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December 2023 Astrology: Something’s Cooking…

Mercury retrograde syncs up with the Sagittarius New Moon, the Solstice and the Cancer Full Moon - clever little devil!

boiling pot and steam

December 2023 Astrology Weather Forecast and Horoscopes

December is a special month when Mercury, the trickster god, goes retrograde on the back of a New Moon, on the 13th, switching from practical earth signs to visionary fire signs as he goes, for the first time in five years.

Something is cooking away as we speak, steaming up the windows with a foggy haze!

The December Solstice arrives on the 22nd - a key moment when Mercury meets the Sun at 0 Capricorn, planting ambitious new ideas at the hinges of the world!

December is also when Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter station direct, releasing an avalanche of feeling on the 6th, creating ripples of vulnerability at the Full Moon on the 27th, and finally delivering the gift of hope right in time for New Year's Eve!

With a cheeky Sagittarius New Moon on the 12th, Mars out of bounds, and an emotional Cancer Full Moon on the 26th-27th, December promises to be a firecracker of a month. So what's in this boiling pot? Let's have a look at the December 2023 astrology forecast!

Mercury enters Capricorn 1st: Let's Talk Shop

December begins with Mercury's entry into Capricorn on the 1st, giving the signal for the structural rearrangements about to take place this month. Mercury in Capricorn is great for organising your life's practicalities - especially when you consider officialdom: your public role, duty or responsibilities to others, various hierarchies and organisations that hold your world together, as well as any ambitious goals and plans you want to set into effect to raise your standing. Mercury is well into his retrograde shadow period at this point (covering zodiac terrain he will go over back and forth twice again) and we're about to enter a period of restructure.

The first half of December is best used for tackling unfinished business and tying up loose ends.

As Mercury grinds to a halt and hits the retros on the 13th, proceed slowly with any new projects and see what information comes to light between now and January 2th, before you make any final decisions.

Venus enters Scorpio 4th: Bonding Time

Come Monday the 4th, it is Venus' turn to change signs, from Libra into Scorpio. Venus now leaves her home turf, and enters dark and uncertain terrain.

Scorpio's relating style is naked, raw, intense, and Venus can't function solely based on her usual charms.

Relationships need to be much more than skin-deep with Venus in Scorpio. It's just not worth the trouble unless you're forming a real, honest, meaningful connection. This is a great time for getting to know someone better, for deeply bonding experiences and for more intimate, transformative encounters. Venus squares Pluto just before she enters Scorpio on the 3rd, intensifying bonds, and she trines Saturn on the 5th - the perfect time to make a commitment.

Neptune Direct 6th: Great Longing

Neptune in Pisces is next in line to station direct on Wednesday the 6th.

Neptune's station can be a little overwhelming as waves of yearning, longing and nostalgia wash over us.

This is a time to let such feelings ebb and flow and observe which dreams are washed away with the tides, and which ones come back stronger. There's no control to be had where Neptune goes. A spiritual commitment may be called for to move forward with whatever your soul yearns for at this time and trust that the rest will follow. Neptune stays direct into the early summer season.

Sagittarius New Moon 12th: A Tricksy New Start

And so we arrive at this month's New Moon on December 12th (23:32GMT) at 20 degrees 40 minutes of Sagittarius.

This lunation is square Neptune: pure magic - and trickery too, depending which end of the spectrum you want to experience!

We have a Sun-Mars-Moon combo here widely conjunct in Sagittarius, trine Chiron and the North Node in Aries, and square to Neptune in Pisces. Moreover, Mercury, the classic trickster god, is practically stationary at this point, turning retrograde within the next eight hours! With Mercury stationary and with Mars and Neptune activated, there's a deeply tricksy, artful, illusory energy to this New Moon. A Houdini act... The universe is playing some sort of trick on us!

