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Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021: Restore Civilisation!

With Mercury and Mars sailing close, it’s ‘gloves off’ on the negotiating floor...

Mercury is retrograde in Libra September 27th-October 18th 2021 and it’s time to revisit our relationships, contracts and agreements and restore balance where things are off kilter.

Wherever you have Libra in your chart, chances are some re-evaluations and adjustments are in order. Take a time out and do your best to bring your world back into balance.

On the world scale, Libra rules the social contracts that make up civilised society as well as the law, the trade agreements, the courts of justice and the political and socioeconomic negotiations that oil the wheels of democracy. Things have gone down the wrong track, it seems, and some important re-negotiations are due.

The thing about this Mercury retro phase is that Mars is also in Libra and sailing very close to Mercury this October. That’s why some of the proverbial might be hitting the fan.

Long festering disagreements and resentments are bubbling up to the surface - unpleasant conversations need to be had.

It’s time to tackle tricky territory, especially where you need to adjudicate between two sides or opposing viewpoints. Sort it out!

This is not a passing storm. With Mars conjunct Mercury retrograde right at its inferior conjunction with the Sun on October 9th, which is the seed of a new cycle, a very important three months begins. This involves tricky negotiations of all kinds, requiring adjustments in your own life as well as tending to justice and democracy, civilisation and equitability in society.

Mars is not happy just talking. It’s time to take action. And since Mercury is retrograde, action requires that we retrace our steps and correct past mistakes in judgment. Decisions you make now are key, as are any past decisions you now decide to overturn.

October is a pivotal month for the path we go down toward Christmas and in 2022 and beyond. Libra is an air sign and this is no time to be sentimental (water), fanatical (fire) or cynical (earth) in our views. A fair, detached and equitable perspective is what’s required if we are to resolve certain differences in our world before they become entrenched.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2021 Timeline

Mercury retrograde is a great time to hit pause, go back and bring bits of yourself and your world up to date that might have fallen by the wayside in the rush of the past couple of months.

So, let’s dive into Mercury’s retrograde phase in Libra, from shadow, to the seeds of a new idea, all the way to the culmination of this journey in Sagittarius in late November 2021.

Mercury Enters Shadow September 6th

Things have already entered uncertain ground since September 6th. That’s when Mercury entered his shadow period - the degrees he’s going to backtrack over as he goes retrograde from September 27th. That is a time to tidy up loose ends and prepare for a fresh batch of concerns.

Mercury opposes Chiron in Aries as he enters his retrograde shadow on September 8th, pulling in health and healing themes - as well as spiritual growth and social integration - into this retrograde cycle.

If you make major decisions during September, be prepared to go back and revisit them, as Mercury backtracks in October, bringing new information to light.

Mercury Station Retrograde 27 September 25:28 Libra

Mercury grinds to a halt and turns backward September 27th at 06:10BST at 25 degrees Libra. The stationary points are always intense with life being more hectic and pressurised than usual. Mercury rules the nervous system so you may find yourself highly strung and unable to rest - especially if you have a strong Virgo or Gemini signature in your chart. Being tired only adds to the confusion so this is never a good time for rash decisions.

Wait for new information to come to light over the coming weeks.

Inferior Conjunction with the Sun - and Mars - October 9th 16:35 Libra

A new Mercury cycle is seeded on October 9th at 17:18 BST at 16 degrees Libra to take us forward all the way into January 2022. That’s the seed moment of a new cycle of concerns, new thoughts and ideas to carry us forward for the next three months.

As Mars is in the very same degree and conjunct Mercury and the Sun on the day, there is a warrior energy embedded in this cycle.

This might play out in long-standing disagreements that finally need to be worked out and, of course, legal and political battles for justice - Libra’s signature. These themes are at the heart of this Mercury cycle, and will only fade with the next Mercury retrograde in January 2022.

