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Astrology June 2023: Spread Your Wings

June’s lucky Sagittarius Full Moon is bittersweet, Pluto is back to his old tricks and the Gemini New Moon carries a string to help us enter the labyrinth… Happy Solstice!

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June Astrology 2023

June begins on a highly lucrative note with Jupiter magnetising an instructive yet uplifting Sagittarius Full Moon on the 4th. Venus enters Leo on the 5th easing us into a long journey into the heart for the summer. And Pluto backtracks into Capricorn on the 11th to finalise the demolition and restructuring of our worldly institutions by the end of the year. Saturn retrograde and a fanciful Gemini New Moon on the 18th activates our imagination in a moment of intense realism. And Saturn and Neptune station retrograde preparing us for a summer of emotional and spiritual ruminations. The Cancer Solstice arrives on the 21st amid great commotion and a new season is officially here. So let’s check out the June 2023 astrology weather. Or you can jump straight into your June 2023 Horoscope for every Zodiac Sign!

Jupiter-North Node June 1st: Future Vision

June begins with one of the most uplifting, lucky and amazing aspects of all, Jupiter conjunct the North Lunar Node of the eclipse points at 4 degrees of Taurus.

This aspect brings growth and a sense of buoyancy and optimism.

It’s an energy of great blessings, urging us to expand, embrace a world of possibilities and embark on new adventures. Look to where you have Taurus in your chart, as well as to points and planets in the early degrees of earth and water signs. The aspect reaches maximum intensity around June 1st. That’s also when Venus trines Neptune, adding a dose of extra creativity and romance to the overall mood. It’s a good start for June!

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 3rd-4th: Spiritual Maturation

The June Full Moon in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is part and parcel of this great big “yes” energy of early June. It arrives at 4:41am on June 4th at 13:18 Sagittarius.

This is a highly philosophical and mystical lunation, yet also eminently down to earth. It points us to the bigger picture, whilst also urging us to embody our values and ideals in real material terms.

Its square to Saturn in Pisces implies a struggle as we try to process our current spiritual lessons - a bit of a spiritual and emotional reality check. Mercury conjuncts Uranus on the same day, allowing for intellectual breakthroughs and bringing electrifying encounters, news and communications. A grand trine between the Moon, Mars and Chiron activates the Sun, making this a healing, proactive lunation, the perfect space in which to actively address past hurts and resentments. Most important of all is Jupiter, the ruler of this Full Moon, conjunct the North Node and channelling a whole new vision for humanity. With Jupiter in Taurus, there is a need to release toxic material, bad debt, negative experiences and corrupt practices and to embrace a more wholesome vision for growth.

The Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon, “the great pyramid and the sphinx” is distinctly Egyptian, doubling down on the spiritual significance of this Sagittarius Full Moon. It signifies the enduring power of the hidden knowledge and its guardians through successive cycles of humanity.

There is a great sense at this Full Moon of reaching back into our past to connect with our future in a strong and positive way.

Venus in Leo June 5th: Enter the Realms of the Heart

Come the 5th, Venus enters Leo where she will station retrograde over the Summer. So get comfortable - it’s going to be a long ride. The minute Venus enters Leo she opposes Pluto (on the 5th) then squares the Lunar Nodes (on the 8th) and finally squares Jupiter (on the 11th) crossing over the territory that Mars powerfully energised around the 20-26 May. Watch this space! June 5-11 is going to be an accellerated, at times stressful, yet greatly enriching time for relationships and financial matters.

A lot can erupt to the surface now to be boldly processed and cleared out of the system.

This is a dramatic, decisive crossroads for love and relationships, as well as for money, investments, material possessions and for the values by which we choose to live.

By June 19th, Venus starts slowing down, entering its “shadow period” as she prepares to go retrograde from July 23rd to September 4th. This is when Venus starts to mark her territory, doubling down on the same little square footage of astrological turf - namely 12-29 degrees Leo - the zodiac bit that she will go back and forth over for the whole duration of the Summer. While Venus goes direct September 4th, she won’t move on from this entire area til October 7th. So get ready for a journey through the heart!

We’ll all have to dig deep this summer to unearth old grievances and long forgotten buried desires, ultimately to rediscover what makes our hearts tick.

