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July 2023 Astrology: Huge Power-Shifts

The Node enters Aries and Venus in Leo retrogrades, all under the shadow of a manic Pluto. Grab your Chariot’s reins and steer a powerful course!

July 2023 Astro Weather

This month signals powerful changes, as we're at a crucial crossroads for humanity.

After 1.5 years in Scorpio and Taurus, the Lunar Nodes enter Libra and Aries mid-month, highlighting themes of war vs peace, as broken social contracts and agreements the world over come to light. With the North Node in Aries, it’s time to find the courage to stand up for ourselves, even against terrifying odds. This is all the more important as the Lunar Nodes square Pluto in the manic last degree of Capricorn, precipitating a crisis and pitting the past against the future. Under the dark shadow of empire-building and top down controls, humanity is at a crucial point of decision-making. Are we going to repeat past mistakes? Or is it time to look for new paradigms?

With Venus in Leo stationing retrograde five days later (the ruler of the South Node), on July 23rd, it’s time to revisit the past and embark on a difficult journey of renegotiation, ditching relationships, agreements and contracts that no longer serve us. And so Leo season, starting July 23rd, sets off with a bang. Chiron also stations retrograde on the 23rd, and any anger over the disenfranchisement of individuals long swept under the carpet bubbles up to the surface demanding resolution. A sober Capricorn Supermoon Full Moon on July 3rd and an intense Cancer New Moon on July 17th - both square Chiron - complete the picture, so let’s have a look at what July has in store. (You can also jump straight to your July 2023 horoscope!)

Sun-Mercury Superior Conjunction July 1: Clarity, Three Years On…

The month begins with agile messenger Mercury conjunct the Sun on July 1st at 06:05 BST (05:05UT) at 09:08 degrees Cancer.

This is a moment of clarity for themes that have puzzled us since 2020 when Mercury was last retrograde in Cancer. It is also the fruition of ideas seeded in April-May, this year’s previous Mercury retrograde cycle.

The Sun and Mercury are sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn and that is a particularly beneficial set-up, excellent for learning from past mistakes, for business and for constructive, realistic progress. As the Sun and Mercury head toward a sextile with Uranus in Taurus next, revelations could bring exciting, liberating developments (Mercury sextiles Uranus on the 7th and the Sun follows suit on the 15th). The superior conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Cancer brings nourishing food for thought and clarity on matters of home, family, nationality, belonging, nurturing and security.

Venus square Uranus July 2: Volatile Attractions

Venus squares Uranus a day later on July 2nd and that could bring some unexpected developments in relationships and finances, such as sudden attractions or volatility in the markets. These surprises follow on the heels of Mars square Uranus one week earlier, making for an unsettled, topsy-turvy but potentially exciting week June 26-July 2.

Capricorn Full SuperMoon July 3: The Question of Integrity

And so we arrive at this month’s Full Moon Supermoon on July 3rd at 11:18 degrees Capricorn at 12:38 BST (11:38UT). Why “super”? Because the Moon is rapidly coming to its closest approach to the Earth, appearing larger. This SuperMoon is the first of three, the biggest being on August 1st, making for an emotionally impactful summer!

This Capricorn Full Moon shines a powerful light on the structures of our lives, on our global authorities and on the necessity to take responsibility. This requires owning our mistakes, learning from the past and moving forward with greater integrity.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is still strong so this is a time of truth and clarity on matters that are of great concern to our own structural integrity and to that of the global institutions that rule our world.

The Sabian Symbol for this Capricorn Full Moon is: “an illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life.” Here we have the image of new knowledge that’s important for humanity but that’s only shared among the elite few. On the one hand, we need specialists in institutions to penetrate nature’s mysteries to create a better life for humanity. On the other hand, there is the danger of privileged information being kept within closed circles for the purposes of power and profit.

This is perhaps a call to address how we treat scientific knowledge in our world and whether our various institutions are capable of being transparent and acting with integrity.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury square Chiron in Aries at this Capricorn Full Moon, signalling pervasive hurt and anger now coming to the surface - like cracks in a system that’s lost its structural integrity.

Chiron in Aries is very strong during the whole of July, and there’s no denying the rage that now runs unchecked in society as more and more people feel robbed of their agency, potency and independence and are looking for someone to blame.

This is a trend that will continue to violently rip through our social fabric until 2025-26. And so it’s crucial that we address the systemic root of this anger and not let it be used to turn us against each other.

Mercury’s square to Chiron perfects on the 6th, with a Sextile to Uranus on the 7th, when openly airing grievances and speaking truth can be liberating. The Sun’s follows Mercury to square Chiron on the 12th and sextile to Uranus on the 15th, intensifying vulnerabilities and bringing the potential for a breakthrough, or perhaps even shining a light on unlikely heroes.

