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Astrology February 2023: Foot on the Accelerator!

With a dramatic Leo Full Moon and a sobering Pisces New Moon, February is a bit of a blur. Venus-Neptune dips Valentine’s Day in honey, even under Sun-Saturn’s cool rays.

February is a short sweet month but, boy, does it pack a punch!

Dynamic and filled with creative opportunities, February’s pace is relentless, pushing us all toward a new reality we know is coming but cannot yet quite imagine.

Full of sextiles, February brings opportunities at every turn. There is plenty of sparkle with a dramatic Leo Full Moon on February 5th and a sobering Pisces New Moon on the 20th, not to mention a hyper-romantic Venus-Neptune conjunction close to Valentine’s. Still, we have some heavy aspects too, like the Sun conjunct Saturn mid-month and Mercury conjunct Pluto on the 10th. The Sun, Venus and Mercury change signs and the stage is set.

Can you feel everything accelerating? Get ready to break into the stratosphere this March! If certain situations feel unsustainable, it’s because we’re on the precipice of big changes with Saturn and Pluto changing signs next month. All we need to do is keep going.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if you've no idea where to, and make the most of the opportunities coming your way.

It’s a nerve-racking, exhilarating ride so let’s see what February has in store.

Leo Full Moon, 5th: Ta Da!

Early February provides plenty of opportunity to heal past hurts and build bridges with Sun sextile Chiron and Venus in harmony with the Lunar Nodes. This is part and parcel of February’s Leo Full Moon on February 5th at 18:28GMT at 16:40 degrees Leo.

What a corker! The Sun and Moon both square Uranus in Taurus and Venus squares Mars: talk about making a dramatic entrance (something Leo loves)!

This Full Moon brings tensions to breaking point with disruptions, exciting developments and passions revealing unexpected truths. Uranus, the planet of surprise is at the very heart of this Full Moon. Something now snaps! Uranus’ function is to wake us up, shake us and, ultimately, liberate us. Events are sure to rattle a few cages - which is exactly what we need - bringing much healing, thanks to a lunar trine to Chiron in Aries. Time to break free from whatever keeps you from following your heart.

Leo is all about the heart. If you’ve been ignoring yours, events are sure to jolt you into awareness to do something about it.

With Venus in Pisces square Mars in Gemini too, the heart wants what it wants, even if we're not as graceful in going about it. Emotions are running high and there could be any number of sudden, heated encounters.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “a volunteer church choir singing religious hymns.” This brings forth images of the sublime and a willing unison of hearts toward a common creation. Togetherness seems key here, but only the kind of togetherness that comes from willing it to be so and making an effort because our hearts align toward a common goal. This is a song that awakens the heart and gladdens the soul.

Imaginative conversations and exciting encounters will continue to delight into February 8th as Mercury sextiles Neptune and Venus sextiles Uranus, providing yet more sparkling opportunities for creative inspiration and for making a connection.

This is a highly creative moment!

Mercury conjunct Pluto 10th: Laser Focus!

On the 10th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto in the dregs of Capricorn and some dark yet empowering information comes to light. This is the final demolition phase of the old order. Every bit of corruption or abuse that comes to light now (or reaches our already cynical ears) only serves to further erode our fading confidence in the old ways.

Some powerful ideas begin to hit home on the 10th and the intensity only heightens from the 11th, as Pluto begins to drill down on the last, critical degree of Capricorn all the way til March 25th.

Pluto is cleaning up the dirt that's stuck to the very bottom of the political pan now - that awful gluey sticky bit that's been there for far too long.

Mercury in Aquarius, 11th: Make Connections!

Mercury enters Aquarius just then, on the 11th, opening talks and spreading the world to the community. Mercury in Aquarius (February 11th to March 3rd) is a wonderful time to make connections. Get group conversations going and exchange big ideas about the future.

This is a good time to examine life with detachment, like a scientist observing a petri dish, to arrive at some more objective conclusions.

The 11th is when Mars sextiles Chiron too, bringing opportunities for authentic action and healing communications.

Venus conjunct Neptune, 15th: Rosy Valentine!

Whether you like to celebrate or not, Valentine’s Day is dripping with honey this year - it couldn't have been more soppy had we placed an order!

That’s because Venus and Neptune, the most love-soaked planets, are conjunct in Pisces on the 15th, the most rosy-eyed sign where they feel at home. Venus and Neptune signify love, both earthly and divine. At heart, they signify the kind of love that's unconditional and leads to spiritual enlightenment.