As for this month, let’s all enjoy Venus shining brightly in the western evening sky! This is Hesperus, the Evening Star, the sweetest and most loving aspect of Venus, which will grow stronger and stronger all the way to July 23rd 2023.

Pluto Back Into Capricorn June 11th: The Final Demolition Process

Yet more big news: On June 11th, Pluto backtracks into Capricorn where he has been since 2008 creating monstrous wealth, widening their gap between ‘haves and have-nots’, and literally terror-forming our world before our very eyes. The first planet Pluto encounters as he enters Capricorn is Mercury at the very end of Taurus. June 11th could thus bring some urgent, manic, last minute financial and political news. With the Sun sextile Chiron too and a waning quarter Pisces Moon this is an opportunity for healing and a shift in perspective.

This is Pluto’s final long stint in Capricorn, lasting from June 11th til January 20th 2024.

This is the time to deal with the past and jettison any sense of disempowerment or corruption from our lives, making a new choice for the future.

As Pluto also squares the eclipse points, this is a decisive point for humanity, which is ready for totally new paradigms.

Authoritarian themes will now reach a manic climax, as the powers that be sense that there isn’t much time to push certain agendas through, for the old paradigms are changing. The same holds in our personal lives. We’ve all been through a transformative journey of power and powerlessness wherever we have Capricorn in our charts since 2008. It’s time to take away the lessons of that period, ditch any accumulated toxic waste and make radical changes.

With Pluto leaving Capricorn at the end of 2024, this second half of 2023 is the final stage of the demolition of the old establishment, with the whole edifice of our governmental and institutional structures literally crumbling down around us.

Pluto in Aquarius 2024-2044 brings new technological and social paradigms from January 2024 that will totally transform our world. Let’s all use June-December 2023 to say good bye to the old ways and open up our future. Closely watch developments in the USA especially, as we’re still in the thralls of the USA Pluto return.

Saturn Retrograde June 17th: Spiritual Lessons

Come the 17th, it’s Saturn’s turn to station retrograde, giving us time to stop and review everything that’s happened since March 7th when Saturn first entered Pisces.

This is an intense moment of realism, when certain thoughts, ideas and communications finally sink in.

Stationary Saturn’s square to Mercury is sure to deliver some home truths. Time to buckle down for some serious contemplation as to how best to organise our world, especially taking into account our feelings, relationships and spiritual needs. There’s help at hand. Venus sextiles Mercury and Jupiter sextiles Saturn, combining beauty with words and realism with optimism. This is a good opportunity to build bridges and use past lessons toward future growth.

Saturn Sextile Jupiter June 19th: Learn and Grow

The two giants Saturn and Jupiter sextile just as Saturns rations retrograde and this is a very positive aspect - and a highly rare one.

This is a rare opportunity that allows us to take Saturn’s lessons with a positive mindset and incorporate them into our budding vision for growth for the future.

When Jupiter and Saturn work together, it’s easy to combine realism with optimism, to receive constructive criticism and use it for growth, to be confident and ambitious yet work within our limitations to learn, expand and flourish. This is a wonderfully positive aspect that won’t repeat until 2037 (and not in the same growth-oriented form til 2044).

So let’s take this opportunity to work within the limits of what’s available to us to reach our most ambitious and far reaching goals!

Gemini New Moon 18th: Practical Dreamer

Just then, under the critical gaze of a stationary Saturn, we have a Gemini New Moon at 05:37BST (04:37 UT) at at 26:43 degrees, giving birth to new ideas via the imagination. That’s because this New Moon is square to fanciful Neptune.

Moving forward now will require sacrifices - and a more spiritual, intuitive or creative approach.

The greatest danger with this aspect is getting hoodwinked. So watch out for anyone who may be supplying false information, or using your own wishes, delusions and fears to manipulate your mind. Mercury’s cynical square to Saturn thankfully helps anchor fanciful thoughts in reality and test them agains the facts.

This indicates that the best way to get around the labyrinth is by implementing safeguards, getting clear on the facts and setting clear boundaries - much like taking a string into the labyrinth so you don't lose your way.

