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August 2021 Horoscope: The Intelligence of the Heart

August is a month of radical change, bold decisions and high stakes for every star sign!

August is coming in hot and heavy, with two fixed signs dominating the month — Leo ruling our heart, individuality and kingship on this earth, and Aquarius ruling our wider community, science and the intellect.

Meticulous Virgo is also a strong player right now and there is lots and lots to do! Check out the flavour of the month in The Astrology of August 2021.

Horoscope time!

What does the August 8th Leo New Moon or the August 22nd Aquarius Blue Moon mean for your sign? And where’s all the action at with all these Virgo planets?

Get a taster of how the bare bones of our solar system are shaping up your experience, based on the refraction of the skies through your zodiacal occupancy. Here’s the usual sky pie, all cut-up in twelve seasonal pieces.

Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign Horoscope

Wondering how to read and triangulate the blurbs below for your own, particular flavour of the month?

Your Sun Sign represents your spirit, consciousness or active core. You can't go wrong with that for the main theme. Ditto for your Rising Sign or Ascendant, which shows you how said theme play out in your life.

The Rising Sign shows how things are pinned into matter or manifestation more specifically, and your own call to action to realise these goals. Read your Sun and Ascendant both if you know them and combine them to form a more intricate picture.

For instance, if you are a Scorpio with Leo rising - a very hot combo for this month - then all four corners of your horoscope are activated with major events in August. It's all going down in your most important relationships and your career, your home life and your very health, appearance and identity. This is a decisive month.

Interestingly, if you occupy opposing signs, like Aries and Libra, or Virgo and Pisces, you’ll appreciate how opposing themes always blend into one experience in your life. In the Virgo-Pisces case for August, for instance, you’ll be busy promoting your own, personal goals and desires, but will constantly have to answer to others - unable to do so without the cooperation of others - and may even encounter competition. And so on. Have fun!

Check out your Moon Sign too, for the more receptive, instinctual side of life.

The Moon sign is often spot on as to what is actually going on, day in day out, almost like background music that you don't even bother listening to - the lens through which events are filtering through on a receptive, feeling level. Add this as a third layer to the duo above and see if you resonate.

This more every day, instinctual side of life is given special emphasis in Vedic predictive astrology, as I understand it. Its themes can be quite prevalent in your life but not quite constitute active conscious goals or landmarks. They do point toward what you need to feel better and where you de facto operate - like the sea you swim in or the air you breathe and that you may or may not be aware of. I, personally, am just starting to resonate with my Moon sign horoscope, distilled through this feeling level filter.

Have fun and see how these crude different layers of experience resonate with you.

If you scroll down to the end of the article, you’ll also find a short diary of the major astrological aspects for August 2021.

Aries August 2021 Horoscope

“Follow your bliss” said Joseph Campbell and it’s easier said than done. Or is it? The time has come to focus on your personal happiness, Aries. The August 8th New Moon urges you to have courage, take a risk and pursue greater fulfilment. This could be with a project that is dear to you, by taking a calculated gamble, or by falling in love all over again. Make more time to play with your kids or just have fun and enjoy life. You’re reassessing where you belong in this new world and who your friends and allies truly are. Rather than jumping through hoops to please others, it’s important to focus on what makes you happy and then see how others react to that. This way you can find your true place in the world.

The stress caused by this upheaval in your community is sure to put pressure on your finances and shake up your value system. The August 22nd Full Moon feels liberating on that front, freeing you to widen your social circle and find new and more innovative ways to earn and utilise what you’ve got. Work is busy this month. Key decisions hang in the balance in how you work, take care of yourself and organise your daily routine for maximum productivity. You are essentially being called to ditch dogmatic preconceptions and learn new tricks to respond to your changing environment. Curiosity is the key.

Taurus August 2021 Horoscope

Your focus is squarely on your home and family right now, Taurus. You’re about to undertake some bold endeavours on that front that require courage and a steady vision, especially from the August 8th New Moon. You’re thinking very seriously about the overall direction your life is taking - both professionally and more generally - and this month brings a chance of a creative synthesis between your inner and outer life. Time to set a proper foundation that can support you in pursuing your goals and carrying the responsibilities with dignity.

