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November Astrology 2020: Transmogrification Sequence Initiated

Let the transformation begin!

November is a powerhouse month!

We have Mercury and Mars turning direct, Covid-19 agents Jupiter and Pluto conjunct for the last time in 2020 - all packaged into an empowering Scorpio New Super Moon - plus the first of the winter eclipses, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse In Gemini on the 30th. Let the transformation begin! How does Friday the 13th sound for starters?

November is a turning point, bringing the laser-like focus needed to transform and transmute energies. This is a prime month to effect change!

The month begins with a loosening of knots - all the better to prepare the ground for the changes about to sweep in. On the 3rd, Mercury goes direct in Libra (on US Election Day!) creating not a little chaos and uncertainty (plus the likely call for recounts and perhaps moments of hitting your forehead and saying ‘doh’). Small steps are best when Mercury is on the turn and it’s never good to rush or finalise things, sign on the dotted line, buy electronics, count votes... (Last time Mercury turned on election day itself was the Bush vs Gore election of 2000 - and that was a close call!)

Mars is still retrograde and nobody is firing on all cylinders until November 14th (much less Donald Trump who has a powerful Mars conjunct his Ascendant and has been off his game for the past two months, including this election... ).

Expect some big news around Covid-19 this month!

By mid-month, we could have talk of a vaccine, the media spreading new waves of terror, cases peaking or some other decisive event. This is a key turning point. November represents the final major chapter of the Covid-19 saga. All the related media terror, paranoia and mass hysteria are starting to wane past this point. That force is now spent and we enter new and unfamiliar territory in December, and certainly by January 2021.

The second week of November is a time of great intensity and change.

Mercury direct re-enters Scorpio on the 10th and starts all kinds of detective and undercover work; Jupiter and Pluto meet in Capricorn on the 12th for the third and final time this year; Mars (retrograde since September 9th) turns direct on the 13th-14th; and...

A New Moon Supermoon in Scorpio on the 15th packages all this concentrated juice and serves it in one transformative laser beam!

Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio so talk about empowerment... This is a gift for you to direct as you wish and effect any transformation you desire! You have two weeks to kick-start the process but you won't truly see the fruit of your labours till spring.

In a year filled with disruptive retrogrades, placing us all in a holding pattern, Mars is the last personal planet to finally turn direct. This unleashes all kinds of pent up energy and bravado mid-month - a sense of invincibility. What a head-rush!

Get ready to pull out all the stops! You still have time to score some home runs before 2020 is done.

The month ends with a positive Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 9 Gemini (on Royal star Aldebaran) on the 30th, hitting the fiery Bull’s Eye and painting the world in a new light. This is the first eclipse in that sign since 2012, and the first North Node Gemini Lunar Eclipse since the mid-80s... Back in 2001, when the North Node (and the eclipses) was last in that clear-headed sign - and we desperately needed some facts to dispel all that propaganda - the lunar eclipses seem to have missed Gemini altogether. Not this time.

With November 30th's Gemini lunar eclipse, new information comes to light as old ways of thinking begin to pass away.

Just in time for the 2020 Winter Solstice and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in air sign Aquarius, which astrologers have been talking about for a long time. This is the seeding of a new era - from ‘particle’ to ‘wave’, from physical to virtual, from the Industrial Age into a much more frequency-based, informational, vibrational universe.


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