What’s the upshot of all this?

Mature decisions taken at this Capricorn Supermoon can be highly beneficial.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury harmonise with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing protection, support and positive outcomes. We’re called to internalise the lessons of the past, appreciate the wonderful riches of our world and take steps in a better direction.

Mars enters Virgo July 10: Get Methodical!

By July 10th, Mars enters Virgo and it’s time to put on some overalls and get to work! Posturing, showing off and making dramatic gestures are no longer viable methods. That was all fine whilst Mars was in Leo (since May 20th) but now it’s time for real, down to brass tacks, measurable action. Mars trines the North Node in Taurus as soon as he enters Virgo, on July 11th, and this is the perfect day maximum efficiency! Mars will stay in Virgo til August 27th so you’ll have plenty of time to dot all the i’s, cross all the t’s and get things properly done. Watch out for July 20th, when Mars opposes Saturn in Pisces, calling for hard work and discipline to climb an ambitious mountain - a potentially exhausting but rewarding day!

Mercury enters Leo July 11: Dramatic Flurry

Mercury in Leo from July 11th ups the communications ante, giving words creative flair. You can now be as dramatic as you like. Make an impact! Mercury has some intense aspects on July 10th-11th as he transitions from Cancer into Leo, opposing Pluto and squaring the Lunar Nodes. There could well be a manic quality to these days, with a feeling of time running out and pressure building to make decisions quickly. A trine to Neptune is sure to bring creative inspiration but it’s best not take rushed action on the 10th. Take your time to deliberate on an important decision from the 11th onwards, when you begin to acquire a more creative perspective. Mercury will stay in Leo - and in a partying mood! - until July 28th.

Lunar Nodes in Aries-Libra July 17: War and Peace

And now we come to one of the most important events of the month. On July 17th, the Lunar Nodes, the points where the eclipses happen, leave Scorpio and Taurus and enter Libra and Aries. The Nodes have been in Scorpio and Taurus since November 2021, bringing us the ‘cost of living crisis’ amid inflated prices, rising interest rates and revelations of deep financial corruption. As they now enter Libra and Aries, these financial themes begin to fade, to be replaced by more urgent matters until the end of 2024.

As injustices, nefarious handshakes, and broken social contracts begin to come to light everywhere, we must each find the courage to stand up for ourselves and don our superhero outfit to redress the balance.

Themes of war and peace are also highlighted during the next year and a half - a time of indecision, cowardly actions and a general lack of leadership. The North Node in Aries indicates that, much as we may crave peace and quiet, it’s crucial now that we take a stand and put up a fight to return our world to balance. With the Nodes square to Pluto all year long, our very survival depends on this.

Cancer New Moon July 17: The Moment of Truth

On the very day of the Nodal shift, July 17th, we have an intense Cancer New Moon at 24:56 degrees at 19:31 BST (18:31UT), in the Moon’s own sign.

This Cancer New Moon is highly evocative, crystallising conflicting desires and difficult choices that we have to make.

The Sun and Moon square the Lunar Nodes and oppose Pluto, creating a cardinal cross pulling us in different directions.

Cancer is the great protector. It is concerned with defending what is most precious for each of us - our home, our family, our country, our planet, our memory - and our history, lest we repeat it. It is also concerned with maintaining our connection to the source of physical and spiritual nourishment that sustains us all. Pluto in Capricorn is inimical to all that, concerned only with implementing top down controls to preserve the power and dominance of those at the top of a very large pyramid.

With these two influences at loggerheads, the Lunar Nodes, like two magnets, pull us into opposing directions: either we compromise in this dysfunctional social framework, hoping for the best. Or we stand up for ourselves and fight for something better. Both choices feel scary. Do we cop out and deal with the long term consequences or dare to stand up and deal, perhaps, with more immediate consequences? It is these crucially important themes that are crystallised at this Cancer New Moon. There is no easy way forward and these themes will carry us through the next 12-18 months.

Like the figure in the Tarot card associated with the sign of Cancer, the Charioteer, we are called to hold the reins fast and guide our Chariot, even when each of our horses is madly pulling us in different directions.

The Sabian Symbol for this Cancer New Moon, “a wilful man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power” is reassuring. What’s this mysterious “superior power”? Perhaps it is the power accessible to all of us - spiritual forces we can tap into to rise to any challenge. This New Moon calls us to find the inner strength and fortitude, allowing something greater within us to take the reins.

As the Sun and Moon sextile Uranus and trine Neptune, inspiration flows giving us a chance for innovative solutions. Both Uranus and Neptune find inspiration and insight outside the mundane, outside the tried and tested. They place at our disposal more far-reaching, sublime and futuristic resources to help us rise to any challenge. And that’s what this Cancer New Moon is all about.

