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Astrology March 2023: Future Echoes!

Pluto in Aquarius reveals the future just as Saturn in Pisces starts losing control... Welcome to the Equinox!

March 2023 is such a huge month!

It’s hard to put into words the gigantic forces now shifting and introducing us gently - or not so gently - to the future.

Most importantly, Pluto, the planet that changes lives, moves from Capricorn into Aquarius on March 23rd, where he'll stay for eleven weeks, giving us a sci-fi preview of the future.

Also this month, we have the master-builder of reality, Saturn, switching from Aquarius to Pisces, where he’ll stay til 2026, meddling in our business. That’s on March 7th - the same day as a cathartic Virgo Full Moon.

Healing is a major theme this month as Jupiter, now firmly in Aries, also meets Chiron on the 12th, magnifying our collective wounds, bringing forth unlikely heroes, and allowing us to heal by reframing our story.

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th followed by a most unique New Moon in Aries at the very hinges of the world on the 21st.

This is one of two critical New Moons in Aries - a rare event - as the second one (in April) is a total solar eclipse! And with March's Full Moon and New Moon both square Mars, events are sure to galvanise us into action!

Mercury’s Superior Conjunction also arrives mid-month, conjunct Neptune and square Mars, illuminating all kinds of fishy business - lies, misdirection and double-speak - going on since last September. We’ve had an ongoing Mars-Neptune square since then - the aspect of sabotage and deception, and ultimately transcendence. Mars and Neptune try to confuse us for one last time mid-month. Mars finally moves into Cancer on the 25th - a welcome relief after seven whole months of uncertainty, with Mars in Gemini intent on renovating our mental space…

March is a suspense movie in and of itself, full of thrills, endings and powerful new beginnings. Watch this space! This is the tune of the future!

And with so many planets in the last degrees of their signs, there's an intense, last minute, manic feel to the month. But let’s take it from the beginning.

Mercury meets Saturn & enters Pisces (2nd-3rd): Fact-Check…

On March 2nd we have Mercury conjunct Saturn: Fact-check! Time to laser in on the most pressing issues and come up with a plan. On the 3rd, Mercury enters Pisces pulling us down the rabbit hole to find out what’s been going on behind the scenes…

Venus conjunct Jupiter-Chiron (2nd-3rd): Celebrate the Bizarre!

Also on March 2nd Venus meets Jupiter - a wonderfully lucky, abundant and pleasurable aspect. Plan something special for this day! Bear in mind that Chiron is also nearby, giving the whole thing a maverick feel. Help may arrive from unlikely sources now, hailing misfits as heroes, bringing a whole new meaning to love and riches, and changing our values and preferences.

Saturn in Pisces March 7th: Down The Rabbit Hole…

On March 7th, and after three years in Aquarius, Saturn enters Pisces at 13:34GMT. Saturn in Aquarius introduced unprecedented restrictions (Saturn) to human freedoms (Aquarius). It brought scientific (Aquarius) authoritarianism (Saturn) and the merging of government (Saturn) and Big Tech (Aquarius). It also taught us the essential importance of scientific integrity and the sanctity of human rights and freedoms. It brought us fascinating technological breakthroughs, established virtual living and even talk of UAPs. In short, it precipitated a revolutionary human awakening.

Saturn has been comfortable playing on his own turf for the past five years, authoritatively tightening the noose in Capricorn and Aquarius ever since December 2017. On March 7th, he finally goes off his power-trip, entering uncomfortable terrain in Pisces, where he will stay til February 2026. For Pisces is a slippery fellow that does not offer a firm grip.

We will see the final dissolution of our old way of life with Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026 - much like the tides sweep away castles in the sand.

What to watch for as Saturn makes the transition into Pisces:

  1. Whenever Saturn leaves a sign it leaves a gift in recognition of all our toil and hard work. Look to your March 2023 horoscope (below) to see what gift Saturn will leave for you wherever you have Aquarius in your chart, as he leaves on the 7th.

  2. Just as Saturn moves out from Aquarius, Pluto moves in, allowing for a small interlude from March 7th to 23rd. Enjoy this little limbo state between realities before Pluto introduces you to whole new themes for the future.

Virgo Full Moon (7th): Catharsis!

Barely an hour before Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th - with Saturn in Aquarius still hanging by a thread - we have a Virgo Full Moon at 12:40 GMT (at 16:40 degrees).

This Virgo Full Moon is a moment of purification healing and catharsis!

This Full Moon is square Mars in Gemini, and it brings an informational purge. This is an angry, explosive Full Moon, its Sabian symbol “a volcanic eruption” signifying an explosion - perhaps an explosion of information or realisations. Virgo rules all matters of health and healing, as well as employment. Like a healing crisis or a boil erupting, this Full Moon is just what is needed to clean out the system.

This Full Moon is widely opposite Neptune, Mercury, and (of course) the Sun, and trine Uranus in Taurus bringing an illuminating breakthrough. Where we find Neptune, we find fishy business. And with Mars and Mercury involved, there's foul play and lies that are hard to pin down. It's as if we're pitting our anger against a slippery foe, like a sword fighting through the fog. This Full Moon should see practical issues to do with health, industry and systemic inefficiency and victimisation angrily coming to the surface - to be put under the microscope.

For each of us personally, it’s time to purge, cleanse, letting poisons come to the surface for purification.

Jupiter Chiron Conjunction (12th): Heroic Illumination!

Healing is a big theme this month, with illuminating revelations allowing us to gradually understand the bigger picture so we can move on.

Another major aspect operative all of March is Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries. Jupiter magnifies anything he touches and Chiron is our collective wound and our attempts to heal it. In Aries, it’s our agency, sovereignty and initiative that's wounded - our very right to live, our divine spark. But as poet Rumi tells us, the wound is where the light comes in. And with Jupiter enlarging it so, there’s bound to be a veritable floodlight of revelations, healing and spiritual illumination coming through this month…

Finding meaning involves opening up to alternative interpretations of reality now.