This influence is incredibly strong on the 14th so go ahead and do something giddy and lovey-dovey while the world is steeped in romantic hues. Using the energy constructively is a good thing, otherwise it might just pull you down a rabbit hole of pitiful dreams, whimsy and nostalgia. Whatever might have been or could be, don’t enter that hall of mirrors. Best to forgive the heart and let things go.

With Venus approaching a sextile to Pluto in critical degrees, matters of the heart could reach a sense of urgency. Feelings run deep mid-month, providing an opportunity to make a real connection.

Sun conjunct Saturn, 16th: Final Audit!

Do romance and sobriety go hand in hand? They do now. The Sun-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius also arrives mid-month, on the 16th, and it’s a heavy and serious influence.

Experiences of the sublime are thus mingled with a sobering view of reality - perhaps all the better to realise a dream.

The Sun conjuncts Saturn only once a year. And this is usually the moment we take stock of our lives - especially in the area of life that Saturn is currently transiting - a two and a half year narrow passage when we have to answer to our internal auditors on that front. The sun shines a light on how we've been going so far, ever since Saturn entered Aquarius in 2020, and what loose ends need tidying as this journey comes to an end.

Time to pare things down to the bare essentials and focus on what matters most. Celebrate your successes, own your failures and come up with some realistic plans for the future.

Sun in Pisces, 18th: Happy Birthday Pisces!

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18th - happy birthday Pisces! With Mercury square the Lunar Nodes, an important message seems to be getting through right about now. Tune in! Mercury sextiles Jupiter too so the news may well be positive or encouraging.

Pisces New Moon, 20th: Work Your Imagination!

Come February 20th we have a Pisces New Moon at 07:05GMT, at 01:22 degrees Pisces. This one is widely conjunct Saturn in late Aquarius, pulling last week’s major realisations into the arena of the imagination and planting new seeds.

Time to do the inner work and start building the future in our mind’s eye.

This New Moon paves the way for Saturn’s entry into Pisces arriving March 7th - an event which will change the scene considerably. Consider the next couple of weeks from the 20th to March 7th as an important exercise in the astral - an imaginative rehearsal or preparation. We’re building castles in the air now so let’s pay close attention and tend to our design.

These magical blueprints will solidify over the next couple of years and re-structure us inwardly.

Pisces is a highly sensitive sign and we need to protect these dreams from too much worldly interference, lest someone else makes the design for us. Guard your inner world!

Venus is in the very last critical degree of Pisces, still under Neptune’s gaze and connecting with a critical Pluto at this New Moon.

There is an intense yet delicate sense of urgency still to protect something precious.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a squirrel hiding form hunters” - yet another image of vulnerability and hiding what’s precious. With Jupiter, the co-ruler of this New Moon, close to Chiron, our hurts and vulnerabilities seem to be flaring up right now, requiring honest, authentic and delicate handling.

Perhaps it’s time to start squirrelling some of our subtle energy away - the most precious thing we have - our consciousness, our time and attention, our imagination and our spirit. For there are likely aggressive social forces out there, hunting for it. The key here is self-protection and in Pisces it takes a spiritual form.

So let’s exercise caution on the subtle realms, preserving our imagination and spiritual substance, for this is where the next integrity test awaits us.

Venus enters Aries, 20th: Instant Gratification!

Within an hour of the New Moon, Venus enters Aries on February 20th to stay until March 16th. Venus in Aries has little patience. Instant gratification is what she’s about.

This is a great time to be bold and honest, to take risks in matters of the heart and to fight for what you’re passionate about.

Venus will meet lucky Jupiter on March 2nd for a lucrative love-fest and that’s all the more reason to make a bold move.

Mercury square Uranus and trine Mars, 22nd: Jarred into Action!

Mercury in Aquarius is extremely busy from the 20th onward connecting all the dots. He sextiles Chiron on the 20th, squares Uranus on the 21st and trines Mars on the 22nd. News travels fast as this New Moon kicks into gear, and it could be rattling.

Jarring yet healing and liberating news lead to action.

By the 24th the Sun harmonises with the Lunar Nodes, softly aligning us with where we need to be. A waxing quarter Moon in Gemini on the 27th blows the trumpets, as things begin accelerating yet more. Blink and you’ll miss it! March is fast approaching so keep going. Nearly there.

February 2022 Horoscope

So without further ado, let’s see how February’s fireworks, and it’s sombre and romantic moments all land around the zodiac. Check out your slice of the sky pie - or ‘slices’ I should say: your sun sign (will), rising sign (activity) and moon sign (autopilot).


