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January 2023 Astrology: Full Speed Ahead

With Mars, Mercury and Uranus direct, a magical Cancer Full Moon and progressive Aquarius New Moon, it's time to address the past and turn our eyes to the future.

January begins with a lull and ends with a bang!

It is a crazy month with planets stationing direct back to back and creating lots of commotion. But nothing happens immediately and we all have time to rest and prepare in the first week to ten days of January. Bubbles then burst one by one - with Mars stationing direct first on the 12th, then Mercury direct on the 18th and finally with Uranus on the 22nd.

Three consecutive jacks in boxes pop out this month and by the time we’ve reached the end, things are gathering such speed, we’ll all be holding onto our hats!

Venus conjunct Pluto January 1st

The whole year begins on an intense note with Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on the 1st, side by side with Mercury Retrograde.

It’s time for a serious re-think about love, money and the things and people that matter most to us. With Pluto there, it feels as if our very survival is at stake.

And so it is.

Still, this is a far cry from the last New Year’s dark void for, this time, Venus is direct and we know our hearts. It's Mars and Mercury that are retrograde now, helping us figure out facts, figures and strategies instead so we can make our move.

Venus in Aquarius January 3rd

Venus enters Aquarius soon after that, on the 3rd, removing some of the intensity of January 1st and boosted by a buoyant and uplifting sextile to Jupiter on the 4th. The holidays may have been a rather somber affair, with our material wellbeing high on the priority list, but Venus in Aquarius from the 3rd to the 27th is a much more sociable beast, eager for some bubbly, friendly and fascinating intellectual exchanges.

January is a good time to focus on the friendships, community projects and ideals that matter to us most and make a commitment.

Cancer Full Moon January 6th

The big hullabaloo this month is the Cancer Full moon on January 6th at 23:07 GMT at 16:21 degrees. This magical, sensitive and uplifting lunation is widely conjunct Black Moon Lilith (the moon's furthest point from the earth), square Chiron in Aries and sextile Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, building up from the 2nd and 5th of January all the way to the 6th and 7th.

Cancer has much to do with remembering and reconnecting with our source for replenishment. And that's largely what this Full Moon is about with Lilith lending the whole experience a mystical, magical tone.

Mercury retrograde is right there too, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon, highlighting unresolved matters from the past that need to be resolved or indicating that something long overdue is now coming to fruition.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Full Moon is “the unfoldment of multi-level potentialities issuing from an original germ” and the keyword is “growth”. How very fitting for the nurturing and generative sign of Cancer! With Uranus and the Nodal Axis in harmony with this Full Moon, technological innovation - perhaps even affecting our very biology - is a key factor for growth.

This is a liberating, rejuvenating energy, helping us release old hangups and emotions.

With Chiron square the Sun and Moon, there may be an intense awareness of vulnerability that galvanises growth. What we now need is more ‘say’ in our lives - greater autonomy, sovereignty and agency - this is what Chiron in Aries 2018-2026 insists on.

This Cancer Full Moon is the culmination of events seeded after 28th June 2022, at the previous Cancer New Moon, revealing the upshot of these events. Each cycle builds on the last like a spiral.

The inner landscape is revealed to be fertile now to allow us put into effect our biggest and most ambitious plans.

Mercury Inferior Conjunction January 7th

The January Full Moon arrives just as Mercury Retrograde is about to conjunct the Sun on January 7th at 12:56 GMT at 16:56 degrees Capricorn.

This conjunction plants new ideas in the darkest caverns of our minds to be fully explored over the next three-four months, as Mercury makes another revolution around the Sun.

These ideas have much to do with our security structures and material needs, as well as with the structure and integrity of our worldly organisations and institutions.

The Cancer Full Moon coincides with a “New Mercury” essentially, and providing yet more fertile ground where ideas can incubate all the way to the Spring Equinox.

Uranus trines Mercury exactly on the 8th, emphasising the importance of technological innovation once more, as well as the release of information previously withheld.

The Sabian Symbol* for this New Mercury in Capricorn is “a repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism." This is a release from inhibitions!

Something seems to be let loose around the 6th- 7th of January, unleashing new potentials so we can reintegrate what’s been withheld.

With Mars also retrograde, lots of repressed material is coming to light, so we can release the past and make way for the future. This Full Moon and New Mercury of January 6th-7th are key in providing emotional release, as well as seeding new ideas to help us make our way in the world.