Jupiter-Chiron also showcases society’s most unlikely heroes. Misfits, mavericks and pioneers are favoured now - much like Steve Jobs was back in 1976, when Jupiter and Chiron last met in Aries and he founded Apple.

Jupiter and Chiron meet on the 12th but look out for March 2nd-3rd and March 26th- 28th too, when Venus and Mercury, respectively, come to meet them, presenting our hearts with unlikely alternatives and pioneering, uncomfortable, yet deeply meaningful truths.

Mars Neptune Square 14th: Magic and Misdirection…

The whole of March is also coloured by an aspect of trickery that has been consistently plaguing us since August-September 2022 - namely Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces. On one level, this is an aspect of cover up, sabotage, evasion and misdirection. It’s so slippery that it’s hard to put our finger on it - all we know is something fishy is going on.

This consistent perversion of words and undermining of effort can eventually create a mental flaccidity, a lack of potency and virility, and a constant state of anxiety as we try to act without result and cover up our confusion or failure.

Mars-Neptune is also a deeply surreal and magical combination and it’s up to us if we want to experience the magic or the trickery. If we just let go into the experience, it can give us a sense of acting in accordance with a higher will — admittedly an altogether other kind of danger. This is why Mars-Neptune works best when deployed away from mundane concerns and toward creative and spiritual pursuits.

Mars squares Neptune one last time on March 14th when everything we’ve been working on - or everything we've been fudging, dreading or suspecting - culminates, demanding one last sacrifice. Mercury and the Sun are right there too, conjunct Neptune and square Mars, shining an incandescent light into that hall of mirrors we’ve been lost in since last September, blagging our way through…

Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction (17th): Lighting The Fog…

The Sun and Mercury also meet this month, in Pisces, on March 17th. Remember Mercury’s retrograde stint back in January 2023? This is the culmination of ideas seeded back then, Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun - a ‘full Mercury’ in all but name.

Ideas born in early January (with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn), are now illuminated in all their glory, bearing fruit.

Ongoing foul play may also come to light now, thanks to the presence of the Mars-Neptune square, as the Sun and Mercury conjunct Neptune and square Mars between the 15th and 17th of the month. This is like switching the light on in a hall of mirrors and getting startled. Or like shining a light in the fog that's even more blinding. Let's use our intuition to navigate this maze of lies, confusion and uncertainty that's been plaguing us for so long.

Venus in Taurus 17 March-11 April: Indulge…

Also on the 17th, Venus enters Taurus to stay till April 11th. Venus is in her element in Taurus, making this period wonderful for love, pleasure, and indulgence of all kind. Watch out for the 16th-17th when Venus makes her transition, for she squares Pluto in the dregs of Capricorn, causing power-struggles, financial shocks and ultimatums. Venus quickly sextiles Saturn and conjuncts the Nodes after that, averting crisis and finding a safe harbour. March 30th is very exciting, as Venus meets with Uranus in Taurus, rocking hearts and wallets.

Mercury in Aries 19 March - 3 April: Don’t Mince Your Words

Mercury also enters Aries March 19th to stay till April 3rd. Mercury in Aries is a time to communicate candidly and directly. Mercury sextiles Pluto during his transition: expect an impactful last minute communication or meeting around the 19th. By the 26th-28th, words can have a powerful impact.

March Equinox (20th): Happy New World!

The Spring Equinox arrives on March 20th (at 21:24 GMT), followed by a burst of energy in the form of a powerful New Moon in Aries on the 21st.

Two days later Pluto enters Aquarius so this Equinox signals much more than the beginning of a new season or even a new astrological year. It’s the start of a brand new era.

Aries New Moon (21st): Like a Babe Emerging from the Abyss!

On March 21st we have an Aries New Moon at 17:38GMT. This first New Moon of spring is at 0:49 degrees, the first and most critical point of the entire zodiac. It’s a pure fresh start, but it may not last... For this is the first of two Aries New Moons this year - and the next one (April 20th) is a total solar eclipse, again at a critical degree, precipitating a crisis. It seems we have some unfinished business to address before we can finally move forward.

A New Moon is normally active for six months to a year, but this potent March New Moon exists in a bubble of its own, without ‘consequences’ down the line, for it is to be supplanted by the events of April’s total eclipse. Make the most of this rare and pure time!

Like a babe emerging from the abyss, this New Moon signifies the birth of being, a burst of new desire, the rebirth and reemergence of vital force.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a woman just risen from the sea, a seal is embracing her”. With all the planets gathered in a very tiny strip of sky, this New Moon is like a laser beam. It's ideal for naive yet dynamic action, like the Fool stepping of the precipice with the power of pure intent.

The Sun and Moon are sextile Pluto at the very end of Capricorn now, channelling considerable worldly power. They're square Mars in Gemini and conjunct Neptune in Pisces, making this period surreal, magical and still dangerously tricksy. A conjunction to Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter in Aries brings healing and enlightening communications and connections.

This period from March 21st until April 20th creates a unique bubble of pure initiative. A lot can happen in a very short time now - a complete mini-cycle of self-renewal.

Recharge your batteries and enjoy, because the next Aries New Moon, the total solar eclipse of April 20th could change the scenery considerably.

Pluto in Aquarius (23rd): Future Teaser...

Pluto enters Aquarius next, on March 23rd, at 12:23 GMT to stay til June 11th, giving us a peek at the future. This is the first time Pluto enters Aquarius since the late 1700s. It is also the first time that Pluto changes signs since 2008-2009 and it’s about time we had a major shift of paradigm. Come June 11th, Pluto will dip back into Capricorn til the end of the year, to finalise the changes he’s been making there in our global structures, governments and corporate institutions ever since the crisis of 2008.