This process creates sufficient friction to change your sense of personal identity considerably and, by the August 22nd Full Moon, you’ll be ready to break free from previously limiting self-conceptions and ideas about what you should be doing with your life. Much of what you do this month will also centre around your own personal happiness and creativity, including children and any other labours of love that contain a certain amount of risk. These matters will offer a strong point of reference for crucial financial decisions this month. The most important thing for you right now is to build your self-worth, strength and personal resources so that you can move forward more securely.

Gemini August 2021 Horoscope

This month is all about having the right mindset, Gemini. It’s time to brighten up your thoughts and explore new ideas and environments. The fear of the unknown is putting undue pressure on your mental processes these days and you’re struggling to have a clear vision of the future. All the more reason to tend to the everyday turns your mind takes, especially after the August 8th New Moon. Observe the words you hear, speak or read, explore new ideas, network and surround yourself with uplifting imagery. Indulge your curiosity. Only by nourishing your mind well can you develop positive expectations and a bigger picture that is more to your liking.

The mental stress you’re currently under is loosening you up on a deeper spiritual level. And, by the August 22nd Full Moon, you’ll be ready to break out of any fearful mental prisons into a greater and more uplifting vision. Your home is a hotbed of activity this month. You’ll be pouring lots of energy into your living space and family dynamics, and that’s plays a decisive role in the future of your sense of self and your relationships too. You’re becoming someone new and it’s right that you take the initiative now and let others follow.

Cancer August 2021 Horoscope

There’s great pressure on your finances this month, Cancer. You need to be serious and responsible in your appraisal of the situation, especially around the August 8th New Moon, putting your best foot forward. Time to look to strengthening your earnings, your resources and your overall sense of value and self worth in the face of external financial pressures. Those could come in the form of loans, debts or financially supporting others, or any grants or trust placed in you in managing funds. That kind of pressure is exactly what’s giving you the laser focus to make a positive financial start this month.

Friends and acquaintances are not quite reliable, putting more financial stress on you, but they also offer the potential for a sudden change for the better. By the August 22nd Full Moon, this whole unstable situation changes the way you see yourself fitting into this world and your aspirations for the future. And that feels liberating! Expect lots of movement, exchanges and commotion this month, both physically and mentally. You’re exploring your options and that will provide a crucial decision point as to your future lifestyle. And the stars are clear: this should involve less work and more rest.

Leo August 2021 Horoscope

It’s your birthday month, Leo, and it’s time to focus on royal, wonderful YOU! Only thing is, others are putting a crimp on your style. Relationships are heavy going these days and you may often wish you didn’t have so much to deal with. But it’s a good thing. Think of it as the hammer, helping you forge a stronger identity. The August 8th New Moon in your sign is your cue to focus on everything that is most important to you, your goals, your desires, down to your appearance. Test yourself and use others as a sounding board to push forward with what matters most.

This tension with key figures in your life is liberating you to think differently about your overall goals and direction. Time to revolutionise your public image and allow yourself a freer course. By the August 22nd Full Moon, this new found detachment also reflects in your relationships, where you will feel some energy release. At the same time, you are very focused on your finances and on building up your strength and resources this month. Expenses may be high but necessary and decisive, as you pursue your own creative enterprises in the community - and finding your people, those who want the same things you do, is what it is all about.

Virgo August 2021 Horoscope

There’s tons going on behind the scenes and on stage both this month, Virgo. With a glut of planets in your sign, you’re super busy and that’s only just now starting to build up. At the same time, the August 8th New Moon is all about your inner life, your secret life, things going on that others do not know about. It’s possible that one lifestyle ending and another beginning this month. Take this month to tidy up loose ends and give yourself permission to psychologically catch up with what’s going on.

At the same time, there are a million practicalities pressing down on you - whether it’s work, a long list of chores or a health matter. And this is all the more reason to allow yourself some downtime alone to process it all. Whatever life-plans you had, this friction you’re experiencing is shaking them loose. By the August 22nd Full Moon, your daily routine is flipped on its head and you’re ready for a more open-minded, freer perspective on the future. You are free to pursue new and more exciting things, both at work and with the way you spend your time. Focus on your body, your goals and your physical and spiritual wellbeing and let that be your alignment from past to future. You’re pouring a lot of energy into your home and inner life this year. Time to think more clearly about your life-path and future direction.

