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July 2020 Astrology: Barely out of the Woods...

We’ve reached the 2020 half way point and it’s an intense start to July. Get ready for the third and final eclipse of the summer on July 5th, just as the key aspect of the year intensifies, namely Jupiter conjunct Pluto on June 30th.

Jupiter-Pluto 2020

The last time we had a triple Jupiter-Pluto conjunction like this was in the 1950s, the start of the modern era and - dare I say it - the establishment of the middle class... Well, that’s the end of all that. Social norms, morals and values are dying a slow, painful death, waiting for new ones to be born.

It was the middle class who suffered most from the activities taken to correct the financial crisis of 2008 spread over the past 10 years. And it is worrying to think that this might be suffering a fatal blow, perhaps even as we speak. But it’s up to us now to envision a world that is conducive to the wellbeing of all and not just a few who sit at the top (indicative of Capricorn symbolism, which is where Jupiter and Pluto now conjunct)

This Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is also super-synced with the Covid-19 outbreak. It can bring on a bleak outlook and a black mood. It last flared up in early April, right around when Boris Johnson was taken ill, intensifying the sense of threat that the virus represents. The conjunction just flares again as June gives way to July but both planets are retrograde now, giving us a moment to adjust.

It will return for one last push this autumn, in November, which delivers the final chapter of the 2020 Covid-19 saga.

The Last Capricorn Lunar Eclipse 5 July 2020: That's the End of That

The third eclipse of the Summer arrives on July 5th and is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

The July 5th Lunar Eclipse is about endings. What’s been dying for ages now passes away with a whimper. Take it off the life support machine!

This brings to a final ending the round of eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn that began mid-2018 and early 2019, for at least another 9-18 years. The eclipses move firmly into Gemini and Sagittarius from here on in. Interesting how that Capricorn eclipse flies predominantly over the western world. Time to take out the trash...

Mercury in Cancer Retrograde July 2020: Stay Tentative

Mercury is still retrograde in touchy, moody Cancer as July begins and will remain out of action till July 12th.

Keep plans tentative! Expect lots of fluidity and changes in the first two to three weeks in July.

Mercury turns direct on July 12th and that’s a very tense moment. Lay low and see what information arises before you make any decisions as things will remain unstable for some time. Chances are you’ll have to stay flexible and go with the flow.

Mercury in Cancer is urging you to reconsider matters around home and family, intimacy and the people who you turn to for sustenance, and your security patterns more generally. Take some time to think about these things deeply this month. And watch closely for Mercury to deliver his message in the days following July 12.

Saturn back into Capricorn: Back to the Old Ways...

Another very important event this month as Saturn’s return into Capricorn. After spending just over three months in Aquarius and giving us a taste of the future, Saturn returns to Capricorn this month, on July 2nd.

Time to loosen the lockdown so we can return to the scene of the "crime” and survey the damage…

As airspace and social restrictions are tentatively being lifted, this gives everyone six months to do a recce, clear house and prepare for changes down the line, for when Saturn re-enters Aquarius in December. A seminal conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn is due to arrive in Aquarius - and bang on the 2020 Winter Solstice no less, another powerful marker for 2020.

Come December, we’ll be ready to move from the Industrial Age of the past few hundred years and into a full blown Digital Age, which will last for another few centuries. It’s a bit like switching our view of reality from particle to wave... Consider the next six months a time of important preparation for that.

July Cancer New Moon: into the Retrograde Shadows...

We have a Cancer New Moon on July 20th - the first lunation in that sign that’s not an eclipse since 2019! This is also a Blue Moon of sorts as we’ve already had a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in that same sign back on the Summer Solstice. But this lunation is nothing like the sensitive magical moment of the June Solstice for it falls right opposite Saturn, newly back in Capricorn.

The July 20th Cancer New Moon, focuses your attention back out on the world, bringing a reality check and forcing decisions.

You won’t see the outcome of this lunation till the very end of 2020.

By month’s end, Mercury and Venus, now both direct, exit their retrograde shadows and begin accelerating around the far side of the Sun.

And so by the end of July some social normalcy resumes. But we’re not out of the woods just yet!

For, right then, Mars enters his own retrograde shadow, slowing down ready to turn on 9 September. Frustration, unrest and anger - lots of unpleasantness really - are just around the corner. Proceed with caution.


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