Watch out for future echoes bleeding into our reality from March 23rd onwards! We’re entering a time of AI and transhumanism, a time of human awakening and the pursuit of freedom, a whole new space age.

Mars in Cancer (25th): Defend and Protect

Hot on Pluto’s heels, on March 25th, Mars changes signs into Cancer after spending seven whole months driving us all mad in Gemini.

Mars has been renovating our mental space ever since last August, to prepare us for the shocking changes of paradigm to come.

Think back to that period from August 20th to today. What has been the biggest project of your life? What about the biggest headache? And what changes have you made that would not have been possible had the re-construction machinery of Mars not dug its heels in for more than half a year? Use March to finish what you started.

With Mars in Cancer March 25th-May 20th, it’s time to turn our attention closer to home, to use our energies to protect, nurture and safeguard our turf.

Mars makes almost no difficult aspects in Cancer so progress should be swift and smooth! A trine from Saturn on March 30th provides a stable footing for strategic initiatives.

Opportunities and Lucky Breaks :)

With such a heavy duty cast this month, perhaps it would be nice to finish on a lighter note. March has some interesting sextiles, the aspect of creativity and opportunity and it's worth knowing when:

  • On the 5th, Mercury links with the Nodes and the Sun sextiles Uranus providing an opportunity to speak up and innovate, to get your message heard. This arrives two days after Venus and Jupiter meet making early March a time filled with lucky windows.

  • On the 11th, Venus sextiles Mars and Mercury sextiles Uranus creating passion and excitement. This is a chance for inspiring and fulfilling meetings, trips, deals and conversations.

  • On the 17th, amid the madness, Venus sextiles Saturn, offering a chance for relationship and financial stability.

  • On the 19th, Mercury sextiles Pluto strengthening the powers of persuasion.

  • And let's not forget the 30th, a day lending itself to great excitement and strategic action thanks to Venus-Uranus and Mars-Saturn.

March 2023 Horoscope: A Whole Year Packed into a Single Month!

It’s almost impossible to cover all the topics active this month, without also covering some key trends for 2023, though not exhaustively. And so these March horoscopes here are unusually long…

Check your sun sign (core) and ascendant sign (skin) for the broad brushstrokes of your life, then pepper in your moon sign (flesh) to see the unconscious effects of all this stuff on your inner animal.

For Pluto, check your Pluto in Aquarius horoscope. Saturn in Pisces will soon get his own blurb...


Take Corrective Action

This is your month, dear Aries, but you’ll have to wait till the Spring Equinox and the New Moon in your sign to finally push forward. Your work, health and daily habits take the spotlight at the Full Moon of March 7th. What sort of life do you cultivate? Do you take care of your body? Is your work productive and fulfilling? The mad buzz of communications, meetings, admin and paperwork that’s had you all in a tizzy for seven months now also comes to a head now, creating extra stress. Hidden undercurrents that undermine your actions may erupt to the surface at this time too, where they can finally be seen more clearly. With Saturn entering the most hidden part of your chart, you’re embarking on a three year period where you’ll need to withdraw a little from the world and pay closer attention to your spiritual needs. March may show you how your physical and spiritual wellbeing are intertwined.

A Maverick and Pioneer

Jupiter in your sign brings you luck til May - but only if you are true to yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Your luck actually comes from embracing your authenticity and daring to be stick out like a sore thumb! Follow your impulses even if they lead you into totally new territory. You’ll find yourself bursting with pure energy at the Aries New Moon of the 21st - a fresh new start on all fronts! But with the eclipses about to arrive in your sign on April 20th everything is about to change. Use this incredible burst of raw energy you have now to rejuvenate your body and pursue your every desire. Be yourself unashamedly and dare to make some bold moves. This is a special one.

Get Together and Change The World

Pluto is about to transform your dreams, friendships and social involvements over the next two decades and you’ll get a taster shortly after this New Moon from March 23rd. Your career, life trajectory and role in the world has radically transformed over the past 15 years and it’s time to put everything you’ve achieved to good use to make your world more like you want it to be. If you’ve been working hard to connect with the right people and realise your dreams since 2020, you’ll now get a reward in recognition for your efforts. Enjoy the fruits of your labours now as you begin to let that old world go. The next couple of years will see people and places that no longer serve you gradually leave your life to make space for something new.

End of Communications Mayhem

March is a good month to tidy up loose ends, especially when it comes to contracts and communications and other daily business, as well as your network and community involvements. After seven months of creating mayhem, your ruler Mars changes signs and it’s time to draw your attention inward, toward your home base and family. Focus on energising your home and spending time with your family from March 25th onward. Your finances may also receive a boost this month, from the 17th, a trend that will strengthen over the summer. Mercury in your sign from the 19th gives you the power of speech.


Creativity and Contribution

This is an incredibly sexy, creative month for you, dear Taurus. Your creative juices explode around the Full Moon of the 7th. That’s when a romance, project or labour of love culminates bringing you joy, but also highlighting confusing questions around how to best prioritise your time, energy and financial resources around a dizzying array of options. Discrimination is called for. With Saturn switching signs, it’s time to start thinking more seriously about the kind of contribution you want to make in your world and the people you want to associate and collaborate with. You’ll get some clarity around your dreams, friendships and group involvements around the 17th. But competing demands on your time, money and resources, requiring sacrifices, continue until the 25th. Any self-doubt undermining your efforts is also highlighted now, so you can tackle it head on.

