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Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces 2022: Tap Into The Infinite

Jupiter meets Neptune on April 12th and it’s time to change our paradigms, tear down old dogmas and plug into the infinite…

To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.

William Blake

On April 12th, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, launching our ships into uncharted waters. This conjunction of both rulers of Pisces in Pisces - the most boundless and confounding of signs - only comes every 166 years.

It’s time for a spiritual awakening, of heightened sensitivity to what lies behind the veil of our beliefs and dogmas, a time of strange longings and bizarre events that defy logical explanation. And that is the point. To let go of all official interpretations, open up to experiential meaning and expand our understanding beyond any known bounds.

Jupiter-Neptune: Change Your Paradigm

Whenever Jupiter and Neptune meet in Pisces we seem to have an important change of paradigm. This conjunction has not happened since 1856, the height of Victorian Spiritualism. That trend, whatever its flaws, forever opened up the possibility in people's minds of life beyond this material realm. Before 1856, Jupiter and Neptune met in Pisces in in 1690, the year John Locke planted the seeds of Empiricism in the Age of Enlightenment. It happened again in 1524, a year of sea expeditions, including Pizarro first sailing for Peru. And it happened in 1356, the year of the ‘Golden Bull’ marking the end of the Holy Roman Empire. And so on every 166 or so years. Even though each of these periods needs to be understood in the wider context of its times, one thing seems clear: each planted seeds that blew the field wide open in humanity’s understanding of the world.

Jupiter Neptune into the 21st Century

And now, once more, our worldview is about to change profoundly. We now live in a technological era, which presents brand new challenges. One of them, surely, is where to place human consciousness in this global, high tech, AI-riddled, nuclear-armed world. How are we to frame our understanding of ourselves and the world? It is time, perhaps, to develop our ‘inner technology’ to match these outer advances, to connect to the unifying field of our hearts and raise our consciousness to match our technology. We have already connected on a social level through wifi, smart phones, drones and social platforms - the way for this opened widely with a strong Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius back in 2009. It is perhaps time to understand the inner technology of our own consciousness now, and the electromagnetic powers of our bodies, hearts and minds.

The Sabian Symbol* for this conjunction at 23:58 Pisces - on a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close proximity - is a perfect symbol of our little earth, crammed with people, in this vast expanse of the universe. We appear to be on the threshold of a new technological and informational age, a space age that requires that we see ourselves and our world with fresh eyes.

The seeds are being planted now to awaken us to a greater awareness of our place in the world, to activate the heart and dissolve old dogmas that have held us in their thrall.

* Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala, NY: Vintage Books 1974, p.284

Pisces, Feeling & Direct Experience: We are All One

Pisces is a water sign of subtle and direct sensation, bypassing the rational mind.

Like an avalanche of feeling, Jupiter-Neptune washes away all division to reveal an underlying unity.

Whether it's tears of sorrow or tears of joy, let the healing waters wash away any toxins that are now being exposed by Pluto in Capricorn and released with the South Node in Scorpio; let them wash away any pain, any sense of loneliness and separation, all division that is the product of the mind. Because the message of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is: we are all one.

Once that truth is fully felt and understood, false moral and religious ideas - charity, mercy or indeed any concept coming from a place of moral superiority - simply fall away. For these imply division; they imply distinction; they imply separation. If we are all one, causing pain is feeling pain. Giving is receiving. That is a key lesson of Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces: The Great Wipe-Out

While there is no doubt that this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is an immense gift to the world, it is also true that Jupiter magnifies everything he touches. With Neptune, that might be lofty things but it can also be a host of Neptune-type problems: escapism and addiction, confusion and misdirection, illusion and delusion, contamination, mass-destruction, hysteria and psychosis.

With Neptune strong in his own sign, Pisces, since 2010, we’ve seen great strides in personal development; but we’ve also been heading down a kind of merry madness, of addiction to our devices, with individual choice, privacy and personhood steadily corroded.

Neptune in Pisces is the great leveller: no distinctions. And that is not always good.

