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June 2022 Astrology: Ride On A Hot Air Balloon!

Prepare for take off: the Sagittarius SuperMoon, June Solstice and Cancer New Moon all hail Jupiter - plus Mercury goes direct - and up we go!

June brings renewal on so many fronts. Things are highly unstable as the month begins, with many things shifting gear and changing track. It's like someone installed a whole new software in your head and new and unfamiliar thoughts are now running through your mind. You may be suffering some backlash from the spring eclipses as important realisations are now slowly sinking in. These are planting the seeds of a whole new way of thinking that you’re yet to become fully aware of.

This month requires a rigorous yet flexible approach. With Mercury still retrograde, you’re flying blind - but there is also a huge sense of hope and a powerful motivation to push on. Bravely go forth! Just let the dust settle before you edge anything in stone…

After a bit of a clear out and a long rethink, things start gaining momentum....

Things to look out for in June? Saturn and Neptune turn retrograde and Mercury turns direct. We have a Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14th and let’s not forget the Cancer Solstice on the 21st and the Cancer New Moon that follows it on the 29th - all of which are blowing a whole load of hot steam! We have five planets transiting their signs of rulership - Saturn and Neptune, as well as Mars, Venus and Mercury - not to mention the Moon renewing itself in its own sign… That gives you a ton of resources to draw upon to achieve anything your heart desires. So, buckle up and let’s check out the astro weather of June 2022.

Mercury Turns Direct June 3rd: Mental Rigour!

June begins on the heels of a most promising and action-packed New Moon in Gemini, which came with the Astrology of May. With Mercury stationing direct a few days later on June 3rd and Saturn stationing retrograde on June 4th in square to Mercury, obstacles may loom large as the month begins. Persist!

Patience is required. Use mental discipline. Deal with what arises and don’t jump the gun. Deep, rigorous thinking is all part of the process of this new beginning you are making.

This could also be a moment when all your hard work finally pays off, allowing you to enter a new phase — but you’re not done yet! You need to give yourself enough time to see how things play out and proceed cautiously. A Sun-Chiron sextile on June 6th brings a chance to heal old rifts and insecurities. Words carry great power now and all the way to June 10th, as Mercury trines Pluto.

Mercury won’t exit his retrograde shadow - i.e. move beyond the zodiac degrees he covered during the retrograde - til June 18th, and that’s when you’ll stop chewing the same old thing over and mentally move onto greener pastures…

Saturn Retrograde June 4th: The Weight of the World…

June 3rd-4th is a moment of truth. Super-intense, it's a standstill moment of heightened realism.

Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde on June 4th right on the back of Mercury’s station and these days are sure to generate a heavy, tough, pressurised atmosphere. Great if you can apply mental discipline to achieve a task. Otherwise your mind may seek out different outlets and this could get you down some negative thinking spirals. Even if this happens, don’t worry. The vibe will soon pass.

Perhaps, this is the moment when you can no longer ignore a situation. State your claim, say No, set some boundaries.

The intensity begins to fade as we enter the second week of June.

Saturn stays retrograde for the summer - all the way ’til October 23rd. This is an excellent period to implement the necessary restructures to better organise your world in the long run. If the penny’s dropped, it’s time to do some inner remodelling and develop the discipline you need to succeed. On a global level, expect a review of scientific dictates and civic rules and regulations.

Venus conjunct Uranus/Node June 11th-16th: Sensational!

Venus in Taurus ’til June 23rd makes for a most sensual run up to summer. June 11th could feel particularly exhilarating as Venus meets Uranus in Taurus.

Expect financial surprises and tantalising things happening around currencies. You can also look forward to unexpected pleasures around love and romance and all kinds of partying and socialising.

Have a ball!

With Venus heading for the globally significant Dragon’s Head on June 16th, that entire period June 11th to June 16th could be incredibly electrifying socially, romantically, financially. Think parties, meetings, love at first sight. Think innovative currencies, price hikes, windfalls, market drops and financial rollercoasters!

This little period, June 11th-16th, is also a preview of what to expect when Mars conjuncts Uranus and the Dragon’s Head next, July 31st-August 2nd - arguably one of the most significant events of 2022, with potentially seismic financial, technological (and perhaps military) repercussions. Watch this space!

Mercury reenters Gemini June 13th: Up Your Processing Power!

On June 13th Mercury gets back into Gemini where stationed retrograde back in May - and this time he'll stay til July 5th. Mercury's right at home in Gemini and eager to pique your curiosity. This is a fabulous time for connecting with people, for learning, processing, exploring, reading, writing, speaking and exchanging ideas, for trade, travel and great commotion on all fronts. Mercury in Gemini enjoys lively discussions and the free flow of data. Indulge!