Healing and 'Channelling'

It’s also important that you take time to be alone this month, away from the hustle and bustle. This may be because you need time to heal, rejuvenate, explore your sexuality or delve into hidden topics. This is your moment to reconnect spiritually and creatively. You may have such creative inspiration pouring through you now that you simply need the space to let your spirit flow. This could be a true spiritual and creative awakening. With the Equinox and a New Moon arriving on the 20th and 21st, you have a truly magical time ahead of you to heal and let go of past hurts by channelling great energy, that restores your vitality and faith. Use this New Moon to do therapy, meditation, to pray, get creative, rest or do whatever you need.

Career Stratosphere…

You can feel huge forces shifting right now and on March 23rd Pluto enters your career zone to give you a glimpse of the future. Your public role and life direction has been in the spotlight ever since the pandemic, with Saturn putting every step you took under great scrutiny and forcing you to think long and hard about where you see your life going. As Saturn finally leaves you in peace on the 7th, paving the way for Pluto to soon arrive, he leaves you a gift. This is a little knowledge nugget of who you have chosen to become, the cornerstone of your future career or public identity. Hold onto that, for your’e earned it - especially as Pluto is about to level the playing field and shift your career onto a whole other dimension. Your philosophical outlook has gone through such a roller-coaster of transformation over the past 15 years that only now are you beginning to understand how much the bigger picture of your life has changed. It is this vision that you will rely on as you forge a whole new path for yourself.

One Last Financial Push to Consolidate

Finally, use this month to sort out any financial matters that may have been causing you a headache since last August. Come March 25th, you can finally put all that behind you and and pour your energies into fun endeavours like travel and meeting friends, or perhaps writing, study, conversations and all sorts of things that stimulate your mind. With Venus, your ruler, in your sign from the 17th too, you’re about to feel a whole load better - your wellbeing only growing stronger from mid-May onwards.


Career versus Home

This is a stressful yet inspired month for you, dear Gemini, when you can do a lot to push your agenda, chase your dreams and boost your public image. But first, you’ll need to take a long hard look at your home, family and living situation. The Full Moon of March 7th brings a lot of friction, as it shines a light on your rather complex private affairs, whether it is with your house, with people under your roof, with real estate or with your past, your family and your roots. As you experience a kind of catharsis at home, you are also embarking on a brand new adventure. For Saturn enters your career zone on the 7th and it’s time to scrutinise exactly where you see your life going. The 17th might bring a high point in your career, clarifying your goals. Mars in your sign has been grinding you down, initiating you into what you really want over the past 7 months, whilst totally renovating your identity and approach to life. You’re now called to make decisions once more, even amid the fog, to steer your life in the dreamy direction that you want. Make no mistake, you hold all the cards. So, be gentle.

Build Your Community

Your social circle is rapidly growing, even if it’s a gang of misfits, mavericks and visionaries. You’re surrounded by pioneers and you seem to be one of them, fearlessly fighting for your cause. The Equinox brings fresh energy and dynamism into your social sphere, allowing you to vastly expand your friendships and associations and even rub shoulders with some unconventional VIPs. Authenticity is the name of the game now. That and truth. March 21st opens a unique window of opportunity for you to pursue your dreams on a much bigger playing field and make incredible allies: together you can change the world. Use this New Moon to expand your international network.

Going Global…

You can feel your world about to expand exponentially and you’re right. International themes are truly powerful for you right now. You’ve diligently done your research, you’ve considered your views, and you’ve pinned your colours to the mast - all thanks to Saturn taking you on a journey of discovery ever since the pandemic hit in 2020. As he now leaves, he offers you the gift of legitimacy, a stamp of approval, an accreditation or international deal or journey that puts you firmly on the map. Take a moment to enjoy all that you’ve achieved by simply putting one foot in front of the other. For Pluto is about to take you global and give you an even more powerful voice over the next 20 years, giving you a taster of the future from March 23rd onwards. You’ve been through the wringer in the past 15 years, both emotionally and financially. This has made you fearless, giving you almost shaman-like capabilities. That’s the psychological strength on which you can now make your voice heard and expand your reach.

One Last Push to Make Things Happen

March is the last month you’ll have Mars in your sign, where he’s been since last August, not to return for another two years. Use your energies well and put the finishing touches to your new identity. Come March 25th, Mars moves into your finance sector, allowing you to consolidate your strength and build your confidence and financial resources. As for love, it’s to be found among friends. After the 17th love and pleasure blossom behind the scenes, or in spiritual pursuits, which will be something of a trend come the summer.


Information Overload

The good news this month, dear Cancer, is that after hazing you for seven whole months, Mars is about to enter your sign and give you the upper hand. Pluto will leave you alone too for a bit and stop opposing you as he has done since 2008. But that’s not until after the Equinox. First off, you have a flurry of news and communications piquing your curiosity at the Full Moon of March 7th. This could be a hectic moment when you learn pertinent information or are called to deal with paperwork or a writing project that needs some sort of catharsis to move forward. A serious time begins now for you when you need to think of the bigger picture of your life. Your education, legal or immigration matters, expanding your reach abroad, perhaps even matters around marketing, publishing or disseminating your work to a wider audience. You’re on a quest for answers and this full moon is a fact finding mission. The 17th brings an official announcement or other clarification to your overall vision. Mars has had you working hard behind the scenes for seven months now, under pressure to keep secrets, perhaps in a spirit of retreat or even toiling in a maze of complications undermining your efforts without visible gains. All this invisible, clandestine activity will cease before March is out, finally giving you the power to make decisions and direct your own life. Look to March 25th.

Unusual Career Opportunities

The Equinox and the New Moon in Aries bring a powerful career breakthrough. And that’s not the only career development. The direction of your life may shift dramatically again, starting next month. But March brings the purest burst of energy imaginable for you to pursue your goals without inhibitions. Perhaps you’re considering an unusual move or your life is taking strange turns. You’re fast becoming a maverick, trailblazer, a pioneer! At least that’s where you greatest luck lies right now. Events may have a religious or international element. As long as you remain authentic and true to yourself, new options will appear, vastly expanding your realm of career possibilities. Aim slightly off centre for best results!