Pluto Square Lunar Nodes July 22-August 3: Your Choices Matter!

Pluto’s square with the Lunar Nodes becomes exact July 22nd (and into August 3rd) crystallising the survival themes of this Cancer New Moon. But far from a ten day event, this is an influence that will take us all the way to the end of 2023, constantly presenting us with the dilemma of ‘courage’ versus ‘cop out’. Impossible as the odds may seem, everything depends on our choices this year.

Mars opposite Saturn July 20: Hard Work

Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces and July 20th is sure to be a day requiring hard work and discipline. A lot can be achieved if you keep at it, so long as you respect tradition and authority and put in lots of elbow grease. You may feel exhausted by the end of it all. But do pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023: Heart of Gold

And so we arrive at July’s masterpiece: love planet Venus stations retrograde in Leo on July 23rd, to stay so til September 4th. Venus’s cycle is truly magical:

1. Venus stations every eighteen months - a rhythm that does not follow the regularity of our yearly calendars and often catches us by surprise. What’s more, Venus’ eighteen month retrograde cycle is perfectly divided in two. She spends nine months as the Morning star - Venus the Warrior - and nine months as the Evening star - Venus the Lover - two perfect periods of magical gestation.

2. Now, Venus’ rhythmic stations (every 18 months) take place in five distinct points of the zodiac (always about 144 degrees apart) drawing a perfect pentagram in the skies. A full pentagram takes eight years to complete. And so, Venus returns to the same spot (minus a degree or two) every eight years, slowly inching backward against the zodiac, delving deeper and deeper into particular sections of our inner world. This is the cycle delving into of the mysteries of the microcosm.

3. Finally, Venus stays retrograde for a spiritually significant 40 days - the legendary 40 days and nights that Moses spent in the wilderness, or that Jesus spent in the desert being ‘tempted by the devil’. Out there in the ‘wilderness’, or in the ‘desert’, away from the usual human interactions, we encounter aspects of ourselves we do not normally meet, people and experiences that act as catalysts for the opening up of magical inner doorways.

In 2023, Venus stations retrograde at 28:36 Leo in the small hours of July 23rd at 01:33UT/GMT. She stations direct at 13 degrees Leo on September 4th. She conjuncts the Sun whilst retrograde on August 13th at 20:28 degrees Leo, planting new seeds of wilderness in our hearts. July 25th to August 13th is more geared toward pleasure and revisiting the past (the dwindling of Venus as the Evening Star), whereas August 13th to September 4th is about discovering new desires (the re-emergence of Venus as the Morning Star). As Venus has been on uncertain ground since June 19th, relationships that have gone as far as they can may experience some withdrawal as we head to July 23rd. Venus won't begin covering new ground til early October.

Venus Retrograde in Leo July 23-September 4: Iconic

With Venus retrograde, pleasure is not to be found in the usual places.

Venus retrograde has the function of temporarily removing the tyranny of our default personality - our usual likes and dislikes - so we can experiment with different choices.

This is a fabulous time to do things you would not normally do, choose things you would not normally choose, be with people you would not normally be with.

Unprocessed material in our values and affections can show up as an experience now. If people from the past make an appearance - friends, lovers, acquaintances - it’s only to help us arrive at a new awareness and achieve fresh clarity in our choices down the line.

Venus’ retrograde in Leo can be a real journey through the heart. Majestic. Iconic. Golden (indeed, it’s worth researching how the eight-yearly return of Venus retrograde to the sign of Leo links up with the cycle of the price of gold).

There can be quite a regal, ‘VIP’, dramatic element to Venus retrograde in Leo, which has the capacity to make us feel quite special, even for a little while.

This is a deeply creative, glamorous and romantic time too, giving rise to beautiful creations, dramatic flirtations, and romping good times (unlike Venus retrograde in Capricorn, say, which can be quite austere!). Temptation can come in the form of razzle dazzle now.

Ultimately Venus retrograde in Leo is here to rejuvenate our heart’s capacity for love, creativity and joy. It’s also here to remind us of our core values and hit the refresh button.

Venus retrogrades in Leo every eight years so look at July 25-September 6 2015, July 27-September 8 2007 and so on (backward every eight years) for clues of how this manifests in your life. If in doubt, look through your photo albums! There will surely be a delightful picture in there to jog your memory!