Sagittarius is a visionary sign, requiring large vistas to roam, new territories to explore. And so this is an expansive, explorative New Moon, opening subtle doors to the future. But all is not as it seems... Not only do we lack important information, as Mercury is about to station, but something is masquerading as something else, potentially causing sabotage or misdirection, or simply playing make-believe. That’s Neptune’s doing. Neptune infuses this lunation with subtle energies - fantastic for self-effacing, artistic and spiritual pursuits, but not so good for trying to figure out what’s what...

This is the ideal moment to plant a new dream, to imagine and visualise, to let your sense of unity and compassion inspire you to action, or to launch a spiritual or creative project!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is "a child and a dog wearing borrowed eyeglasses" highlighting the use of the imagination, mimicry and make-believe to learn and grow.

Jupiter, ruler of this lunation, harmonises with Venus (10th) and Mercury (8th) (and, widely, Saturn), which is great news. Venus-Jupiter has a tendency to bite off more than it can chew but, still. Something good will come out of this lunation as we learn and grow, forming solid, lively and beneficial connections.

Of the New Moon aspects, the Sun-Chiron trine perfects on the 8th, Mars-Chiron and Sun-Node on the 15th, Sun-Neptune on the 17th and finally Mars-Node and Mars-Neptune on the 25th-27th. It looks like this illusory, tricksy, magical energy will carry us well into the holidays and the Full Moon of the 27th! It’s like an impressionist painting... Squint, keep and open mind and let's see what emerges.

Mercury Station Retrograde 13th: Time for a Restructure

Barely eight hours after the Sagittarius New Moon, Mercury stations retrograde at 07:09 GMT at 8 degrees and 29 minutes of Capricorn. Time to reorganise our existence.

What's special about this Mercury retrograde is that Mercury is shifting from earth to fire signs for the first time in five years, since 2017-18.

The past couple of years saw Mercury retrograde in earth signs, bogging our minds down in practical problems: career and finances, work, health or daily routine - basically how to manage life on a basic, day to day level.

While Mercury stations in an earth sign again this month, Capricorn, come the 23rd, Mercury backtracks into Sagittarius and it's time to move to greener pastures.

The switch of Mercury retrograde in fire signs, from the 23rd, turns our mind to the meaning of it all, to new adventures, to our creative spirit. Time to review our vision and relight the fire in our belly. Where do you see yourself going? What brings you joy? What fires you up?

Mercury's station on the 13th is beautifully cushioned amid trines and sextiles with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. So this is a good time to feel a sense of achievement, completion and arrival - and to put the finishing touches to something you've been working on. The sextile to Venus is exact on the 11th, the trine to Jupiter on the 8th and 18th (and throughout the ten days in between). Finally the sextile to Saturn is exact on the 2nd and 21st, two most reassuring days.

This beautiful Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn dynamic repeats a month later, on January 18th, when Mercury is direct. So whatever good stuff is cooking in December does reach a point of stability and clarity in the new year. That's despite a rather tricky moment arriving on December 27th when retrograde Mercury conjuncts Mars, both square master illusionist Neptune.

Mercury turns direct on January 2nd, re-enters Capricorn on the 14th, and exits his retrograde shadow on Janaury 21st (coinciding with the biggest event of our times, Pluto's entry into Aquarius!). That's when we can finally begin thinking new thoughts (and they're going to be madly futuristic).

Winter Solstice & Sun-Mercury 22nd: Crucial Ideas Are Born

The Winter Solstice in the North, (Summer in the Southern Hemisphere), when the Sun enters Capricorn, arrives on December 22nd at 03:27 GMT. It’s a special one. That's because the Sun and Mercury retrograde meet on that very same day, for their inferior conjunction, at at exactly zero degrees of Capricorn at 18:53GMT. This is a critical degree, opening the world at its hinges so that new ideas can be built right into it. This winter will plant new seeds in our minds, especially for global organisations, governments, corporations and institutions that are all ruled by Capricorn, as well as for whatever holds us personally in one piece.

Mercury and the Sun both sextile Saturn, Capricorn's ruler (on the 21st and 24th respectively) bringing opportunities for the structural implementation of ideas. There is a potentially supportive vibe to this configuration, which can be drawn upon to create new structures in our lives.