Hello Big Business

You’ve been through a really tough few years financially - whether due to debt, taxes, alimony, pension cuts or some other financial burden that you’ve had to carry for the past two years. The good news is that this heavy financial climate is about to lift, thanks to Saturn moving on. And before leaving, Saturn will leave you a gift. This could be a bonus, sponsorship or loan, or someone giving you their full trust in recognition of your integrity. Enjoy this empowering moment. For Pluto is about to totally transform your finances and trust-relations, starting with a taster as soon as March 23rd. Pluto has transformed your relationships completely over the past 15 years. You can now relay on these partnerships forged in fire to build deeper trust and dare to throw your lot in with others.

Bide your Time A Little Longer...

You’ve had it the toughest of all the signs, toiling away while being ignored, or sitting on a dubious secret for the past 7 months - or in some other highly demoralising situation. This psychologically draining period is finally coming to an end. Keep your head down till 25th then get ready to rise. For that’s when Mars finally enters your sign and you can finally call the shots! Venus whispers sweet nothings into VIP ears all month long, making you especially popular in your social circles after the 17th - your popularity trend only getting stronger from mid-May onwards.


Money and Priorities

You’re about to embark on a great adventure, dear Leo. But first you need to examine your priorities and tackle your finances. Sit down with a calculator and carefully check the numbers at this Full Moon on the 7th as you pour all your energies into realising a long held dream. Financial uncertainties may continue to plague you this month but soon all will be resolved. Deeper down, this whole thing it’s a question of priorities. Simplify. What’s important to you? Deeper still, it’s a question of self-worth. You’ll be surprised how little you need if you feel confident within yourself. Joint finances also come under the spotlight on the 7th, an area where your trust and your loyalty will be tested over the next few years. The 17th delivers some clarity around matters of money and trust. You have until March 25th to pull out all the stops and make your dreams a reality.

The Great Adventure

The Equinox sets you off on an adventure! Yes, it may be unusual - all a little outside of the ordinary - but this is your cue to take a leap. The universe is asking you to have faith even in the most unusual circumstances. Distant shores are calling you, or perhaps you want to study some strange subject or push through with a publication, an accreditation or specialisation or perhaps a legal process or international business deal. The New Moon of the 21st gives you the green light to move full speed ahead with all your most far-reaching plans. There’s tons of energy at your disposal so spread your wings.

Relationships Shifting

Things are about to change dramatically in your relationships but first, you deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. You’ve gone through three years of relationship lessons to test your commitment. And you have paid your dues. As Saturn now leaves your relationship zone, he leaves a gift behind for you to enjoy this month by way of saying “well done”. This could be a serious relationship or a business partnership or an important client or agent that comes through for you. Your lifestyle has changed beyond recognition since 2008. Whatever work or health challenges you’ve encountered since then, they’ve have given the tools and expertise to meet others half way. Pluto gives you a taster of the power you can wield come March 23rd, as well as of the transformative potential of a collaboration.

Realise your Dreams

August of last year energised a long held dream of yours and you’ve been preoccupied with all kinds of details and with finding a way to make it happen. By March 25th, you can finally say that you’ve done it - or done the best you can. That’s your cue to take a bow and tend to your inner world - much like you would behind the scenes just before the curtain goes up. Because you’re in for a major performance! Come the 25th, slip away for some RnR so you’re ready for the summer. With Venus boosting your image from the 17th onwards too - a trend that will only get bigger this summer - you can’t put a foot wrong.


What About Me?

You’ve a Full Moon in your sign, dear Virgo, and it’s time to bring it on home. Your career is hot right now with a myriad responsibilities driving you to distraction. It doesn’t help that others are being hazy and all over the place, without clear boundaries and schedules. So it falls to you to organise the chaos. March 7th shines a spotlight on you, your health and wellbeing, your desires and overall approach - what it is that you want out of all this. A project seeded toward the end of August may reach culmination now, revealing its fruit. Amid this commotion, major realisations may rise into your consciousness, to be processed at a later date. Try to take a moment to compose yourself. Because relationships will only get more demanding from this point on, thanks to Saturn, testing your commitment and urging you to set clear boundaries. Your various public roles continue to make dizzying demands on your time until the 25th so hang in there. The 17th delivers clarity around a particular someone so you can finally know where you stand.

Feeling Exposed...

March is a month where you are learning to trust and have faith, no matter how exposed you feel - both in your intimate relationships and in your finances or business deals. Paradoxically, it’s by opening up and baring all that your greatest luck can be found. You could achieve a breakthrough in open, honest relationship with someone or find alternative solutions around debts, taxes, financial dependencies on others and other such plagues. The Equinox New Moon puts immense psychosexual energies at your disposal to help you heal in more ways than one - emotionally, physically and financially. But you’ve got to be brave. You’ve got to let yourself be vulnerable so you can release poisons and transform.

No More Drudgery!

If your daily routine has been a little dreary of late get ready for some renewal. Saturn has put you through your paces in the past three years, creating limiting circumstances at work or in your overall lifestyle in order to teach you new skills. These limiting conditions are about to lift, leaving behind the gift of discipline and expertise that you can now apply anywhere. If your health has suffered, you’ll be glad to know that Saturn will gift you a tool to help with that too now. More than that, Pluto is about to teach you the secrets of rejuvenation, whilst transforming your lifestyle exponentially. It won’t happen all at once but you’ll get a taster of this from March 23rd onward. You’ve been on a journey of self discovery through love, children and the development of your interests since 2008 and that’s slowly coming to an end. It hasn’t always been an easy journey but you pretty much know what makes you happy by this point. All that remains is to take the things that make you happy now and turn them into a way of life.