Do so quickly for Mercury squares Neptune on the 25th, and off with the fairies we are once more.

Whilst a little tricksy, this New Moon calls for some practical idealism and romantic realism. Romantic ideas emerging nine days earlier (when Mercury sextiles Neptune on June 9th), could now be in some sort of crisis, calling for action and implementation that requires careful handling, as this New Moon unfolds.

This is a fantastic New Moon for romance, and for creative, artistic and spiritual pursuits.

This is especially so as Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is also sextile to beautiful Venus.

The Sabian Symbol for this Gemini New Moon is “a gypsy emerging from the forest wherein her tribe is encamped.” Here we have an image of leaving behind tribalism and narrow-mindedness.

It's an invitation to step beyond the safety of what we know and socialise with the wider world, learning to engage in activities of greater intellectual complexity.

Through such interaction new ideas are born and the world is repolarised and re-organised into different intellectual categories. There is a need to exercise both our critical and imaginative faculties here, as we step out into new, more uncertain, yet also more mature and fruitful intellectual territory.

Mercury in Gemini June 11-27: Fast Developments

Mercury, the ruler of June’s upcoming New Moon, has gathered so much speed that he occupies three zodiac signs this June: Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. He starts his journey in Taurus where he meets Uranus (June 4), creating and exciting buzz, sextiles Neptune (June 9), inspiring wonderful words and conversations, and trines Pluto (June 11), bringing transformative and urgent communications just before he enters Gemini.

Mercury occupies his home turf, Gemini, June 11th-27th, including during the New Moon in Gemini.

Mercury is extremely fast and strong in Gemini, so expect rapid developments with lots of movement, meetings and communications.

Still, there’s Saturn and Neptune to contend with, which might generate delays. Saturn squares Mercury on the 16th, making it imperative that you slow down enough to commit to an idea or contract and mean what you say. This is a good day to come up with a concrete plan, concentrate on a difficult task, or handle paperwork. Then Neptune squares Mercury on the 25th, distorting the world through a hall of mirrors - an excellent day for artistry and daydreaming but not so good for mundane activities. A sextile from Venus to Mercury on the 17th eases communications, while Mercury sextile Mars and Chiron brings healing meetings and conversations June 21-23.

Cancer Solstice June 21st: Soak Up The Sun

The Summer Solstice (Winter in the South) arrives on June 21st at 15:57BST (14:57UT), when the Sun enters Cancer.

Wherever on the globe you are, this is a time of nurturing: giving yourself what you need emotionally and spiritually: fortifying your base, feeling the flow of your support network and bonding with loved ones.

As a newer season gets underway, the Sun softly connects with the eclipse points on the 23rd, gently nudging your ship due north. Also on the 23rd, Mars trines Chiron, opening hot pathways toward healing. Mercury acts as mediator from the 21st to the 23rd, helping us all verbalise what needs to be acted upon and purified out of the system.

Mars squares Uranus June 26th: Jack in the Box!

Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus on June 26th throwing a potential spanner in the works.

If there’s a day that could be full of surprises it’s June 26th!

Watch out for fiery curveballs and be careful when operating machinery. This is a fantastic day to effect change and radically revolutionise some aspect of your world, as Mars in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. With a waxing quarter Moon in Libra too, it’s time for action. Leave space in your calendar for the unexpected!

Mercury in Cancer June 27th-July 11th: Enter the Silence

Just then, on June 27th, Mercury enters Cancer to stay til July 11th.

This brings some much needed peace and calm into your world, making it easier to process and verbalise emotions.

Mercury harmonises with the Lunar Nodes on the 27th and Saturn on the 30th, producing some peace and quiet toward June’s end, calming the nervous system and generating stability. By July 1st, Mercury meets the Sun - a “Full Mercury” - illuminating our world, bringing clarity, hope, stability and the fruition of ideas seeded during the last Mercury retrograde stint of April-May.

Neptune Retrograde June 30th: Transcendental Moments

June ends on huge romantic and wistful high. Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde on June 30th and with it, a whole wave of dreams and longings, nostalgias and disappointments, ideals and wish fulfilments washes over us all. . . It may be overwhelming.

Best to wait for the tide to wash out, then sift the sands for pearls of wisdom.