Venus in Scorpio is also active during the Solstice, opposing Uranus in Taurus on the 21st. This could bring romantic and financial surprises! Thrills and general disruption in relationships and markets are certainly possible. A good time to practice non-attachment in the midst of intense emotion!

Mars Out of Bounds 21st: “No, I Won't”

Also around the Solstice, we see Mars veering "out of bounds" (meaning he travels further north or south of the ecliptic - the narrow band of the sun's apparent motion around the earth. There is a rebellious vibe when Mars is out of bounds, a refusal to follow orders or be told how to live. This is a good time for independent action and self-determination. Mars will stay out of bounds until January 23rd.

Mercury Retrogrades into Sagittarius 23rd: New Visions

Come the 23rd, Mercury retrograde drops back into Sagittarius and we're ready to explore new possibilities. The next ten days are given to revisiting our vision for the future - the most expansive image of what we'd like to experience far ahead. Mercury goes direct on the 2nd and reenters Capricorn again on January 14th.

Venus trines Neptune 25th: Merry Christmas!

December 25th has some truly inspirational vibes going for it this year. On Christmas Eve, the 24th, we have a Sun-Saturn sextile, bringing an opportunity for stability and commitment for the long term. Time to celebrate traditions! We then have a most romantic moment on the 25th, fit for love, creativity and reverie of all kinds as Venus trines Neptune, a most loving aspect: Merry Christmas! Mars harmonises with the Lunar Nodes on the same day, Xmas, and it's time to follow through with right action: whatever you do today is sure to hit the mark!

Cancer Full Moon 27th: An Emotional Summit

The Full Moon is in Cancer this month, brimming with emotion, and arrives on the night of the 26th / the early hours of December 27th at 00:33GMT, at 4 degrees and 58 minutes of Cancer - right amid the festive season.

The sign of Cancer is the moon's home turf and our cup truly runneth over this month. Home, family, country, the past, the need for shelter and protection, and a rich inner life are all highlighted here.

There's something abundant about this Full Moon. That's because the Sun and Moon closely harmonise with Jupiter, calling for sanctuary, introducing hope and optimism, even bringing a sense of restlessness. Jupiter is practically stationary at this point, about to turn direct and open the door to a myriad possibilities. Saturn is also active, trine the Full Moon, and this could bring some reassurance and stability to the proceedings.

There is a stillness to this lunation - an emotional stillpoint, a high tide, a moment of heightened emotional exposure.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon "at a railroad crossing an automobile is wrecked by a train" symbolises the errors of wilful past behaviour becoming abundantly clear. It certainly evokes a strong emotional response. Something has reached a point of no return, telling us how important it is to observe and maintain the proper safeguards. This is an emotional realisation point.

...And Chiron Stations Direct 27th: Excess Vulnerability

Indeed, there is something highly sensitive about this lunation.

Chiron stations direct on the same day as the Full Moon, intensifying feelings of vulnerability and calling for healing and for the redressing of past hurts.

Time to open up to what might be too painful and let the emotional tides wash away past hurts. This lunation seems to offer a stable setting for this - and a hopeful one with Jupiter, the great benefic, close at hand offering hope and protection.

…And Mars Conjuncts Mercury 27th: Work Your Magic!

Also on the 27th, Mercury retrograde conjuncts Mars in Sagittarius, both square Neptune. Yet more pulling at the heartstrings! On the low end of the scale, this aspect reeks of trickery and misdirection - from guilt-tripping to the promise of easy riches - keep an eye out! On the higher spectrum, this aspect brings great compassion and lends itself to marvellous artistic, creative and spiritual work, if the channel can be kept clear of baser desires. Let inspiration flow!

Mars and Mercury together motivate and get things moving. It's just that Neptune could rig the compass right now to point in the wrong direction!

