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February 2021 Horoscope Star Signs

Astrology forecasts for your neck of the zodiacal woods...

February 2021 is a flagship month of what your 2021 horoscope is all about. We’re now getting into the swing of things with the first Saturn-Uranus square on the 17th and a congestion of planets up there in Aquarius, representing the dawn of a new era.

Pay attention to what arises this month for it will keep you occupied all year long - in a good way.

As, noted the astrology of February 2021 brings a quantum leap. But in which direction? Where are you likely to experience this in your life? It largely depends on where you’re positioned in the astrological geography, i.e. the slice of the sky pie you occupy via your star sign, as well as your ascendant or the moon.

Your Slice of the Sky Pie...

Nothing compares to a full astrology reading of your unique birth-chart, which can give you an in depth picture of where you are at. But star sign horoscopes can be fun and still give you the lay of the land to help orient you in the current astro weather.

Check out your sun sign for the key themes and, if you know it, your rising sign for a more localised perspective of the main concerns. Your moon sign can reveal emotional dimensions of current events.

Find out where these energies play out in your zodiacal slice of the pie in your February horoscope for every star sign.


All the action is in your friendship zone this month, dear Aries. You‘re getting actively involved in your world, in your groups, clubs and associations.

Social interaction is where it’s at and it’s a lucky time for all that - especially at the Aquarius New Moon on the 11th and for two weeks after that.

It’s time to make a fresh start in your circles, to network, participate and rally the troops. Mercury retrograde till the 20th brings back old friends and allows you to carry out a social experiment to see where you belong. The friendships you now build will bring long term rewards, allowing you to reach your aspirations and build the world you want.

The challenge with all this is the financial instability and unpredictability you’re faced with, a theme that is active all year long.

It’s time to take a chance, to make a quantum leap in your values and security attitudes.

This will change the way you see what talents and resources are available to you and, longer term, how you want to earn a living. Expenses may be rising with Mars in your money house and you’re also ready to flex some muscle - both financially and physically. Time to build your strength.

A lucky and liberating Virgo Full Moon on the 27th illuminates your health, helping you correct any physical issues that may have been bothering you. It also reveals new ways that you can work and earn, making the most of the lucky connections that now present themselves.


You’ve taken a huge bet, dear Taurus, and put all your eggs in one basket! All your chips are in, you’ve taken a specific direction in your life and there’s no turning back. Or is there?

With Mercury retrograde at the very top of your chart, you have until the 20th to closely examine the direction you’re now taking and tweak it if you need to. This is a month of initiation for your career, raising your profile considerably, and it’s liberating for you personally too.

With Mercury retrograde you may re-activate old goals or receive honours and recognition for past efforts. Mars in your sign is giving you the power to call the shots on all fronts all month long, something that only happens every two years so, go for it!

At the same time, you’re venturing into a new territory, maturing and reinventing yourself as an authority in your field.

February 11th brings a dynamic fresh start in your career and overall life direction, one that will keep bringing positive developments throughout the year.

Your ruler, Venus, puts you in a sombre mood as soon as February 6th and you’re ready to make serious long term decisions about the future.

With a most pleasurable Virgo Full Moon on the 27th, February ends on a joyous, loving and incredibly creative note.

Is it a lucrative career opening? A matter of personal fulfilment? You’re in for a happy surprise.


February is an incredibly expansive month for you, dear Gemini.

It’s a philosophical month of great understanding and inspiration, but also a time when you can achieve greater outreach in all your operations. Time to think big!

You can reach many more people with your ideas now through teaching, broadcasting or publishing, and you can break into bigger markets with your business and activities too. It’s a fantastic month to seek stamps of approval - e.g. an academic degree or other accreditation, a visa, legal papers or some other feather in your cap. February the 11th onwards is your time to pull out all the stops - with the Aquarius New Moon - and Valentine’s Day is especially delicious. The start you make now will keep on giving.

Mercury, your ruler, is retrograde till the 20th. This allows you to make progress with matters long overdue. It’s also a time to focus inward and re-examine your own beliefs and expectations. You’ll be surprised by what you find.