A Venus-Chiron trine on the 29th can only add to the poignancy of June’s end. By July 1st we have much greater clarity and a more stable footing from which to tweak our dreams and dynamically move forward.

June 2023 Horoscope for every Zodiac Sign

So what's the 2023 horoscope for your zodiac sign? Where does the universe open up new superhighways for growth this month? And where is it time to enter the labyrinth with a discerning eye? Let’s see how this month’s bittersweet Sagittarius Full Moon and tricksy Gemini New Moon land on the big zodiacal sky pie. Check out your Sun sign and Ascendant for the meat and potatoes, and your Moon sign for the wine…


Early June sounds the call to adventure, dear Aries. The Sagittarius Full Moon asks you to widen your horizons through travel, education or publishing and through seeing other points of view, far divorced from your own. Opening up to new possibilities may well bring up some suppressed emotional material - prejudices, fears hopes and disappointments - any inner demons or hidden enemies that could sabotage your expansion. It’s worth tackling this stuff, because a new superhighway is opening up for greater abundance to flow to you, boosting your finances and your self-assurance down the line.

From the 11th, you’re ready to revisit the career and public image that you’ve so painstakingly built over the past fifteen years and see where you’re headed. You’ve been up against it and that may have caused you to become too rigid and dictatorial in your approach inc retain places. It’s time to address any toxicity in your public life and rid your path of anything that’s preventing further growth.

The Gemini New Moon on the 18th firmly turns your gaze to your inner dialogue, your thoughts and your daily interactions, and how all this is affected by blind spots in your subconscious mind. There’s no escaping some soul searching this month. But it’s worth facing a demon or two to tap into the incredible potential for prosperity opening up before you.

There’s also room for fun this June as Mars and Venus fire up your love muscles. Romance, creative projects, and memorably good times are all on the menu. Enjoy your fill and ready your heart to delve deeper into what makes you happy during the summer. Watch out for some fireworks June 6th-11th. If you wish to broach sensitive subjects June 21-23 is ideal. June 26th could be exciting, sudden or even reckless. You might want to take some quiet time to be alone around June 30th and going into July.


The June Full Moon illuminates the deepest recesses of your soul, dear Taurus, as well as any joint resources you have. That’s money from investments, lines of credit, your partner or family or any other shared assets and endeavours. Group involvements and social interactions seem to be stirring deep feelings in you, making you wonder if and where you truly belong. What is your contribution? Understanding your part and merging your energy and finances with others will bring you great rewards down the line so it’s worth the effort. No matter what, this is a very lucky time for you.

From the 11th, it’s time to revisit your outlook and jettison any toxic beliefs that have become like a mental prison. You’ve spent such a long time fortifying your perspective, exercising your moral and intellectual superiority, publishing or gaining credentials, perhaps even expanding your ideas and projects internationally. Some of these things have become intellectual and moral straitjackets and it’s time to ditch any dogmatism and only keep what allows for growth.

The Gemini New Moon on the 18th shines a light on your priorities, finances and self worth. You may be entering some tricky financial territory, where you’ll need to use your imagination and exercise great strategy and discernment to find a way forward - especially within a group of club. It’s a new beginning for your finances, talents, strengths and resources that requires you to tackle your dreams with inspiration and pragmatism.

Much happiness can be found around your home and family this month, where Mars and Venus bring tons of energy, love and abundance. It is also a good time to decorate and beautify your home, which will be a strong focus for you this summer. June 1st brings romance and June 5-11 could be rather disruptive and intense, calling for important decisions. The 17th helps you make a lovely connection and the 29th brings a healing influence. Your hopes and dreams for the future may overwhelm you on June 30th.


Relationships, contracts and agreements is where it’s at, dear Gemini. The June Full Moon brings an important partnership or collaboration into view, urging you to seriously think about your public image and overall career and life direction. Something in your career or social status may crystallise now, giving you pause for thought. Whatever you see on the surface, know that your luck is working hard behind the scenes. It may well be secret powerful supporters, your own notoriety or even your spiritual and creative prowess that lands you on your feet. You’re channelling the Zeitgeist. Let others call you to your expansion.

