal detector, it shows you where to dig for riches!

In Scorpio (1983-95) it was the craze of the stock markets that brought easy money. In Sagittarius (1995-2008), globalisation and the Euro changed fortunes overnight. In Capricorn (2008-2024), QE and government-corporate-institutional collaborations rigged the game, creating obscene wealth for anyone sitting on top of a very massive pyramid...

Now, in Aquarius, we’re looking at new and high-tech ways to make money. Obvious candidates are AI automations and other cutting edge technologies - perhaps even explorations of space.

Perhaps, much like the Euro, we're also looking at the mass implementation of digital currencies changing fortunes overnight. (On the flip side, crypto also has a role to play but it will not be plain sailing. Bitcoin's future, for instance, will see a make or break two years in 2023-24, as the powers that be hold it in their sights. it will not be until the end of 2024 that it can come out from the pressure.)

But Aquarius is not just technology. It's also the power of people coming together.

This is no time to go it alone. In the world that’s coming, people who vibe together thrive together!

We’re certainly also looking at social networking and sharing platforms as a wealth tool - the riches generated by many people flowing as one, much like streams of consciousness. The potential is even there for the mining of human consciousness and its conversion into wealth - be it via data collection or via various measures of engagement of human time and attention.

It’s no longer about getting the right position in the system. It’s about finding the right system for you - or creating it - where you and likeminded others can freely express your unique gifts, make your contribution and receive your rewards.

Perhaps that’s why there has been such a build up of divisiveness in the world. We’re literally reaching the point where we can’t stand being with people who don’t ‘get us’. Our minds are literally magnetised together, splitting us into distinct streams of consciousness - into distinct worlds, financial systems, social systems. And it's only the beginning...

Pluto in Aquarius Dates 2023, 2024-2044.

Pluto enters Aquarius March 23rd to June 11th 2023, then again January 21st to September 2nd 2024 before moving in for good on November 19th 2024. He starts moving out of Aquarius in March of 2043, leaving for good in January 2044.

Pluto in Aquarius Horoscope 2023-2044

Pluto in Aquarius will activate a particular house in our chart, asking for a total transformation of that area of life over the next twenty years 2023-2044.

March-June 2023 will give us all a taster of what’s to come, before the real journey begins in 2024.

Pluto means riches so you will invariably find your life greatly enriched where Pluto transits. But you will also find that you will have to face your fears and let go of the past allowing the experience to change you.

Check your sun sign (core meaning) and your ascendant (manifestation of meaning). Your moon sign (daily rhythm) could be going on behind the scenes, its meaning absorbed solely by your subconscious, without making a fuss.


Pluto in Aquarius will give you the power and wherewithal to realise your long-held dreams, dear Aries! It’s not about what you know but who you know. You might find yourself moving in some powerful circles, joining forces with some powerful allies and people you resonate with on such a deep level that you create massive waves together. Fancy starting a movement? Fighting for a cause? The next twenty years of social and technological developments will totally transform your friendships, community and group involvements. Social media could open big doors and new ideals could get a hold of you, transforming your aspirations for the future. This could be a time of great rewards. Friendships, alliances and groups that do not serve you will now fall away allowing you to find your true community, pool your resources and make a difference. To quote Mark Twain: “Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” Surround yourself with greatness and you’ll feel it suffuse you too.


Get ready to revolutionise the whole direction of your life, as well as your career and public image, dear Taurus! Are you afraid of how others see you? You’ll need to face those fears, for you’re about to undergo a very public transformation. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades will set you on a whole new trajectory, transforming your profession, any titles you hold, and your life goals and social status beyond anything you can imagine. You have the potential to become quite formidable, taking charge of your destiny. To borrow from Allanah Hunt: “It is only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are.” Changes are sure to manifest in your professional life, but also within your family, with your parents or as a parent yourself. This is essentially a growing up process. Empowerment comes from putting yourself out there, stepping into your power, and doing what you’re meant to do. Doing so will transform your whole orientation to life, firmly affirming you as an authority in your field.


What’s having a voice worth to you, dear Gemini? The stakes are high and it’s time to nail your colours to the mast, to shout from the rooftops no matter what the consequences. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades will radically transform your guiding credo and give you a much bigger outreach. It might all start as a loss of faith. But if so, this is only to precipitate a search for meaning in hidden and far out places. Ultimately, this is a spiritual journey - a sort of religious conversion. International projects could totally transform your life now, as could education and the gaining of new credentials, an immigration or other legal ratification, a religious experience or an exotic journey to foreign lands. Publishing and broadcasting could also give you a potent platform now, irrevocably putting your ideas on the map and giving you a powerful voice. Your ideas have clout! Make no mistake. This is an empowering journey of wisdom and of you discovering your intellectual authority. As Friedrich Nietzsche said,“If we possess our why of life, we can put up with almost any how.”