Mars Direct January 12th

The next key event of January is that Mars is finally turning direct on January 12th at 20:56 GMT at 08:07 degrees Gemini. Wow - what a journey! Mars drove us all to distraction ever since he entered Gemini back on August 20th and more so since he turned retrograde on October 30th. With such crazy commotion and even crazier revelations, backtracking and an insane juggling act over the past two months, we’re all pretty much exhausted and running on empty.

Well, Mars direct is here to release what’s been held back, replenish our energy and unleash our mojo.

We’re a bit like war veterans, coming out of an intellectual battle between reason and madness, truth and noise. We’re much the wiser for it, better able to discern fact from fiction, as well as more aware of our own destructive thinking. We're in a better place to decide which thoughts to act on and which to simply ignore… it's just we're too frazzled to do anything about it - that is until the 12th!

Mars trines Venus as he stations (exact on the 9th) and there’s a passionate, bubbly energy rising to the surface, eager to find cooperative solutions. Bridge-builder Venus is super-busy during Mars’ station, sextile Chiron and square Uranus and the Nodes, just as communicator Mercury also squares Chiron and harmonises with the Lunar Nodes. These aspects have an uncompromising element, adding to the intensity around the 12th. There is dirty laundry to be aired, relationship and financial surprises and excitement aplenty. The Sun sextiles Neptune too, tinging everything with a dream like quality. By the 14th a last quarter Moon in Libra forces a new and highly dynamic perspective, urging resolution.

From January 12th and all the way til the 30th when the Sun and Mars trine, the enthusiasm builds to a huge crescendo.

By the end of the month, all the lights turn green to move ahead with all our ideas!

Mercury Direct January 18th

Mercury turns direct next, within six days of Mars, on the 18th of January at 13:11 GMT at 08:08 degrees of Capricorn.

A journey of structural redefinition that began on December 29th is now ready to be tested out in the real world.

If you were enjoying the lull in activities, prepare for your world to now burst into life in successive pops - on the 12th, 18th (and 22nd)!

As usual, things are most unstable either side of Mercury’s station so hold your nerve, if you can, between the 12th and 22nd. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and feel your way through the rocks. Past that point, armed with new information, you can push forward dynamically with any business that helps you better organise and structure your life for success.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto on the same day, January 18th, planting seeds of global political and financial transformation.

These are seeds of power and riches, and you can plant some in your own life too and watch them unfold over the coming year.

(Pluto is just past the natal Pluto of the USA now. And with the USA Pluto return officially done, that superpower’s transformation has only just begun. January 21st chimes in with major changes to come in 2023 and beyond that will transform the US and, with it, the global financial and political system.)

Aquarius New Moon January 21st

On the 20th the Sun enters Aquarius - happy birthday Aquarius! - followed by a turbo-charged Aquarius New Moon on January 21st at 20:53 GMT at 01:32. Barely 24 hours later, the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, stations direct.

What an electrifying fresh start!

This Aquarius New Moon is conjunct Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn, sextile Jupiter, square the Nodes and trine Mars - and that’s an incredibly dynamic combination, paving the way for Pluto's historic entry into Aquarius this March. The air is literally crackling with electricity and the lights are flickering! Perhaps it’s fitting that the Sabian Symbol* for this Aquarius New Moon is “an unexpected thunderstorm” - it is an electrical force of nature!

This New Moon opens the path for big forward strides with highly lucrative and empowering endeavours.

Pluto brings power and Jupiter brings luck, Uranus creates uncontainable excitement and desire for innovation, while Mars puts this New Moon in top gear! New endeavours initiated now should be richly rewarding.

We are also approaching the eclipse half-way point - a fact that will become even clearer around the 29th as the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes exactly (and at the Full Moon in early February). So this new seed signals a crossroads: we are called to leave the old (and rotten) ways behind and choose something much more wholesome.

Relationships and finances are crucial at this New Moon with Saturn, one of Aquarius' rulers, conjunct Venus - exact on January 22nd.

It could well be an important relationship that gives us the grit to stay the course. Or it could be a serious financial investment or a decision to live life with integrity, according to a set of values.

Time to "put our money where our mouth is." Someone or something is the catalyst that coaxes us on, to find the inner strength and discipline to take a big step.