From the 11th onwards, it’s time to address difficult and taboo matters once more and tackle any emotional entanglements or financial dependencies and ties that keep you from moving forward. What has become toxic in your life draining your energy and resources? You may see important financial changes by the end of the year, as well as changes in your relationships.

It’s your birthday season and June 18th brings an inspirational but tricky New Moon in your sign. Time to take realistic steps to pursue your goals. It’s a glamorous but sobering moment all at once, urging you to come up with a strategy to elevate your profile. You’re setting off on a new career path and it’s important to go slowly and build your authority, piece by piece, trusting your intuition every step of the way.

You can look forward to pleasant times and a lot of commotion this month - movement, meetings, conversations that energise you and make life fun. The 1st-2nd brings great excitement, while the 9th-11th brings inspiration and powerful messages. The 16th-18th might dampen your spirits somewhat, whilst also bringing you love, help and support. You’re put in the middle to mediate a tricky situation 21st-23rd, while the 25th could be confusing yet inspiring. The 30th is a glamorous yet poignant moment. Still, you enter July strong, with a clear mandate and a strong sense of purpose for the summer.


A work project culminates at the June Full Moon, dear Cancer, urging you to ask some bigger life questions. What’s your vision moving forward? International, marketing or legal matters might cause deep concern, or you may be seriously thinking about a publishing project or a course of study. Still, this is a positive development, expanding your hopes for the future, bringing rewards and introducing you into a whole new social circle that’s lucky for you and brings you allies.

Your life seems to revolve around powerful and important relationships these days and you’ve spent many years in their grip, navigating difficult waters. From the 11th onwards it’s time to revisit your partnerships, contracts and agreements, redress any imbalance of power and make some changes. Toxic relationships that no longer serve you may well not last the year.

By June 18th you’re ready for some RnR. The Gemini New Moon is your signal to fly beneath the radar for a while. Legal, international or marketing matters, or perhaps a publishing project or course of study still loom large in your mind. Make time in your busy schedule to address these now, while inspiration flows. Take time off to travel, take the phone off the hook, contemplate matters or immerse yourself in a good book.

You’ll feel the urge to splurge this month with Venus in your money sector. This will be a summer-long trend that will go through many variations, as will your finances. Right now, it’s time to enjoy the good things in life. You may go a little over the top June 5-11. Your communication powers increase from the 27th and into July 1st - a good time to sign a long lasting contract and establish your ideas. June 30th brings waves of nostalgia, inspiration and escapism.


Fun and enjoyment are on your mind at the June Full Moon, dear Leo, even if a little dampened by money matters and close involvements. Whether you’re working on a deal or creative project, or you just want to enjoy life more, there is an emotional heaviness, perhaps even debt or some other financial burden. At root, you are learning to trust others more. This is necessary to unlock your capacity for fun, joy and creativity. This is ultimately a lucky time for you, helping you raise your profile and grow in stature.

On June 5th, Venus enters your sign for a long five month stay, making you the star of this summer. June is a great time to renew your looks or wardrobe and, with Mars in your sign too, your allure is off the charts. You call the shots now and all the way til July 10th. Use June to attract what you desire and achieve your ends, whilst also doing your best to show consideration for others. Come August, you’ll be ready for a deep re-evaluation of your identity, desires and approach to life.

Come the 11th, it’s time to rethink your lifestyle. You’ve been through some difficult times, perhaps with your health or with a relentless job or daily routine that’s kept you in fight or flight mode. If you’ve made worrying a reflex, or developed some bad habits, it’s time to make some changes. You have til the end of the year to ditch bad habits and make changes around your work and lifestyle.

The Gemini New Moon of June 18th opens the doors wide for you to socialise and meet friends. Joint financial projects and bonds of trust may require sacrifices and careful planning if you are to team up with others and achieve you dreams. June 23rd and 29th are especially positive in steering you in the right direction, creating some stability. The 30th creates deeply romantic vibes for a special bond whilst also highlighting financial matters.