Best close the eyes and use the inner compass. This is the point when the cooking pot has filled the room with fog! Mars and Mercury meet again on January 27th, this time in sturdy Capricorn, giving everyone one the authority and oomph to get things going for real this time.

Venus in Sagittarius 29th: For the Love of Adventure!

Just before the year is out, on December 29th Venus slips out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, to welcome the new year in an adventurous spirit. Time to explore multiple options for love, pleasure, art and profit. The 29th itself could feel rather intense, as Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. We're at the end of an era here, as Pluto is about to change signs into Aquarius next month where he hasn't settled for a quarter of a century - can you feel the future at your doorstep? Something about the 29th may remind us of that, of the intensity of our interactions amid the present crises, of the intensity of a world on a knife-edge about to change. Let's enjoy these intense last moments of the old world.

Jupiter Stations Direct 31st: Have a Great New Year's Eve!

And so we arrive at a most exciting New Year's Eve! On the 31st Jupiter stations direct, ready to speed through lucky Taurus for the next five months.

Jupiter's stations are filled with hope, anticipation and delight, as a myriad possibilities seem to open up before us.

The future beckons! No use having a quiet one this New Year's Eve. Something more adventurous and luxurious is called for, to welcome 2024 in style!

December 2023 Zodiac Sign Horoscope

So what’s cooking away for your star sign this December? I am a little late writing this, and the New Moon is already here! High time to divide the cosmic pot into twelve equal mini-mes and see how the bubbles foam… Read your Sun sign for the meaning of it all, your rising sign for the total immersive experience, and your Moon Sign for how the animal fares within you…


Get ready for the desire for adventure to stir within you, dear Aries! With a full-on New Moon in your learning and travel house, you’re ready to expand your horizons. Much of your energy will be going towards the bigger questions in life, the meaning of it all. You may also be thinking of how you can widen your base of operations, travel more, expand your business abroad, get legal or immigration matters sorted, further your education, publish your ideas or get officially accredited for your skills. The Sagittarius New Moon also puts you in a holiday spirit, motivating you to break away from your routine. You’ll be able to let your hair down more and more as we approach the holidays. December also gives you a chance to re-think your career, life direction and the role you want to play in the world. Get ready to plant new seeds on that front around the winter solstice, opening new vocational pathways for you, albeit still deeply held in the unconscious. By contrast, the Cancer Full Moon of the 27th finds you in a nesting mood, focusing on your home, family and security needs. It’s time to release past hurts and prepare for a new chapter in your life. And you may feel wistful about the sacrifices you’ve had to make or what you’re leaving behind. Take time out to tend to your body, spirit and psychological wellbeing this holiday season. You’ll be happy to know that Jupiter is bringing luck and abundance to your finances, just in time for the new year. Your expenses may rise but so will your ability to bring in the dough. Not to mention nice gifts coming your way! And you can look forward to some lovely intimate moments too this holiday season.


December is a transformational month for you, dear Taurus. Whatever you’re doing, you’re all in, fully invested and the energies are powerful enough to generate change in your life. You may be dealing with joint financial matters all month, managing money around banking, a partner, your family, a client or club - or merging your energies with others toward common ends. You may be deeply involved with others, bonding closely, sharing secrets and delving beneath the surface. You may even be on a healing journey this month, or even on a magical, secret, esoteric learning adventure. Whatever it is, you have the energy to do it and you’ll have many a pleasant moment finding connection with others. December also gives you an opportunity to tidy loose ends when it comes to a legal or immigration matter, or perhaps publishing, travel or your studies. It’s time to reframe the bigger picture of your life and the winter solstice could give birth to a whole new perspective to take you forward into the new year. And with all that now underway, you can turn your attention to your financial and psychological wellbeing and the bonds that hold your world together. You’ll be in the mood for visits, meetings and conversations come the Cancer Full Moon of the 27th and you may particularly enjoy a family get together. You’re in the process of releasing old romantic dreams and ideals and becoming clearer on your hopes and aspirations. And this process could leave you feeling sad or nostalgic. Still, with Jupiter and Uranus in your sign, you are the cosmic favourite right now, gifted and protected all the way to your next birthday. So whatever you want to set into motion, it’s now or never. New doors open wide for you this New Year’s Eve, laying out the red carpet for you to walk through all the way til May.