This lunation is a moment of truth, when we can make a start with something that challenges us to grow, show dynamism and overcome our fears - and if we stick at it, we'll be richly rewarded.

Uranus Direct January 22nd

Uranus stations direct back to back with the Aquarius New Moon, on the 22nd at 22:58 GMT at 15:56 degrees Taurus . What a huge release of energy!

All sorts of things have been bubbling under the surface this month and erupting in pops - with the 22nd seeing the last cork popping...

With all the major celestial bodies now direct til April 21st, we'll see developments at breakneck speed. Full speed ahead!

Uranus’ station makes this Aquarius lunation even more powerful, unleashing huge energies and putting them at our disposal to innovate and make strides in the area of our chart ruled by Aquarius - whether this is career, relationships, finances or anything else.

This Uranus station is closely followed by the Sun’s sextile to Jupiter on the 25th - an amazingly lucky and lucrative day!

This is excellent for launching bold new projects, making a sale or pitching a proposal - and anything to do with projects that involve a number of people or social media and technology. The Moon is waxing, all the planets are direct, and the road is clear!

Venus in Pisces January 27th

By the early hours of the 27th Venus enters Pisces to stay til February 20th. Here Venus will pull at our heartstrings and make our hearts bleed more easily over the coming weeks - we may even feel a wave of sensitivity come over us on the day. But Venus in Pisces is exalted and strong.

Venus in Pisces til February 20th is dripping with romance, and excellent for Valentine’s season.

With Venus strong, January 27th-February 20th is a great time to indulge in romantic or artistic pursuits, help someone in need or do tasks that require aesthetic sensitivity and talent.

Mars trine Sun January 30th

January truly accelerates from the Aquarius New Moon on the 21st on, and by the 30th the confidence, excitement and enthusiasm are palpable. That’s when the Sun trines Mars direct and fully refreshed from his recent retrograde holiday.

Get ready to feel hugely motivated to get things done around January 30th!

Mercury trines Uranus bringing innovative solutions, and with a first quarter Taurus Moon on the 28th as well, the time for decisive action is well and truly here.

January may be off to a slow start but by the 30th, we'll be firing on all cylinders and raring to go.

Finally, we have Lift-Off!

January 2023 Horoscope

So, how do January’s events carve up the sky pie? Check out your rising sign (body/interface), sun sign (spirit/light), and moon (soul/autopilot)…


Get ready to regain your mojo, dear Aries, as your ruler Mars turns direct on January 12th. That is sure to create lots of commotion with travel, trade, writing projects, paperwork and communications bursting into life to take you all the way to March. Early January is a private affair with your ruler still retrograde and an emotional Cancer Full Moon on the 6th highlighting your home and family life. This could bring an important private event, a trip down memory lane or a reconnection with your roots that may make you intensely self aware, as well as having you reconsider your role and responsibilities. You’ll be ready to tentatively move forward with these new career ideas come January 18th. Come the Aquarius New Moon of January 21st, you’re ready to enter a lucrative and empowering new chapter within your club or community, to step up your involvement in a way that promises greater social and financial rewards. Social media may be a big part of this, as well as committing to those friendships that share a common cause and ideals. Now’s the moment to set forth your intentions as to where you see yourself in the community and the contribution you want to make. Financially liberating events are also on the card and, past the 22nd, you are ready to experiment with your resources and innovate to achieve a breakthrough.


You’re on the brink of major personal changes once more, dear Taurus, as Uranus prepares to station direct in your sign. But that’s on the 22nd and we have a few more corks to pop til then. January starts on a note of quiet soul-searching and messages that give you food for thought. By the Cancer Full Moon of the 6th, you may receive meaningful news or therapeutic and liberating insights, or you may be inspired to write or share your truth. You’re rethinking the flag you’re flying under throughout most of January, and this Full Moon plants new seeds in your overall outlook. Your spending may have skyrocketed since August and you’ve been trying to sort out your finances for a good few months now. On the 12th, things start gathering speed, calling for action on your part. You have all the way til March 25th to put everything you need financially into place. Your new philosophical outlook will start becoming more apparent after the 18th, as you start spreading the word and testing your new vision. The New Moon of the 21st plants the seeds for a career breakthrough. This is an empowering lunation in which to set forth your intentions for your life’s direction in the year ahead. Lucrative new opportunities may require a long term commitment on your part, as your ruler Venus is conjunct Saturn, but your increased responsibilities are sure to pay dividends, whilst also revolutionising your sense of identity.