You may feel like retreating into your shell at the early June Full Moon, dear Virgo, with relationship tensions seeing you pull back into yourself or revisit the past. This Full Moon also illuminates your home, signifying it’s time to grow and expand your base. Matters concerning property, family and your own psychological wellbeing are in the spotlight, and while concerning, they create a positive foundation for you to spread your wings. Whatever relationship challenges you’re facing, this is a lucky time of spiritual and psychological growth, widening your horizons, revealing your life’s bigger picture and opening you up to new possibilities.

June 11th sees Pluto revisit the question of what makes you happy. This is a question you’ve been intensely pondering for well over a decade - whether through pursuing romance, parenthood or your hobbies and creative projects. By the end of the year you’ll see changes in your creativity, or around children and romance, allowing you to get rid of any obstacles to your future happiness.

The Gemini New Moon of June 18th brings a fresh start to your career and overall life direction. Relationship sacrifices may mean that you cannot quite aim for everything you want but, for the first time, you can actually come up with some safeguards - some boundaries with others, contracts or agreements to help you make headway. A professional commitment can provide the context for your future steps.

Your ruler Mercury is speeding through the zodiac and you’ll have many responsibilities this month, achieving a ton of stuff. Make sure you also spend time alone away from it all, as you’re preparing for a deep psychological overhaul this summer. You may be blissfully unaware that you have a secret admirer, a secret enemy - or both! - and all sorts of secret revelations may surprise you this summer. June 1st-2nd brings disruption and surprises while the 9th-11th feels more inspired and empowering. A concrete commitment is required around the 16th-18th. Your expert communication skills are needed on the 21st-23rd but best leave communications alone on the 25th. The 30th is a deeply romantic, nostalgic and wistful relationship moment.


Chances are you’re busy with work, dear Libra, with contracts and communications reaching a climax at the June Sagittarius Full Moon. Perhaps you’re finalising a deal or writing project, or you may be looking for answers to do with employment, or your health and overall lifestyle. The information you now learn might cause concern or feel restrictive in places, asking you to discipline yourself to achieve your ends. But it has the power to be highly transformative down the line, in a very positive way.

From the 11th onwards it’s time to revisit a property, home or family matter one last time. Your very foundations in life have been razed to the ground over the past decade and a half. But come 2024, you’ll finally be ready to move forward and leave the past behind, as this area of your life begins to defuse. Use the rest of this year to make any final changes to your base and create a solid springboard for future development.

The Gemini New Moon of June 18th signals it’s time to travel, make plans for the future and begin looking at your life from a greater perspective. Whatever work commitments you have, and whatever sacrifices you’re making, this will allow you to see things from a far more expansive vantage point. If you are dealing with a legal matter take extra care to comb through every last detail in the contracts. Make sure any long term implications are clear. You may also be dealing with international matters or travel for work and you’ll need to manage your time well.

Get ready to party from June 5th onwards! Your social life is flourishing, and the party will go on and on, well into the summer! Enjoy June and early July to the max, when invitations keep coming in. Then get ready for a blast from the past this August as old friends may come out of the woodwork, causing you to reassess your social life and ambitions. June 5-11 could create financial and social tensions, calling for decisions on your part. The 1st and 17th are lovely for romance, while the 29th is ideal for healing past wounds. Take some time to be by the waterside around the 30th.


The Sagittarius Full Moon shines a light on what you’ve got, dear Scorpio, potentially bringing a financial matter to a head. A creative or speculative project may be giving you a headache, causing you to question your self worth and the value of your investment. Reaching agreement is crucial for your growth now and you may have to compromise. But it’s important that you put your creative and speculative ideas to the test and get clear on your strengths, assets and resources, seeing the value you bring. Partnering up with others is extremely lucky and lucrative for right you now, even if you’re entering totally unfamiliar ground. Rid yourself of any toxic elements in your old persona and let others call you to your growth.

Come June 11th, it’s time to return your gaze to any big deals and projects that have been waiting in the wings. This could be a big business deal or contract, a writing project, or networking event that you’ve been working on with great power and intent. You have until the end of the year to put your stamp on the proceedings and clinch the deal, finishing a powerful phase of your life that started as far back as 2008.

Finances are highlighted once more at the Gemini New Moon of June 18th. This time it’s your shared resources that need your attention, whether it is paying off debts, applying for credit or merging your energies. It’s all about trust. Can you trust others enough to let them in? And are you to be trusted? Sacrifices might be required for the sake of romance, or a child, speculative or creative project. That is fine as long as you set some safe parameters for everyone to be able to play, relax and have fun, create or speculate and experience some joy. A clear conversation may be required.