Your ruler is direct, dear Aries, and it’s full throttle ahead with all your ideas. Finally, your need for speed is satisfied! For things are now developing extra fast. No more delays, which is how you like it, and let’s not forget that Jupiter in your sign brings you great favour and opportunity. You’re going for it! Is it any wonder you’re in the mood for fun at the Full Moon on the 5th? It’s time to taste the dramatic fruit of your creative endeavours, investments and hobbies, as well as any romantic dalliances and flirtations in your life right now. Kids could also be the focus on this Full Moon. Financial surprises are part of the deal, so watch our for sudden twists and financial outlays! Whatever costs arise, they galvanise you to re-think your priorities. What’s your happiness worth? Come Valentine’s romance is very much a secret, private affair for you, with any romantic gestures taking place away from prying eyes. Steel a moment to dip behind the scenes for some magic mid-month and ignore that heavy social calendar of yours. You can return to your social responsibilities soon enough. For, come the 16th, it’s time for one final audit of your social commitments, friendships and collaborations. Rewarding as they might have been, you’re ready to take a bow and imagine a new future for yourself. The New Moon of the 20th is a good time to begin this long, two year process. Begin to let go of the past so you can reimagine your life afresh, with an expanded identity. The 20th is also when Venus enters your sign, turning up the charm. By march 2nd, as she meets with Jupiter, nobody can resist your magnetism! If you’ve got something to sell, or someone to woo, now’s your moment!


You’re torn between your home and career responsibilities as the month enters, dear Taurus. But home wins out at the Full Moon of the 5th galvanising you to make radical changes that fill you with excitement! As things culminate on the home and family front, you may want to change your entire approach, stemming from surprising insights about who you are and what you actually want. Your ruler Venus is knee-deep in a lovey-dovey environment right now, filling your heart with oodles of inspiration and yearning. It is urging you to spend more too, doting on your community or realising a beautiful dream. You may wish to spend Valentine’s day amid a close circle of friends with people who understand you and share your ideals. A friendship could develop into something more during this period too, if that is what you wish it to be. Right after Valentine’s it’s time for some important career decisions. Where do you see your life going? How about in two years? Five years? Audit your goals and re-orient yourself to align with them. The New Moon of February 20th places the spotlight squarely on the dreams and ideals that give your life direction, whilst also highlighting important friendships or commitments to your club or community. It’s time to plant new seeds in your social circles now, seeds that will only enrich your inner life and spiritual development, as you secretly weave the future in your imagination. You’ll enjoy all that especially from February 20th to mid-March, when time spent alone brings distinct pleasures.


It’s all happening, dear Gemini, with secrets coming to light left right and centre. Communications culminate in shocking revelations at the Full Moon of the 5th that take you by surprise. You’ve steadily becoming a voice to be reckoned with and whatever exciting secrets are lurking in the wings, you’re sure to be the first on the scene, notoriously nosy, creating a sensation. The heat is rising and it’s time to speak up, no matter whom it may shock. The conversation gets intense around the 10th when you might peek yet deeper into the belly of the beast. With Mars still in your sign, life is not a smooth ride right now. After a rough four months recalibrating your identity you now have tons of energy at your disposal to push forward with everything you desire. Remember, you hold all the cards, so don’t be pushy! If your body is giving you grief, pay attention and give it the exercise it craves. That excess energy needs to go somewhere! February is a hot month for your career and overall life direction too. You may wish to make Valentine’s Day a public affair, officially declaring your love or sharing your dreams and creations with the world. Make the most of your alluring image and get serious about your future vision. Legal and international matters might need your attention around the 16th so do your best to sort out anything official, whether to do with visas, accreditations, publicity, seeking an expert opinion or tending to your studies. Sorting out the bigger picture will allow you to plant new and highly rewarding seeds in your career after the 20th, an area that’s about to see major redefinition. It’s time to reimagine where you see your life going, raise your authority and prepare to don a whole new public persona over the next couple of years.


It’s crunch-time for your finances, dear Cancer, and you can feel it so get all your ducks in a row. Come February 5th, you finally get some clarity as to where you stand financially, and it might surprise you. With such excitement in your circles you can find innovative ways forward. Friendships, collaborations and joint projects can prompt a reframe of your financial picture. Because something has to give. Your stress has been constant since August you’ll feel the need to escape and lighten up. The good news is that the heavy financial load you’ve been carrying for the past few years will soon begin to lift. Use the middle of the month for a serious audit of any debt or obligations. You’ll have great inspiration come Valentine’s Day so take some time off to travel, physically or mentally. Taking a trip could prove to be the most romantic thing you do now. Failing that, why not lose yourself in a good book? You need a change of scenery. By the 20th and the Pisces New Moon, you’re ready for a fresh perspective. Travel plans, international and legal matters, studies and publishing projects all get a fresh lease of life now with the potential of bringing new career opportunities. It’s time to take these ideas more seriously, grounded on the financial decisions you’ve already taken. Raise your eyes to the horizon and start building the future your want in your mind’s eye. Time to take a long term view. Think seriously about the future.