You’re about to enter an alchemical cauldron of transformation, dear Cancer. Pluto is entering your house of big business: funds, mergers, trusts, grants, portfolios, tax breaks, inheritances, alimonies, credit, and joint finance in general. This means big money! The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades will involve you completely with others, forming powerful bonds, and setting you on a journey of alchemical empowerment through an irrevocable merging of interests, professionally, sexually and emotionally. This is a crash course in your ability to trust and be trusted as you merge your energy with others. These intimate encounters will ultimately empower you by showing you what you’re made of. Delving into all things hidden - whether it’s psychology, finance or the occult - will arm you with empowering secret knowledge. The key is to let experience change you at a fundamental level now, to face your fears and let go of the past. As the Buddha says, “Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.” And like the snake shedding its skin to live, you are called to rejuvenate yourself through change.


Transformative relationships, that’s where it’s at, dear Leo! Get ready to enter into deeply meaningful contracts and agreements that alter your life on a fundamental level - whether this is a marriage or a business partnership, a new client or a professional agent, a powerful competitor or even a brand new audience for your work. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades will also give you a whole new platform through which to interface with others, both one-to-one and in the public sphere. Life-changing encounters, collaborations and confrontations will pull you out of your shell and into other people’s orbit, even creating publicity and certainly showing you a whole world out there that requires you to change and adapt to meet it. You’re called to engage fully with others now, to give it your all. To paraphrase Tony Robbins, the minute you start keeping score in your relationship, that’s when it starts to die. Pluto wants you to go all in, above and beyond, through experiences that transform you both. No half measures. Total commitment is the name of the game, and a relationships status that reflects it. Existing partnerships could go through intense periods of change, introducing you to aspects of yourself you didn’t know you had. And if power-struggles rear their ugly head, it will only be to awaken you to your own grit and potency.


You’re a perfectionist at the best of times, dear Virgo, and it’s time to raise your expertise and attention to detail to a whole new level. Get ready to experience changes around employment and lifestyle. The social and technological developments of the next twenty years will radically transform your work, giving you a whole new way of life in the process. It is crucially important that you pay attention to your health now too - especially the things you do day in day out. New and ground-breaking technologies could be the key to greater vitality and wellbeing now. You’re capable of nothing short of total rejuvenation! But if you are to raise your game, you need to be open to change in how you organise your life. Pluto in Aquarius is like a powerful microscope, and it’s time to laser focus on life’s little details: your daily routine, nutrition and exercise, the equipment and tools you can use for greater efficiency, and your actual work and skill-set. The world is rapidly changing around you and you’ll want to keep diligently training and practicing to maintain your edge. Mentorship could play an important role in your life now too - whether you find a specialist to help you master a technique or decide to pass on the torch yourself. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, says Lao Tzu, and it’s time to take that step, stay present and keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is where your power lies.


“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction,” says the poet Rumi. What’s in your heart, dear Libra? If it’s time to blow away the cobwebs and allow your life to be transformed by love. The love of a child, the love of a hobby or creative project, true love itself. Power lies in following your heart and delving deeper into what brings you joy to give your life meaning. Love can change your life but only you face your fears and take a risk and go for it. If you’ve got a passion that you’d like to turn into a business, the technological and social revolutions of the next two decades could allow you to do just that. And your creative output can have a powerful impact, not only on your own life but also others’. Young people could be pivotal to your endeavours, rejuvenating you ij the process. Or it could be the act of bringing children into this world that changes your life. Whether it’s a child, person or creative endeavour, life is all about falling in love now - and the things you’re willing to do to bring that love to fruition. You’re willing to go to any lengths to express what’s in your heart. And that’s where true power lies.