As an aside, Mars first conjoined Mercury on August 19th in Virgo, opening the way for major action and the implementation of ideas. Now, on October 9th, the conjunction in Libra means it’s time to question some past actions and perhaps even overturn past decisions. (Next, Mars and Mercury conjoin again on November 10th in secretive, financially oriented and powerful Scorpio - one to watch!)

Mercury Station Direct 18 October 2021 10:07 Libra

Mark October 18th as a time of great nervous excitement! Mercury finally turns direct on the 18th, at 16:16 BST at 10 degrees Libra. That’s on the same date that Jupiter also turns direct, the latter having been retrograde since 20th June. Those two turning direct together makes October 18th a double whammy, with jangly nerves all over the place, but also a surging sense of hope and enthusiasm. Try to take some deep breaths…

Mercury’s direct station is a highly unstable time - perhaps more so than its station retrograde because our impatience is even greater.

So leave a few days for Mercury to stabilise his course before you make any major decisions. Crucial info is still coming out over the next few days (which lead us to the October Full Moon on the 20th) as Mercury normalises his course.

Mercury in fact trines Jupiter three times during this cycle - on the 20th of September, 4th of October and 1st of November and squares Pluto (and opposes dwarf planet Eris) on September 22nd, October 1st and November 2nd. Jupiter’s presence emphasises social, moral, international and legal themes with Pluto-Eris making these rather pressing. These dates bring greater hope and optimism but also intense communications and obsessive pursuits.

Mercury exits Retrograde shadow November 3rd

It’s only in early November that Mercury finally exits his shadow period (the zodiacal degrees he was stuck in during his retrograde) and enters new ground.

That’s also when your mind is released from the thoughts that have been plaguing it for the past two months or so. Time to move full speed ahead with new ideas!

That’s also about the time that Mercury aspects Jupiter, Pluto and Eris for the final time, resolving some of the dilemmas of his retrograde.

Superior Conjunction with the Sun 29th November 07:10 Sagittarius

Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun is a time of great clarity - a moment of truth! This takes place on November 29th at 04:39GMT at 7 degrees Sagittarius. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct the Dragon’s Tail (the South Lunar Node) too so there is a karmic feel to this culmination.

Revelations and disclosures at the end of November will have a stronger than usual impact on a global scale.

From that point on, the Mercury cycle begins to bear its fruits and discoveries, taking us all the way to January 2022. With the next Mercury retrograde taking place in Jan-Feb 2022 right between Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn, the next cycle is sure to activate themes of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 2020, helping us better understand the extent to which this monumental ‘power-grab’ of the new decade has begun unfolding in our society to date.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra Star Sign Horoscope

This is a hugely decisive time for civilised society - but also for us personally, especially if it touches any personal points and planets between 10-25 degrees of the cardinal signs. And even if you haven’t got anything there, we all have Libra somewhere in our chart. Here’s a brief clue of how Mercury retrograde affects each zodiac sign. Check out your sun sign, moon sign and ascendant and see which resonates. (If you have your birth chart to hand - complete with house cusps - check out the relevant house(s) too. These are all layers in the layer cake...)


