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The Great Conjunction in Aquarius: Jupiter, Saturn and the Dawn of a New World Order

Is this the fabled Age of Aquarius? Yes, we are already in it!

This is the time of the Great Conjunction and Great Mutation: Bring on the Digital Space Age!

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees of Aquarius on December 21 2020, in an event called the Great Conjunction & Great Mutation and the Dawn of the Vibrational, Digital and Space Age.

Ever heard of the Age of Aquarius? Well, it’s here! Believe it or not, this Christmas 2020 witnesses the dawn of the age of Aquarius!

On the 2020 Winter Solstice, 21st December 2020, at 6:20pm GMT, we’ve a Giants’ Summit. The two gas giants of our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, meet in the skies, in the tropical sign of Aquarius, in a once in a few lifetimes conjunction.

This phenomenon marks a few firsts: a first in 20 years, a first in 200 and 800 years and perhaps even a first in 2000 years. We’re on the brink of a brave new world.

That this new seed should be planted at such a powerful seasonal turning point is even more poignant. For most of the Western world, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the point of maximum darkness, just when the night starts giving way to the light. South of the equator, the seasons are flipped to high summer, marking the achievement of maximum daylight and illumination. Either way the timing is impeccable, chiming in with the giant seasonal clock of the earth.

As if all this wasn’t special enough, Jupiter and Saturn literally coincide in the skies, meeting each other not only on the horizontal plane (i.e. the zodiac) but by declination, that is, in the up and down, something that has not happened since 1226, when those two last met in Aquarius 800 years ago. And all this by Christmas Eve... A beautiful phenomenon that, weather and light permitting, will be great to see setting soon after sunset in the west.

The Great Conjunction

So why call this conjunction “great”? The meeting of Jupiter and Saturn takes place every 20 years and is a key socioeconomic marker, a rhythmic pattern followed by growth and then contraction. Last time it took place in the year 2000 in Taurus, the quintessential sign of finance, equities, assets, hoarding, value and all kinds of financial products. After a wobbly start, the real economy peaked around 2010 and has largely been turning in on itself ever since.

Twenty years later, here we are once more, this time at 0 degrees Aquarius - a critical, potent degree of pure Aquarian energy - symbolising a radical shift into a new way of thinking and functioning. This cycle will peak around 2030-31 and, unlike the previous hyper-materialism of Taurus, this one is largely based on revolutionary new technologies, digitisation, collaboration, connectivity and a matrix-like community.

It won’t be till 2023 that we’ll see this brand new seed give off its first indications of growth.

But the seed is being planted right now. So circle December 21st in your calendar. Set a few minutes aside and set forth a powerful intent - better yet, turn on your receiver - for what you want to see unfold in your life over the next two decades or so.

The Great Mutation

December 2020 doesn’t just seed the next two decades. It also seeds the next two centuries! Every 200 years or so, the Great Conjunction mutates from element to element, taking around 800 years to come full circle. This December, Saturn and Jupiter shift their boardroom-meetings from Earth to Air, taking that huge step in Aquarius and maintaining a foothold in Air until 2219.

We’ve had 200 years in Earth signs at this point, since the early 1800s, during which the Industrial Age changed out world. As the Great Conjunction moves into Air, it heralds the advent of the Informational Age.

We’re moving from ‘particle’ to ‘wave’ from physical to virtual.

Aquarius is the sign of the group mind, space flight, humanity and technology and its symbol is that of wave coherence - synchronised frequencies - be these brainwaves, electromagnetic frequencies, light and sound, radio or quantum fields...

We are on the brink of major breakthroughs in digitisation, quantum technologies, EMF and A.I.

These can change everything from our medicine to the way we work, our energy and fuel sources, our food and transport vehicles, our space programme, our technology interface, our cities and infrastructure, our currencies and banking and arguably many more things beyond imagining. We are only now beginning to understand how to apply our new physics, our new understanding of the universe and our place in it, and even how electromagnetism affects and permeates our body.

All this didn’t happen overnight of course, although Covid-19 and 2020 did accelerate it all. Nor is this the first time that Jupiter and Saturn meet in Air in the recent past.

Our giants met in Air in Libra for the first time in 1981-82, initiating a process of transition from physical to digital that is now complete.

It’s in the 1980s that electronics started revolutionising our way of life, with the 90s and 00s being crucial in securing huge advances, as the outer planets of our solar system, Neptune and Uranus, also went through Aquarius, paving the ground. Pluto will finish the job starting 2023 and for two decades after this at which point our world will be unrecognisable.

Our world has been in an exhilarating high-tech transition ever since the 80s and the time has come to take the leap, complete the course and move firmly into the 21st century and beyond.

So is this truly the dawn of the age of Aquarius? One could be forgiven for thinking so. The Great Conjunction happens at 0 degrees Aquarius, the purest expression of Aquarian energy. Moreover, the current mutation into Air will remain stable (that is the giants will keep meeting in Air signs) until 2159 at the very least and won’t leave the Air element altogether until 2219 - well into the predicted date for a complete transition to the fabled Aquarian Age.

Coming soon: find out what Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius seed from the perspective of your individual star sign!

Jupiter-Saturn Cycle Facts:

The Great Conjunction in Air: 2020 to the 2200s…

Each element lasts 200 years or so. In our present case, Jupiter and Saturn dipped their foot in the Air in 1980 (Libra), then, after a brief earth-bound interlude in Taurus, they arrived in Air in earnest (Aquarius) in December 2020. They will keep meeting in Air signs till the 2200’s. The next mutation from Air into Water begins in 2159 but there is a bit of back and forth. It doesn’t complete till 2219.

The Previous Mutation from Earth to Air: Early Renaissance and Magna Carta.

The move from Earth to Air that we have now last happened 800 years ago in the 1100-1200s. After Jupiter and Saturn met in Libra for a first taster in 1186, 1206 was the last conjunction in earth (Taurus) and 1226 came the complete shift into Air. That was also in Aquarius and also a visual conjunction by longitude and declination both. The Air phase lasted until 1405 back then, throughout the 13th and 14th Centuries giving rise to the Early Renaissance.

The last transition from Earth to Air of the early 1200's also coincides with the Magna Carta, a foundational document for basic human rights.

The Great Year: Our Era Hails Back To 16th-17th Century Insights.

The Great Year (as Nicholas Campion called it) of a full circle through all the elements takes 800-900 years and is renewed each time the conjunction moves into Fire. The current Great Year began in the 16th and 17th century (1603-1821), which forms the foundation of much revered insight and fiery illumination in science and philosophy to this day, with Newton, Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler alive during that era, as well as Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz and Locke, not to mention John Dee and William Lilly. The lights came on.

Article by YourAstroGenes.


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