Your ruler stations retrograde this month, dear Gemini, so take a moment to rethink and reorganise the bits and pieces of your life. Relationships are especially highlighted all month long. The Sagittarius New Moon makes space for something new in your relationships, opening you up to new influences, whether through your mate or business partner, a competitor or through a client or agent. Sacrifices may be required when it comes to your career and to how others see you, and you may not know what to expect down the line, but that’s the point. Keep an open mind and see what comes in! Joint finances are also highlighted this month and you’ll have another chance to restructure your financial relationship with a bank, sponsor or partner. Tidy up loose ends and get ready to plant new financial seeds at the winter solstice. If life has felt a little insular for the past couple of years, you’ll be glad to know that you’re ready to reopen communication lines, reconnect with people from your past and rethink how you link up, talk and relate to people in general. The Cancer Full Moon of the 27th brings your attention firmly back on your money, your stuff, talents and need for sustenance. Something could solidify at this point in order to make solid strides in your career, and although you may have to concede some ground, it will be alright in the end. Your work and daily routine should be pleasant and at times even exciting. Above all, know that you have a guardian angel looking over your shoulder and you may even have a secret admirer or benefactor. You have protection. If so, your angel will make their move as Jupiter stations direct at New Year’s Eve, and you’ll see the benefit of this as we enter a brand new year and all the way through 2024!


You’ve a Full Moon in your sign this month, dear Cancer, and something very dear to your heart is coming full circle. Things that were set in motion last summer are now being completed, fulfilled, culminating and showing you exactly where you stand. You’ll see the truth of this by the end of the month. In the meantime, it’s also a very busy month for you, perhaps even a physically demanding time when you’ll have to work hard and seek out different options when it comes to your work, health or daily routine. The devil is in the details, as they say, and all this hullabaloo will eventually lead you to revisit your work, perhaps past jobs and present, your lifestyle, skill-set and the way you want to do things more generally. The Sagittarius New Moon is the time to plant new seeds when it comes to your work, health and overall lifestyle. You’ll just have to go into this process blind, for there is much still that is hidden behind a veil. But so be it. Things will start becoming clearer once the new year is underway. Still, you have the energy to get much done this month so go for it. This is also a good time to revisit an important contract or relationship in your life, putting the finishing touches to any restructures or tweaking what doesn’t quite work. The winter solstice allows you to plant new seeds on that front that will carry you forward for the next five years or so. And so we arrive at the Full Moon in your sign, which is on the 27th. This could be an emotionally vulnerable moment, especially where your work and career are concerned. Luckily, you are surrounded by friends, allies and even VIPs who have your back. Trust that you don’t possess all the pieces of the puzzle just yet and keep going. Your friends will eventually come through for you, so keep reaching out - especially as we welcome the New Year and Jupiter stations direct activating your dreams and ambitions for the future and bringing allies to your doorstep. Venus is your friend this month and your charm is at a high. You can look forward to much fun, romance and creativity before the year is out.