Financial matters loom big on your mind as January enters, dear Gemini and, ultimately, it’s more a matter of self esteem and self worth. With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde in the most intimate part of your chart you’re closely examining your intimate bonds and financial involvements, as well as any ways in which you may be giving your power away. If you’re in any doubt as to your own value, the January 6th Full Moon in Cancer is here to showcase your talents and gifts in the most wonderful way, bringing clarity to what you have to offer. A financial matter may also come to a head. You may feel rather isolated from the group these days, a bit like the odd one out, and that’s all the more reason to get clear on what you have that is of greatest value and how to re-structure how you share your energy. Mars is also retrograde and he’s in your sign so you may be feeling resentment and dissatisfaction with how things are, yet unable to take decisive action and make changes. All this will change mid month - firstly when Mars turns direct in your sign on the 12th, then with your ruler Mercury going direct on the 18th. Get ready to burst forward with renewed energy, take the initiative and make transformative changes in your life now and until the March Equinox. You can also start implementing new financial strategies and testing the ground with new investment ideas or pitching to sponsors from the 18th onward. An expansive New Moon on the 21st creates opportunities for greater outreach with your ideas. Set ambitious intentions now when it comes to publishing, broadcasting, international or marketing projects or if you wish to travel, study or gain accreditation or legal approval. Friends in high places have your back and your motivation and enthusiasm are contagious. Commit to letting your sudden intuitive flashes guide you - and you’ll have plenty of those come the 22nd - even if your brilliance makes you notorious.


The spotlight is on you, dear Cancer, as the January 6th Full Moon in your sign fills your cup and illuminates you clearly. All your efforts over the past six months are now yielding fruit and something important to you may be coming to a head. The clarity you now gain will help you decide your next steps, as well as revisit old contracts and agreements so you can redefine your relating space - whether with a client, business partner, agent or spouse. If you’re feeling scapegoated or exposed this is all the more reason to find a better way forward with others. You’ve been keeping a lid on things for far too long and, come the 12th , these resentments may start to show. It is really essential that you take a time out for rest and meditation, therapy, or creative and spiritual pursuits. A retreat or creative endeavour could work wonders, leading to a breakthrough around the 12th. Projects behind the scenes will gather speed once more after the 12th for an unveiling after March 25th. While you may feel you’re in a weaker position now, you’ll be the one holding all the cards after March 25th. Patience. Come the 18th you’re ready to tell others how you feel or begin working some of your new ideas into new or existing contracts. Lucrative new business may be coming your way at the Aquarius New Moon of January 21st - a good time to set new financial intentions for the year ahead. Important relationships of trust are key now and VIPs look favourably upon you. You stand to reap unexpected rewards if you stay the course and work quietly beneath the radar, at least til the time is right. Friendships, joint endeavours and group involvement’s begin gathering speed after the 22nd bursting with excitement.


January starts on a very quiet note, dear Leo, with lots going on behind the scenes, all hush hush and away from prying eyes. With Mercury retrograde in your work sector a Cancer Full Moon highlighting a need for rest on January 6th there’s nothing for you to do but lay low and wait to see what happens - things are still cooking away on the work front. Tend to any unfinished day to day business if you need to and, above all, do things that replenish your spirit. Your outlook is transforming as we speak. Come the 12th, group projects and collaborations burst into life with all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork to help you reach your dreams. You have all the way til March 25th to make things happen and reap the rewards. Next up, on the 18th, armed with new information, you’re ready to implement new strategies around your work and daily routine. The New Moon on the 21st opens the doors wide for a lucrative new partnership, relationship or contract. This empowering fresh start allows you to make a long term commitment to achieve your goals. By the 22nd, the excitement is palpable as you can sense you’re close to a breakthrough with the direction you life is taking.