Let your mind come alive and be spoiled for choice! So much to see, say, do - so many people to meet.

Overstimulation could drive you to distraction, yes, but it’s all very interesting - as nearly everything always is for a Gemini...

With Venus in her own sign of Taurus, Mercury in his own sign of Gemini and Mars in his own sign of Aries all feeling strong and confident between June 13th and 23rd, life will tempt you to enjoy things more, connect with people and go after what you want.

Full Moon Supermoon in Sagittarius June 14: Balloon Ride in the Mist…

And so we arrive at June 14th and this month’s most wistful, nostalgic and escapist Full Moon Supermoon in Sagittarius (12:51 BST UK time). Not only is this Full Moon BIG, being so close to the earth, but its ruler, Jupiter, is all rah rah rah in Aries blowing hot air up its bottom.

So up this big balloon goes, all inflated, wobbly and a little misguided. The navigation system is off, thanks to Neptune, and you’ll end up nowhere near where you were headed... But luck is on your side - plus you’ve got a rope thanks to Saturn - so enjoy the ride!

This lunation is square Neptune and trine Saturn, accentuating BIG dreams and releasing all sorts of confusing feelings into the ether - from elation all the way to melancholy... And, given we're at a Supermoon, feelings are sure to be big!

Feeling disappointed? Take this opportunity to see where your own yearnings have led you down the garden path. Yearning for something more - be it true love, spiritual fulfilment, or creative self expression? Let your soul’s song make an impression on you now. Let it motivate you. Don’t jump on the first bandwagon that purports to offer what you seek.

The air is literally filled with longing in the middle of the month. This is soul-searching Full Moon. It is hyper-romantic - and not a little foolish - but it is lucky too, helping you anchor your dreams into reality.

June’s Full Moon takes place at 23:25 degrees of Sagittarius and its Sabian Symbol is 'a bluebird perched on a gate of a cottage'. This is a wonderful image of luck and social well-being, of arriving somewhere good by following your bliss - even if you have no idea where you're going...

On the very next day, June 15th, Mars meets with Chiron, the Centaur who was hurt by a poison arrow - and this is a curious doubling of the symbolism of Sagittarius, which is a Centaur aiming an arrow. Watch where you point that arrow in the fog, or you may injure someone! Repressed anger could erupt to the surface now and it's time to address old hurts. But with all this comes an opportunity for healing, releasing some of that repressed martial energy and putting it at your disposal, so you can feel a greater sense of agency, potency and sovereignty.

Venus-Saturn-Neptune June 18th-19th: The Misty Mountain...

Watch out for Venus squaring Saturn on the 18th, when everything surrounding love and money gets dead-serious. This may be a financial downer of a day. It's also not a good day to socialise, woo someone or throw a party. But if you have some serious business to attend to - like making something official, delivering a rejection or doing your taxes - by all means give it a go. That's the mood anyway... By June 19th, Venus sextiles Neptune bringing a softer and more romantic note, and lifting some of the harshness of Venus-Saturn. That's a good day for some TLC - don't be hard on yourself.

June 21st Summer Solstice: Blow The Trumpets!

June 21st (at 10:13 BST) is that magical moment: the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere - Winter Solstice in the South - when the Sun enters Cancer. A new season is officially here - and right on the heels of a Mercury-Jupiter sextile, sounding a clear note of optimism.

With the Moon, Cancer's ruler, freshly in Aries and conjunct Jupiter, it’s time to blow the trumpets! There's a conquering vibe to this seasonal marker.

Right before the Solstice, there's a last minute perspective shift. The Moon hits last quarter in the very last, critical degree of Pisces and it's urgent that you try and make sense of so much that has gone down this year. There's a manic element to this, a need to mature your perspective. It's all followed by an upsurge of energy and dynamism. Summer’s here, the trumpets are sounding and there's a resounding ‘yes’... Venus trines Pluto for good measure on the Solstice too and feelings are sure to run very deep. This is an expansive, proactive moment.

Venus in Gemini June 23rd: Feel the Buzz!

Two days later, on June 23rd, Venus enters Gemini and love takes on a whole other dimension. Time to sample a bit of everything! This is the classic social butterfly energy - connecting with everyone, not resting anywhere for long - a million questions, chats, conversations, flirtations, moves, meetings and exchanges. All of these are sure to be great sources of pleasure June 23rd - July 18th, while Venus is in Gemini.

Neptune Retrograde June 28th: The Siren Call

Neptune is the next planet to turn retrograde for the summer, on June 28th, completing June’s misty-eyed madness...