Pluto is your ruler, dear Scorpio, it is where your power lies. And right now, it lies in delving deep down and transforming your roots. This could mean powerful changes in your living situation, home base and family. It could mean big deals involving real estate and property. And it could also mean psychological changes that give you a steely bedrock of self-reliance that nothing could ever shake. “Home wasn’t build in a day” said Jane Sherwood Ace, and this is the most secure home is the one we carry inside us. The social and technological changes of the next two decades will radically transform the foundations of your life. You could experience a change of residence during this period, moving home or even moving country. Your family or country of origin could also go through such transformative change, that it forever alters your sense of identity. And if you’ve never owned your own home, this transit could see you go from owning no homes to owning many - if this is something you want. Above all, the changes you experience are within. You’re embarking on an empowering inner journey that will reveal who you are beyond all labels - unveiling a core identity that nobody can shake. Things that may have been hanging over you for decades could also come to an end now, giving you powerful closure so you can move on.


“Think of the power of words”, said Swami Vivekananda, and words indeed carry great power - more so with Pluto in Aquarius for you, dear Sagittarius. You’re about to put your unique stamp on the world, and it’s all down to what you know and how you communicate and connect with others. Your appetite for learning is about to skyrocket and you’re sure to thoroughly master whatever you study. Writing, speaking, teaching and presenting on topics you’ve researched deeply could now raise your game and put you on the map. If you’re in sales, get ready to tap into a whole new market, securing a deal of a lifetime. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades open up new media avenues for you to speak up and connect, giving your operations much greater impact. It’s important that you network. Use your irresistible powers of persuasion to make the world your oyster. A casual meeting, introduction or evening class could bring you into contact with life changing people and ideas. A sibling or neighbour could also have a huge impact on you now. You are learning to swim in deeper waters and you’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of you. But that will only serve to sharpen your senses. Everything is geared to teach you to better navigate your world by using your the power of your mind and your words. You’ll soon be a master of your neck of the woods and what an empowering experience that will be.


“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant,” said Phineas Taylor Barnum and you’re about to put this dictum to the test. Financial empowerment - that’s where it’s at, dear Capricorn. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades will throw you back on your own resources, resetting your priorities and revealing what truly matters to you. ‘Pluto’ means ‘wealth’, and in your house of money, you may well find yourself building a fortune. But to get there you need to answer this for yourself: What does wealth mean to you? What’s a good life, a life worth living? As your finances enter the transfiguration chamber, it’s also time for you to arrive at a core set of values that can guide your decision making. This is ultimately a journey of self-discovery, also helping you unearth talents and resources that lie untapped. The goal, to establish an unshakable sense of self-worth, of what you have that’s priceless and that nobody can take away. The wheel of fortune may turn, and in the end you will come out empowered, able to stand on your own two feet, knowing your own worth and what you value most.


You’re about to enter the Transmogrifier, dear Aquarius. Pluto is entering your sign and your life is about to change drastically. But nothing happens in a vacuum. Pluto transits are deeply meaningful and cathartic, burning away toxicity and transforming only what’s been long in coming. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the point is to arise reborn, refreshed, empowered and ready to take on the world. But as Octavia Butler said, “in order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.” Just as Gandalf the Grey had to fall away to become Gandalf the White, and just like the caterpillar must stay in the cocoon to become a butterfly, Pluto will abduct you from your old life at some point, to bring you back renewed. The social and technological revolutions of the next two decades could put you at the forefront of global events, totally transforming you in the process. This means your looks, your personality and desires, your body, your very identity - perhaps even your name. Pluto lends enormous power and the temptation to abuse during this period may be great. Encounters with the dark side of life also have much to teach you, allowing you a peek behind the veil that ultimately arms you with great strength and knowledge. This is ultimately a journey of empowerment. Whatever changes come your way, they will ultimately help you tap into powers of sovereignty and regeneration you didn’t know you had.


Einstein said that logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere. And that’s where you’re going, dear Pisces! Your creativity is about to shoot off the charts, as you tap into a deep and unfathomable source of vital force and creative inspiration. It’s spending time alone that unlocks these powers for you. Take time to be creative, meditate, go on retreats, delve into mysteries, channel something greater or embark on a journey of deep therapy and healing. There’s great power behind the scenes, if you are willing to tap it. Collective movements and large institutional work could also totally absorb you now, as you channel the zeitgeist and work undercover to effect change. Any therapy undertaken could have transformative effects, as you tap into the great regenerative power of your mind and spirit. The social and technological developments of the next two decades will open doors for you to uncover secrets and get involved with large scale projects that have the power to reach many, even gaining you fame or notoriety. It’s crucial that you reach beneath the surface at this time to gain a glimpse of what lies beyond. This is a time of great spiritual growth. Kundalini is awakening within you - whether this means a sexual awakening, a spiritual awakening or a creative awakening.

Image by Robynne Hu from Unsplash,

Article by YourAstroGenes.


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