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December 2020 Astrology: The Giants’ Summit

Ready for the Great Conjunction? The 2020 Great Reset is complete.

The two giants of our solar system - Jupiter and Saturn - enter Aquarius this month where they finally meet this Winter Solstice.

December is a key month. We have the last of the 2020 eclipses (including a Total Solar Eclipse) preceding the Great Conjunction - a Giant’s Summit! The two giants of our solar system - Jupiter and Saturn - enter Aquarius this month where they finally meet right on the Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere).

This Great Conjunction happens every twenty years and is a big deal in itself, marking a great socioeconomic cycle of growth and contraction. Still, it is not as big a deal as the Great Mutation, which happens every two hundred years, namely the shift of that conjunction from one element to another.

Right now we are shifting from Earth to Air, in a long forty year process that began in 1981 and is ratified this December.

And the clock strikes twelve at the Winter Solstice! How’s that for exact? How beautifully the cosmos has timed the whole thing to take place on December 21st, as the Sun enters Capricorn, planting this new seed in the dark!

When such magnificent astrological events are taking place in a single month there’s little value in sweating the small stuff. So let’s focus on the major events:

The last of the 2020 Eclipses

We have two eclipses paving the way for the upcoming Great Conjunction: A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini just past on November 30th. And a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

December arrives on the heels of a penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th. What’s particularly noteworthy about this eclipse is that it’s conjunct the Royal Star Aldebaran (Rohini in the Vedic tradition), the fiery Bull’s Eye in the constellation of Taurus. [The tropical (i.e. season-based) and sidereal (i.e. star-based) zodiacs are apart by about 24 degrees to allow this to happen, due to the precession of the equinoxes. But that’s a topic for another day.]

The image that comes to mind for this eclipse is that of an eye-opening revelation, an informational download or communication hitting ‘bull’s eye’. The scales falling from your eyes. Aldebaran is the Watcher of the East. It’s where the lights come on.

Mercury, ruler of this moon sextiles Saturn on the day, ensuring that what’s revealed is here to stay. This is a Gemini Full Moon, marking the completion of a cycle that began six months previously at the Gemini New Moon of May 22. This is also a North Node eclipse which is all about turning your eyes to the future. This is the unfamiliar calling. And it’s setting the scene for a brand new beginning.

Total Solar Eclipse Sagittarius

Next up, December 14th brings a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon at 23 Sagittarius. December 14th-21st is a week on steroids - the most dense, powerful week of the month. We have the eclipse on the 14th, Saturn enters Aquarius on the 17th, Jupiter follows into Aquarius on the 19th and the the two meet at the Great Conjunction of the 2020 Winter Solstice on the 21st. Eclipses precipitate changes so the entire pre-holiday period should see fast developments and decisive events. This is true all the way down to December 23rd when Mars squares Pluto creating powerful pressures.

Solar Eclipses, in particular, mark radical new beginnings, eliminating the past and opening a portal to the new.

This December 14th eclipse is total and the shift could be dramatic. It is on the karmic South Node too all about letting go of old stale stories we tell ourselves, ditching dogmas that are no longer relevant.

It’s time to recast the past in a new light, to retrieve a lost truth, to regain a sense of vision and purpose.

Jupiter, the Great Benefic and ruler of this eclipse, is sextile Venus, the Lesser Benefic, also on the 14th, so there should be some pleasing developments.

December’s Total Solar Eclipse is sandwiched right between two minor cyclical points: the Mars-Sun closing trine and the Sun-Mercury superior conjunction. These mark the end-points of the retrograde cycle of these planets, which characterised much of Autumn 2020. There’s a great surge of energy by December 11-12 as the Sun and Mars trine in harmony to the Lunar Nodes.

All that subverted transmuted energy of the past three months is suddenly available for use.

The superior Mercury-Sun conjunction on the 20th similarly completes Mercury’s autumnal retrograde, delivering its own important message.

The mid-December Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (the centaur) also coincides with that old healer Chiron in Aries stationing direct. Chiron (the most famous centaur) stations direct on the 15th, a day after the eclipse. Chiron, whose symbol is a key, is a great healer and mentor of hero’s. As he turns he unlocks powerful energies that are now available for integration. The message is clear: you have all you need to heal certain aspects of your life.