Cut the Gordian Knot of Your Duties

You’ve been tied up in a gordian knot of responsibilities ever since last August. That’s when it all started getting complicated and you now find yourself all knotted up in far too many roles and offices to fulfil. Perhaps you’ve simply taken on too much? Or more and more has landed on your plate because you’re so competent? Perhaps your career has taken off and you just had to keep up with developments. You’ll be glad to know that this mad trip begins to wind down March 25th and you can finally begin enjoying the fruits of your labours. That’s spending time with friends, enjoying pride of place in your world and seeing your contribution make a difference. Get ready to energise your own dreams from March 25th onwards. Venus brings pleasant travel opportunities from the 17th, a trend that will get bigger as we head to summer.


Work, Health, RnR

Relationships are a big theme this month, dear Libra, but you won’t be ready to make a fresh start with that until the Equinox. Before that, you seem to have a lot of work to do. Perhaps you’re being a good samaritan and doing a lot to help others. Or perhaps you’re working hard toward something that’s bigger than you. Or perhaps it’s really time that you took some time off to rest and recover for your health. March 7th brings catharsis, revealing secrets that allow you to make better decisions. An international deal, academic study, marketing campaign, journey or legal matter may be giving you a headache now or you may be struggling to give your project the stamp of approval. Or, if you have a health worry, perhaps you’ve been to many specialists seeking the right opinion. These matters have been giving you a headache for months now and it’s time to put them to rest, despite ongoing unclarities. March 17th brings new information to bear on the matter and, by the 25th, you can finally move forward. With Saturn switching signs, it’s crucial that you examine your working routine and lifestyle and tend to your health. Saturn calls for discipline and more responsible habits over the next three years.

Unusual Relationships

Come the Equinox, it’s time to take an honest look at your relationships. You have everything to gain from being honest, open and vulnerable with others this month and nothing to lose. It might not feel that way but Jupiter has your back. You can now see old relationship hurts in a new light now and experience incredible healing, whether through a personal relationship or through professional collaboration with someone. Luck and healing come from being real and authentic with others now. A magical window of opportunity opens up on the 21st for you to make great progress on the relationship front. Venus from the 17th and Mercury from the 19th will also help you meet others half way and communicate more clearly.

Love and Creativity

The forces of change are shifting and they are about to totally transform your love life - indeed anything or anyone you pour your heart into, be it a lover, a child, a start-up or a hobby. Pluto arrives in your love zone March 23rd , taking over from Saturn and giving you a taste of the future. Your love-life has been one long series of lessons, an initiation into the heart ever since the pandemic. You now know what you don’t want and may even have discovered a nugget of exactly what you do want. As Saturn moves on from your love life, he leaves a gift: that of knowing your heart. Cherish this knowledge for it will stand you in good stead in the romantic and creative adventures to come. Pluto has totally transformed your home and family life over the past 15 years and only now is the dust beginning to settle, revealing a brand new foundation for you to pursue happiness.

One Last Run for Take Off

Use March to tidy up loose ends when it comes to legal and international matters, publishing material or studies. For Mars is about to enter your career zone from the 25th and you’ll finally be ready to push forward with your most ambitious goals. Financial and intimate matters receive a boost from Venus from the 17th, and your luck in those areas will only grow as we head toward the summer.


Friends, Allies and Creative Differences

Both of your rulers, Pluto and Mars, change signs this month dear Scorpio, so you will sense a definite shift of priorities. But that’s not until after the Equinox. You’ve much to be getting on with until then - especially around your work and creative projects and the kinds of partnerships and investments that can make these happen. The March 7th Full Moon could shed clarity on a long held dream of yours, as well as the friends and allies that can make that happen. You are entering a period of immense creative effort, when you’re called to take a serious look at what your heart wants and do something about it. This involves taking calculated risks, even if only to learn and improve. Financial unclarities still abound and that’s the biggest challenge this month. It’s like trying to function with one hand tied behind your back and you may have to keep going like this for a while, until March 25th. The 17th brings greater clarity to your heart’s romantic yearnings, as well as the risks and sacrifices involved.

Superhuman at Work

Your abilities to work and efficiently deliver are practically super-human this month, surpassing even your own expectations. Your work-load itself may increase to fit your own ability to deliver it, or you may have some unusual work projects that present you with a whole new range of possibilities. You’re one of a kind, this much is clear to everyone, and the March Equinox brings uplifting and unusual work opportunities your way. Explore your options in this pure, undiluted space but wait and see what the April eclipse delivers before making a decision. It’s also important that you look after yourself now, perhaps even try alternative medicine paths. The New Moon brings great energy for you to refresh and rejuvenate, perhaps start exercising or embark on some other healthy lifestyle change. This is a great opportunity to go for it.

Home Sweet Home

Home, family and real estate have been weighing heavily on your mind over the past three years. Perhaps you’ve a property to take care of or an elderly parent, or perhaps changes at home or in your living situations weight you down. The good news is all that lifts come March 7th. That’s when Saturn waves good bye, leaving you a little gift as he goes. Perhaps it’s the perfect property or the perfect buyer or a new flatmate. Or it could be a stable physical and psychological basis on which you can now build upward. Self-reliance is the name of the game now. And it will stand you in good stead as Pluto prepares to totally transform your life from the ground up over the next 20 years. You’ve become much wiser in the ways of the world ever since 2008 and it’s time to take that wisdom and use it to build an unshakable foundation for the future. Pluto, your ruler, changes signs on the 23rd, giving you a taste of how your life’s foundations could change.