Love, romance and enjoyment, that’s what December is all about, dear Leo! Mars is in your house of fun and you’re determined to have as much of it as you can and not worry too much about the details. Of course, with Mercury retrograde in your work and daily chore sector, you may be rethinking your work situation or have some nitty gritty loose ends to tie up, as we head toward the winter solstice. You may want to reapply for a job, tweak an ongoing work project, double check a health result, revisit a health and exercise routine or perhaps even reconnect with old work colleagues. New ideas are planted in your mind as to how you could structure your work and lifestyle as we head to Christmas so be open to that. Before that, the Sagittarius New Moon marks a deeply romantic fresh start. And you have the libido and sex appeal to match December’s romantic vibes too - a perfect concoction for the holidays! Still, financial sacrifices for those you love are racking a bill these days, creating dependencies and blurring the boundaries between you and others far further than you’d like - something you may be struggling with this month. Still, this is ultimately a maturing experience for you. And this is a month of love and joy! As we head toward Christmas, you’ll be ready to finally move away from all these practical concerns that dominated the past couple of years and revisit what true love and happiness mean for you. The Cancer Full Moon of the 27th finds you in an ‘exclusive’ mood. You’re not up for mingling with the crowds. An intimate, secret, exclusive gathering would be best - high end, luxurious, surrounded by family, or by people you can trust, away from prying eyes. Give yourself some downtime this Christmas too, as this is usually your time to let go of the past and process much of what has happened in the previous year - especially since the summer - in time for the full moon in your sign next month. Many a wonderful moment is to be had behind closed doors this month, surrounded by loved ones, home and family.


Your ruler, Mercury, hits the retros this month, dear Virgo. And chances are you’ve been running around like crazy, in mad-prep mode, trying to get everything ready for the holidays and the new year. The madness reaches a peak mid-month and begins to recede as we head for Christmas - though your motivation and activity levels - especially around your home and family - remain. Most of the action is in private, at home, with family members and behind closed doors, The Sagittarius New Moon plants new seeds in your home and family sector, opening you up to interesting alternatives. It is also a time of endings, as is usual for you around this time of year, allowing you to take a recce of the year just past and put certain things to bed. Relationships seem to require sacrifices these days, and those may be weighing heavily on you. This is only the beginning, as you’re about to clean up your relating space and make a commitment either way over the next two years. Lots of new information is yet to come to light between now and well into January, which may affect you personally or psychologically. You’re entering a period of emotional self-discovery. A love affair, start up or creative project may also need a rethink as we head toward the holidays - or a child may need your attention. Use this time to tidy up loose ends as you head toward the winter solstice, planting fresh seeds for your happiness. Come the 27th and the Cancer Full Moon, you’re in a socialising mood. Get out there and meet up with friends and loved ones, or connect on social media. Your home situation and finances may be a little chaotic, but it feels good to have your tribe around you for moral support. You can certainly look forward to many pleasant moments chatting and connecting this month. You’re entering an exhilarating year in 2024, full of adventure, which may even open VIP doors for you in education, immigration and legal matters, publishing, travel and, later in the year, in your career too. You may get an inkling of this as soon as New Year’s Eve when Jupiter stations direct. That’s when your runway is finally cleared of debris and ready for your take off!


The eclipses are in your sign and you’re in for a year of changes, dear Libra, both personally and in your relationships. Simply put, things are coming full circle in your life. This month’s Sagittarius New Moon could help you speak up and communicate how you feel. It’s a great time to network, spread your ideas, establish your influence and connect with people all around you. This could be quite a hectic month too, with lots of moving parts. A work or health matter could demand sacrifices in lifestyle. Do what you need to do and Jupiter is sure to reward you with a bonus or other benefit at the end of the year. Meanwhile, you’re ready for one final rethink and reorganisation on the home and family front. You have all the way to the winter solstice to reorganise your home and family, for that’s when new ideas begin to take hold in your personal life. Misunderstandings are possible over the holidays - especially in the last ten days of December - and that’s only because you’re right in the midst of rethinking the very foundations of your life and not able to find the right words to express it. Let these ideas simmer a little and make sure you have been fully understood and that you fully understand others before jumping to conclusions. Your relationships and the way you come across will undergo redefinition over the next year and a half, so make sure you examine all the options. The Cancer Full Moon of the 27th shines a light on your career. This could be a moment of recognition in your field, leading to greater kudos and responsibilities. Your financial outlook is volatile and exciting these days and could hold a few surprises. But, mostly, this is a pleasant period. You may be more likely to splurge on luxury items or spend erratically on the credit card - something to watch. But this is certainly the time to appreciate yourself, your loved ones and all the good things you have in life. Jupiter’s station opens new doors to abundance on New Year’s Eve and all the way to May 2024.