Your intuition is off the charts now and it’s time to follow it, even if it leads to startling conclusions. Time to ditch old ideas that no longer serve you - how liberating! The process might be a bumpy one - especially as suppressed anger and sexual energy may be coming to the surface this month. All the better for you to acknowledge it is there.

The Virgo Full Moon of the 27th puts the spotlight firmly on your home base and family. Time to let go of the past and tend to your foundations.

You may experience a powerful emotional breakthrough as the door opens for you to get your voice heard.


You’re ready to dig deep into what makes you tick, dear Cancer, your very own power centre.

New ideas are incredibly magnetic now, energising you, leading to an empowering fresh start from February 11th onwards with the Aquarius New Moon.

It’s a transformative month for you and there are interdependencies that you cannot ignore - both emotional and financial. On the mundane level, your attention may be taken up with financial matters like loans, pensions, taxes, grants and the division of property.

With Mercury retrograde till the 20th this is the best month to tidy up loose ends on the financial front, settle old debt and make a fresh start.

On a deeper level this month brings a chance to transmute energy on all levels, purge your life of toxic situations and delve under the surface. You’re fascinated by all things hidden, from big business to the occult, secrets and the contents of your own psyche. Explore by all means! It’s a super-lucky month - and year - to do this.

Your empowerment is precipitated by fast and unexpected developments in your social circle, perhaps even confrontations that force you to dig deeper and uncover hidden strengths. Shocking as these events may be, they awaken you to your special place in this world and the contribution you can make with your unique brand of genius.

By month’s end, the Virgo Full Moon of the 27th empowers you with greater freedom of speech and movement. Time to heal the past and unlock your unique communication gifts!


You’re used to being centre stage, dear Leo, but this month the spotlight falls on special others. Your other half - or someone important in your life - is suddenly looming large in your world. It might even be a client or your own desire to reach a great audience with your work that gives your life a whole new direction.

It’s time to commit fully to the demands of this relationship and the amazing opportunities it brings. At the same time, you can’t just agree to everything willy-nilly. Fair’s fair and with Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone till the 20th, it’s time to re-negotiate certain contracts and bring them on a more even keel.

What makes this challenging is that your career is exploding with new possibilities and it’s hard to juggle both relationships and career right now.

With Mars on a once-in-a-two-year tour of your career zone, it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for gold.

Your life is taking on a whole new direction and your relationship commitments - serious as they are - need to make space for that. Easier said than done. February 11th brings a powerful new beginning on the relationship front, giving you time to revisit certain issues and upgrade your agreements. And it’s a lucky start that will keep on giving. Once you’ve done all that it’s time to look to your finances.

The February 27th Virgo Full Moon brings financial luck and opportunity, coupled with fast progress on the career front. The doors now open for you to move in new and more lucrative circles.


Your ruler is retrograde, dear Virgo, and it’s time to go back to the drawing board and tweak the way you do things.

February is a transition period: an old lifestyle is ending and a whole new one is beginning, so give it time. Decisive events help you along and, by month’s end and the Full Moon in your sign, you’ll have everything you need to move forward.

February represents an extremely lucky fresh start around work-related matters, one that will keep on delivering all year long.

With such a congestion of planets in your work zone, you’re ready to revisit and upgrade every aspect of your work, lifestyle and daily routine this month. Small improvements here and there can make a big difference down the line and the habits you now set up will keep paying off.

While Mercury is retrograde, till the 20th, do a little survey of all your daily rituals, skills, methods and systems and see if any of them need an upgrade. Perhaps sort out old drawers and files. Revisit old work projects and complete old tasks so you’re ready to move forward.

Discipline may be a problem this month as you find yourself craving freedom and escape. In truth, it’s your belief system that’s radically changing and you need to find constructive ways to incorporate it into your every day life - easier said than done. This cannot happen overnight but February will accelerate the process immensely.