Libra August 2021 Horoscope

August could be a highly sociable month for you if it wasn’t for certain restrictions - like the kids, that creative deadline or managing your start-up business. The fruits of love are weighing heavy on you and requiring you to take your happiness - and that of your creations - seriously. But that’s no bad thing. Build your friendships, community and social aspirations around that. The August 8th New Moon brings the perfect opportunity to do just that and establish some solid alliances.

You’re undergoing a transformation - physical or financial - facing your fears and learning greater detachment in the process. The cutting of ties will lead to a lighter, happier heart - especially at the August 22nd Full Moon, when you’re in for an incredibly happy and creative moment! There’s lots going on behind the scenes, beneath your normal waking consciousness. Take time to rest and to prepare now, when no one is looking, for a very dynamic, eventful autumn. Rest is key in silencing your mind’s endless chatter and for the incredible adventure into the unknown that you’re about to embark on.

Scorpio August 2021 Horoscope

You’re in the spotlight, Scorpio, and this is a high visibility month for you. People expect a lot from you, you have responsibilities, a key role to play. At the same time, you have serious commitments at home - whether it is to your family, the property you live in or an elderly parent. You’re juggling your career and private endeavours and the pressure is corralling you into a more appropriate life direction. The August 8th New Moon is the perfect time to make a fresh start in your career and set some serious goals. Let ‘non-negotiables’ in your home and private life guide your career choices.

Your life would be easier if others weren’t so damn unpredictable. But you just have to ditch all relationship expectations and attachments right now and take others as they come, no strings attached. That can be a good thing too, freeing your energy to do with as you please on the home front at the August 22nd Full Moon. August is extremely sociable and things could even get a little raucous with friends. These social interactions are decisive financially, as well as urging you to weigh up what’s most important to you. You’ve been relying on your own devices for far too long and it’s time for an intervention and a fresh injection of cash and support.

Sagittarius August 2021 Horoscope

You’re ready to spread your wings, Sagittarius - not too far mind, as there’s the neighbourhood watch guarding the perimeter, but still. Time to raise your eyes to the future and prepare for an adventure. Yes, your hands may be tied and there is a lot you still need to learn and familiarise yourself with. But, if anything, that’s making you think harder and longer about the why of things, your purpose and personal philosophy. Do your fact-checking and test your views by engaging in dialogue. The August 8th New Moon is your cue for some realistic forward planning.

That’s easier said than done with your daily routine all over the place, something you’re not used to. But you need this freedom and flexibility at work to be more present in the moment and ditch habits that no longer serve you. These routine disruptions teach you greater freedom of speech, thought and movement. Just then, a liberating August 22nd Full Moon brings great news and clarity, expanding your world. All eyes are on you, scrutinising your career and life path, and you have a role to play. What you need is a partner with whom to share your path. And whether you’re still looking for one or have already found them, collaboration is the key.

Capricorn August 2021 Horoscope

Money is on your mind as August enters, Capricorn, and it’s time to sort through any financial obligations you may have, such as taxes, debts, pay-outs or joint investments. This is easier said than done when resources are scarce. All the more reason to attack the job head on, as Saturn requires that you sort out your finances now and until 2023. This will give you a greater sense of pride, self-worth and self-reliance in the long run. Use the August 8th New Moon to tackle delicate financial matters and, before month’s end, you could be in for a bit of last minute luck! This could involve an expense but the rewards are far greater.

This is a financially abundant August 22nd Full Moon, no less due to your own output and creative ingenuity. You cannot rely on your past creations now and financial pressures have taught you to enjoy every moment in a kind of detached pursuit of happiness, which is financially liberating. You want to escape the humdrum this month - go on a holiday or grab books, podcasts and seminars that widen your horizons. You may also seek accreditation or a legal stamp of approval. This galvanises a change of lifestyle, calling you to turn your abstract knowledge into skill, work or greater physical wellbeing.

