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February 2021 Astrology: Quantum Leap!

February brings a great awakening. It's progress or perish!

Saturn square Uranus February 17th: strike one!

Get ready for a quantum leap this month! Yep, the time has come to push yourself over the edge - or get shoved, whichever comes first... Either way, you’ll be happy you went!

The key aspect of 2021 - Saturn square Uranus - hits for the first time on 17th February - and the first hit is always the hardest. “Innovate or perish” it says!

The universe is expanding in jerky bursts and it’s time to shake things all about.

The world might seem closed for business, but things are actually progressing at an unprecedented rate.

Technology is transforming everything as we speak, our health and lifestyle, our society and financial system, our perceptions... It’s time to venture into totally unfamiliar territory and say “what the heck”. (Check out the February 2021 horoscope for your star sign!)

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius February 2021

February is highly experimental. While Saturn-Uranus is breaking new ground, Mercury gives everyone a whole different break!

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius till the 20th - time to put your lab coat on! You have plenty of time to work out the kinks of all your new ideas this month.

Take a moment to revise your data and explore alternatives. Perhaps there’s something you’d discounted? Something it’s time to take out of the back burner? New ideas grab a foothold by February the 8th (Mercury’s inferior conjunction with the Sun) and soon, you’re trying them on for size. Stay in the lab till the 20th for that’s when Mercury goes direct. Mars and Venus square on the 19th too, creating tension so try and cool those jets.

It’s generally advisable to give Mercury a moment to hit snooze a few times, once he’s gone direct, before you rush off making major new decisions.

Aquarius New Moon 11 February 2021

This month’s Aquarius New Moon arrives on the 11th and it’s a veritable rocket launcher. It’s revolutionary, jarring, energising - and lucky! You’ll be reaping the rewards of the seeds you now plant all year long - and they’ll be good. The Aquarius planet-gang are squeezed like sardines right now - no less than six of them: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury retrograde, Sun and the New Moon.

Such Aquarian congestion has not happened since early 1962, the time of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the time of the first man in orbit around the earth and Kennedy’s speech to put one on the moon. Is this the start of a whole new space age? Yes. A social and cultural revolution? Yes.

Valentine’s Day 2021

February pushes you out of your comfort zone but gives you good shock absorbers too. Jupiter brings buoyancy, exuberance and hope mid-month. And - how considerate - right on Valentine’s Day! That’s when Venus Jupiter and Mercury form an ecstatic trio.

Love, friendship and money rocks your world 11th-15th February bringing all sorts of pleasures.


Venus-Saturn-Uranus February 6-7 2021

You’ll be forgiven for not seeing all the goodies in store this month right away. February kicks off in a huff with the Sun square Mars on the 1st. And, by the weekend 6th-7th. Venus bumps up against the big Saturn-Uranus square.

Venus right on Saturn could be a bit of a downer. But her square with Uranus gives you a pair of scissors to cut out whatever you don’t like - cut right through the red tape. Reality check? Rip that bandaid!

Watch and see what themes arise for you now. They’ll be up for further testing and upgrades throughout the whole year – more so with Venus layering matters of the heart, relationships and finance on top of it all now in February, and in April, July and September. You’ve got to feel it’s worth it!

Virgo Full Moon 27 February 2021

February ends with a liberating Virgo Full Moon on the 27th, delivering just what we now need most - some practical solutions! At this full moon, seeds planted last September bear fruit.

Virgo is also the sign of health and medicine and a trine to Uranus may bring fast technological developments. Perhaps a vaccine breakthrough or some other innovation to speed things along?

To solve a problem you first need to be honest about what’s broken and shore up your defences - and that’s Chiron-Saturn’s work. There is an opportunity, all year long, for a more holistic and integrated approach.

Jupiter smiles at the Great Dragon (i.e. the Nodes of the Moon where the eclipses happen) on the 27th too, trine the North Node and sextile the South Node. As, Mercury, ruler of this Virgo Full Moon, approaches a conjunction with Jupiter on the 27th, this opens a progress superhighway: all the lights turn green, if just for a moment!

The February 27th Virgo Full Moon opens a big lucky portal for humanity to walk through.

Could this be what hope feels like? The end of the month brings a resounding "yes"!


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