The end of the month is sure to generate yet another tidal wave of emotional overwhelm, just in time for the first New Moon of summer.

Neptune stations right before the Cancer New Moon on June 29th, setting the stage for some ambitious and dreamy pursuits. And he stations right on the heels of two sextiles between Mercury-Chiron, and Mars-Saturn - and sextiles always bring opportunities. Here you have a chance to clear the air and take strategic action before you set forth on a new journey of discovery.

As Neptune sounds his siren call right before the first New Moon of the season, everything may be tinged with an eery air of unreality. Let the tidal wave wash over you, then settle in for the summer. Neptune doesn't turn direct til December 4th and this is your chance to look inward and re-evaluate your dreams for the future.

Cancer New Moon June 29th: Launch Your Ships!

The month ends with a most dynamic, over-the-top New Moon in Cancer as the 28th of June morphs into the 29th (03:52BST, UK time). The Sun and Moon are square Jupiter, doubling your confidence, and Venus sextiles Jupiter too, urging you to indulge for love and profit...

With such strong conviction, this is the time to launch your ships!

This New Moon is exactly square Jupiter, who’s up in arms in Aries, and this energy is super-expansive, conquering, manic. It's on a mission for home and country and everything you hold dear... The Lunar Nodes (i.e. the eclipse points in the sky) complete the picture, creating what’s called a ‘hammer of the gods’ to hammer the point home. Jupiter is sure to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly and the Lunar Nodes sure carry the extra oomph required to drive things to their destination.

Overdoing it a smidgeon? It’s all part of the learning process… The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at 07:22 degrees Cancer is ‘a group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade…’ Surreal! Which is no surprise with self-sure Jupiter and make-believe Neptune so overpowering during this Cancer New Moon. Perhaps this is a case of ‘fake it till you make it’ using mimicry and make believe to learn and grow. Either that, or the whole world’s gone potty...

APPENDIX: Saturn-Neptune’s Two-Step Dance - Between a Rock and Tidal Wave

Saturn and Neptune walk in tandem all month long - both at 25 degrees of their respective signs, their stations marking June’s bookends, their aspects synced. This may make for a somewhat subdued, wistful atmosphere in June.

When Saturn and Neptune combine, they tend to create faceless systems, where the individual counts for nothing and is sacrificed on the altar of necessity, austerity and hierarchical control. It’s a kind of cynical idealism or sanctified materialism. When applied socially, Saturn-Neptune tend to wipe away all individual spark - they're inimical to life. Think ex-communist block, which is often associated with those planets. Where this combo shines is in art and spiritual practices. There, Saturn-Neptune refine the human soul, creating the most exquisite Works, the highest spiritual attainment.

Why does all that matter? We’ve a very powerful Saturn-Neptune conjunction coming up at the end of 2025-early 2026 at the hinges of the world (0 degrees Aries), and it is important to learn to handle their combined energies. Listen out for the Saturn-Neptune baseline notes running through the music of the world this June. See where you may feel a sense of resignation (or devotion even) in your own life (underlying all this hot, selfish energy of Jupiter in Aries) and see how your dreams are morphing in front of your very own eyes into something new.

As for 2025-26, let’s pray for a cultural and spiritual renaissance and let's stand firm against any faceless forces that seek to conquer this world.

June 2022 Star Sign Horoscopes :)

Where is the icing on your cake? Let’s cut up the sky pie into the customary twelve zodiac slices... Check out the slice that contains your sun (the what), the one that has your ascendant (the where), and the one that’s got your moon (the how). The solar slice shows you how June’s events are bringing a sense of meaning and purpose in your life, the Ascendant slice describes where in the physical world the action literally happens, and the Lunar slice illuminates how you perceive the whole thing subjectively, filtering the whole experience through that emotional lens... OK, enough. Here goes for some crude slicing...


You are unstoppable, dear Aries! With Mars and Jupiter in your sign, there’s nothing you cannot achieve this month - and luck is on your side all summer! Your neighbourhood is buzzing with activity right now. There’s lots of commotion, movement and talks, and you can find innovative ways to make money and build your strength all the way til June 23rd. The middle of the month activates your wanderlust and you feel like having a holiday. There could also be some glamorous publicity surrounding your name too, or events culminating around academic studies, a marketing campaign, an international project or legal matter. The Solstice and the New Moon that follow herald a time for you to turn inward and make a confident and expansive fresh start in your home and family. Use this summer to reassess your spiritual longings and where you fit in your social community.