Pisces is also the sign that most refuses to face reality, hypnotised by the box, by drugs or whatever it is currently imbibing. It seeks only to escape to assuage its intense existential loneliness. And anything will do.

In this paroxysmal vertigo of highs and lows, Jupiter-Neptune can be a bit like the great Houdini - now you see me now you don’t - and while you’re deep in a hypnotic trance, someone has absconded with the Crown Jewels.

Much like in the con-artist filled Spiritualism of the Victorian era, Jupiter-Neptune make it easy to be duped, victimised, wiped clean off the face of the earth.

Jupiter-Neptune: The Theatre of the Absurd

The sad truth about spiritual awakening, as signified by Neptune, is that the easiest way to sensitise the human ego to what lies beyond its microscopic confines is often to humble and confound it. To offer up experiences so vast, so deeply moving, even humiliating, that we have no choice but to let go of our usual frame of reference. And so suffering is often part of any Neptune transit, for it is the easiest way to pummel and soften us to the point where we become porous to something beyond our narrow materialistic confines. Faced with this theatre of the absurd, with events that defy our morals, laws and doctrines, we seek understanding in new ways.

Lucid Dreaming

The good thing about life becoming absurd is that you realise it doesn’t much differ from your dreams.

And dreams are more malleable, or so it seems, than reality.

In our dreams, we are often all caught up in our experiences, but should we realise we're dreaming, everything changes. That's called 'lucid dreaming'. You suddenly focus, knowing that this is your dream and you can make things happen in it and you are able to direct events. And Jupiter-Neptune awaken you to this capacity in your waking life.

And it’s important now more than ever to direct our own waking dreams, when half our life is spent hypnotised, absorbed by screens, hijacked by all kinds of ideas, stories and images. A dream within a dream... For if you don’t run your own dream, who does? Whose reality are you living in?

You Cannot Heal What You Do Not Feel

Spiritual awakening necessarily passes through the feelings, which must be felt fully before we can move anywhere near the vicinity of something else. What holds us trapped in our dreams - and our realities - is unprocessed feeling.

Trapped feelings create a prison. Felt ones create a gateway.

And if the waters on the surface are too choppy, don’t struggle up there fighting the waves. Dive under. Go within, where you can get a real sense of the flowing currents. Do it for your sanity.

Virgo: The Antidote to Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces…

The antidote to all this overwhelming psycho-emotional energy is Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. Feeling overwhelmed? Tend to your daily chores. Meditating? Don’t forget to take a shower. Big dream? Focus on the next step. Establish a daily practice. Virgo is humble. Virgo is the anonymous helper. No fuss. No applause. No credit. No drama. Just getting the job done.

The Virgo-Pisces axis teaches us that to honour the sacred is to honour the mundane; that no detail in this vast great universe is too small not to merit your attention; that the greatest meditation is the one you do with your daily thoughts and actions. Virgo also teaches us it that the devil is in the detail. If you want to stop someone from pulling a fast one on you, develop that other Virgo trait - your powers of discrimination. Jupiter-Neptune can get too airy fairy; too contaminated by all sorts of things...

Virgo is the great sifter and purifier, the micro-filter that can stem the tide, the glitch that breaks up this virtual reality illusion, the pebble underfoot that pulls your head out from the clouds.

Honour Virgo and perhaps we won’t be picking up your pieces off the sidewalk…

Jupiter-Neptune Cycle: 2022-2035

The seeds of spiritual development that are now taking hold will unfold over the next decade or so with key turning points in 2025, 2028 and 2032. These dates mark the opening square, the opposition and the closing square between Jupiter and Neptune and they happen in cardinal signs. So while the seeds planted now are seeds of inspiration, what will come of them is heroic action - and lots of it!

True spiritual enlightenment lives in this combination of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

But you may not initially know if you’re enlightened or simply barking mad. So, whether you’re heading for the metaverse, the ashram or the insane asylum, the choice is yours...

Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces Horoscope…

Let's have a quick look at the zodiacal pie to see where strange and eerie stuff is currently intruding into your own life. Jupiter and Neptune are bringing you enlightenment there, awakening you and planting divine seeds, to galvanise you into action in the decade to come


The world of dreams opens up to you, dear Aries. Expect strange spiritual happenings! This is a time of spiritual development - a fresh spiritual start. You may have a deep sense of working alongside a greater collective. You may wish to join a large institution or work for a greater cause behind the scenes. The seeds planted now have the power to expand your sense of identity and agency in the world.


It is a time of strange happenings in your social circle and friendships, dear Taurus. You may wish to join a spiritual group or good cause. You're looking for new ways to make your contribution. It's a time of spiritual rewards. A dream is born, a new friendship or a new beginning in your community. The seeds planted now will expand your consciousness and inform your spirituality, work and practices for years to come.


The world out there seems vast and crazy, dear Gemini. And you can hear a higher calling. There may be strange happenings in your career. You long for a meaningful inspirational role in the world. You're becoming an icon or spiritual authority. This is a new career beginning that will plant the seeds of greater rewards and a sense of belonging among your peers.


You're having a surge of inspiration, dear Cancer. You can hear the siren call of distant lands. Publicity, academia, marketing, law, study, teaching, speaking, publishing - whatever it is, you're finding your voice. You're having amazing idea downloads. There may be strange happenings with foreign lands or legal matters. Glamorous publicity. Vast horizons open up for you that will lead you to totally uplift your career.


You're experiencing new levels of intimacy between you and your partner, dear Leo. Walls are dissolving everywhere. You can now heal anything that has its roots at a sexual and financial level. You're learning to let go and trust. You may be experiencing great financial generosity or a merging of fortunes. These are the seeds of a new start with finances and emotional bonds that will totally change your views on life and expand your mind.


You're having strange encounters with others that you cannot explain, dear Virgo. Your relationships right now are hard to define. Much healing can come through an encounter. You are forming relationships that can lead to a spiritual awakening. This is a new beginning in your relationships and partnerships, planting the seeds for greater trust, intimacy and deeply shared bonds that enrich and empower your life.


It's time to bring the spiritual into your daily routine, dear Libra. You may experience strange events at work or bizarre health complaints that are psychosomatic. It's all about connecting the seen with the unseen. You may get fantastic results trying alternate methods. You want meaningful work. You want a more spiritual lifestyle. You may wish to train afresh to relate to others from a whole other level in the years to come.


The portals of love are opening, dear Scorpio. You're falling in love. Or this is a time of immense creative inspiration. Young people, perhaps your own children, uplift you. Be around them. Love is ethereal, platonic, uplifting. A creative project takes on a life of its own, bringing strange and eerie events. This is a spiritual awakening through love and creativity, a new beginning toward love and happiness. These seeds will change the way you live and work down the line.


Your home is your sanctuary, your spiritual retreat, dear Sagittarius. Expect strange events around your home and family. You may experience a strange blending of energies with your home and family to the point where you lack definition. You may wish to purchase real estate by the sea. A new attitude toward home and family can form the basis of love, creativity and happiness.


Your mind is all in a whirl, dear Capricorn. You're immersed in strange books, videos, podcasts, seminars and communications. You can channel incredible inspiration through writing or speaking. You may wish to trade strange goods. The sublime enters your life through what you read, watch, trade, the routes you take, the people you meet. These are new ideas will influence where you plant your feet in the years to come.


You're learning to live in the realm of the financially ineffable, dear Aquarius. And if any sign can do it only you can! Things are strange around your money and resources. Perhaps you've discovered untold treasures. Or perhaps you have no idea where your next meal is coming from. A spiritual attitude around the whole thing raises your confidence and give you strength. Be kind and gentle. A new set of values is being seeded to influence your dealings with the world for years to come.


You, dear Pisces, are experiencing a total dissolution of your old identities. Strange events seem to happen involving your person. You may be hailed as a guru or vilified as a crook. You're being groomed for inspirational leadership. You seem glamorous, the embodiment of the new paradigm. This is a spiritual awakening, and an outpouring of imagination and compassion, flowing through you rather than from you. These are the seeds of a new identity that can materially sustain you and will form the substance of your life for years to come.

Image by Jeremy Thomas from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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