By the 27th and the liberating Full Moon in your sign, you’ll reach a high watermark that functions as a placeholder for everything you’re aiming for. This opens a lucky portal in your work and career!


February is a month filled with fun, youthfulness, love and pleasure, unlike any you have seen in a long long time, dear Libra.

It’s time to hit pause on that crazy world out there and retrace your steps to joy. You have a real chance at happiness, to examine the contents of your heart and make a powerful fresh start - especially after February 11th.

Experiences with children bring greater fulfilment this month and the cosmos smiles on any creative project or hobby you’re into and wish to turn into something more. So follow your heart! Remember what that feels like. Your ruler Venus brings a solid moment for love - perhaps even a reality check - early in the month. This calls for commitment - especially to something long overdue as Mercury is retrograde till the 20th - as the foundations for future fulfilment.

What’s more surprising perhaps, is the liberating feeling that comes from cutting old ties!

A lot of your energy may be given to the division of property, taxes and loans or to cutting other financial, physical or emotional ties right out of your life. This might feel unnerving at times - and even financially unsettling - but it’s just what you need to move forward. And it’s what awakens you to the possibility of finding happiness again.

And if you’re feeling reluctant, in comes the Virgo Full Moon of February 27th, closing the door to the past once and for all and setting you free.

As it does so, it opens exciting future avenues toward creativity, love and joy that have your name written all over them!


This is the month when you rebuild your life from the bottom up, dear Scorpio. You’re setting the foundations for the whole year and much longer in fact. There’s a congestion of planets in the area of your home and family - and deeper still, your innermost personal identity and roots, the very cornerstone of your world.

Property matters may be hot on your mind, as you’re seeking to set your world in order, tidy up loose ends and organise your base. You’re creating a lasting foundation for future growth now.

That might involve an actual house, land or property, and it might also involve putting the past to bed psychologically and coming to a whole new conclusion regarding who you are.

Amid all this, there are certain unknowns, things you cannot control and they almost exclusively arise from the erratic nature and unpredictability of your relationships. You just don’t know what to expect from others. You have no idea whether anyone will support your efforts as you begin the building process or even if they’ll still be around when you wake up tomorrow.

Amidst that uncertainty you need to build greater self reliance and set down proper roots for yourself, whilst allowing others total freedom.

A very tough call - made harder by the fact that others hold all the cards this month and might antagonise you, especially around the 17th and 19th of February. Still, February 11th brings a fantastic new beginning emotionally and with all property related matters that continues to bring you luck all year long.

The Virgo Full Moon of the 27th is a time of rewards - social and financial too. Time to celebrate with friends and allies, and regain trust in your own safety and potency.


February is such an intellectually stimulating month for you, dear Sagittarius!

Communications abound, your mind is buzzing with ideas and you may be dealing with paperwork too. You’ve a chance to reconnect with people from your past as well as make new and lasting contacts.

You are finding your voice this month, and your writing and communication skills are also taking off big time - a theme that will continue all year long. You are also establishing yourself in a whole new neighbourhood and making your presence felt in no uncertain terms. Your skills and talents can no longer be ignored! You might find yourself deeply immersed in study, writing, networking or maximising your sales. It’s time to learn new tricks too and you’re open to that for it will bring you luck!

Expect a powerful new beginning after February 11th. And with Jupiter, your ruler, conjunct Mercury (twice!) and Venus this month, your ideas are pure gold. Someone you used to know might get in touch with a brilliant and lucrative proposal by mid-month, one that will keep on giving. Keep your antennae at the ready!

If there’s anything that’s troubling you these days it’s all these disruptions to your daily routine. You’re finding it hard to rely on the same habits you used to have and this might be exhausting. But it’s time to let go of your reliance on old systems and daily rituals and find new ways of doing things - and that’s the challenge this month. Perhaps you also have an increased workload or are wasting valuable energy on tedious chores. But this shall considerably lessen by early March.

The February 27th Virgo Full Moon highlights your career, bringing public achievement and recognition. And it’s no less due to your brilliant skill and innovative methods.