You’re in the process of deciding in favour of your own happiness as January enters, dear Virgo. A friendship, dream or ideal may be blooming as January enters and, with your ruler retrograde, you’re feeling more in tune with your inner world, prepared to listen to your heart and follow it. As the Full Moon of January 6th reveals something about your friendships, the world around you, and how you would wish it to be, new creative seeds are planted in the depths of your mind. An intense financial and emotional vulnerability may be the catalyst for all this, opening you up to a more authentic way of being. You’ve been on a long journey of redefining your role in this world, including your career, responsibilities and overall life direction. After the 12th, you’re ready to move forward on all fronts - one last push to grab life by the horns and reach for your goals. Your ruler, Mercury goes direct just then, on the 18th, and you’re ready to move forward with creative ideas, test your heart out in the world and find out what makes you happy. The Aquarius New Moon of the 21st could land a prestigious and lucrative work project on your lap - one that will take concentration and hard work to deliver. This is something worth investing your time and energy in, as it can propel your career forward. This is also a great time to start a health and exercise programme as you have the wherewithal to see it through. Your outlook on life is being revolutionised as we speak and come the 22nd, you are ready to share your increasingly progressive views with the world.


January begins with events culminating in your career or public sphere, recognising the role you play as well as bringing clarity for your future direction. Underneath all that, you’re in the process of rethinking your base, whether that is your geography, your home or living situation, a piece of real estate or your family set up. The jury’s still out but events in your public life will help plant new seeds to help you make decisions in your private life too. And if someone is being a thorn in your side, that’s all the more reason to get clear on where you stand and where you see yourself headed. And while the month starts on a serious note, it also promises a lot of fun. With Mars direct from January 12th, your wanderlust is awakened once more and you hear the call to adventure. Any legal, international or media and publishing projects that may have been stalling are now free to move forward - ditto with any educational matters. You can make great strides by March 25th. Come the 18th, you’re ready to start tentatively implementing new strategies around your home and family life, knowing much better who you are inside. Any delays with real estate also begin to dissipate as information comes to light. But the greatest news of all is a wonderful New Moon in your true love and creativity sector on January 21st. Whatever your heart desires, commit to it! Someone wants to be your lucky charm - whether in a romantic or business capacity - and that, coupled with your adventurous spirit, is sure to make this a worthwhile endeavour. Set an intention for happiness now and see where it leads. Any inhibitions you may feel in close quarters are removed by the 22nd and you’re ready to experiment with new ways of experiencing closeness and intimacy.


The past couple of months were extra tough with your ruler retrograde, dear Scorpio, and you may feel as if you’ve lost control of your finances and your life. But come the 12th, you regain your usual oomph and mojo, ready to tackle situations with fresh energy and fervour. If your business has been slow and your finances languishing, you’ll find things begin to move forward with far greater speed from the 12th onwards, making great strides by March 25th. You’re preoccupied as the month begins, rethinking things whilst also dealing with practical matters to do with business deals, transport and communications. Clarity arrives on January 6th in the form of a Full Moon in Cancer shedding light on the bigger picture of your life. As you gain a bird’s eye view of your situation, this helps you recast your day to day thoughts and interactions in a new light. A publishing, legal, educational or international project may also come to a head around the 6th showing you the lay of the land. Still, the time for action is not yet here. Let this philosophical mood carry you all the way to the 12th when your ruler, Mars, goes direct. Mercury is next to turn direct on the 18th and that’s when you can begin putting some of your new business ideas into action. There may be new contracts and paperwork to tackle too and you can do that slowly -leaving any signing of documents til after January 22nd for best results. The Aquarius New Moon on the 21st begins a new chapter in real estate or for your home and family life. It’s a great time to establish a strong base and a greater sense of security for yourself, so let that be your intention. Offer your work generously, let others lead the way and you will be rewarded. A contract or partnership may take exciting turns after the 22nd with things developing fast.


You’re ready to welcome much more love and joy into your life as the new year begins, dear Sagittarius, but the month starts with your attention turned inward toward your intimate relationships and bonds with loved ones and family members. The Cancer Full Moon of January 6th brings financial matters to light, planting new ideas in your mind and showcasing where you need to share your resources, be open to receiving from someone and generally trust others more. This could make you feel quite vulnerable but ir could also be a deeply healing and bonding moment. You’ve been in a long process of rehashing your contracts and relationships and come the 12th, you’re ready to move forward. You can now engage with others more directly and have a greater impact, as well as get clear on where others stand, what someone else needs from you or where the competition is at. By the 18th, you’re ready to test out new strategies in how you manage your money, time and resources. The Aquarius New Moon of the 21st is very empowering, allowing you to connect with just the right people to organise your environment as you want it, enjoy life more and express your talents. A lucrative project, deal or communication could revolutionise your lifestyle and work, and with Uranus direct on January 22nd, you’re ready to try something new.