Venus in your sign makes you (yet more!) irresistible this month, dear Scorpio. So if there’s a favour you need to ask for, a bridge you need to mend, or someone you need to charm, now’s the time. Mars fills allows you to strut your stuff, filling you with self confidence, so go for it! The Sagittarius New Moon heralds a tricky period in your finances, when you just don’t know which way the chips will fall. That’s because Mercury stations retrograde at the same time and will regress into your financial house for the duration of the holidays and into mid-January. This means that there’s lots of information that’s yet to come to light between now and then. You may simply have to take a gamble - something you’ve learned how to live with of late, even whilst knowing that the situation could prove treacherous. Still. Place your bets you must, keeping an open mind to see which could come up trumps. You may also be dealing with lots of paperwork and communications this month, travelling, connecting with people or revisiting written work. This is a good time to reorganise your environment, tweak papers and tackle loose ends. Come the winter solstice, you’re ready to try a fresh approach in how you connect with your environment and the people around you. The Cancer Full Moon of the 27th puts you in a holiday mood, finally allowing you to let your hair down for a bit. A writing or publishing project could also culminate then, as could a legal contract, immigration matter or course of study that’s been going on since this summer. This could be something you’ve nurtured for a while, something close to your heart. Whether you can travel physically or not, you’re ready for a change of scenery, virtual or literal. As for others, they may be unpredictable right now, but they are also your benefactors, urging you to grow and learn. Nurture these relationships and get ready for a collaboration or partnership to prove especially lucky for you come the New Year, when Jupiter removes all the stops bringing hope to your relationship and publicity sector!


It’s your birthday, dear Sagittarius, and there’s a congestion in your sign. Mars, the Sun and a New Moon are all ready to cheer you on, followed by Mercury and even Venus before the month is out. With Mars giving you oodles of energy - and work to do - you may be in a “work hard play hard” mood. Just as well, for there’s nothing you cannot achieve right now! Something new lies just around the corner for you and the Sagittarius New Moon is the signal for that, even if the details are unclear. Your home and family has required many sacrifices of you of late and the time has come to squarely focus your attention there and set a good foundation for the future. With Mercury retrograde, there will be some loose ends to organise, especially around your finances, your stuff, and other practical things. More importantly, you’re reorganising your values and priorities, as well as the value you place on your own time, talents and energy. And come the winter solstice, a new way of seeing what you’ve got will slowly begin to solidify. After a couple of years of trying to fiddle with practical matters to make your life work, you’re ready to let your spirit soar toward more adventurous and creative endeavours. December 20th turns your attention to your personal desires and impulses, revisiting what it is that you want, what fires you up and gets you excited. This is the beginning of a new trend that will last a year and a half and be much more playful and fun. The Full Moon of the 27th is best spent in intimate surroundings, and your home and family will once more demand your energy and attention - this is your cue to solidify family bonds, enjoying these little moments. Secret, exclusive activities also bring pleasure this month and you can certainly steal a moment or two to relax and enjoy yourself away from daily chores. Best of all, your ruler, Jupiter, stations direct on New Year’s Eve, infusing you with hope and anticipation for the new year and removing all obstacles to progress, at last. Your lifestyle and relationships are about to improve exponentially in 2024!