Mercury retrograde falls in your 7th house of partnerships, contracts and agreements. Time to renegotiate where you stand with others - be they a spouse or business partner, a client, agent, competitor or friend. Is the competition unfair? Time to tackle that too. This battle will culminate in a new life vision by the end of November, clarifying where you stand with respect to legal and international matters, or perhaps with a publication or course of study.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 6th house of health, work and day to day routine. If it’s health matters that are bugging you it’s time to retrace your steps, get rid of bad habits or get a second opinion. Work-wise too, it’s time to rethink your strategy or renegotiate a work contract. Time to get down to brass tacks and sort out your life’s nitty gritty. The steps you take have the power to transform you by the end of November, releasing you from physical, psychological or financial entanglements.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 5th house of children, romance, speculation and creativity. It’s time to renegotiate your relationship with your kids or rethink your whole strategy in that arena. This is also a great time to reignite a creative project that’s been previously put in the back burner or reconsider a romantic prospect or speculative venture. Think deeply about what makes you happy and retrace your steps in the right direction. This will lead to greater clarity and rewards in your relationships by the end of November.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 4th house of home. Time to go inward and strengthen your roots. You may need to address property matters, perhaps returning to a previous estate agent or reconnecting with a contractor to complete works on your property. It’s also a great time to retrace your family tree or address any anger and resentment that may be eating away at you inside. By November 29th, the ideas you plant now will give you a clear vision of your choice of lifestyle, your work and what you can do to stay healthy.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 3rd house of day to day communications and transport. It may be time to renew your driving licence, make car repairs or take action to address a difficult situation with your commute, your neighbourhood or the way you move around. Communications with neighbours, siblings and coworkers also heat up and it’s time to actively resolve any differences. By the end of November, you have greater clarity on what truly makes you happy, as well as where you stand with respect to a romance, a child or a speculative project.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 2nd house of income and assets. Money will be a central theme and you may need to revisit how you earn your income, tackle bothersome expenses and sort out some tricky financial matters. You may also be sorting through your stuff or revise how you treat your physical body to maintain your strength. The key is to reassess what’s most important to you so you can invest your time, money and energy more wisely. Ideas seeded now help you generate greater self reliance by the end of November, shedding light on your home and family situation too.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 1st house of personality, self-image and leadership. Are you perhaps questioning previous decisions? Did you think of yourself in one way only to find out a correction is needed in your outlook? A recalibration of your identity and goals is in order so you can return with greater clarity in your communications and interactions with others by November’s end. Some might be displeased at you reversing gear, but the best way to push forward with what you want now is to take a moment and get your head straight.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 12th house of service and action behind the scenes. Are you someone’s secret weapon? It looks like you are very busy behind the scenes, working away at something without a single thought for your own needs and desires. Perhaps you have no choice - or perhaps you hear the call of something bigger, which only you can answer. Things might become pretty complex so it’s important not to rush and to take time to do your due diligence. Take time to rest and unwind too - the answer to a problem might come to you when you least expect it. The decisions you take now will shine a light on your income, strengths and assets by November’s end.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 11th house of social events, group involvements and communities. It’s time to get the group back together and reconnect with old friends - whether physically and on social media both. Things might be far from simple and demand a lot of your time to sort them out - especially where it’s hard to agree on something. But what you initiate now will shine a light on your personality as a leader and clarify what you want and how you see yourself moving forward by November’s end.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 10th house of career and public image. This is no time to lay low. All eyes are on you and there is nowhere to hide. You may need to take major action to correct a past mistake or adjust your course toward a more appropriate direction. It’s better to publicly admit a mistake now and set forth to correct it than to let events simply take their course. Retrace the steps that led to your current position in the world and - if need be - restore your good name. This will allow you to put the past to bed by the end of November, a time of endings and revelations.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 9th house of publishing, academia, law and international activities. Are you renegotiating an international contract, revisiting an immigration matter or reviewing your travel requirements? A pending legal matter might now come up for resolution too or you may need to correct a publication or marketing mistake, overturn a verdict or defend your thesis. Whichever it is, it’s time to tackle the tricky negotiations that will get you the official stamp of approval that you need. These negotiations will shed light on where you stand in your community and the kind of people you want to call your peers.


Mercury retrograde falls in your 8th house of intensely private matters. Taxes, debts and joint finances fall in this house as do surgical operations and all things occult, sexual and life-and-death. You’re deeply involved, perhaps, in sorting out who owns what, re-negotiating debt, inheritance, alimony or taxes. Or you may be dealing with personal blockages of a medical or psychological nature. This is a hugely transformative time when, with intense effort and concentration, you can sort out whatever quagmire you face. Doing so will shine a light on your position and responsibilities by late November, highlighting how you’ve matured and earning you respect.


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