The Great Conjunction of Winter Solstice 2020

And this brings us to the 2020 Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius. And they don’t just meet by zodiacal degree (i.e. on the flat horizontal plane), the also meet by declination (how high or low they appear), blasting their message to earth in absolute unison! Weather permitting, December 21st should offer quite a sight, Jupiter and Saturn, literally side by side in the western sky.

Saturn enters Aquarius on the 17th, after spending near three years in Capricorn. Jupiter changes his annual residence into Aquarius two days later on the 19th. And the two finally conjunct in Aquarius on the 21st, seeding a new cycle of socio-economic growth that will peak around 2030.

This new cycle will be largely based on technology and community - both strongly Aquarian principles (unlike the previous one in Taurus which was based on finance, banking and investment).

The fruits of the new Jupiter-Saturn cycle won’t be immediately visible - we need Jupiter and Saturn to start separating a bit (a minimum of 2-3 years) before we see the first shoots coming through. But the seed is being sown right now. And so the 2020 Winter Solstice is the best time to set a powerful intent.

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn will stay in Aquarius till 2023.

As we saw in his brief Aquarius stint last March, Saturn in Aquarius brought a whole new meaning to the words “social responsibility” one that began to wane in July, as restrictions eased and Saturn went back into Capricorn.

Well, he’s back in Aquarius now with a vengeance. Social distancing, controlled air travel, responsible communities and a heavy focus on science and technology - including the great scientific experiment of a quick vaccine - are all part of the Saturn in Aquarius symbolism.

The deeper story is about developing a social conscience. A sense of community. As well as responsible science.

Saturn is not alone. Jupiter is also in Aquarius, starting December 19th, bringing some incredible opportunities for scientific and ideological breakthroughs in the coming year. However 2021, is very much about innovation and the jarring clash between the old and new.

The Great Mutation and the Informational Age

So much for the next two decades, how about the next two centuries? After two hundred years or so of Earth signs - since the early 1800’s - during which the Industrial Revolution changed our world, the Great Conjunction firmly moves into Air and ushers in the Informational Age in full technicolour. The glyph for Aquarius consists in two parallel wave lines. It denotes, vibration, frequency, electromagnetism. A move from particle to wave, from mechanical to vibrational, be it EMF, brainwaves, the quantum field, wifi signal, sound and light... Is the idea that reality is frequency-based about to become common knowledge? We are certainly on the brink of intellectual, scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Covid-19 has already accelerated the digitisation of our lifestyle by a decade or so - even legalising RNA (information-based) vaccines ahead of time.

We are on the brink of major breakthroughs in digitisation, quantum technologies, EMF and AI, which can change everything from our work and energy sources, to our transport, our space programme, our understanding of the brain and the human body, our medicine, our cities and infrastructure, our currencies and banking, and things we probably cannot even imagine right now.

This Winter Solstice marks the beginning of all that. It will unfold over the next two centuries or so. And it’s starting now!

The Great Mutation began in the 1980s

This is not the first time these giants meet in Air in our recent past. But this is the moment when the Great Mutation from Earth to Air is finally complete.

Jupiter and Saturn first met in Air, in Libra, in the early 1980s. And that’s exactly when electronics started permeating our way of life, leading to all the wonderful technologies we enjoy today. Our world has been in transition ever since in an exhilarating tech-ride.

And after a brief spell of hyper-materialism seeded in 2000 and now spent (when the giants met in earthy Taurus one last time) 2020 completes the Great Mutation from Earth into Air and moves us firmly into the 21st and 22nd century. Covid or no, these are exciting times to be alive. Read more about the Jupiter-Saturn Great Mutation

The end of 2020

December ends with a Full Moon in Cancer on December 30th, marking the peak, culmination and fruition of a journey that began this summer and even earlier in January: 2020 started on a gestating Cancer Lunar Eclipse Full Moon. And now it ends on a Cancer Full Moon in full bloom.

The gestation period is over. Time to give birth to a new world. Happy holidays!


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