Since Venus retrograde is first and foremost an inner journey, the usual astrological advice applies: This is not a good time to change your look, buy expensive clothes, decor or accessories or have cosmetic procedures. Remember, people’s aesthetic sense, relating radar, and investment acumen may be down for maintenance, leading to bizarre choices - great for an utterly memorable experience, but strange longer term. It’s not a great time to say “I do” either - unless you’re returning to or renewing your vows - as your union will carry this strange esoteric quality rather than being an outright love union. Go for the inner experience, not for the outer world result.

Venus retrograde in Leo experiences can be truly memorable, once in a lifetime, extraordinary! Like Cinderella going to the ball… Enjoy!

Sun in Leo July 23: The Height of Summer

Venus retrograde paves the ground for the Sun’s entry into Leo. Leo season begins barely twenty minutes after Venus stations on July 23rd at 01:50 UT/GMT - Happy Birthday Leo! This is going to be a most memorable birthday season!

Time to go inward for a major reassessment, reconnect with old places and faces and re-evaluate your priorities and preferences.

Leo signifies the height of Summer in the northern hemisphere - a bold and dramatic period. Wherever you are in the world, Leo season is meant to return us to our core and allow a greater sense of self-love and self respect to arise from within. It's everyone's moment to shine like the sun at noon - nothing to prove - giving off light, life and warmth.

With Venus about to turn retrograde in Leo, it’s doubly important that we remember who we are now and walk as kings and queens upon the earth.

Chiron Station Retrograde July 23rd: The Height of Vulnerability

Chiron in Aries also chooses this very same day to station retrograde, making the days surrounding July 23rd three times as poignant!

You cannot but wear your heart on your sleeve right now!

Chiron is known for exposing all our vulnerabilities and wobbly bits so we can lovingly accept them. This might be when the penny drops about matters that have been thorny for some time. Allow these feelings to rise, reintegrating that part of you that’s been kept out of sight, in anger, back into your being.

Mercury Conjunct Venus July 27: Loving Connections

Also on July 23rd, Mercury squares Uranus, followed by a meeting of Mercury and retrograde Venus on July 27th. The end of July is thus sure to generate liberating, surprising and dramatic news, meetings and communications. Perhaps also considerable financial volatility. Mercury harmonises with the Lunar Nodes, allowing messages to reach far and wide. A memorable end to July!

Mercury in Virgo July 28: Pay Close Attention!

By the 28th Mercury enters Virgo, its home turf, where he is strong, detail-oriented and hyper-rational. Mercury will stay in Virgo, strengthening our analytical skills, all the way to October 4th - the whole Venus retrograde period. That’s because Mercury also turns retrograde August 24th-September 15th (watch this space!) to help us dig deeper and uncover the facts. It’s going to be a truly dramatic, perspective-changing few months!

July 2023 Zodiac Sign Horoscope

July is an absolutely pivotal month, so let’s see where these most crucial events land on the zodiacal sky pie… Most of the action is in cardinals signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - with a colourful sprinkling of Leo. Are these crucial ingredients in your own horoscope cake? Check your ascendant and your sun sign for the skin and bones, and your moon sign for the squishy bits…


You’re at the heart of all the action this month, dear Aries. The North Node enters your sign and it’s time to take out your superhero suit (every Aries has one hiding somewhere in the closet!) and begin living that famous double life - a la Batman, Spiderman, Superman (the list goes on). Just as in the famous superhero stories, it’s crunch-time for an important relationship too. As the pressure from your worldly responsibilities begins to mount - career, parenthood, public duties or whatever is pressing down on you - something needs to give. For it’s time for you to step into your true identity. To do this, you’ll need to make changes in your relationships, and in your contracts and agreements with others, so as to allow yourself greater personal sovereignty and independence. By the same token, this can be a time of great rewards in the relationships you’ve patiently nurtured for many years and that are now giving love back to you, and for the contracts and agreements that you have honoured. Whether you’ve built good or bad ‘relationship karma’, what’s due to you now comes. Capricorn’s Full Moon can bring you visibility early this month - signifying a career high point, an honour or a culmination of a worldly goal. Either way, everyone looks to you now to take charge. You’re a trailblazer and that might put you in a vulnerable place, where you are exposed, an outsider. This achievement, too, may have unusual elements, making you stick out like a sore thumb - all the more reason to tap into your inner superhero, your natural leadership skills, and show everyone the brave way forward. The Cancer New Moon of July 17th signals a new beginning for your home and family life mid-month, and the need for you to establish a secure base of operations - and a strong inner sense of identity - from which to meet any personal, relationship or career challenge. While you certainly have work to do - especially from the 10th onwards - July is also a fun, creative and romantic month, when an old love may return to you or an old romance see a revival or find closure. Venus stations retrograde in your sector of love and joy and it’s time to delve deeper into what makes you truly happy. This could see you dust off an old hobby, or an old flirtation or labour of love, rejuvenate yourself through love, romance and creativity, or see a whole other side of your relationship to a child or your own inner child. Follow your heart to whatever brings you joy!