This Full Moon also opens up a whole new audience, eager and ready to hear what you have to say!


Money talks, dear Capricorn. And this month it’s all about the dosh, your resources, the strength of your reserves. It’s high time you sorted out all your financial affairs.

You’re ready to sit down and consider where it’s worth cutting costs and where you want to invest seriously for your long term future.

As with money so with energy. Where are your energies wasted? Where do you need to invest more energy for the longer term? Mercury retrograde urges you to scrutinise all your talents, finances and resources until the 20th so you can make better investments - and some economies too.

February 11th brings a new beginning on the financial front, which promises to improve your situation considerably in the long term.

The only problem here is, perhaps, your own impatience. You’re normally a strategic sign but, this month, you want to have some fun! You’re tempted by instant gratification and might want to take greater risks too! You’re hot on the tail of fulfilment, love and creative self expression. Pacing yourself is where the challenge lies. You’re trying to square off your heart’s desires with the funds and resources available to you. Children, hobbies and romantic pursuits may also take up a lot of your energy this month.

You’re seeing love in a whole new light and discovering new and exciting hobbies too. The Virgo Full Moon of the 27th brings a welcome change of scenery that excites and energises you. Free at last.

You’re ready to spread your wings over a wider arena via marketing, broadcasting or publishing, to take a holiday or embark on new and fascinating pursuits that open new professional doors for you.


You’re truly coming into your own, dear Aquarius. If 2021 is your year, then February is your month! It’s your birthday month and this one is truly life-defining. You have lucky Jupiter and Venus on your side, making you super-popular to boot - how impressive! Mercury retrograde is also there, giving you’re entire self-image an overhaul.

It’s time to ditch old and outdated ideas of yourself and upgrade your identity in keeping with the times. You are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. And with Saturn around, this is not a passing fad. This is the making of you.

You’ll be ready for a powerful and very lucky new beginning in your life after the New Moon in your sign on the 11th.

Mercury retrograde till the 20th gives you a chance to incorporate long forgotten parts of your identity and goals into your new persona.

You’re making room for everything that’s important in your life and, providing a solid place for it. And that’s what’s making this brand new self-redefinition so seminal.

You’re doing all this amid great tension, it must be said, and it stems from property matters, your home and family situation. Changes at home - and in your own innermost sense of who you are - have thrown you into the unfamiliar and you just have to make it up as you go along. And ever since January, there’s no peace and quiet to be found anywhere at home. All that is galvanising big changes in your personality so, you’ll simply have to ride the bull till early March.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 27th puts the spotlight firmly on your joint or partner’s finances as well as any loans, taxes or grants. It’s a chance to support and be supported and bond even more closely with those you love.


February represents a powerful moment of letting go, dear Pisces.

With a huge posse in your house of endings, something is finally passing out of your life for good, making space for something new. You’ll really benefit from time spent alone with your thoughts, processing the past so you can release it.

This is the time to meditate, paint, write, go on a retreat or engage in any creative and therapeutic pursuits that allow you downtime. You have tons of data that you are psychologically processing right now and until February 20th, while Mercury is retrograde. And with your ruler, Jupiter, conjunct Mercury and Venus and trine the Node, you can achieve some real breakthroughs in understanding, setting your life on a whole new foundation this month.

In essence, you’re being called toward something greater, to be of service to the world. And it might sound strange, but you’re preparing for that deep inside now.

Reaffirm your commitment after the New Moon of February 11th in the most secret and hidden part of your chart. Letting go might be harder at times, especially as you are surrounded by noise and arguments, or even your own angry thoughts. But all this is in aid of your own intellectual awakening. You’re finding your voice and becoming a mouthpiece of important truths. It might feel confrontational to do so, especially in January and February but that too shall pass.

By February 27th, an important relationship looms large in your life. The spotlight is firmly on others - your partner or spouse, a friend or client, or perhaps exposure to a particular audience.

This is a liberating moment when you can finally speak your mind. And it also opens a portal of deep emotional healing.


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