Your charm is off the charts - and especially mid-month, when Venus meets Uranus in your sign and you may find yourself surprised at the attention you get. You’re preoccupied with yourself this month, with your strengths, assets and resources and everything that’s yours. Use this time to reassess what’s worth what to you and reset your priorities. Don’t worry if you don’t feel up for much. A lot of your energy is taken up by your subconscious mind, sorting things out behind the scenes, and you can benefit a lot from therapy, meditation or any kind of downtime for some RnR. The Sagittarius Full Moon brings financial matters to culmination, liberating you from old financial or emotional debts, revealing secret helpers and alchemically transforming you, as you grow in trust and intimacy. Enjoy this private moment because your world is about to spring back to life come the Solstice and Cancer New Moon. The end of the month brings travel, commotion and a lot of communications. It’s an excellent time to take a trip, connect with siblings or pour yourself into writing or commerce. Use this summer to restructure your life goals and reassess your friendships and worldly dreams and aspirations.


It’s your season, dear Gemini, and time to recharge your batteries on all levels, including re-energising everything that you want out of life. Hold your system is still down, processing data in the background as June begins so don’t rush. Give yourself time to de-frag. There’s lots going on behind the scenes and you’ll soon be ready to unveil whatever it is you’ve been turning over in your mind for weeks now. The Supermoon shines a bright spotlight on your relationships mid month - and that includes any business contacts or PR. This could be a ‘big reveal’ for you, or it could be wistful, nostalgic moment with a special someone, energising new hopes and dreams for the future. Your social circle is seeing a lot of action and you are much more motivated when you’re working alongside others. Do so and you’re sure to see great rewards for your efforts. The solstice and the New Moon at month’s end place your attention firmly on your resources. You may want to take a leap of faith to strengthen yourself or improve your financial situation at the end of the month. Use the summer to deal with official matters and review your overall outlook and goals.


Your birthday is (nearly) here, dear Cancer! The June Solstice is the moment when you plug into the mains to draw renewed strength and vitality into your being. And with a New Moon in your sign, you’ll be ready to make some bold career moves and launch your ships by month’s end. Before that you may be very busy behind the scenes as June gets underway, all to do with a team project, perhaps, with groups and collaborations. By June 5th, you’re in the clear and ready to move full speed ahead. You’ve got Mars and Jupiter at the top of your chart right now and your career is on fire! Pull out all the stops to make a name for yourself and create a legacy. This month’s Full Supermoon is twice the size for you, given the Moon rules your sign, so expect a big work project to culminate mid-month, raising your profile and allowing you to relax a little and let loose. Use the summer to get a handle on your financial obligations but be sure to let your mind wander too. Daydream, review the bigger picture and enjoy a taste of freedom.


The whole world is your oyster, dear Leo, and you’re ready to let your hair down, have fun and enjoy your freedom. Travel, international matters, publishing and education are all lucky for you and you’ll be pouring a lot of your energy into expanding and improving your world. Your career is accelerating and you can see quick and unexpected rise, especially as your social network is also coming alive. You’ll be busy socialising, working together and achieving your goals. This is a liberating, rewarding, rejuvenating month for you, when love and enjoyment has a central place. Romance hits the reds mid-month when you can enjoy leaving your worldly cares behind, pursuing hobbies, enjoying love and romance or spending time with your kids. Come the solstice and it’s time to start winding the whole show down and take a bow. The new moon at the end of the month sees you retreating for some much needed RnR, a well-deserved holiday. Use this summer to review contracts and financial agreements, as well as exactly what you want out of a relationship.


There’s lots of commotion at the top of your chart, dear Virgo, and you’re in the process of redefining your goals and entire outlook on life. Early June brings a serious moment of contemplation but you can let your curiosity guide you to explore different avenues as the month unfolds. A lot of your energy is taken up by private relationship and finance matters this month and you can go a long way in tackling issues with joint finances and your deep intimate relationships. Home and family are in the spotlight at this month’s supermoon, challenging and deepening any relations of trust and transforming you in the process. Come the solstice, you can look forward to socialising and connecting with friends. Use the New Moon at the end of the month to launch a group endeavour. The whole summer is an excellent time to review what you want from your partnerships and to reorganise your entire lifestyle, habits and working routine.