Get ready for a journey into beautiful inner and outer landscapes, dear Taurus. Lovely places out there; and even lovelier places in here, in your heart. Your ruler Venus goes retrograde in your home and family sector on July 23rd, and it’s time for a deep dive into the past, to reconnect with your roots, rediscover family or spiritual ties, and reignite the spark of love and abundance in your heart. From July 23rd and all throughout August, get ready for memorable times with loved ones, and for an overhaul of your home, your family dynamics, and your memories. This could mean re-evaluating your living space and furniture, returning to old haunts or to an old flatmate, revisiting your family ties or relationship with a parent - anything that makes you feel more secure, relaxed and appreciated. Even before the 23rd, July is a month intent on changing your outlook from the inside out, putting you in touch with your spirit. The Capricorn Full Moon could see the culmination of a legal, academic or publishing matter, the achievement of an accreditation, the closing of an international contract, or the conclusion of a travel or immigration matter. It’s time to get things sealed and stamped, and to let go. For these events may highlight deep unconscious insecurities, urging you to release stuck energy and opening you up for spiritual renewal. As legal, institutional or international pressures are mounting, you’re also called to ditch outworn methods and become a spiritual warrior. Over the next year and a half, you'll reap the rewards of any daily practice you do, of work well done and of skills perfectly honed. Equally, you'll pay the price of bad habits, inefficiency or laziness. Either way, your lifestyle is ready for an overhaul. New ideas born at the Cancer New Moon of July 17th make for busy work - travel, talks, networking and handling paperwork, transport, meetings and communications - all to do with organising your immediate environment. This can also be a fresh start for a writing, study or communications project. Still, there’s plenty of time for fun, romance and pleasurable activities this month, especially from the 10th onwards when you’ll be pouring all your energies into fun projects that bring you joy, whilst also boosting your own energies and sex appeal.


It’s crunch time for love and romance, dear Gemini! Same goes for matters around children, hobbies or creative projects - anything that brings you joy and allows your creative flair to shine through! And while it’s time to collect your dues on the romantic and creative front, it’s even more important that you find your people and your community, stepping into fresh territory. These are the people of like mind, whom you are yet to meet, and with whom you can just be yourself, feel the love and appreciation and freely share your creations. You’re under great financial and psychological pressure to merge your energies with others, whilst jettisoning the toxic power-struggles of the past. And you may as well throw your lot in with others, for you’ll need all the support you can get if you are to fight for a worthy cause! A banking issue, joint venture or intimate relationship matter culminates at the Capricorn Full Moon, showing you where you can place your trust. You may feel like the odd one out in your community, surrounded by weirdos. But it’s exactly in embracing this outsider community that you can build a foundation to bring your creativity to fruition. The Cancer New Moon of July 17th signals a financial new beginning for you, perhaps a new source of income, an acquisition or a new set of values and resources to boost your self worth. Do what you must to build your strength and self confidence, as this will sustain you in your intimate and financial bonds, and in your creative journey into a new social arena. This summer is going to be a highly sociable affair, allowing you to connect with all kinds of people you would not normally meet, have conversations you would not normally have and reconnect with places and faces from your past. Your curiosity may take you down interesting paths, changing your thinking and opening you up to new creative potentials. Gemini loves to write and speak so it may also be time to dust off some old words of yours and give them a new lease of life. Your home will also be a focus of energy from the 10th, where you might see considerable action and commotion!


There’s a powerful New Moon in your sign this month, dear Cancer, urging you to reorient your whole life - much like a chariot of wild horses - towards new directions. It’s time to set a new intention, balancing new and exciting career developments in your life with issues coming to a head around your home, family and living situation - and all that whilst under pressure from powerful people, contracts and relationships in your life. It’s important that you closely examine your home, foundations or base of operations now. This is a time of returns in your home and family arena, when what’s due to you will come and what no longer works will fall away. Matters around your home, family, property or living situation - as well as your own inner life - are coming full circle over the next year and a half. At the same time it’s important that you place your focus out there in the world, on your career, responsibilities and public face, aiming high so you can breach new ground. You’re fast becoming a trailblazer, a mentor and pioneer in your public function. It’s time to embrace your worldly responsibilities and lead the way. Relationships, contracts and agreements with demanding individuals continue to influence you, playing a crucial part in the choices you make. The Capricorn Full Moon brings an important relationship, contract or negotiation to fruition, sealing the deal and revealing where a partnership is headed - a good and beneficial place. You may feel publicly exposed or vulnerable now, due to the unusual circumstances of your position, or you may be stepping into the role of mentor. Remember: the New Moon in your sign on the 17th is your time to boldly set forth your intentions for the year ahead. You may feel pitted against great forces, but that’s all the more reason to take charge and state your truth clearly to the cosmos. Your finances, self worth and priorities are also about to go through a gentle reset. Time to re-evaluate what's most important and see your talents, assets and resources in a new light. What’s worth your time, money and energy? What do you need to feel secure? What's your greatest asset? You may be drawn to making unusual choices from July 23rd and during August, giving yourself a taste of something different. This will help you decide what’s of real value to you and where to invest your time, money and energy. Get ready for your world to spring into life from July 10th, with constant movement, meetings and communications filling your days.