You’re the star of the show, dear Leo! With a dramatic Full Moon in your sign, developments could be fast and surprising, suddenly plonking you centre stage with all eyes squarely on you. You’re in the mood to splurge and to go all out to realise your dreams. Something dear to you comes full circle at this Full Moon, helping you better understand your heart and liberating you to be whoever you want to be. It’s not a smooth ride. Events may rattle your relationship with parents, bosses or superiors, they might shake your public image or even knock you onto exciting new trajectories. Ultimately, it’s a thrill so keep an open mind and have fun with it. Valentine’s Day is a deeply romantic and intimate affair so it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Make it special by spending in in private with someone. It’s crunch time for an important relationship and, come the 16th, you’ll want to take stock of where you are and commit to a future course. Doing so will also help you better understand where you stand financially relative to each other. Come the New Moon of the 20th, it’s time to begin imagining what your financial future will look like, with a fresh start giving you greater freedom. Decisions can bring you closer or drive you apart so take your time and weave the future you want, leaving room to make tweaks and adjustments over the next two years when this area of your chart is tested. Professional contracts and agreements also come under scrutiny allowing for a fresh start.


You’ve taken a bow, dear Virgo, and are nowhere to be seen. That’s because you’re extremely busy! Your captain, Mercury, is direct and pushing full speed ahead and things are speeding up incessantly toward some insistent yet unknowable end. They culminate around the 5th, allowing you to finally rest and replenish your soul. A course of therapy or a creative project could yield fruits now, as can any project you’ve been working on behind the scenes. Secrets revealed and insights garnered help you reconnect with your heart and let your mind soar. By the 10th, your mind is laser-focused on something requiring all of your energy. It’s worth it. Valentine’s could be memorable this year. That’s thanks to someone special who brings love and romance into your life. Choose to spend this holiday with someone who means a lot to you. Take a break. Your busy schedule continues after that and you realise that you need better coping strategies to enhance your health and productivity. It’s time to take a good look at your overall lifestyle. What needs to change? Where do you need to improve still? Make a commitment to do so and this will also help better ground your interactions with others. Time for a fresh start on the relationship front. The Pisces New Moon on the 20th allows you to re-imagine your relationship sphere - personal or professional - and plant new interface seeds for the future, increasing your self-confidence and self-worth. This is only just the begining as your relationships will go through a period of redefinition over the next couple of years.


You’ve a month filled with everyday thrills, dear Libra, with an extravagant social occasion kicking things off around the 5th. The Leo Full Moon brings friendship, companionship and rewards for your efforts. Celebrate with your tribe and mark this special occasion. You may feel the urge to take the plunge with someone or try something risky to fulfil your need for excitement. Work projects could be highly engaging now too - especially those with an international or expansive reach. Valentine’s may have to be a working affair but that’s not to say you cannot enjoy the moment. Small gestures can make a big impression now, bringing a romantic touch to your daily routine. After two years of examining the contents of your heart, you’re ready for one final audit and that’s what you’ll be doing in the days following Valentine’s. Your findings will also help inform the lifestyle choices you’re about to make - something that will bear much scrutiny moving froward. Come the New Moon of the 20th, start playing with ideas in your mind. Are you happy at work? Does your health require a change of lifestyle? Do you need some extra training? Is it time to get a pet? Weave your ideal lifestyle in your mind’s eye - one that best suits your wellbeing, skills and productivity - and this is sure to bring some wonderful new people in your life.


Something big is going down in your life, dear Scorpio. An important goal is coming full bloom, raising your profile, clarifying your direction and showcasing you to the world in a dramatic way. There’s an unpredictable element to all this and it’s that you cannot go this alone. There are contracts and agreements, partners, agents, clients and other unknown elements you cannot control. You have to depend on others, no matter how unpredictable, and let them surprise you. Things could develop quickly at this Full Moon so be ready to take charge at a moment’s notice. Your finances are still upmost in your mind as are all kinds of contracts, communications and paperwork, which will need a serious look over around the 10th. On the financial front, you have til March 25th to pull out all the stops and make things happen. February is also dripping with love. Passions are running high on the 5th, alongside an urge to splurge, and by Valentine, your need for romance reaches new heights. Give your heart what it wants. Things are difficult on the home front and have been so for a while. By the 16th, you’re ready to take stock of your home and family situation as well as examine any real estate or property plans and make a commitment. Sorting out this stuff allows you to plant new seeds of happiness at the New Moon of the 20th, and begin re-imagining your life filled with love, creativity and children, for a much improved lifestyle - a process that is only just beginning.