Aquarius August 2021 Horoscope

With the August 8th New Moon in your opposite sign, it’s time for a fresh start in your relationships, Aquarius. You need to set boundaries but also carry your share of the weight. What do you need from others right now? What do they need from you? Own up to your limitations and communicate. Is it greater support? A need to spend time alone? You carry a heavy load and it’s important that you speak up about it, but also listen to what someone has to say. Your own burdens are putting pressure on your relationships and clear communication is key.

That’s made harder by the fact that your home-life has been destabilised and you’re in unfamiliar territory on the home and family front. You may feel cast adrift but that might feel liberating around the August 22nd Full Moon in your sign. That’s an exhilarating moment when you may experience a rare sense of opportunity and freedom. Your need for intimacy is strong this month and you will go to great lengths to experience closeness and trust, sexually, emotionally and financially. This is going to be decisive to your creative endeavours. You’ve been following peer group directives for far too long and it’s time to focus on what your heart truly desires.

Pisces August 2021 Horoscope

You’ve lots of work to be getting on with, Pisces. Your to-do list is long but not scattered, it seems, with a core theme running through it that’s very important to you. Maintaining a good daily routine and tackling your chores is hard, because, on some level, you’re not fully there. Perhaps you tire easily or feel a lack of engagement with your environment. That’s because you’re letting go of things that used to be important to you. You’re paving the way for new structures by which to organise your life by 2023. Reality-check your work and daily habits against your deeper spiritual needs and you’ll be able to tackle these head on come the August 8th New Moon.

By the August 22nd Full Moon, it’s time to free your spirit by opening your mind to ideas your may previously have considered crazy. Find your creative voice! Let nothing seem so far-fetched that you are unwilling to entertain it. And watch your spirit soar! You’re partnered up in collaborative endeavours this month and have lots to do together - perhaps even experiencing some stiff competition. Let others hold up a mirror to your face and call you homeward. You’ve been concerned with your public image for far too long. Time to turn inward and connect with source.

List of Major Aspects for August 2021 (UK Summer Time)

Sunday August 1st

  • Sunday 1st August Mercury sextile NN (07:35),

  • Sunday 1st August Mercury conjunct Sun (15:07),

  • Sunday 1st August Mercury opposite Saturn (22:50)

Week August 2nd-8th

  • Monday 2nd August Sun opposite Saturn (7:14)

  • Tuesday 3rd August Venus trine Uranus (07:53),

  • Tuesday 3rd August Mercury trine Chiron (04:41)

  • Wednesday 4th August Mercury square Uranus (02:56)

  • Wednesday 4th August Sun trine Chiron (23:41)

  • Saturday 7th August Sun square Uranus (00:57)

  • Sunday 8th August New Moon in Leo (14:50 —16:14 Leo)

Week of August 9th-15th

  • Tuesday 10th August Venus opposite Neptune (01:19)

  • Wednesday 11th August Mercury opposite Jupiter (02:19)

  • Wednesday 11th August Mars square Nodes (09:59)

  • Wednesday 11th August Mercury in Virgo (22:56)

  • Wednesday 11th August Venus trine Pluto (23:45)

  • (Sunday 15th August First Quarter Moon in Scorpio)

Week of August 16th-22nd

  • Monday 16th August Mercury square Nodes (03:45)

  • Monday 16th August Venus in Libra (05:26)

  • Thursday 19th August Mercury conjunct Mars (04:27)

  • Friday 20th August Sun opposite Jupiter (01:28)

  • Friday 20th August Uranus Rx (02:40)

  • Friday 20th August Mercury trine Uranus (09:05)

  • Sunday 22nd August Full Moon in Aquarius (13:01–29:37 Aquarius)

  • Sunday 22nd August Mars trine Uranus 07:37

  • Sunday 22nd August Sun in Virgo 22:34

Week of August 23rd-29th

  • Monday 23rd August Venus trine Saturn (13:48)

  • Wednesday 25th August Mercury opposite Neptune (02:13)

  • Thursday 26th August Venus opposite Chiron (14:24)

  • Thursday 26th August Mercury trine Pluto (15:23)

  • Sunday 29th August Sun square Nodes (07:56)

Monday August 30th

  • Monday 30th August Mercury in Libra (06:09)

  • (Monday 30th August Last Quarter Moon in Gemini)


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