Venus is already in your sign, dear Leo, ready to turn retrograde just in time for your birthday season: This promises to be an unforgettable summer! It won’t necessarily be smooth sailing as you’re put squarely in the spotlight, even as you’re still trying to decide what’s what. A change of heart may be imminent this July-August as you re-evaluate who you are and what you want out of life, as well as which people and relationships are actually in alignment with who you are becoming. The summer also promises some incredible thrills as you step out of your comfort zone, romantically and socially, intent on having some fun no matter what! You have the chance this summer (July 23-September 4) to experiment with new preferences and choices for the purpose of fun and joy - and these will form the foundation of a new outlook and identity for the future. Existing relationships may go through a period of redefinition while you also reconnect with people from your past and get closure. Your world is sure to spring into life from the 10th onwards with lots of travel, networking and communications filling your days - and all under pressure to finish a job or get things done and ticked off your list! Your expenses are also likely to rise from July 10th until the end of August. It’s time for you to make the most of what and whom you know, even whilst you begin to spread your wings toward new horizons. You’re ready to fly the nest and leave the familiar behind. But not before you sort out a whole bunch of stuff that’s still looking messy in your back yard… A big work project culminates at the Capricorn Full Moon early in the month. You may be carving out a new path academically or in the publishing, marketing or broadcasting industries, or there may be some sensitive legal or international issues to contend with. Lifestyle choices could also crystallise now, reflected in your health and urging you to change your outlook. The Cancer New Moon creates lots of activity behind the scenes for you, when you may have to pull out all the stops for the big reveal, take a moment to rest or tiptoe around difficult matters. If so, this is to help you to slowly begin to process the past so you can let go and explore new terrain.


Mars enters your sign on July 10th, dear Virgo, handing you the reins and putting you in charge of all sorts of activities. You’d better keep fit for you have lots to do! Your finances are also heating up and it’s crunch time for your money pot, your capacity to earn, your values and priorities, and your self worth. You may find yourself sorting through your possessions, talents and resources over the next many months, looking for things to monetise or let go of, as well as sorting through your priorities as these begin to radically change. Issues of trust are sure to come up, urging you to take someone into your confidence and brave new territory, both financially and emotionally. You're learning to trust and bond more intimately with others. And you're also learning to be brave when handling joint financial matters - especially things like debts and bank loans, household finances or the family estate, alimony, an inheritance, a grant or sponsorship or simply dealing with the taxes and other complications. Empowerment is the name of the game. And as you try to figure out what belongs where, you also learn to navigate some deeply transformative energies. Romantic, speculative and creative endeavours are sure to put financial pressure on you - whether you’re trying to get a business off the ground, speculate, prepare for the coming of a baby or take a hobby to the next level. The Capricorn Full Moon sees you complete a labour of love. This could be a moment of creative or romantic fulfilment, or just having fun with friends. It’s sure to bring you joy. An element of mistrust or financial vulnerability may make this moment more poignant but it’s also an opportunity for great healing to occur. Two weeks later, at the Cancer New Moon, get ready for the social scene to spring into life. You’ll have the chance to make a fresh start with a friendship or group involvement and take the lead, steering toward a common cause. You’re no stranger to doing things for others and many will look to you to get things done this month for the good of everyone. Should you tire of all that, come July 23rd (and all throughout August) you’ll get the chance to take a bow and drop beneath the radar for some truly memorable private moments. Whether you're all loved up behind closed doors, throwing yourself into your creativity or heading on a spiritual retreat, this will to help you replenish your batteries, relinquish the past and reconnect with your sexual energies, your life force and your sprit.