Relationships and contracts is where the action is, dear Libra, and you may be dealing with international, legal and financial matters as the month gets underway. You’ll need to sort out some intricate personal dealings before you can finally spread your wings and feel the air of freedom on your face. But it’s worth it - especially mid-month, which promises some intense thrills in your relationships. There’s lots going on by the time we reach this month’s Supermoon. You may be going on a short trip or finalising paperwork. Whatever you’re doing it’s sure to raise your popularity and open new doors for you relationship-wise. Just pay attention to the fine print. The Cancer Solstice is always a marker that it’s time to focus more clearly on your career and overall life direction. You’ll have a good opportunity to energise your goals and set sail toward your ambitions at the New Moon at the end of the month. Use this summer to better understand what you yearn for in your working environment and make more room for love, fun and creative self expression in your life.


You’re working hard, dear Scorpio, and all your work is paying off BIG time. That’s because your ruler, Mars, is sailing close with Jupiter and everything you touch will now turn to gold. It’s just you may have a lot on your plate. You’re busy trying to finalise agreements, contracts and financial dealings, still waiting to see exactly where you stand with others as the month begins. Relationships promise some thrills down the line so don’t count your chickens just yet. Let your dealings and transactions with others transform you. This month’s Supermoon brings your assets to the fore - these can be material or Human Resources, your money, or even your strengths and talents. Expenses may seem high but you’re accomplishing a lot in the process. The Solstice is when you can finally hang up your hat and go on holiday. If you’ve got a big, ambitious project to launch - especially anything to do with publishing, marketing, law, academia or international relations - do so after the New Moon at the end of June. The summer calls you to review what home, family and children mean to you, as well as do some inner psychological clearing and bring more love and joy into your life.


This is your month, dear Sagittarius, with a Full Moon in your sign and Jupiter, your ruler, ruling the roost. Something deeply important to you is culminating and it will bring you great joy and rejuvenation. Spending time pursuing your hobbies, playing with your kids or simply indulging in some love and romance is where it’s at. Pour your energies into what makes you happy! Work is still very busy at the start of the month but if you apply yourself you can slowly clear your to do list. Relationships, communications and collaborations are key and you’ll spend lots of your energy improving your relationships, hacking your lifestyle and finding clever ways to work together with others. The solstice and New Moon that follow bring your attention to more private matters once more. You may be dealing with loans, grants or joint finances toward month’s end, ready to take a big leap of faith that can alchemical change you at a core level. Take this opportunity to dig deeper and build greater intimacy with someone. The summer is a good time to review your dreams around home and family, as well as reorganising your neighbourhood, transport and immediate world.


You’re bound to feel the pressure as we head to June 4th, dear Capricorn. Thats when your ruler, Saturn, turns retrograde, urging you to take care of last minute business and settle in for a more contemplative. Use the summer to reorganise your financial situation and review how you interact with life in general. You’ve lots to be getting on with this month but work and pleasure go hand in hand. You’re in for lots of fun, enjoyment and, dare I say, romantic excitement mid-month. The full moon shines a light in dark places, revealing secrets that expand your inner world, benefit your home and make you feel more secure. This is rather a private moment. Come the solstice, the focus shifts to your relationships and any contracts or tacit agreements you have. Use the end of the month to energise your partnerships or take a leap of faith with someone.


It's time to have some fun, dear Aquarius! First, you're renewing your commitment to your home and family and reconnecting with your kids and you're sure to enjoy lots of good times in the process. Love flourishes at home - rather unexpectedly - and you’re in for some wonderful thrills! It’s also time to pull your finger out when it comes to property and real estate matters and play to win. Chances are you’re networking like a fiend and there’s lots of places to go and lots of people to see. Making connections in your immediate environment is lucky for you now. Your social muscles will flex to their peak as the Full Moon hits - and you may also see a highly aspirational team project come to fruition this month. Keep making connections! By the of the Solstice, you’re ready to focus on your work, leading to a bold new beginning at the end of the month. Use this summer to review your financial hopes and dreams as well as how you see yourself, your strengths, your identity and talents.


Expenses may well be through the roof, dear Pisces, but you’re playing to your strengths and it’s worth it. You can do much to improve your financial situation this month. There’s lots of commotion in and around your home and neighbourhood and you may be dealing with some serious paperwork early on this month or an important order or communication. You’re in for some exciting encounters and your home will soon become a hub of activity too. You’re reaching a high point in your career this month, a moment of high visibility, of dreamlike honours and rewards, which can only boost your self confidence. By the solstice and the New Moon that follows, you’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to make a fresh start with a hobby or creative project. Love and romance also get a boost by month’s end and you can have some memorable times with children. Most important of all, perhaps, your ruler Neptune turns retrograde at the end of June and you can feel time stand still for a moment as you take stock and turn inward to redefine your identity, goals and dreams for the future. Take some time to do some psychological clearing work this summer to make space for the person you’re becoming.

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Article by YourAstroGenes


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