If you have ambitious plans - and sure you do! - June is the month to pursue them. With Mars and Venus at the top of your chart you can both charm and cajole VIPs to go your way! You have until July 10th to push ahead with all your plans, and until July 25th to charm your way to the top. June 5-11 brings tensions with others and important relationship decisions. June 21-23 is perfect for expressing hurts and healing rifts. Someone could surprise and rile you up on June 26th. The end of June brings heightened romance and creativity, as well as a clearer view of the bigger picture.


The spotlight is on you, dear Sagittarius, with a deeply spiritual Full Moon in your sign putting you in a contemplative mood. Your living situation, home or family may loom large on your mind, restricting your freedom in some way or weighing down your wings. Alternatively it could be past memories, or your own inner life bubbling to the surface that are asking for resolution, putting you in a sober mood. Early June lends itself to contemplation, to putting the past to bed and establishing a healthier foundation for the future. No matter how you feel, this is a lucky moment for you, elevating your overall lifestyle and wellbeing.

Your finances are highlighted from the 11th onwards, as Pluto returns to Capricorn. You have been through an intense financial rollercoaster for the past 15 years and it’s time to dig deep one last time and pull out the resources you need to feel empowered. Make the most of what you’ve got - your own talents, assets, strengths and resources - to secure and consolidate your position by the end of 2023.

Come June 18th and the Gemini New Moon, your eyes turn outward, to an important relationship, friendship or agreement. You’re ready for a new beginning on the relationship front but are unsure how to proceed, as home and family matters seem to create confusion, diluting your intention. Perhaps what you need is clear boundaries, some clear and precise communication and guidelines about what you’re willing to put up with around your home or with your family. This will allow you to take constructive steps forward.

This summer lends itself to a perfect get away - a lovely holiday! Venus and Mars fuel your escapist tendencies for the whole of June. A change of scenery can bring great pleasure and even romance - whether through travel or through losing yourself in a good story. International or expansive projects such as marketing, publishing or education are also energised now, elevating your visibility. June 1-2 is a very important moment for you, when you’re shown a vision of a whole new life that’s opening up for you. The 19th is crucial too in helping you ground your vision into a secure foundation from which to take practical steps. June 11 may lead to excess, whereas the 30th brings waves of nostalgia.


Pluto backtracks into your sign on June 11th, dear Capricorn, and it’s time for one last stare into the eyes of the dragon before you finally break its terrifying gaze. You’ve been staring at the abyss in terror ever since 2008 and your life and very identity have transformed as a result. One way or another, you’ve come out empowered with a new approach. It’s time to brave the depths one last time, so you can retrieve the dragon’s treasure. If there is a toxic situation in your life that you still need to turn around, you have the strength to do so by the end of the year.

June begins with a deeply mystical and contemplative Full Moon in the most hidden part of your chart. It’s time to drop under the radar, dream, rest, meditate, and even enjoy some romance or express your creativity. You may learn secrets at this time - all on the hush-hush - causing a serious rethink, or inundating you with communications or paperwork that needs careful handling. Keep a low profile and have faith, for events now have the power to bring you great joy and rejuvenation down the line - even romance or luck with your children and creative projects.

Come the 18th, the Gemini New Moon lands some complex tasks on your plate. A tricky job seems to be at hand requiring careful deliberation, clear communication and attention to detail. Do your best to liaise with people, organise your environs, arrange transport or sort out any paperwork. That’s also when your ruler, Saturn, stations retrograde, urging you to take a step back review everything you’ve learned since March, what you think, and how you communicate and position yourself in your environment.

This summer, you stand to benefit financially from joint assets and investments - and especially so in June when Mars and Venus both tour your joint finance sector. Get ready to feel the love and receive many gifts, even while disagreements are also possible. Intimacy is the name of the game and you’ll find this a great bonding experience. Enjoy the bonds of love and get ready to renegotiate both relationship and financial agreements as we head to August. By June 30th, your mind overflows with inspiration, bringing clarity on a contract or relationship into July.