The Nodes are moving into your sign, dear Libra, putting you in the spotlight, and it’s time for you to collect your dues. That means receiving just rewards for past efforts, as well as learning the lessons of past failures, so you can fully digest your experience and let it go. It’s time to release the past. You’re entering a crucial time of endings when you’ll be called to deal with critical situations around your home, family and living situation and make some radical changes. In this process, it’s your relationships that call you forward, showing you a new and pioneering path. Let others show you the way from mid-July onwards. Allow yourself to become a brave explorer through partnership! Let relationships, contracts and agreements push you into exploring new and unfamiliar territory, for that’s where your greatest fulfilment lies - even if you have to keep things under the radar for a little while while. The Capricorn Full Moon in early July brings a home and family matter to a head. This may involve a parent, a home or property matter, your living situation or family affairs. Someone in your life may feel like the odd one out or there may something unusual about your relationship. This is a good time to address any hurt and find a better way forward. The Cancer New Moon mid-July could raise your profile and increase your responsibilities, putting pressure on you. You’re now called to take charge of the situation and handle competing demands stemming from your own desires, your home and family and your relationship. Most importantly perhaps, your ruler, Venus, goes retrograde on the 23rd, giving you space this summer to re-evaluate your friendships and group involvements, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. Who are your people? Where do you belong? Reconnecting with friends, allies and acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time could be really fulfilling now, leading to the revival of past ideals, dreams and ambitions. This is equally a chance to mingle in circles you wouldn’t normally find yourself in and experience something different. All the better to reassess where you’d like to make your contribution.


The Lunar Nodes are finally leaving your sign, dear Scorpio, and you can look forward to certain pressures beginning to recede. This is an opportunity to change your lifestyle, build better habits and become more efficient at work. At the same time, a more secretive period begins, when you may have to stay below the radar, either to take time to rest and recuperate, or because you need to operate behind the scenes as you navigate office politics or work on a creative project. You’re under great pressure to finalise a deal, sort out paperwork or complete a writing project now. These immediate pressures will continue into the rest of the year, as you sense that it’s your last chance to get some business sorted, have your voice heard or put your own stamp on your environment. The key to all this is tending to your health and daily routine. Lifestyle improvements are what’s needed to maintain a healthy body and an efficient working schedule so you can meet all these demands on your time and attention. You’re letting go of the past and of your old identity, and what’s going to help you most is becoming disciplined with your daily rituals, your work, exercise and nutrition. A deal, or a communications or writing project comes to a head at the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. This could highlight your lifestyle in a way that needs addressing. By the time of the Cancer New Moon, you may be making a fresh start with a legal or international matter or with an academic or publishing project, or you may be travelling or embarking on a new adventure that truly pushes your boundaries. This New Moon opens new horizons, again, impressing upon you the need to establish the kind of daily routine that a warrior would be proud of. Come the 23rd, you’re ready to re-evaluate your overall career direction, trying on different hats for size to figure out which one fulfils you most. Honours long overdue may come to you now or you may be ready to see your role in the world differently. You may meet VIPs outside your normal circles, gain favour or play with a public image that gives you a taste of new career possibilities. Mars intensifies your social involvements from July 10th, giving you everything you need to fulfil a dream.


It’s time to get out there and socialise, dear Sagittarius, and to enjoy life! A long held dream or team-project begins to come full circle now and deliver its rewards. This could bring a friendship to fruition or associations to an end that have now served their purpose. It’s time to disentangle yourself from burdensome social involvements and follow your bliss. Your values and principles are put to the test as you are made to choose between doing what’s best for the group and doing what’s best for your own happiness. This is no time to give into peer pressure. Rejuvenation, love and joy are in order! Time for you to pursue your own creative hobbies, enjoy greater romance or spend more time with your children. Trying to follow your heart whilst navigating peer pressures may put your money, time and resources under considerable strain, as you try to do what makes you happy whilst also trying to please everybody else. A financial matter culminates early this month, giving you greater clarity about your time, money and resources, as well as your values and priorities. You need to put yourself first and follow your heart even if that can be painful sometimes. Mid month brings a new beginning in your intimate involvements and joint finances. It’s now all about building relationships of trust, even as you have to shoulder financial burdens or leave certain people behind to follow your heart. Come July 10th, you’re ready to take charge and get things done and this could bring you lots of attention from authorities and VIPs. Use this period until the end of August to pursue your goals. Still, the summer of 2023 promises some unique thrills, especially from July 23rd and all the way til September, bringing you into contact with cultures and people you would not normally meet and allowing you the freedom to re-evaluate your entire philosophical or religious outlook. Travel, study or escape into a good book and open yourself up to new experiences. This could be a more carefree time, allowing you to experiment with different future visions.