Exit the Financial Hall of Mirrors

You’ve been in a financial hall of mirrors ever since August and it’s time to start extricating yourself form this maze. Mars, your ruler, is about to become much more supportive to all your endeavours starting March 25th. That’s when travel, international projects, publishing and outreach, studies and academia get an energy boost. March 25th onwards is also a good time to pursue all kinds of legal and official business. Do your best to tidy up loose financial ends by the end of the month for it’s time to spread your wings and expand your playing field. Loving partnerships may have much to do with it as Venus brings out your charm and diplomacy from the 17th. And relationships are even luckier for you come the summer.


Tend to Your Duties

This is a month of deep realisations, dear Sagittarius, as your ruler, Jupiter, meets with master teacher and healer Chiron. Whatever wounds are in your heart, it’s time to find meaning and heal. But first, you need to tend to your responsibilities. March 7th shines a spotlight on your career, public image and any offices you hold. Where are you headed? If you’ve been pouring all your energy into a relationship or contract, it’s time to see how that affects your worldly goals and make some decisions. At the same time, Saturn switches signs, urging you to take a closer look at your home base and family dynamics. Chaos and confusion on that front may be why you feel so frazzled and drained, constantly trying to respond to the demands of others. The 17th brings some clarity in your personal life and, come the 25th, complications in your relationships, which have been tough ever since August, can finally begin to subside. Take the first half of March to examine your life direction and begin examining your base.

Just Wanna Have Fun!

You’re determined to be happy, dear Sagittarius, no matter what. And the universe agrees big time, sending a powerhouse of a New Moon into your house of fun, romance and creative expression! Perhaps you’re already involved in a labour of love, creative project or romantic endeavour that’s a bit outside the mainstream. Embrace it, for it’s sure to bring much joy, meaning and healing in your life. If you’re looking for romance March 1st-17th is an excellent time to put yourself out there and see what crops up. It’s certainly time to blow away the cobwebs and gladden your heart - and this is a trend that will only get more important as the years goes on. Use this magical period March 21st to April 20th to give your heart pure expression, like a fresh-born babe, and not worry about grown up things.

Learning Curve

It’s like you’ve been through a major learning curve over the past three years - like a school or training course - and it’s time to graduate. If you’ve mastered a subject it’s time to take what you’ve learned and consolidate it into something that can serve you longer term. Saturn is sure to give you a reward for all your efforts, perhaps a nugget of information or more confidence in your writing, speaking, sales and communications skills. This area of your life is about to be radically transformed - everything to do with speaking, teaching, selling, writing and media and Pluto will give you a taster of what to expect come March 23rd. Your resources and self-worth have been through huge ups and downs for the past 15 years but you now have a confidence and resilience that nobody can take away. It’s time to take what you’ve got and begin playing around with it, discussing it, selling it, writing it down and making connections.

Relationship Relief

Mars has thrown your life in a tizzy ever since last August, giving others all the power and leaving you to pick up the pieces - whether that means being there for someone, being unable to move forward unless someone else agrees or in direct conflict and competition that thwarts your every move. That tiring period ends after March 25th. If you have been working on an important contract or collaboration for the past seven months, now’s the time to bring it on home. Soon, a transformative time begins when you’ll be called to bond more deeply with someone - either emotionally/sexually or financially. From the 17th onwards, Venus brings some lifestyle ease and improvements, a trend that will strengthen over the summer.


Rise Above It

After fifteen long and transformative years, dear Capricorn, Pluto is finally leaving you alone for a bit - but that’s not ’til March 23rd. And your ruler Saturn is also changing signs this month, setting you on a brand new learning curve. In all, you have an exciting month ahead of you with the Full Moon of the 7th giving you some much needed freedom, finally allowing you to spread your wings and het an overview of your life. An international, legal, marketing and publishing, or academic matter may also come to a head now, creating stress at work. This is the fruition of a project that’s been ongoing for many months now. You soon learn that it’s crucial to pay closer attention to how you think and communicate, how you travel around and the people you surround yourself with - your entire daily environment in fact. For that small stuff will have much to teach you over the next few years, allowing you to improve. The past seven months may have been a constant obstacle course, with things breaking down, work being hectic or your health suffering - life constantly calling your attention down to the nitty gritty. This trend is strong in March but will begin to subside past the 25th. News on March 17th are sure to galvanise you to sort things out.

Seeing “Home” In a New Light

There is great potential for psychological healing this month, helping you reframe your past and see yourself in a whole new light. Such inner events could arm you with renewed self-confidence, forming the foundation of a dynamic new sense of self bursting forth at the Equinox. Healing energies also permeate your home and family this month, with meaningful events unlocking a whole new aspect of your heritage and private life. If you’re into real estate, luck could come from unusual quarters. Use the burst of energy delivered by the Equinox to spring clean your home, take a fresh approach to your family life and to any real estate matters, and rejuvenate yourself from the ground up. You may also wish to put your own unique stamp on your home now to make it a more enjoyable place to be.

Financial Changes

You’ve had to manage your money very closely for the past few years, making sure you have enough and that you spend it in all the right places. That little exercise has made you question and reset your priorities, aligning them with what’s most important to you. As Saturn leaves your finances well alone now, he leaves you a token, some form of payment for a job well done. He also leaves you more certain as to what’s worth what so you never again sell yourself short. Enjoy this moment of quietly earned self confidence. It will stand you in good stead with Pluto determined to financially empower and transform you over the next twenty years, with a preview of the future starting March 23rd. You’re no strange to Pluto. He’s been in your sign since 2008 and whoever you used to be is now but a distant memory. You’ve come out of this period transformed and stronger for it. Pluto will show you how to invest in yourself in new ways moving forward, so you can manifest some of that strength into something of real substance.