June begins on a highly sociable note, dear Aquarius, with the Sagittarius Full Moon illuminating your circle of friends, peers and allies, as well as any teamwork or collaborative projects. Perhaps you’d like to be more involved right now but you simply don’t have the time, money or energy to join in as much as you’d like? You’ll get clarity on this matter now, seeing exactly how much time, energy and resources you actually have to pour into these endeavours and using them wisely. Tough as it may seem, group involvements are lucky for you now, bringing greater freedom into your home, helping you ground your vision, expand your base and feel more secure and uplifted.

Life might have felt a little strange since late March, which is when Pluto entered your sign for a sneak peek of the future. Pluto leaves on June 11th, allowing life to return back to normal - or at least giving you the rest of the year to tidy up loose ends and prepare for the big changes that you subconsciously know are coming. If you enjoy considerable power behind the scenes, get ready for life to put you in the forefront of transformative events starting in 2024, when Pluto returns to you to stay til 2044.

Romance, children or a creative project may be on your mind at the Gemini New Moon of June 18th. Sacrifices on your time, money and energy are called for and you may feel a distinct lack of resources standing in the way of joy. Your task is to ration your resources to help you navigate this tricky terrain, coming up with some concrete solutions and proposals. The summer lends itself to a review of your finances and, more deeply, your values and priorities, so you can invest your time, money and energy more wisely down the road.

“Give Way” it says on the road when other cars have priority (at least in Britain) and so it is with you this summer. Others come first. And if you graciously let them, they will bring great joy, romance and excitement into your life! Venus and Mars walk hand in hand in your relationship sector this June and you may have no choice but to march to someone else’s drumbeat, whether it’s a spouse, partner, competitor, client or contractor. This is firecracker summer for love and romance. The first brings surprising communications while the 25th brings fireworks. Come August you’ll be revisiting a past relationship or agreement and closely re-evaluating your relating space.


You’re called to step up to the plate as June enters, dear Pisces, and to showcase your new and rapidly maturing personality in your career. Your ability to take charge is strongly highlighted at the Sagittarius Full Moon, and it falls to you to handle a tricky situation with grave leadership and authority. This is a test. You’re in the process of formulating a new identity, maturing and separating from the pack. This is an extremely lucky, beneficial moment for you. For it firmly puts your ideas on the map, allowing you to be taken seriously, have your voice heard and put your own stamp on your environment.

June 11th sees Pluto return to your teamwork and community sector. Your friendships, alliances and group projects are ready for a final round of changes, totally transforming your position in the world and what you aspire to. You’ve been moving in influential circles ever since 2008, making powerful allies. But this also creates a desire to conform so you can be accepted by your peers, and that’s no longer serving you. Use the rest of the year to work your network to your advantage, whilst also beginning to break free of the pack so you can re-discover your own power and creativity.

The Gemini New Moon of June 18th illuminates your home and family sector. You can pour all your inspiration into a home or family project now and that could be a great learning curve, helping you grow and mature. Still, it’s tricky terrain, a hall of mirrors filled with glamorous images of your own hopes and dreams as well as other people’s illusory projections upon you. Stay true to who you are and apply yourself meticulously and methodically to your home and family projects, and your inner psychological development. Using your rational mind to understand what’s true and what isn’t will also help you communicate this clearly and stay true to your aims.

Work is demanding but also a source of real pleasure this month. Take time to enjoy and improve relationships with coworkers, as well as put little touches to your daily routine that make life more beautiful. You can also make great progress with a health matter now, as you have both the energy to take action as well as the capacity to enjoy what you do. Early June is highly romantic and brings great luck - especially around June 1-2 - around writing, speaking, travel, networking, schools, sales or any deals you are working on. June 5-11 may be quite hectic but the 8th-9th opens lines of communication. June 17-19 gives you the opportunity to show everyone how much you’ve grown and to work harder to establish your voice with authority. This s a lucky time for you. The 30th brings a heightened emotional moment, when all your dreams and hopes for the future rise to the top of your mind. Get ready for a more stable start with love, creative projects and all matters close to your heart from July 1st.

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Article by YourAstroGenes.


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