As February enters, all you want is to get away, dear Sagittarius, and by February 5th you get your wish. Whether you actually travel or take off in your imagination alone, you need a break! And that’s what you get. An international, marketing or publishing project could culminate now. Or it could be a course of study or a legal or official matter that brings sudden developments and a sense of freedom. Disruptive as this is, you’re up for an adventure! Come Valentine’s Day, you’d rather be back home - for that’s where the love promises to be sweetest. Plan something special right where you are! There may also be important paperwork to sort. Perhaps you are considering an important contract or decision, a serious communication, a written piece or course of study. Say what needs to be said and get communications and paperwork sorted around mid-month. Come the 20th, these commitments will inform new decisions on the home front. Where is home? What does family mean to you? These are important questions that you will just begin to turn over in your mind from February 20th. The aim? Greater love and happiness. Be patient as whatever answers you give will gradually change and be tested over the next couple of years.


February starts on a private, intimate note, dear Capricorn. Whether it is a business deal, a meeting with your tax advisor or a loved one who needs your full attention, it will all have to be done behind closed doors. The Full Moon of the 5th could see a joint business or financial matter culminate, giving you clarity as to where you stand in your financial dealings with others. There’s something sexy about this Full Moon too, with romantic excitement arriving from unexpected quarters. Whtever it is, you have to let the experience change you in some small way. Around the 10th, a powerful connection you make could alter the chess board. And come the 16th, it’s time to take a realistic look at your finances and commit to a sensible plan. Still, you don’t have to venture far to find love on Valentine’s Day. It may come to your back yard. Best stick with the familiar and charm someone with a poetic word or a beautiful gesture. Get ready for your world to spring to life after the 20th with meetings, communications and travel picking up the pace, as you put your new priorities to the test. Whatever financial conclusions you come to mid-month, it’s time to try and re-imagine your immediate surroundings accordingly and make the necessary contacts to secure your base of operations.


Get ready to get major clarity around an important relationship, dear Aquarius. The Leo Full Moon of the 5th shines a dramatic and electrifying spotlight on someone important in your life, rocking your world at its core. Whatever happens in your relationships and agreements is sure to galvanise changes on the home and family front too. Surprises are likely. Your home base has been unstable for a while and you’ve been doing your best to not get cut off the mothership and float into the stratosphere for the past five years now. But events seem to be constantly pushing you to live with uncertainty. Make change your friend at this Full Moon and configure your inner core differently. You may feel a little world-weary from the past couple of years, when harsh teacher Saturn isolated you and forced you to mature into a whole new persona. February 16th shines a light on exactly how much you have grown and on any final lessons you still need to learn. Your audit is nearly done. Take stock of your journey for the past couple of years now and commit only to what’s most important. Come Valentine’s Day, you may wish to splurge to show someone just how special they are - and you may wish to spend on yourself too. And why not? You’ve earned it. Mercury in your sign from February 11th makes you the talk of the town. This is a great month connect and communicate. Come the 20th, you’re ready to start imagining your life to match your new identity, setting new values and priorities. It’s a fresh start in your finances too, helping you expand your sphere of influence.


Oh the glamour! Your allure is off the charts, dear Pisces, reaching new heights mid-month. You’re it, everyone wants a slice of your sparkly self and Valentine’s Day is the proof in the pudding when you can seduce anyone and anything. Use the New Moon in your sign on the 20th to bank on your desireability! Do you have a big work do to go to in early February? Perhaps it’s a creative work that’s finally ready to be revealed. Or, perhaps it’s a sudden assignment forcing you out of your cave. The Full Moon of the 5th shines a light on what you do and what you’re good at - your skills and expertise. It also shines a light on your health and overall lifestyle, showing you where you need to make room for new and exciting developments in your life. Things could go a little crazy in your immediate environment - with meetings and travel, people, papers and talks all in the mix. The function of this crazy train is to break up your usual thinking and make space for new ideas and connections, even as you are totally revamping your private life or home. February 16th could bring a serious moment of doubt as the last vestiges of your old life fall away. You’re about to embark on a two-three year journey of completely redefining yourself. Start building your confidence now, at this New Moon. Take the lead and plant the seeds of all that you desire.

Image by CHUTTERSNAP from Unsplash,

Article by YourAstrogenes.


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