No More Things Going Kaput

Mars has turned your day to day life into a battlefield over the past seven months. Whether it was you work schedule that was hectic, or things kept breaking around the house, or you’ve had to deal with inflammation and issues around your health, this period is finally coming to an end. It didn’t help that things were surrounded by an air of mystery - nobody able to tell you what’s going on. Use March to tackle all these small annoyances while keeping an open mind. For, Mars enters your relationship zone on the 25th , finally drawing you out of your shell where you can stop living life under the microscope. Relationships are about to get really exciting, drawing your attention and energising you in the process. With Venus also about to boost your desire for fun and romance from the 17th, life is about to get a whole load better.


Transformative Encounters

Saturn finally leaves your sign, dear Aquarius - Hallelujah! You can finally be yourself again. Or can you? Pluto is about to come in and who you think you are is about to be transformed. Transformation is a big theme this month when you’re called to take a look at all your emotional and financial entanglements with others, especially around children or a creative project, and disentangle yourself as delicately as possible. The Full Moon of March 7th urges you to pay close attention to debts, taxes, joint accounts and other financial complexities. It’s also time to take a closer look at your priorities and for a more responsible approach to your money and resources, time and energy. The chaos you’ve been labouring under will soon dissipate but not before a few financial headaches this month. Expect intriguing financial news mid-month. If you’ve been doing your best to fund a labour of love or pay for a child, with money slipping through the cracks since last August, you’ll finally see some resolution to your dilemmas this month.

A Healing Voice

The Equinox brings a burst of news and commotion, as a powerful new idea is born. Learning - or speaking - the truth could set you free. Writing, speaking, sales and communications get an injection of luck and energy this month. In fact, it is the weird and unusual nature of what you have to say (or sell) that works in your favour, opening doors for you to establish your voice and massively expand your influence. As you network and stretch your perimeter now, make sure to be as inclusive as you possibly can. More so, as Mercury and Venus raise your powers of persuasion, making sure people sit up and listen.

Stepping Into Your Power

Saturn has been giving you lessons in maturity for the past three years, facing you with home truths, burdening you with responsibilities that you must face alone, and limiting your movements. Nobody can come out of such a period without feeling a little lack-lustre. But you’ve paid your dues. And as Saturn leaves, he’s sure to reward you in recognition for your hard work. Enjoy this moment of calm. Armed with your achievements, you’re now ready to face the world from a stronger vantage point. But your story doesn’t end there. For Pluto is about to open your eyes even wider, transforming your approach to life and identity at an even more fundamental level over the next 20 years. How? You’ll get a taster of this starting March 23rd. You’ve tasted power as part of a group before, more so behind the scenes since 2008 as part of a movement, system or larger institution. That world is now gone. It’s time to step up as an individual and be initiated into a whole new way of life.

Complete That Labour of Love

A creative project, child or start-up may have been a source of much stress and disagreement over the past seven months, draining your energy. Your love life may also have undergone a total renovation since last August, creating a confusion of priorities. This chaotic atmosphere around love and creativity will finally begin to subside from March 25th, allowing you to become far more productive, pouring your energies into your work. Use March to solve any creative or romantic differences so you can finally push dynamically forward. From the 17th, Venus brings a more peaceful domestic atmosphere also helping you beautiful your home.


Where’s this Relationship Going?

It’s still your birthday month, dear Pisces, and events are sure to put you in the spotlight again and again. You’re about to embark on a journey of maturation, where you’ll be called to take on heavy responsibilities, grow and become someone new. That’s on March 7th when Saturn enters your sign where he’ll stay until 2026. March 7th also brings revelations on the relationship front, drawing your attention to all kinds of little details that you may have missed. Key life areas are starkly constellated right now, from your personal identity and self-image, to ongoing difficulties and stresses at home, to exactly where you see your relationship going. Do make time for a special someone now who may need your attention. By the 17th, you’ll have a better idea of where you stand so you can speak your mind and begin resolving problems around your home, family and living situation or involving renovations or real estate.

Financial Fresh Start

The Equinox brings a burst of self-confidence and fantastic opportunities for a financial new beginning. You now have what it takes to make things happen and grow your self-worth and confidence. But you’ve got to be willing to embrace who you are and live by your own values and principles. Don’t worry if what you’ve got to offer is off the beaten track. Owning what you have is the key to consolidating your strength and restoring your self-esteem. Appreciate what you’ve got. You have so much raw energy at your disposal now that others are sure to respond to your sheer appeal. Invest in yourself, your talents and priorities.

Things Are Getting Serious

After three years spent demolishing your old life and your old identity, Saturn is finally entering your sign on March 7th. Here he begins a slow process of personal redefinition. Where you may have looked to others for guidance in the past, you now fall back on your own counsel, having to carry certain burdens and make decisions all by yourself. This maturing process that’s starting this March will take the best part of three years. No rush. You’re used to moving in powerful circles - a little fish swimming in a big pond - but that’s about to take on a whole new meaning soon. Pluto’s change of sign is about to drop you into the ocean to flow with the currents, involving you in global movements and trends that go beyond the power of a single individual or even a group. Get ready to put your finger on the global pulse and channel the Zeitgeist. Pluto will give you a taste of this from March 23rd, but the real journey does not begin ’til 2024.

Sort Out Your Home

After many months of living in a stressful home environment - whether due to home renovations, constant moving or bickering and arguments - you’re finally ready to draw a line under it all. Pull out all the stops to resolve whatever intricacies still remain on the home front. Come March 25th you’ll be in the mood for some fun, love and romance. You’re about to enter a far more enjoyable period this spring, where you can pour your creative juices into something and get satisfaction. Travel, meetings and communications will bring more pleasure from the 17th, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere all round, a trend that will start to blossom toward the summer.

Image by Donald Giannati,

Article by YourAstroGenes.


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