With a Full Moon in your sign, lots of things are coming to a head this month, dear Capricorn - all the better so you can clear the past and move forward. Pluto is also back in your sign to put the finishing touches to this new identity you’ve built over the past decade and a half, forged in fire. Whatever you still need to process and purge from your life, it’s time. There could be a mad race to the finish line now as you sense the urgency of the changes required of you. And this puts extra pressure on your home, family or living situation as well as your career and where you see your life going. It’s important that you take responsibility and gracefully discharge your duties, whilst also beginning to disentangle yourself from too many worldly involvements. The direction of your journey now takes you within, to your inner world, your past, your spirit, and your home and family. Tending to your personal life, your past, as well to any real estate matters now and over the next year and a half will be beneficial for you. Any hurts and pain around your home or living situation, your family or unresolved feelings from your past, is strongly highlighted at this Capricorn Full Moon, giving you the impetus to address it. This can be a healing experience, bringing to culmination matters that are deeply important and personal to you, so do not shy away from it. Only good can come from this. Relationships are also strongly highlighted this month, with a new beginning mid-July challenging you to negotiate some tricky partnerships, deals, contracts and agreements. Enlist others’ help and offer your help in turn. This is no time to go it alone. From July 10th, Mars gives you the energy and optimism you need to see things as an adventure and overcome any obstacle. Your finances are also highlighted this summer, especially from July 23rd to early September, when you may change your investment strategy, give or receive a precious gift or embark on intimate or financial relationships that are not your usual fare. This little bubble of time may allow you to bond more closely with someone you would not normally get to know so intimately, or merge your energies and funds in unusual ways. Enjoy the special bond this brings.


This is the final phase of the demolition of the past, dear Aquarius, ripping you away from dogmatic world-views and opening you up to new ideas. It’s especially important that you question rigid moral, religious and philosophical beliefs that keep you stuck and are rapidly bearing no relation to reality. What you need to do now is get down to grass roots, dialogue, trade and listen to fresh voices. Marketing, publishing and broadcasting endeavours will yield results over the next year and a half, as will any legal proceedings, academic projects such as the gaining of degrees and qualifications, and international involvements. All these things are coming full circle, delivering their rewards, but also asking you to let go of your old outlook so you can let in new ideas. Time to reignite your curiosity and approach everything with the ignorance and playfulness of a child! Pressures for change continue to build behind the scenes, meanwhile, and that makes it even more imperative that you question old beliefs and open yourself up to learning from experience. These could be political pressures or it could be psychological and spiritual pressures that urge you to tackle your demons and and release the past. Some sort of secret could come to light at the Capricorn Full Moon allowing you to do just that. Or you could see a secret project you’re involved with finally reach completion and resolution, allowing you to take a breather and relax. Your ideas are taking strange turns these days and you may feel that you are walking on eggshells and cannot speak freely. It’s important to address any hurt as honestly as possible and be authentic and truthful in your speech. Your attention is brought back down to earth mid-month at the Cancer New Moon, when your work or to do list may suddenly demand all your time. You may have tricky ground to navigate to get things done without ruffling too many feathers. If it is your health playing up instead, it could be stress-related. All the more reason to deal with whatever psychological pressures are getting to you. Your relationships are also highlighted this month and you may have to revisit a past contract, partnership or agreement - either to reignite the spark or to let it go. You may wish to go over old ground from July 23rd onwards, and even experiment a little, as you sense that you need some kind of refreshment - some unique experiences, perhaps, to remind you of what you truly seek from another. Your involvements could get more intimate and intense from July 10th, when you may also be dealing with joint financial matters.


It’s crunch time for your finances, dear Pisces, especially when it comes to bank loans, debts and taxes, alimony, grants or your joint family resources. What’s due to you will come and what you owe will have to be repaid over the next year and a half. But it’s July that puts peer pressure on you to decide what it is that you value most and also make financial decisions. What are your own dreams and ideals in all this? Moving forward, it’s important to learn to rely more on your own values, talents and resources and become less dependent on others. By the same token, you will need to stand your ground if you are to ever to build your own store of strength, value and self-confidence. The Capricorn Full Moon could signify an important social event or the successful culmination of a group endeavour, where you play a crucial role. Still, you may feel unsure of yourself and what you have to offer, perhaps due to a lack of self-confidence or a lack of resources. It is important that you address any feelings of self-doubt so you can recognise what's yours to give. The Cancer New Moon brings a fresh start with a creative project, romance or labour of love amid intense social and financial pressures. Still, as this project is so close to your heart, pursuing it can bring you great joy and inspiration. You may have to work more closely with others from the 10th onwards, either acting on their behalf or having to rely to them more than usual to get things done, so just take this in your stride. Life will be filled with majestic little pleasures from July 23rd onwards, when your daily routine could take unexpected turns, showing you the possibility of a whole different lifestyle. This is a good time to re-evaluate your work, habits and daily schedule, including any health and exercise routines. You may enjoy returning to old favourite methods just as much as being thrown into something new that you normally wouldn’t choose. All the better to expand your repertoire.

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Article by YourAstroGenes.


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