You may feel like withdrawing from the world as January begins, dear Capricorn and it is in that guarded, private space that a close relationship can flourish or at the very least act as a mirror revealing an important truth. The Cancer Full Moon of the 6th provides the perfect fertile ground for self-redefinition by looking into the mirror of another. You may feel more vulnerable deep inside and more open to new ideas about who you are and that’s exactly what is seeded at that point. By the 12th, your attention is called once more to practical matters - whether it is your health, the nitty gritty of working machinery around the house or office, or a big work project that had stalled and is now ready to go ahead once more. You’re called to streamline your world and make it more efficient as best you can between now and March 25th. On the 18th Mercury also goes direct in your sign and you may be much in demand, implementing new ideas and approaches. You can look forward to a very busy second half of January, with your talents and resources, as well as your finances, coming strongly into view. The Aquarius New Moon of January 21st signals a financial new beginning, investing in what makes you happy. Use it to set forth new intentions about your finances and energy use, and be prepared to put in the work required. Lucrative opportunities could arise through real estate or through your family, or simply as you rediscover a deep well of talents and resources within you. Come the 22nd, your creativity is unleashed and you are now free to explore new joyful paths.


A most empowering New Moon arrives in your sign this month, dear Aquarius, setting the tone for Pluto’s arrival in March. You’ve done your time and paid your dues with Saturn in your sign for the past two to three years and you’re nearly done. The time has come for some major transformation. Use this New Moon of January 21st to set forth your intentions for the year ahead and be bold. This is no time to think small. You may be busy as the New Year begins with the Cancer Full Moon on the 6th bringing lots of nitty gritty to light that needs your attention. A work project could come to a head and any working seeds planted in the summer will start bearing fruit. But you are not operating on full brain power because your subconscious is busy trying to figure out problems behind the scenes. Issues of health could also be highlighted now and you may be dealign with office politics or lots of red tape, making it hard to get your point across. All this may be tiresome but you may receive enough clarity on the matter to start coming up with a new strategy. Come the 12th, Mars goes direct in your sector of creativity, love and enjoyment and life is about to get much more fun and rejuvenating. Any hesitation on your part to pursue what makes you happy now dissipates and you’re ready to plunge head first into a romance, hobby or creative project. Seemingly intractable problems around children or youngsters are also ripe for resolution now and until March 25th. Whatever computational processes have been going on behind the scenes also deliver a verdict by January 18th, making you privy to the facts so you can implement new strategies. You’re pretty hard to resist with Venus in your sign January 3rd-27th and come the New Moon of the 21st, it’s time to push forward with all your ideas. This is an empowering, lucrative and highly creative new beginning when you can take the lead, enjoy the support of your environment and pursue your hearts desires. By the 22nd, it’s your ruler Uranus’ turn to go direct, blowing away the cobwebs at home and allowing you to set your life on a new and more liberating foundation.


Early January is dripping with romance, dear Pisces. Whether you’re taking a break from social engagements or reconnecting with a few good old friends, your focus is a particular person or project that just fills you with joy. Emotions are running high and your insecurities may be flaring up as well. But it’s that magical loved up space that urges you to accept your flaws and talents as one - the total package that makes you you. New dreams and ideals are born in that moment, allowing you to connect with your true tribe. Your home may have been a bit of an undeclared war-zone for the past months and, come the 12th, any hidden discontent now erupts in full surround sound. If you’re in the midsts of renovations, you’ll be able to resume works after the 12th. You have til March 25th to tackle any home projects or situations. Come the 18th, your social calendar starts filling up and you’re better able to connect with others - especially if someone has seemed out of reach. It’s time to air any differences with friends, find common ground and begin implementing new strategies to achieve your dreams. You’re on the brink of a quantum leap of consciousness, with Saturn coming to mature you over the next couple of years, while Pluto will see you grow spiritually and step into your power. The New Moon of January 21st signals it’s time to let go of the past and open up to something greater. This is a good time for therapy, spiritual pursuits or soul searching that will boost your confidence and self reliance. Things hidden in plain sight will begin making themselves known to you from here on in, and you may also benefit by working behind the scenes or as part of a large institution. Barriers are dissolving win your mind - and more so after the 22nd, when you blurt something out, or learn something, that liberates you to think and speak more freely.

* Sabian Symbols taken from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974)

Image by Mike Enerio from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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