Your birthday is just around the corner, dear Capricorn, and change is in the air. Pluto is about to leave your sign after one and a half decades ensconced there, and Mercury retrograde in your sign helps you reorganise yourself in anticipation of this event. This could make you retreat into your shell initially, but with a Full Moon opposite your sign, others will soon demand you pay attention! For now, you’re deep in undercover mode. The world can go fish, as far as you’re concerned, for you need time alone. Whether this is so you can rest and recuperate, explore mysterious topics or carry out business undisturbed, you’re wearing an invisibility cloak this December. And rightly so. After all, this Sagittarius New Moon is your signal for spiritual renewal. Take a well-deserved break. Come January you’ll be ready to step back up and jump into action with great dynamism. meanwhile, Mercury goes retrograde for one last time in your sign, giving you one more chance to rethink who you want to be, what you want out of life, and how you go about it. Observe yourself during this period and see what you learn about yourself. Come the winter solstice, you’ll find new ideas begin to take shape about how you want to present yourself to the world. Relationships are highlighted by the Cancer Full Moon of the 27th, drawing you out of your shell. This is a good time to look in the mirror that others are holding up to you and see what you find therein, establishing more joyous and honest relationships. Despite your reclusive tendencies, socialising brings great pleasure this month and you can spend many a lovely moment among friends. Your greatest luck comes through children and youngsters, or though hobbies, love, romance or a creative project these days. And with Jupiter about to be released from his retrograde on New Year’s Eve, the road to love, joy and happiness is laid wide open, now and all the way to May 2024!


Great changes lie ahead, dear Aquarius, for Pluto is about to enter your sign next month, at the time of your birthday! You’ve been working undercover for a while now and December offers you a chance to tidy up loose ends and restructure various secret, psychological or vast and institutional structures around you. Your have until the winter solstice to get everything in order, planting new ideas behind the scenes of your every day life. December is also a very sociable month, when you can reconnect with old friends and revisit your dreams and ideals for the future. After a year and a half spent mostly hidden away, dealing with private life matters, you’re ready to burst forth and socialise more in the coming year. Time to reconsider and visualise the contribution you want to make to the world. The Sagittarius New Moon allows you to make a fresh start with your dreams and ideals, as well as your social circles, a club, group or friendship. It is unclear whether you have the time, money or resources to give it everything you’ve got - or alternatively, it may be that sacrifices are needed, a drain on your time and resources. Either way, your social involvements will draw you out of your shell this month, bringing you into contact with interesting people and ideas and eventually allowing you to build a more solid foundation for the future. As we approach the holidays, the Cancer Full Moon makes for a busy holiday season. A work project could finally be completed at this point, or you may simply have tons to do around the house. Venus is at the top of your chart makes you loveable as a boss and wildly popular with higher ups. Enjoy this time of adulation. Most importantly, perhaps, Jupiter turns direct at the end of the year, bringing hope and opening a pathway for fantastic improvements at home and in your private life. The next five months are great for any kind of inner psychological work, as well as for home and family projects, allowing you to make your base more luxurious, aspirational and conducive to growth.


With Saturn and Neptune in your sign these days, you truly know the meaning of sacrifice, dear Pisces. This is the beginning of a journey toward greater maturity and personal authority. Still, ready or not, December puts you in the public eye! You’re called to take charge of the situation and perform certain duties. Perhaps new roles and responsibilities are given to you that seem somewhat vague and disconcerting. Or, perhaps, you’re embarking on a new spiritual or creative project as part of a new beginning in your career or vocation. Either way, you’ll have let go of expectations as you go into it. For there is much you still don’t know amid all this fog. Your relationships, friendships and circles have gone through a period of restructure in the past couple of years, and December offers you one last chance to tidy loose ends in your social network, all the way to the winter solstice. New dreams and ideas are seeded at that point, which will lead you to reconsider the role you want to play in the world and the contribution you want to make, alongside, of course, who is actually your friend and will help you reach your goals. The Cancer Full Moon of the 27th puts you the mood for love, fun and play. A creative project could come to fruition over the holidays, or you may want to celebrate your love for someone special or focus on something you enjoy. You may get opportunities to travel, speak up, learn, connect and express your creative ideas much more now and especially in the new year. Jupiter, your ruler, goes direct on New Year’s Eve, bringing great hope for the future. Come 2024, you’ll be ready to pull out all the stops and pursue a writing or communications project, network for success, sell any idea you care about, excel in your studies, or just travel more and meet fascinating people. Your world comes to life! You’re certainly in the mood for adventure this month already, and travel brings out a more relaxed, romantic side to you over the holiday season.

Article by YourAstroGenes

(Image (edited) from Unsplash)


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